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Our next adventure is awaiting you: for the second time PETplanet will travel throughout the USA and parts of Canada.

In cooperation with the world's biggest plastics show in North America, the NPE in Orlando (May 7-11, 2018), we will set off again for an extensive tour throughout the PET industry of the American continent.

Starting in March 2018, we will be exploring the USA and Canada. During the tour we will be visiting PET supply companies, bottle producers, bottle fillers, labellers and recyclers on site in their factories for wide-ranging interviews and discussions. In May we will stop by at the NPE showcasing the vehicle plus our first visit results so far before heading off towards the north-east and the returning back to the west coast. In August 2018 we will finally complete the round trip.

Get ready to join us in this dynamic specialist reporting adventure which is absolutely unique in the PET sector!

June 20, 2018 | Toronto - Denver

Back in the Editourmobil, we are beginning to get excited about the next part of our tour: it will take us from Pennsylvania to our final destination: Denver, Colorado. This will be an epic journey of 1,600 miles! Starting south-west from Buffalo, Lake Erie appears to our right. We take a quick break to admire the view over this amazing lake. It is the third of the big lakes in North America/Canada we have passed: Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and now Lake Erie. We arrive late in the evening at a campground very close to our next appointment in Donora.

After a very rainy night, a sunny morning guides us to the new US Retal factory. The building is located in a very pleasant valley. While driving over an old industrial bridge we see the five big blue-shining letters of Retal ahead of us. ... [ Read more ]

June 3, 2018 | New York - Toronto

We stay for two nights at an RV "campground" in Jersey City, which turns out to basically be a parking lot with power supply. But it’s very close to Manhattan, and so commands an outrageously high fee. No matter – since May 28 is Memorial Day, no interviews and no appointments are scheduled, and we get to spend one night and one day exploring Manhattan. Yay! On Memorial Day itself, it is a perfect day to be on the road towards our next stop: Canada, where we plan to stay for one week in and around Toronto. However, there’s one little thing we have to deal with first: we have to leave the Editourmobil at the US border.

First we try to park it at the Niagara Falls Airport. It turns out there are no plans flying from there today – maybe it’s because of Memorial Day, maybe just because it’s a really tiny airport. Apart from one lonesome police officer, no one is there. He tells us that no one will be working at the airport until tomorrow – so we definitely won’t get a rental car from there today. Knowing that tomorrow will be the busiest day of the tour with a visit triple at Athena, Yudo and W. Amsler, we quickly drive back to Buffalo International Airport, where we already passed by earlier. Since parking a car at any airport is not a problem, parking an RV at an international airport in the US should not be a problem at all, we figure. We see the road signs towards the long-term parking area and follow them. At the entrance of the parking lot other signs notify us that the maximum height is 11 ft. Well – the Editourmobil’s height is 12 ft. The gate certainly looks high enough, though… so we decide to try to get through. I climb onto the backside ladder to get a good view of the roof– a bit like refuse collectors do it – and Rolf drives very slowly through the gate. It works out fine – we are very happy! Still: By now it is around 9 pm, we have no car yet, and we still have to drive two hours towards Toronto. Luckily, the car rental at Buffalo airport is still open – and after driving the Editourmobil for so long, the rental car feels like driving a kart, says Rolf. We cross the border without a problem – the triple-day can come! ... [ Read more ]

May 25, 2018 | Atlanta - New York

On Friday, Kay flies back to Germany, and Rolf arrives from there. Before we start the next part of the tour, we fill up our reserves and spend a few relaxing hours at a lake near the campground – very helpful in beating the jet lag. After that, the Editourmobil is on the road again - as fast as the speed limits allow us to go!

The first few days are reserved for some more appointments in the Atlanta area: We meet Andreas Müller (CEO) and Scott Heins (Director of Sales and Marketing) from Intravis. In their plant as in many others we discover the aftermath of the NPE show: There are no machines in the plant. Some are sold, some are still on their way back to the plants. On the next day we have an appointment with Keith Boss (CEO) and Johnson Zhang (President) from Tech-Long. The bottles they show us we later find on the shelf in the big Wal-Marts. Premium water bottling is the trend! And - last but not least – we met Paul W. Clark and Larry LaFerriere from PET Terra Systems. With them we have a long conversation about their projects: To help building up the perfect bottling plant! We can feel their enthusiasm and their satisfaction in their work. We complete this perfect content mix with the final Atlanta appointment: CKS Packaging. In the Renaissance Airport Hotel, we meet John R. Sewell (CEO), G. Dewayne Phillips (EVP) and Doug Rendall, Director of PET Technologies at CKS. Later that day, we get the chance to explore one of this PET packaging veteran's plants. There, David Batten, Sales Manager USA/Canada at 1Blow, and a technical team from CKS invite us to walk around to see some secrets and the daily work of CKS. This sounds good - and it is indeed fantastic! ... [ Read more ]

May 18, 2018 | Orlando - Atlanta

The NPE in Orlando has been a complete success for exhibitors and visitors alike. The Editourmobil was situated prominently next to the entrance to the west hall, ideally placed to greet visitors every day. At the booth in the Bottle Zone, which was very well received and highly sought after, we, the PETplanet team, had great discussions with readers, exhibitors and, of course, people we met during our tour. As so often happened at the event also we see again a number of new contacts for the next stage of the tour along the east coast to Canada and from there again across the northern United States heading westwards. All in all, we closed this year's NPE with a spirit of optimism for the next leg of the tour and visits, which are sure to be highly interesting, no doubt about that! ... [ Read more ]

April 27, 2018 | Phoenix - Orlando

The plan for the one and a half weeks has been planned down to the last detail, taking in 2,700 miles (4350 km), and three customer appointments. The start in Phoenix begins at the premises of the last visit at Vessl Inc. The first team is still present, and bids us farewell in typical American fashion with three juicy rib-eye steaks cooked to perfection in the RV. The material garnered from the appointment is duly examined and checked with the help of the “All-purpose kit”. With everything nice and tidy, and with a last look at our labours the day comes to an end. An early start next morning as the first team have to catch the nine o’clock flight. ... [ Read more ]

April 20, 2018 | Los Angeles - Phoenix

Who would have believed it: after two weeks of cold, snow and rain, the first sunshine. The journey from the west coast over the Rockies towards Phoenix is hard going despite the good weather. Through the valleys the wind lashes the RV, with its rigid axle, so violently that it bounces up and down like a football, and rocks uncontrollably from side to side. So it's time to step off the gas again and proceed at walking pace over the mountains. These are the desert regions of California. I have indulged myself in a tourist stop at "Pioneer Town" an old cowboy movie set, where there are screenings of some of the old westerns, and it also boasts an excellent restaurant. Highly recommended. ... [ Read more ]

April 13, 2018 | San Francisco - Los Angeles

The two big cities are a challenge for RV owners. Overnight parking is practically impossible, and parking generally is difficult. Having arrived in San Francisco, I stood above the Golden Gate Bridge on the first night admiring the fantastic view of bridge and city. I did the typical tourist trip to Alcatraz. It's easy to understand how the prisoners lived here, locked in for what must have seemed an eternity overlooking the vibrant San Francisco just across the bay. ... [ Read more ]

April 6, 2018 | Seattle - San Francisco

The first part of the tour takes us from Seattle down the west coast to Phoenix. Tour manager Kay has allowed me three weeks for this stretch. The Editourmobil livery should have been carried out at the rental shop. But, as the saying goes, if you want something done, do it yourself. It took two days to get all the sponsor logos and graphics done. With infinite patience, the technician applied the film, wrinkle-free, around each flap and window frame. A well-deserved gratuity was certainly coming his way. In the two days I had more than enough opportunity to fit out the camper. It was good exercise as well. A stroll round the aisles of the local Wal Mart provided us with some missing kitchen utensils, a selection of games (especially Jenga, Uno and Yahtzee) and some decent steaks and beer for the fridge. ... [ Read more ]