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Wednesday, July 18 2012 | Repairs again

Good morning Iveco. After a quick breakfast, we are greeted by the friendly staff at Iveco, and ushered into the workshop. Then follows the second odyssey starting with an inspection of the engine compartment, tests, and finally a test drive. With Rolf furiously accelerating and breaking, I can work only intermittently. In the late afternoon, with the engine now apparently repaired, engine hoses fitted and sensor duly replaced, we finally set off in a happy frame of mind.

One less problem to worry about. Torsten has already landed, we learn, and has arrived at the hotel. However, before we pitch up there, we still need to buy drinks and Felix needs a new USB cable and new telephone cards for the SiS tour because our cards will be passed on to Team 2. Just as we thought nothing more could go wrong, the thunderbolt. The engine warning light comes on again: faulty engine, proclaims the display. Well, we have done all we can, there’s nothing more we can do, because tomorrow Michael and Torsten take over the reins. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. In a shopping centre, where there is also a supermarket, we meet up with Torsten, as arranged. At the subsequent dinner at a small restaurant, we do the necessary exchanges, then go to the hotel, where I pack my things and move into my room until it is time to catch my early morning flight on Saturday. A little later, Rolf Felix and Torsten drive to the airport, to pick up Michael at around 3:30 in the morning. I stay in the hotel and get to work: tapping away at the keyboard until well into the night.