Retal Group
Founded 1994
Headquarters Limassol, Cyprus

Company Profile

Retal Group produces PET preforms, films, HDPE closures, and PET raw material for plastic packaging. The major Retal Group company's clients are international and local producers of non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, juice, carbonated drinks, milk) and beer. The companies of Retal Group have their factories based in the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.


(in alphabetical order:)

  • Neo Group: UAB „Neo Group“ is one of the biggest manufacturers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules in Europe, located in Lithuania near the Klaipeda port. The company produces over 308,000t/a of PET (Product name: NeoPET). Neo Group clients consist of manufacturers of soft drinks, mineral water, beer, domestic chemicals as well as European manufacturers of plastic packages.
  • Retal Balkan: Retal Balkan Ltd. is a manufacturer of PET preforms, which are used for the production of bottles for water, carbonated drinks and beer. The company has joined Retal Group since 2008. The firm performs its activity in Sliven, Bulgaria.
  • Retal Baltic: Retal Baltic is a producer of A-PET sheets and HDPE bottle closures.The productionplant is located in Klaipėda, Lithuania.
  • Retal Czech: Retal Czech a.s. is the manufacturer of PET preforms (premoulding). Their customers include producers of non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, beer, milk and cosmetics. While in the past we were supplying products from their plant in Mělník especially to the Czech and Slovak market, nowadays the portion of export to abroad from the total sales is almost 60%.
  • Retal France: Retal France is specializing in the production of multilayer and monolayer PET Preforms. The company is part of the Retal group since 2007.It is located in St.Alban-Les-Eaux.
  • Retal Iberia: The company started its activity in 1999 when the current Retal Italia decided to support the Italian plant with another one in the Spanish territory also dedicated to the production of preforms. So in 2006, the Group Retal Industries Ltd acquires the Spanish plant and in October of the following year, the final spin-off from the previous headquarters represented by Retal Italia takes place. In this occasion, Retal Iberia S.L.U. was born. Since then, the company has grown and increased its production by more than 20% per year.
  • Retal Italy: Early in its history, the company was engaged in the production of soft drinks marketed under its own brand and the entire bottling process was handled within the company. The work included the production of preforms, their blow molding, the filling of the bottles produced with beverages and the palletization of the finished bottles. Over the years, the company has decided to concentrate its efforts on the molding of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms made from the processing of top-quality resins and employed in state-of-the-art injection molding machines. In 2006, the company consolidated its international standing becoming part of the Retal Industries Ltd. Group, a multinational that is among the leaders in the European market for the processing of PET. Retal Italy is based in San Dona die Piove.
  • Retal Lithuania: Retal Lithuania ETAL Lithuania was established in 1993. It began manufacturing PET preforms in 1997, when plastic packages were gaining popularity rapidly in the local market. Their products are manufactured in a factory in Lentvaris. Over 65% of Retal Lithuania ’s customers are internationally recognised producers of beer, lemonade and oil. The company exports 88% of its production to over 20 countries amongst which are Germany and Denmark, the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Poland.
  • Retal Russia: The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Moscow, Russia.


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  • 1994-2000
    • Retal is founded
    • logistical services with focus on importing packaging materials
    • in-house PET preforms
    • production of one- and two-component polymer closures begins
  • 2001-2006
    • regional production sites opened in eastern Europe
    • entered EU market
    • production of multilayer PET preforms with high barrier properties
    • Retal Balkan founded in Bulgaria
  • 2007- 2011
    • production site in France
    • APET film manufacturing plant in Lithuania
    • Central Asian markets entered
    • BoPET film manufacturing plant in Russia
    • production site in Germany aquired
    • Georgian market entered
  • 2012-2016
    • PET preforms begin to be produced using on RF machinery begins operation
    • production of PET preforms begins
    • production of PET preforms manufacturing plant in Cyprus
    • production of PET and polymer closures manufacturing plant opened in Luxembourg
    • Plastec S.R.L. (Italy) PET container manufacturer aquired
    • operations begin in the USA


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