Founded 1998
Headquarters Mumbai, India

Company Profile

From the financial capital of India, Mumbai comes the company Steelmades which started manufacturing PET preforms in the year 1998 thus being the oldest preform mould manufacturer in India. Steelmades started exorting PET preforms in 2001. The moulds design range from 8 to 72 cavities with various layout options. Neck sizes range from 19 to 148m and preform weights from 6g to 720g.

Steelmades supports their customers by training their personell for preform mould maintenance. And of course the company also offers spare parts and refurbishment of their moulds and parts for changeover of weight and different neck types. Accessories like Polariscope (Preform Stress Viewer) to check preform quality, wall thickness measuring machine and auto tuneable PID base mould temperature controllers are also available.

Products / Technology

  • 32 cavity Cold Half
  • 32 cavity Hot Plate System Mould
  • 48 cavity Cold Half
  • 24 cavity Hot Plate System Mould


  • 1998 – founded
  • 2001 – starts export business


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