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Monday, September 3, 2012 | The Tour goes on

The summer break is well and truly over - And the Go to Brau Beviale blog is up and running again!

The third interview team is made up of Alexander Büchler and Waldemar Schmitke, who, as we speak, have just arrived in Dnipropetrovsk.
In the course of their 14 day tour, taking them through the Ukraine and Poland, Alexander and Waldemar will be meeting and interviewing a number of interesting companies including Pepsi, Inter-PET, GTX-Hanex and many more of the region’s major players. First off the block today is an important interview with Retal, after which the Editourmobil will be heading off tomorrow morning to Zaporizhzhya, where the next appointments are already eagerly anticipated.

So, finger on the button: Click to go, and follow us (almost) live on the blog!

Enjoy reading about this final stage of the tour

Best wishes

Yours Kay Krüger, Project Manager