Founded 1996
Headquarters Spain

NOVAPET develops, manufactures and distributes high performance PET grades for packaging applications. The company is the primary producer of PET resins in the Iberian Peninsula and the company's strategy is aimed at innovation in products and the integration of services to the packager. The headquarters are based in Zaragoza, Spain, the PET technical center and plants are located in Barbastro, Spain. NOVAPET continuously collaborates with more than 200 clients in 30 countries and 4 continents in its two divisions. NOVAPET conceives and produces PET resins and concentrates and designs inject PET preforms and blow bottles in their facilities or in those of their clients.

Facts and Figures

PET resin production: Specialized resins for and additives

Plant 1: 30,000t/a

Plant 2: 100,000t/a

Plant 3: 130,000t/a

In addition to PET and additives production, Novapet produces more than 700million preforms/a .





PET resins and additives

LBS soft

  • Application: High preformance resin for CSD

MW soft

  • Application: mineral water


  • Application: For PET bottles with the appearance and strengt hof glass bottles


  • Application: juices, beer and carbonated drinks, where preserving the properties of the products is as fundamental as hygiene, appearance and cost.


  • Application: Long shelf life dairy products:

>UHT milk >ESL milk >Milk based drinks, cream, yogurts, soy milk, etc. X_treme

  • Application: Lightweighting bottles

Vivo Superior fast heating performances

  • Application: Suitable for the efficient injection and blow-moulding of preforms up to 5,5mm. thick.

Claro Claro is a low IV (0,72) PET resin with improved, milder processing conditions, reduction in aceltaldehyde, and excellent bottle clarity and transparency

  • Application: Still water/still drinks


1996 Samca purchases Brilen Total PET sales < 11.000t

1997 Transfer of the Injection plant (Uldesa) to the central industrial site in Barbastro.

2000 PET plant 2 (100,000t/a)

2005 Novapet’s beginning Launching of plant 3 (130,000t/a). Creation of the PET Bottle Technical Centre, based on a strategy of production specialization. The first special grades were being developed.

2007 Turnover : 250 mi. €. Customers: 195. Purchasing countries: 29. Specialties/total turnover = 64 %.


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