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September 2011 | Meetings with Customers

There is still so much to do. Our sponsors, Messe Nürnberg and other supporting PET firms opened the door for our initial contact with their customers at whose premises the actual meeting for the interview would subsequently take place. The approach when it comes to agreeing dates for meetings is as a rule instigated via the respective regional representatives of the machine manufacturer who kindly give us an introduction to their customers and then organise contact with us. An undertaking which would test my nerves to the limit and still does so. On the way from the headquarters to see the regional manager, then from the regional manager to the customer and finally from the customer back to us there are a remarkable number of variables that raise doubts in one’s mind as well as endless time costs – and all this even when all parties concerned have a commitment to the job. This is probably not least due to the availability of the different people in this complex chain; after all, everyone concerned has their hands full permanently and are not always on site. ... [ Read more ]

July & August 2011 | The talks with the sponsors

I established contact with those machine manufacturers we felt might be considered as supporters. The thoroughly positive feedback once they heard about the tour confirmed me in my determination and motivated me for the coming weeks. In spite of an exchange of contacts and information which was sluggish in terms of time due to the summer holiday period, I felt that these two months had an incredible effect. ... [ Read more ]

June 2011 | Initial preparations

The concept had been defined and the individual tour points roughly determined. Messe Nürnberg had been informed, they thought it a very good idea and announced that they would give us support on the marketing front. Now we were ready to embark on the first planning phase of the tour as such. We drew up list after list of all the things we would need for such a lengthy trip. The lists were endless. And pretty soon we were able to see from calculations what "the trip" would entail in terms of costs. One thing was clear: we needed some support here. Whom could we ask and who would enjoy getting involved in a tour of this kind? Some pivotal machine manufacturers with whom we had been working consistently for years and who maintain a constant presence in these regions and whom we know well were sounded out. ... [ Read more ]

May 2011 | The idea is born

A camper van is an expedition vehicle pure and simple. The idea of using a holiday home as a fact-finding bureau came to us over lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant round the corner from our offices. What could we possibly do that would be simply extraordinary? With the Brau Beviale Fair in Nuremberg in mind, we thought "let’s criss-cross Europe and find out what is really going on in the various markets". And thus was born the idea of the camper van. The “we” in this case consists of Alexander Büchler and me, Kay Krüger. ... [ Read more ]