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Unique Injection Molding Systems Co.
Founded 2007
Headquarters Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Website www.uniqueasean.com

Company Profile

Located in Vietnam the enterprise Unique Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd. provides PET preform systems. The company serves complete manufacturing solutions for customers to promote efficiency, energy saving, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness in the preform manufactured industry.

The company‘s production line includes injection molding machines with take-off robots, PET preform mold and auxiliary equipment such as drying systems, dehumidifiers, chiller water systems, air compressors and preform conveyors.

Unique Injection Molding System Co. was founded by a team of experienced experts from the PET preform industry.

The company‘s PET molds and hot runner systems range from 2 to 144 cavities covering all production needs. The CE certification was aquired in 2008 and the company holds a number of patented technologies.

Unique Injection Molding also provides a service conept including 24/7 support, upgrading of existing machines, different levels of refurbishment packages, modification of PET molds and the optimization of preforms and light-weighting proposal that helps to reduce cost of their customers.

Products / Technology

  • Preform injection machines
  • Cap injection machines
  • Dynamic injection machines
  • Molds (hot runner, cold half)

Service support

  • Hot runner and mold refurbishment
  • mold modification
  • machine upgrades
  • preform design and optimization, lightwight proposal



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