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india.petpla.net magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet special issue 2010 india special india special

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2 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special

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pet in india this year two events look set to attract a host of visitors and exhibi-tors from the beverages and drinks packaging sector. from august 27 to 29, 2010, kesari media and event pvt. ltd. in chennai will be wel-coming visitors to the 4th pet drink tech asia 2010. a mere 3 months later, from november 18 to 20, messe münchen – munich international trade fairs will be staging their ‘drink technology india 2010’ for the 3rd time in mumbai. the münchners’ event will be a magnet for engineers from around the world keen to acquire a foothold in india or nurture already-established contacts. what was once a congress event has been transformed this year into a fully-fl edged trade fair. one focus will be brewing technology. a three day seminar is being organised by the teaching and research institute for brewing in berlin (vlb). pet-planet insider will be organising the exhibitors’ forum. helped by the düsseldorf exhibition organisers who will be showcasing their activi-ties in india within the general packaging sector, what will be in effect a double exhibition will take place every two years in mumbai, covering packaging of all kinds, as well as drinks and brewing activities. for pet drink tech asia, proximity to the market is vital. for this reason, the events will alternate each year between the three pet strongholds of chennai, dehli and mumbai. this proximity to the market is also refl ected in the streams of visitors. the annual event will provide an opportunity for a veritable who’s who of india’s pet, water and soft drinks sector to get together. these two events are important for petplanet. pet drink tech asia is deeply rooted in the indian beverages network, whilst the dti provides a platform for international engineering companies. this convinced us that we needed to be present at both exhibitions this year. to ensure you are getting a complete picture of the indian pet market we have summarised our coverage of bisleri, amd and jaipu-ria for you. happy reading! yours alexander büchler inside track 3 editorial 4 amd - the indian one-stop shop 6 “a bottle of bisleri, please” 8 “let’s grow together” imprint publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office heidelberg business media gmbh landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer fi scher@hbmedia.net ruari mccallion tony oneill ilona trotter wolfgang von schroeter anthony withers media consultants ute andrä andrae@hbmedia.net miriam kiesler kiesler@hbmedia.net phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 france, italy, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke koepke@hbmedia.net phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 reader services kay krüger reader@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign, www.exprim.de print wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-straße 1 69181 leimen-st.ilgen germany www www.petpla.net india.petpla.net petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualifi ed subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ subscription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identifi ed as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. india special 3 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net

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alexander büchler (in the centre) at his visit of the amd plant together with wg cdr ml sharma (right) and a technical manager 4 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special amd - the indian one-stop shop well known in india and south east asia for over 30 years as a supplier of crown corks to the beverages sector , the company decided in 2000 to enter the rapidly growing pet market as sup-pliers. currently the company has a capacity of 18,000t of pre-forms per year and 800 million plastic caps for csd. this makes the company, by its own admission, the only manufacturer able to supply crown corks, 2-section caps and preforms. the young – and impressively dynamic -company helmsman, adit gupta describes this as a “one stop shop“. “coming to us means that the csd fi llers get everything from a single source”. in india, one half of csd is pepsico and the other half coca cola with amd supplying its above products to both the companies. in the plant it is very easy to distinguish which batch is going to whom. there is no need to look at the supply sticker on the cartons: the small cartons go to pepsi and the big octabins that are recognised all over the world go to coca cola. in response to my question as to how the large boxes get on to the traditionally manually loaded hgvs, he made a startlingly straightfor-ward reply: “using a fork lift. we have an excellent production process which takes into account the sometimes special con-ditions prevailing here in india. when we acquired the site in 2001 we renovated the building for preform manufacturing from ground level upwards with assist-ance from kraussmaffei and optimised it for effi cient production, again taking into account local conditions. kraussmaffei gave us good support in building up an optimum infrastructure for our produc-tion, and this is paying dividends, even from the point of view of cost“. the boxes are fi lled by 3 krauss-maffei lines. the fi rst has a clamping force of 300t, the other two are slightly larger at 325t each. “with the larger clamping area we can now not only run the 56-compartment moulds from mht , as we did before, but there is now a 72-compartment mould on the way. the same preforms are produced in india across the full range of fi ller brands, in each case in the lighter as well as the classic variants, like the 22 gram for 1 litre of water , the 27 and 28g, the 42g, the 48g and the preforms with pc028 weighing 52 and 54g. this is set to change. for adit gupta it is clear that now the next logical step for coca cola (and thus for him too) is the 1881 cap. this is now, at long last, avail-able in china, north america and, since october 2009, in germany too. for adit gupta, this will mean a high investment in new moulds, although not only pre-forms but also capping moulds. “at the end of the day nobody is paying for the new moulds for me, but i think that these will make us, technologically-speaking, market leaders and enable us to obtain additional orders as well. adit gupta particularly praises the capability of the kraussmaffei machines to use the hydraulics to run the plant empty in the event of a power failure so that no preforms are left in the mould. amd’s pet forming systems are fi tted with a power back-up option. in the event of a power failure on account of grid power and backup option – for instance during injection moulding – the pet forming systems are capable of completely stopping the machine in mid-process. pco 28 production is highly fl exible. the 2 sacmi plants, each with a capacity of 600 caps/minute, are capable of deliv-ering into interim silos; a rapid change of colours is possible with the two printing machines. adit gupta is anxious to make use of the synergies of his other sister com-panies within the publicly traded amd group. together with the real estate sector , he has identifi ed locations in free trade areas that promise outstand-ing rewards for overseas companies looking to participate in the rapid growth of the indian market with their juice or milk brands. this is where localisation, access to the authorities and access to the indian market will come from, whilst the product know-how will come from the newcomers to india. we shall certainly be keeping a very close eye on this project.

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ferromatik milacron india ltd. (formerly known as cincinnati milacron ltd.) 92, phase-i, g.i.d.c. vatva, ahmedabad - 382 445, india. phone : 91-79-2589 0081, 2589 0133, 2583 0063 • fax : 91-79-2583 0125 e-mail : salesfmi@milacron.com • website : www.milacronindia.com ... a dedicated petline injection moulding machines pet series toggle injection moulding machines 110 to 500 ton accupack high output rugged & reliable precise & consistent energy efficient total solution for pet preforms & closures total solution for pet preforms & closures

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“a bottle of bisleri, please” whenever anyone in india orders bottled water there is very strong chance that he or she will say exactly that - “a bottle of bisleri, please”. with a 60% market share across its brands bisleri has no serious competitors. but that isn’t enough. for the future the com-pany is targeting an 80 % share, and to do it they have 8 bottling plants of their own and over 50 co-packers and franchisees in india. bisleri has concentrated on still water, which is bottled exclusively in pet . from 250ml to 2l the bottles are single trip, and refi llables are used for the 5, 10 and 20l sizes. most fi llings are of the 1l size. in the north pearl drinks supply the required 22g preforms, made from virgin pet and using the weight-saving alaska neck. for mr. r. k. garg, director northern india, the quality and availability is crucial, if the price is right too, then he is satisfi ed. ten to fi fteen years ago the company tried moulding their own preforms but fi nally decided to stick to their core capability - i.e. manufacturing and selling pure and safe water. service is the key to their business. bisleri is growing by 40% year on year. reducing the bottle weight doesn’t seem to be a good idea in the eyes of mr kadeer khan, director corporate affairs. a lighter bottle would be too soft and fl exible. in particular the roads over which the water is transported demand a sturdy bottle. then there is the fact that most bottles of water are sold out on the street, which means that they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. the refi llable 5 ,10 and 20l containers start to take on a yellowish colour after just a couple of cycles. this has been solved by introducing a light green tint to the preforms. the company would very much like to add the green tint to their single trip bottles but unfor-tunately indian law, for some incompre-hensible reason, forbids the colouring of single trip bottles. generally for bisleri colour goes right to the heart of the matter. until 2006 all labels were blue - and “all” means all water bottles from all sup-pliers! this of course made product differentiation on the store shelf almost impossible. bisleri took a course of action which, from a marketing point of view, was double edged. in 2006 they changed their main colour from blue to green, despite the fact that for decades their corporate branding had been blue. not only were the labels changed to green, but so were all of the buildings, delivery trucks and employee uniforms. even the furniture is now in the new house colour. today they can say that the new market positioning has been a success. a recent addition to the product range is carbonated water in a 0.5l, 25g bottle with a 28 pco cap. the carbona-tion level is 4%. for the coming year the fi rst fi lling line for fl avoured water will be installed in sahibabad. here, because of the law prohibiting coloured bot-tles, bisleri has a problem of shelf life but they are working hard to solve the problem as they expect to open up new markets with this product. in india we had the opportunity to visit two of the bisleri plants. these were the plant in sahibabad, well devel-oped industrial area of uttar pradesh and only a few kilometres north-east of delhi, which was inaugurated only in 2006, and the plant in delhi itself, which is currently undergoing renova-tion. both plants are very similar in their basic layout. the water goes through a 7-stage purifi cation process; two sbm machines feed the containers to a single fi lling line where the water is bot-tled. the fi lling speed is about 120bpm. both plants have plenty of space avail-able for expansion and at the moment are fi lling between 30 and 50 lakh* cases per annum, which equates to between 42 and 70 million litres. * 1 lakh 100,000 alexander büchler (left) had the opportunity to visit two of the indian bisleri plants, together with vijay walia (right), deputy general manager of pearl drinks. r.k. garg (centre). director northern india, bisleri, is proud of the 40% annual growth of bisleri. 6 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special

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that is the motto of the jaipuria group, who, as a pepsico licensee, supplies around 40% of the indian market with soft drinks from the american group. jaipuria is broken down into various divisions depending on the job which they do. preform production operates under the name of pearl drinks, and the fi lling lines under the pearl bottling name. c. k. jaipuria oversees the whole operation. that with the increasing distances between our fi lling plants pet will take a bigger share - say 60%. glass bottles will continue to hold a strong position here in india. petplanet: at jammu you have built an ultra-modern preform line on the site of your fi lling line. you never-theless therefore presumably see a strong demand for pet. mr. jaipuria: certainly, it’s not a small plant. but we also produce preforms there that, in addition to our own needs, we have been supplying to other fi lling companies for a few years now. petplanet: mr. walia introduced me yesterday to your customer bisleri – theirs is the biggest water brand in the country. but don’t you compete with them with your aquafi na water brand? mr. jaipuria: pepsico, with all of its products, positions itself in the upper price sector. bisleri, as a national brand, is positioned somewhere below this level, and the regional brands are even further down. so we don’t regard bisleri as a competitor. petplanet: you nevertheless supply bisleri with the same preforms that you use for aquafi na. mr. jaipuria: that’s right. we see from a production point of view that in india certain preform sizes are used by all of the fi llers, such as the 22g for 1l water and the 25.5g for 0.5l csd. petplanet: but how do you manage to supply your customers in the high season? do you give preference to your own factories? mr. jaipuria: if we did that we would not be where we are today with our interview with mr jaipuria jaipuria, pearl dinks, pepsico licensee “let’s grow together” petplanet: mr. jaipuria, what do you have in mind with the motto “lets grow together”? mr. jaipuria: over the last three years we have grown by 20 to 25% per annum and this with pepsi alone. we have now successfully launched mango juice and lemon juice in hot-fi ll pet , and it is here that we see huge growth potential in india alongside the classic csds and water, so our motto should prove justifi ed over the next few years. petplanet: what percentage of your fi lling is done in pet? mr. jaipuria: at the moment about 50% glass and 50% pet. but i think 8 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special all good things come in t(h)rees! alexander büchler is planting his third tree in india (see issue 3/06), this time at the jaipuria plant in jammu. and there are most certainly more to come.

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preform business. we supply our reg-ular clients, most of whom are in the north of india, with the preforms they need, even during the high season. we slow down deliveries to our own fi lling plants in the south and buy locally. so far the business and the logistics have worked out well. petplanet: and what plans do you have for the future? mr. jaipuria: first of all we want to introduce new fl avours onto the market. we see signifi cant organic growth avail-able here in india. in addition we are thinking seriously about setting up our own mango pulp plant. we don’t see any need to expand outside india for the moment, and in any case we want to increase our sales here to over 200 million us dollars by 2012. this will mean that we are of a size that is of interest to the stock market. petplanet: many thanks mr jaipuria! visit to the plant in jammu, india as well as producing preforms the plant at jammu fi lls the whole of the jai beverages and jai juices range of drinks: csds in glass and pet, water in pet and juices in hot-fi ll glass. there is also a tetra pak line for 0.2l packs of juice. in total the whole plant runs at over 1,000 fi lls per minute. the plant is managed by the ever-anxious mr. bedi. it was he who created a fl ourishing beverage plant 10 years ago on an industrial site that had been empty for 5 years. “when we started this was all an overgrown wilderness”, he said talking about how the plant began. pet bottle blowing is done on various linear mag and sidel machines and fi lling is done using mechanical fi llers. to ensure that the production facilities are as fl exible as possible the blowers are not directly linked to the fi lling machines. this means that the blowers can run three shifts, delivering the bottles into silos. in the high season, when the fi llers are also running three shifts, another blower from another part of the business supplies the extra bot-tles. mr bedi is particularly proud of the water treatment plant, installed three years ago. “this enabled us to reduce the water usage in production from 30 litres per case down to 11.8l per case”. he is generally very environmentally aware and conscious of the need to save energy. “for our preform pro-duction we have to generate our own electricity, which costs twice as much as electricity supplied by the government, but it is only at the beginning of next year, after 5 years, that we will be able to link up to the main supply. in future we will also have to signifi cantly reduce our consumption of oil, which includes india special 9 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net for further information, visit www.khs.com/service keeping your line running is what we stand for. long lasting, safe, and effi cient: original spare parts from khs.

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using less oil-based pet and focuss-ing more on glass”, he says. we asked whether pla would be an alternative. “in india we have over 15% of the world population, living on 2.14% of the earth’s surface. we need our productive land to provide food and not to produce packaging”. he made it quite clear. in the air-conditioned pet hall there are three 225 ton husky hypets. six different mould tools, each with 48 cavi-ties, are enough to cover the whole of the beverage range. in total 1 million preforms per day can be supplied. of these there are about 450,000 x 22g, 350,000 x 25.5g and 250,000 x 52g. there are a total of 50 employees in the preform plant working on a 3-shift basis. 1322 x 22g preforms are packed in small handy cartons and then stacked onto pallets. a forklift takes the cartons to the truck where, as is normal in india, they are loaded by hand. the truck leaves the plant and goes directly to the fi lling plant. for customers in delhi the preforms are delivered within 24 hours, but for those in the south the truck-drivers plan for a 3-week journey. a positive aspect to the use of the car-tons is that the preforms coming off the conveyor do not fall very far into the small cartons, and so any damage is largely avoided. because in the off-peak season the preform factory supplies jaipuria’s own plants in the south of india it runs right through the year at a very high level of capacity utilisation. each line has its own material feed system - two delivered by plastic systems and one by piovan. whenever mr. bedi talks about his views of pet and pla, he comments on the material feed equip-ment. “i prefer the plastic systems equipment,” he says, “but as a com-pany piovan is in front”. mr bedi also pays special atten-tion to the cooling systems, as the temperature reaches as high as 44c. but alongside monitoring the technical aspects of the plant he has one more highly responsible task: i was allowed to plant a tree in his company garden and he has promised to care for it and look after it for me. alexander büchler c.k. jaipuria chairman, jaipuria group, new delhi; sitting in the centre and his son (right) are proud of 20-25% growth per annum over the last three years. left: vijay walia, deputy general manager and alexander büchler. 10 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special minocha enterprises pvt. ltd. 904, vikram tower, 16, rajendra place, new delhi -110008 india phone: 91-11-25727448 fax: 91-11-25757448 e-mail: minocha2000@sify.com web: www.mepl-india.com we match your requirements a shade better !

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india special 11 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net air ow management & stabilization regeneration power management advanced controls www.piovan.com/genesys sales@piovan.com new generation dryers 50% 50% 70 w/kg/h 70 w/kg/h energy saved energy saved existing systems 130-140-150 w/kg/h and more existing systems 130-140-150 w/kg/h and more air ow management & stabilization regeneration power management advanced controls www.piovan.com/genesys sales@piovan.com new generation dryers 50% 50% 70 w/kg/h 70 w/kg/h energy saved energy saved existing systems 130-140-150 w/kg/h and more existing systems 130-140-150 w/kg/h and more

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12 petplanet insider india special india.petpla.net india special