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Thursday, July 12 2012 | Netstal and off to Nizhniy Novgorod

It is shortly after 10 o’clock, when Svetlana Ansimova, whom we have already met up with on our visit to Alfatechform, comes over to greet us. Over a delicious coffee she shows us round the office and we discuss the latest happenings in the PET world.

A little later Sergey Kozhin, sales manager, joins us. There follows an interesting conversation about the markets, the development of PET in Russia and the on-going discussions on the proposal to ban beer in PET bottles. Later we give Svetlana and Sergey a guided tour of the Editourmobil, take a few photos, before finally we head off towards Nizhniy Novgorod to our next appointment with Bericap. Actually, I had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with Resilux which unfortunately had to be postponed, since they are currently completely occupied with audits. What this means for us is that from today until tomorrow afternoon, we will be constantly on the road, before we can get back on schedule. Probably no bad thing as it happens, considering the length of the journey, plus the inevitable traffic hold-ups, so any time we make up will probably be to our advantage.

So it’s farewell to Moscow, with, as ever, the usual traffic jams. Meanwhile in the Editourmobil, the wardrobe lock has gone AWOL, the door constantly swings open, and ties are flying about all over the place. The refrigerator lock is also playing up. We continue driving until late evening, before finding a supervised motel parking space to sleep. Here we can even have a shower if we wish. Blessed are we that already have a shower on board. O, how I would miss all that wading through water. Depending on the angle of the Editourmobil, you have to use your foot to direct the water from the shower towards the drain.