Side, S.A.
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain

Company Profile

SIDE was founded 40 years ago and is related to the plastic packaging industry from the beginning. The company's headquarter is located in Barcelona, Spain.

The company's broad knowledge of the industry and the market allows them to create a custom-made range of blowers offered to their clients, based on quality and efficiency in the manufacture of packaging using PET preforms. Flexibility and ability to adapt to customers needs, as well as customer service make SIDE’s PET blowers service a strong partner in plastic container production. PET container blowers are specially designed for the customers needs to guarantee best results.

In their own technical department, SIDE’s R&D&I division carries out detailed technological research at the facilitiy near Barcelona.

Side has a continuous relationship with PET preform manufacturers and focused collaborations with their main providers such as SIEMENS, FESTO, SMC, NORGREN, BOSCH, FUJI ELECTRIC, EWON, UNITRONICS, enabling the company to provide the latest innovations for the PET container blowing process.

Products / Technology

  • PET preform blowers
  • Bottle making



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