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“The Rapid Guide to Perfect PET Bottles” (by Ottmar Brandau) is a troubleshooting guide that should be in every operator’s toolbox or on their smartphone or tablet. Over 125 pages the author analyses 31 common defects of PET bottles and gives tips on how to solve them.

Plastics recyclers released a set of bales quality guidelines to drive market transformation towards circularity. “It is time to understand that each product needs to be sorted towards a specific stream to keep the value of plastics,” said Ton Emans, PRE President and Chairman LDPE Working Group, “These guidelines are the first step towards programming circular economy. Circularity of plastics can only be achieved through quality. Defined and harmonised quality is needed to build sustainable waste management operations across Europe”

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November 27, 2017 | Perfume range in PET

The recently launched Jack Body Wash – part of actor Richard E Grant’s Jack Perfume range - utilises the popular 500ml Flat Based Boston Round design in PET from Spectra Packaging’s range of standards.

The market research institute Ceresana has analysed the European market for rigid plastic containers. In many applications, plastics replace other materials such as glass or metal: Ceresana forecasts the European sales of plastic containers to reach a volume of more than 12.4 million tonnes in 2024.

November 20, 2017 | New square PET bottle

Square, robust lines are being increasingly chosen to stand out more on the shop shelves. The different shape immediately catches the eye between all the round bottles. PET Power has expanded the Square family with a nice 400ml model. This volume is particularly special because of the height – width ratio.

The Procter & Gamble Company launched the Fairy Ocean Plastic bottle made completely from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic (90%) and ocean plastic (10%). The launch of the bottle aims to raise awareness of the issue of ocean plastic and what can be done to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean.

PET Engineering’s packaging innovators have won the World Beverage Innovation Award for FonteVita and a great response from bottlers for Luxo & Nova Lines.

Pretium Packaging, a North American manufacturer of plastic containers and closures, using technology from Practically Impossible Labs, Houston, Texas, has developed a 64-ounce, 38-400 mm finish, stock PET container with an integrated handle.

RPC Promens Consumer Llantrisant has launched a series of PET bottles suitable for all types of sauces, condiments and toppings. The new Mercury range combines high shelf impact with consumer convenience. The stylish curved design and glass-like clarity of the PET ensure that products are displayed to their best advantage, while the lightweight, easy-to-handle and squeezable bottles are ideal for home use.

Holland Colours is launching Holcopearl 2287 for PET packaging. The polymer-based product is intended to deliver deep colours with optimal dispersion on automated lines running at high speeds. “The idea to develop Holcopearl came from customer feedback and the trends we see in the industry and among our customers and their customers,” says Wilfried Grob, Sales & Marketing Manager Europe at Holland Colours. Among these trends are the moves to higher production speeds, deeper colours, more sensitive dosage settings, and the switch to spherical PET granules instead of cylindrical ones.

When R&D/Leverage began building tooling for the injection blow mold (IBM) market, they found the opportunity to make dramatic improvements to the traditional design of injection blow tools. The company set out to identify and resolve problems related to traditional injection blow tooling.

June 27, 2017 | Ice, ice baby!

Pet Power has yet extended its wide range of standard PET packaging with an instant classic: Straight Cylindrical 450ml. This PET-jar model has been used for decades for personal care and food products and now there’s a new product type: ice creams. The sleek lines on the Straight Cylindrical Range lend themselves perfectly for filling and completely scooping out delicious ice cream products.

RPC Promens Consumer Kolding is supplying custom-designed PET bottles for a range of dressings and sauces from leading Scandinavian food company Scandic Food A/S, part of the Good Food Group A/S.

The standalone facility is located approximately 30 miles north of Milwaukee. This plant is just over 100,000 sq. ft. and supplies six layer bottles to Gehl Foods for aseptic filling in the food and dairy category.

The Clasper bottle engineered by Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is a combination of two polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers and a shrink label. The first commercialisation of this new technology was the recent introduction of Yumix portable, shelf-stable line of cocktails. The bottom holds 50ml of premium alcohol and features a heat-applied aluminum-foil seal.

Mypack team announced that Danone Waters chooses Mypack mobile-centric IoT solution for connected packaging with a scope of activation up to 20 countries in the world where Danone Waters currently operates.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a method for producing furan dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) from plant sugars for the production of drinking bottles, paints and industrial resins, which they claim is environmentally sound and economical. This technology enables production of plant-based products.

Amcor has been awarded three times by the 2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The global packaging company received a gold award in the Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging categories for its Vento coffee packaging; silver for the 20-ounce Vitaminwater bottle in the Responsible Packaging category; and – in partnership with Crown Holdings Inc. – a gold award for Peelfit in the Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging categories.

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of PET and plastic bottle stretch blow moulding machines, will be conducting daily live moulding demonstration of its ASB-12M model, the latest iteration of the smallest class of machines produced by the company, that can trace their ancestry back to the early 1980s. Despite the small size of the machine, it has a vast range of capabilities for production of all types of PET containers including highly efficient light-weight bottles, all the way through to premium brand heavy-weight cosmetic containers of the highest quality.

1Blow will present its 2-cavity machine type 2LO that is capable of producing all types of PET bottles between 150ml and 2,5 litres: round, square, oval, off-centred, with or without neck orientation, for cold and hot fill applications. All options are directly available on a new machine or as an upgrade at a later stage. Consequently, 1Blow customers are free to adapt their equipment and their investment to the real needs of their markets.

Equipment and process technology specialist Sipa will point the spotlight at its expertise in speciality PET containers at interpack. It will have a single-cavity SFL 1 XL stretch-blow moulding machine making large bottles fitted in-line.

Since 1987 SMI has been developing cutting-edge projects and technologies, in order to offer turn-key bottling lines and flexible, ergonomic, efficient packaging machines, inspired by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). On booth 14D12 SMI will exhibit the world premiere of the new compact blow-moulder EBS K Ergon in Ecobloc version (model Ecobloc Ergon 4-12-4 K EV) as well as an electronic volumetric filler.

Intravis once again welcomes the plastic packaging industry to its International User Meeting. The well-known producer of vision inspection systems announces the fourth issue of this event, to be held once again in Aachen, Germany. From 10 to 12 of May 2017, the participants discuss the topic of “Industrial Internet of Things – Where’s the Beef?” At the event, they have the chance to not only receive first-hand-information from presentations but also take actively part in discussions and workshops as well as to join a factory tour through the R&D labs and production floor.

The Logoplaste Vimágua water bottle has been awarded with the iF Design Award in the category “Packaging Design / Beverages”. Each year, Germany’s oldest independent design organisation, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organises the iF Design Award. This year’s award ceremony took place in the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, on March 10, 2017.

Coca-Cola North America is brewing up a multi-brand strategy to compete more aggressively in the piping-hot cold coffee category. The company started to roll out a range of diverse yet complementary ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee offerings.

By creating a PETG alternative to traditional wine bottles, which are not only functional but are also designed to fit through a conventional letterbox, the brand Garçon Wines, based in London, UK, is opening up a new way to have wine delivered at home. Thanks to a unique shape, the 75cl bottles fit conveniently through a letterbox. Being made from PETG, they are also tough enough to withstand the delivery process.

The Procter & Gamble Company announced that Head & Shoulders (H&S) will produce the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25% recycled beach plastic. In partnership with recycling experts TerraCycle and SUEZ, this innovation will come to France this summer as a limited-edition H&S bottle available to consumers in Carrefour. This will be the world’s largest production run of recyclable bottles made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) beach plastic, and a first major step in establishing a unique supply chain that involves the support of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of NGOs collecting plastic waste found on beaches.

PET Technologies Company together with the partner Packing Equipment Plant Thermo-Pack have successfully carried out a joint project and installed a complete filling line to bottle Krayna TM water produced by “Akazia 2013”.

January 13, 2017 | Portioned wine in PET

The US Californian company Stacktek is featuring a wine packaging solution engineered to emulate the look and feel of glass while offering portable convenience, portion control and ease. StackTek consists of four pre-filled, stemless 'glasses' that snap together to form the equivalent of a traditional 750ml bottle of wine.

Amcor Rigid Plastics has launched a new collection of crystal clear PET stock bottles and preforms for dairy, aseptic, and high-pressure processed (HPP) liquid beverages. These sleek containers are intended to deliver a positive consumer experience along with versatility and flexibility for brand owners and packaging manufacturers.

Effective immediately, the Polish Vodka brand Sobieski is now marketing its 1.75l premium product in a PET bottle from Greiner Packaging. While this step may seem surprising at first glance in an unusual product category, it makes perfect sense on closer inspection. Plastic bottles are light as a feather, stable, hygienic, and can be decorated in many ways.

In the works for several years, Agr International, Inc. has announced the commercialisation of its CrystalView product for optimising the material properties of PET bottles. The introduction of the CrystalView product expands the capabilities and the potential of Agr’s Process Pilot product group well beyond the measurement and management of material distribution. With this product, bottle manufacturers have the means to run the coldest possible process in order to optimise bottles material properties (orientation) while maintaining target material distribution.

November 30, 2016 | Organic Water+ range in PET

A custom-moulded bottle from RPC Promens Consumer Llantrisant is claimed to ensure that a new range of healthy, probiotic drinks stands out on-shelf. London-based Plenish is using the 330ml PET bottle from RPC to pack all three flavours – Lime Cucumber, Pineapple Ginger and Blueberry Pear – of its organic Water+ range.

On 9th November the annual World Beverage Innovation Awards took place at BrauBeviale in Germany as part of the 14th Beverage Awards. PET Engineering received during the ceremony its second World Beverage Innovation Award in the category “Best Bottle in PET” for Lux, the new PET premium bottle for still and sparkling water.

This year And & Or celebrated 30 years’ experience providing automated solutions for the plastic bottle industry (PET and HDPE). Participating for the 3rd consecutive time in the K Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company reported on a highly successful commercial outcome, with visitors to their stand doubling in number compared to the previous edition.

Amcor Rigid Plastics, leading manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging for food, beverage, spirits, home/personal care and healthcare industries, has announced the first commercial use of its unique Apextm hot-fill PET containers with metal lug closures. Leading Mexican food supplier MegaMex Foods, LLC, an Orange, Calif.-based joint venture of Hormel Foods and Herdez del Fuerte, S.A. de CV, has launched its newest La Victoria organic salsa product in 24-ounce Apex PET containers at Costco club stores on the West Coast.

Gea will present components and solutions for breweries, wineries, beverage production as well as to beverage industry experts. Gea’s innovations and improvements offer a wide range of possibilities to make processes more efficient and hygienic, and improve product quality.

Petainer, a leader in PET packaging, is focusing on the fast-growing micro and craft brewer market as part of its global expansion plans. The business has made a significant investment to ensure that it can support this key market effectively and efficiently. Petainer has developed a highly tailored craft brewery proposition, which will be showcased at this year’s BrauBeviale.

For cans, PET or glass containers alike, and irrespective of the particular production step involved: on Krones' stand at this year's fair, one can find plenty of solutions covering the entire multifaceted spectrum of the beverage industry's needs. Kosme's KSB 6R blow-moulder, for example, supports you in producing PET bottles in a highly disparate range of sizes, at maximised cost-efficiency even in small batches.

As Industry 4.0 becomes ever more present in all industrial sectors, the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) helps compressed air systems to keep up with the rapidly evolving associated technologies and services. Through connection to a centralised control system and real-time data transmission, it constantly keeps the operator up to date regarding every aspect of the compressed air supply system.

R&D Leverage Europe, acknowledged as a provider to the single stage blow-moulding industry, continually demonstrates its commitment to new technology development by pushing the boundaries of what's possible with PET, PP, and Eastman's trademarked co-polyester Triton.

SMI presents its rotary blow moulder series EBS (Electronic Blowing System) Ergon at K show. The series includes seven models, from 4 to 16 cavities, suitable for the production of PET containers up to 3 litres. The company states that the maximum output is of 2,300 bph per cavity for the 0.5 litre format (still water). Furthermore there are three HC models, from 3 to 6 cavities, for the production of containers up to 10 litres, with a maximum output of 1,200 bph per cavity for the 5 litre format.

For most PET converters, the overall market is growing whereas average bottle quantities per contract are getting smaller. This means a variety of different orders have to be produced within the same time frame, for example to include different neck types. To meet such demanding circumstances, increased flexibility is the only way forward.

Jomar Corp., a global manufacturer of injection blow moulding (IBM) machinery for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care, beauty, food and beverage, and household products industries, has announced the launch of a next-generation injection blow moulding (IBM) machine series that incorporates a custom-designed servo-driven hydraulic system. The new Jomar IntelliDrive series delivers major improvements in energy consumption, output, and performance while also maintaining the machine’s footprint.

All of the components within a compressed air system should operate as efficiently as possible: compressors, compressed air treatment and distribution systems. True efficiency is measured at the system level. In other words, components don’t work in isolation, they work together in perfect coordination.

A two compartment package—with the bottom container snapping into the base of the larger top bottle—is being used to launch a disruptive new portable, shelf-stable cocktail line. Called the Clasper bottle, the innovative package development was driven by brand owner Yumix’s desire to give adult consumers a great tasting cocktail, which they could mix themselves anywhere, anytime.

Clariant announced availability of new blow-moulding tools that can help customers evaluate how Clariant colour and additive masterbatches perform in real-world applications. The tooling is available for use on full-size production blow-moulding machines located in the Company's West Chicago, IL, technical centre.

Spectra Packaging have recently invested in new injection stretch blow moulding machinery at their Suffolk plant, UK, to counter increased customer demand. This follows recent expansion initiatives across all facets of the business, which have seen new blow moulding machines as well as additional tooling equipment and extra investment in the firm's busy decoration department.

The LiquiForm Group has announced that Krones AG, a global manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, has entered into a technology licensing agreement to further develop and commercialise LiquiForm’s breakthrough forming and filling manufacturing technology.

Reduced CO2 emissions with respect to utilisation of already efficient laser-guided vehicles (LGVs), cutting them to a quarter of those emitted by traditional storage systems which use fossil fuels, plus advantages in terms of logistic efficiency and process hygiene. This is Sacmi CPB LINK, the new highly automated dynamic buffer chosen by one of the biggest US bottled water production and marketing players as part of a production plant renewal program in Mexico and the US state of Texas.

Levissima, belonging to the Sanpellegrino Group, presents its new ‘#LA75’, whose packaging is the result of the collaboration with PET Engineering based in Treviso, Italy, which already handled the development of Levissima 0.5l, launched in 2009, and Levissima LaLitro, winner of the 2011 Packaging Oscar, both of which are still in the market.

Ciel, one of the major water-bottling companies operating in Morocco, has been supplied with the new integrated rinser-filler-capper monoblock unit. The Ciel brand – part of the Coca-Cola Group – has purchased the first monoblock filler unit 12-12-4 ALF produced by Sacmi Filling. Developed in order to bring together rinser, filler and capper functions in one machine, the monoblock unit permits the complete automation of the bottling line, and guarantees maximum operational flexibility, reliability and precision, and a totally hygienic process.

Plastipak is partnered with AriZona Beverages to commercialise the first ThermoShape system in the U.S. The project came to life when AriZona challenged Plastipak to deliver a hot fill PET package while maintaining the look and feel of its iconic glass packaging.

July 08, 2016 | New pack for edible oil

RPC Promens Innocan has launched a range of PET containers that are ideal for the edible oil sector, offering a variety of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. The excellent clarity of PET and the wide labelling area of the pack enable manufacturers to maximise brand image and on-shelf appeal, while the material's inherent barrier properties help to deliver a long shelf life.

M&H Plastics has recently completed production of a new 50ml bottle for SHS Drinks’ brand, bottlegreen. Initially produced to allow added value as an inclusion of a 50ml cordial serve in a twin pack of 750ml glass sparkling pressés for Waitrose meal deals, the use of these new plastic bottles has opened up a range of benefits to the company.

Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH with its headquater in Schwaigern, has worked almost for 30 years in the field of tool and mould making for the plastics processing industry. Global corporations from the packaging and food industry are also among the customers, as regional SMEs.

A custom-designed squeezy PET bottle from RPC Superfos is helping the UK’s No.1 Hot Pepper Sauce brand achieve greater visibility on shelf.

Nairobi Bottlers Ltd in Kenya has opted for an InnoPET BloFill stretch blow moulder/filler block as part of a larger complete package. For KHS, it was the placement of the 200th BloFill system on the world market.

The Krones cycling bottle has been awarded the "Packaging Design" in this year's A’Design Award for its extraordinary design. The bottle consists of stable PET, is said to be sturdy and can be reused. Geometric embossments in the body and neck area enhance the container to a veritable eye-catcher. An ergonomic grip area ensures that the bottle fits comfortably in the hand.

Polyone announced that its ColorMatrix business has licensed the right to manufacture, market and sell a high-performance light blocking technology for liquid dairy packaging from PET resin and concentrate manufacturer Novapet.

CSD manufacturer Refres Now from Argentina as invested in the biggest Sidel Combi ever built.? Part of a complete line, the Sidel Combi was installed at the company's bottling plant as a high-tech solution for bottling family pack sizes, which are in great demand in Argentina. The line features a Sidel Combi Eurotronica FMc and a Sidel Starblend mixer and is presently achieving production output rates of 30,000 bottles per hour for the larger two and a half litre bottles of carbonated soft drinks.

Sidel, has collaborated with Algar Agro to produce the world’s lightest 900ml PET bottle for edible oil. A large player in the Brazilian market, Algar Agro worked with Sidel to reduce the total weight of its finished bottle from 18 to 14 grams - a reduction of 22%.

GP Resources, LLC (GPR), is launching its real-time thickness measurement system for the plastic bottle and container manufacturing market.

The integrated plants of smi group’s new Ecobloc Ergon series are launched as a solution for the blow-moulding, filling and capping of PET and PP containers for the bottling of still and carbonated water, soft drinks, milk and edible oil up to 3l at the maximum output of 33,600 bottles/hour (0.5l). The series includes also high-capacity models (Ecobloc HC) for containers up to 10l and maximum output of 7,200 bottles/hour (5l).

PET Engineering, the international design company for design and industrialisation of PET packaging received the prestigious 2016 Packaging Oscar - Quality Design - category, at the headquarters of the Corriere della Sera in Milan, Italy. Adding on those already achieved in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Husky’s booth (E3F01) showcases the company’s complete range of solutions and services for the beverage packaging, closures, medical, packaging, consumer electronics and automotive industries. “China is a very important market for Husky and we look forward to connecting with customers and prospects from the region. At this year’s Chinaplas we are highlighting the diverse range of markets that we serve and the innovative solutions that we offer,” said Jack Truong, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Special bottle shapes make high demands of many stretch blow moulders during production. The preferential heating system (PH) developed by the KHS Group enables bottlers to achieve perfect bottle quality with oval bottles in an energy-saving, safe and reliable process. The systems provider offers this option for its InnoPET Blomax Series IV.

With the collaborative contributions of R&D/Leverage UK, ISBM total Solution provider, and PET Power, a plastic bottle producer in the Netherlands, Fred Housheer, entrepreneur from the Netherlands, realised the Hydranome water bottle. This bottle lets the user know how much water they drink daily with the use of an interactive dial on the cap. The dial helps the consumer track the number of times the bottle has been filled and the dots on the lid show the adequate daily intake as well as the progress to meet this intake.

Because of its central location, the Bangkok service center will provide expanded services for Agr International, Inc. products over the entire Asian region. Over the last few years, southern Asia has been one of the fastest growing packaging markets, as evident by the growth in Agr’s customer base within this area. Expansion of services in this region was a logical decision, given the growing customer and the importance of this market.

As the result of a worldwide energy-saving programme, Sidel has supported Nestlé Waters in achieving reductions in its energy consumption at production sites in countries around the globe. Thus, the world’s leading producer of bottled water has achieved energy savings equivalent to the consumption of more than 20 ovens, representing savings of more than 1 million euros a year.

February 18, 2016 | Packaging ideas by PET Power

PET Power has added new standard shapes to its growing range of "funny shapes" specifically for special occasions. The company presents the Rabbit 300ml and the Pumpkin 510ml PET jar. Both models have a 63 RTS neck finish.

With the KHS InnoPET Tri-Block the KHS Group has now launched a filling and packaging system for PET bottles to market which incorporates a stretch blow moulder, labeller and filler. With consistent neck handling KHS also enables lightweight PET to be processed. This means that a 0.5 litre bottle weighing notably less than eight grams can now be produced, for instance.

New Delhi based packaging company AMD Industries Ltd. has informed the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) that it has set up four new lines of machines at its factory in Neemrana (Rajasthan) having a capacity of manufacturing 25,000 PET bottles and around 22,000 jars per day.

The requisite blow moulding pressure is one of the most important cost factors involved in producing PET bottles in a stretch blow moulding process. This issue is a highly complex one. In some cases, however, the limiting factor for reducing the blow moulding pressure is not the bottle design, nor the bottle specification that has to be met, nor the PET material type, but the inadequate venting.

Worldwide consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and moving towards drinks with a more natural taste. This has brought a focus from beverage producers on filling methods that protect the quality, taste and vitamin content, without using preservatives or additives. The main drinks currently driving the global growth of the beverage industry are those known as "sensitive" products, including juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics, teas and liquid dairy products, which are expected to grow by a further 6% by 2016. PET is already the material of choice for this beverage segment and continues to contribute to its growth. Its increasing usage is due to its 100% recyclability, excellent barrier material properties that can extend shelf life, bottle design freedom, lightweighting potential and the greater brand recognition possibilities offered by the package transparency.

Sacmi will arrive at the Turkish fair with a full range of solutions for the beverage industry. The event, to be held from February 4-6, 2016 at the Istanbul Expo Center will see Sacmi exhibiting on its 24m2 booth (Hall 10, E13).

PET Technologies company has developed unique bottle design for the brewery Bierwelle, Chernihiv, Ukraine. PET Technologies R&D department designed a PET bottle taking into consideration PET blow moulding process and bottle application characteristics on the one hand and customer´s vision on the other.