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The North American Road Show on behalf of PET bottling is already well underway!

In conjunction with the NPE, the leading plastics exhibition in North America, we have set off from Toronto area towards Orlando, Florida! Until spring, we will be exploring the East Coast, before arriving with our Editourmobil on 23rd March at the NPE, where we will be looking forward to sharing with you the outcome of our tour so far. But the adventure does not end there: after the NPE we will head off and travel over to the cetral part of the USA followed by the West Coast.

We cordially invite you to join us on this leg of the tour. Throughout our travels this live travel blog will enable readers to follow the progress of the tour on-line and share the varied experiences of our intrepid editors.

We are delighted to welcome you on board the Editourmobil and invite you to join us in this dynamic specialist reporting adventure which is absolutely unique in the PET sector!

October 9, 2015 | The North American Road Show comes to an end

Eight months with only an occasional break – that’s how long our 2015 NPE tour took. From eastern Canada to western US we spent several thousand kilometres on the road, sometimes with and sometimes without the Editourmobil. The difficulties we encountered with transportation, vehicle breakdowns and the inevitable paperwork were really challenging for everyone involved on this tour. ... [ Read more ]

October 3, 2015 | From Pack Expo towards the West Coast

Nevada, Arizona, California, dream destinations, surely, for every visitor to America. Everywhere you look there are sights to see and amazing highlights. They pass before your eyes as rapidly and as frequently as empty PET bottles on the air conveyor. Which brings us neatly to the topic. More than anywhere else in the United States, business life, and with it the PET industry, is dominated by the elements, sun and water and the main industry, agriculture. So far, so obvious you might say. Sun all the year round, everyone enjoying a drink, and a never-ending blessing for the PET sector. ... [ Read more ]

June 29, 2015 | From Kansas via Colorado to Phoenix

Today, Tuesday, we have an appointment with R&D/Leverage in Lee's Summit. Bob Schiavone Global Marketing Director and CEO Todd Riley, and the management team are already waiting for us. Thus begins an interesting excursion through the history of this mould manufacturing company, its growth and the product range today. To conclude our discussions, we are given a guided tour of the whole plant including R&D/Leverage‘s Design Department. Before taking our leave, Rolf takes a group photo in front of our tour display in the driveway of R&D/Leverage and with that, we make our way to our hotel. ... [ Read more ]

June 22, 2015 | A troublesome start to the middle section of the North American tour

Monday, June 15. The two of us, my colleague Rolf and I, Kay Barton, are sitting in the plane on the way to Houston, where the Editourmobil was parked after the presentation on the booth at the NPE. Our flight includes a stopover in Pittsburgh where we are to visit Agr, our tour sponsor, located some 100 km away in Butler, before continuing our journey the following day. Somewhat exhausted but still highly motivated, we arrive in the late afternoon, pick up the hire car in Butler, check into our hotel and relax over an evening meal in the hotel restaurant. So far so good. ... [ Read more ]

March 30, 2015 | The end of a successful first tour part

We are now leaving North Carolina, objective Atlanta, Georgia. There we will visit the German mould maker MHT, whose subsidiary in Peachtree City, services the North American market with PET preform moulds. Ahead of us, however, we face a journey of some 400 miles, which we want to do in 2 days. The vehicle seems to be in good shape. Everything seems to be green for go, the weather is good and we have booked one night in South Carolina on a campsite. The campsite is situated on a small lake nestling in a hilly landscape. On our arrival we were allocated a pitch next to the lake. All very well, but the pitch is in a hollow amidst the trees. The approach is very narrow and there is a steep descent, so the 8.5-metre long Editourmobil has to negotiate the descent at walking pace. Our reward is to spend an idyllic night in peace and tranquillity. ... [ Read more ]

March 16, 2015 | Repairs and mishaps

March 8 is a glorious day, and finally, the temperatures are registering plus rather than minus. Our Heidelberg office is still working to fix an appointment with Graham Packaging for early this week and on our radar, therefore, is the 300 km drive to York, Pennsylvania. It is Sunday, the roads are quiet and so we anticipate a relaxing ride. As ever, nothing seems to go quite according to plan. A quick glance at the fuel gauge tells us that we will soon be needing to fill up. Ours is a diesel vehicle and in this region of the US there aren’t too many places offering diesel, so we need to keep our eyes peeled for a suitable fuelling stop. The gauge is already hovering on empty, but no need yet for undue concern, as the red warning light has not yet come on. ... [ Read more ]

March 7, 2015 | Appointments in the northeast

Before heading off for our prime objective of Dayton Ohio, we visit Clariant in West Chicago, a global producer of liquid and solid colour masterbatches and additives for the plastics packaging industry and in particular we look at their Colorworks division. Here we are privileged to experience the whooshing sound of the dyes within a packaging environment. The impression conveyed by the dyes is still ringing in our ears on the 500km-long trip to Dayton, OH. ... [ Read more ]

February 26, 2015 | Our first days in the US

On we go with the tour, with the weather still registering icy (minus 10). Occasionally the sun makes a brief appearance. We prepare for our next visit. And then a big shock! We’ve lost all our computer data. Nothing seems to work. What do we do now? It took us just a moment to discover that the charging cable had been connected overnight to a defective socket and the battery had also died.Connecting the computer to a working socket confirmed that this was the problem and we were able to retrieve all our data. This reminded us how important it is to back up data and we resolved to do this conscientiously from now on. ... [ Read more ]

February 17, 2015 | Travelling around Toronto

The PETplanet Team took over the reins on February 9 2015. The aim is to take the Editourmobil from Toronto to Orlando Florida, in time for the NPE show starting on March 23 2015. En route, interviews have been scheduled with companies in the PET sector who are based in North America. Not everything went according to plan however, because the Editourmobil, as already mentioned, did not arrive in Canada as planned, and there was another scary moment when, 3 hours before the scheduled departure, we realised to our horror that, thanks to a misunderstanding, our companion had not been booked on the flight. ... [ Read more ]

February 6, 2015 | A challenging start of the NPE tour

So here we are on our travels again – this time it’s to America!

Leif Eriksson, The Viking chieftain, is supposed to have travelled from Europe to America in 1001 AD but you can bet your bottom dollar that he didn’t have anywhere near the number of problems to contend with that we did...
Here is how the chain of events unfolded. ... [ Read more ]