Silgan Closures GmbH


Silgan Closures GmbH
Headquarters Munich, Germany

Company Profile

Silgan Closures GmbH is a global manufacturer of rigid packaging for shelf-stable food and other consumer goods products and offers innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry worldwide.

Silgan Holdings Inc. is the company‘s is headquarter in Stamford, Connecticut.

Operating 88 manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia, the company is a leading worldwide supplier of metal, composite and plastic closures for food and beverage products.

Silgan Closures GmbH focus on easy to open, easy-to-seal closures, for all types of containers, glass, plastic and metal. The quality of the products goes hand in hand with a state of the art service.

Products / Technology

  • Metal Twist-Off closures for food items
  • Metal PT (press-on twist-off) closures for food items
  • Cap feeder
  • Sealing machines
  • Dud detector (vacuum test)


  • 1926 - the White Brothers founded White Cap in Chicago/USA
  • 1957 - Continental Can acquires White Cap
  • 1984 - Peter Kiewit acquires Continental Can
  • 1991 - Schmalbach-Lubeca acquires Continental Can's European Operations and White Cap (USA) from Peter Kiewit
  • 2001 - Schmalbach-Lubeca forms Joint Venture with Silgan Holdings to create White Cap, LLC
  • 2002 - Amcor Limited (Australia) acquires Schmalbach-Lubeca’s PET & White Cap Closures Businesses
  • 2003 - Silgan Holdings Purchases Amcor Limited's share of White Cap, LLC
    • name changed to Silgan Closures LLC
  • 2006 - Silgan Holdings purchases Amcor White Cap Europe/Asia & South America, re-unification of the White Cap businesses
    • name changed to Silgan White Cap Americas & Silgan White Cap Europe/Asia
  • 2008 - Silgan Holdings acquires the metal closure producer VEM de Tapas Metálicas S.A. (Spain) and VacVem (China)
  • 2011 - Silgan Holdings Poland completes the acquisition of the assets of the Polish metal closure producer “DGS-TO” Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
  • 2012 - Silgan Holdings Austria (SMP) acquired the leading metal packaging producer (cans and metal closures) Öntas Öner Teneke Ambalaj located in Izmir, Turkey
  • 2013 - Silgan Holdings acquires the metal vacuum closure assets from Amcor, Australia
    • acquisition of Portola Packaging Ltd producing plastic closures for the food and beverage industry


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