PET recycling - Associations


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Many associations worldwide, dedicated their work to PET and put their focus on promoting enhancements in PET recycling.

Amercia North:

Napcor The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) is the trade association for the PET plastic packaging industry. The association's purposes are to promote the introduction and use of PET packaging; to facilitates its recycling; and to communicate the attributes of the PET container as an environmentally sustainable package.

PETRA PETRA is the industry association for North America's producers of PET.


Petcore Europe Petcore Europe is a non-profit European trade association based in Brussels. The focus of the association lies on ensuring the sustainable growth of post-consumer PET collection and recycling and that PET is positioned as a sustainable packaging material.

EPBP The European PET Bottle Platform is a voluntary industry initiative that provides PET bottle design guidelines for recycling, evaluates PET bottle packaging solutions and technologies and facilitates understanding of the effects of new PET bottle innovations on recycling processes.


The Council for PET Bottle Recycling, Japan

KPRC, Korea Packaging Recycling Cooperative