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Wednesday, July 11 2012 | Husky and Safe Cap

When I wake up, we are already at Husky’s front door. The appointment is at 10 o'clock, so we have time for a quick coffee and breakfast. We are also awaiting the arrival of area representative, Roland Koch, along with Igor Kim from Luxembourg, who is in Moscow on business today. Igor had already given me a lot of help in preparations for the trip, which was worth its weight in gold.

Husky's Refurbishment Centre is located in the grounds of “Weltplast”. We are joined here by Kirill Soltanovsky, executive director. In what seems rather a confined space machine parts are logged in and overhauled and spare parts are stored. An interesting and informative discussion follows on the PET situation in Russia, after which we depart for our appointment with closure manufacturer Safe Cap in Fryazino. Luckily no traffic jams this time, but the heat is almost unbearable. The air conditioning in the Editourmobil struggles unsuccessfully to cope. Actually, I shouldn’t really complain because yet again it is raining in Heidelberg, not exactly summer weather.

In the early afternoon we arrive at Safe Cap to be greeted by Natalya Milekhina, with whom I had previously fixed up an appointment. Shortly afterwards, in the company’s conference room I meet Sergey Lebedev, General Director, Alexey Gavrilov and Mikhail Goncharov, commercial director and learn more about the history of Safe Cap and its roots with the Swiss closure manufacturer Hoffmann, whose products were already well known in Russia.After photos in front of the Editourmobil and an informative guided tour to finish we set off once more in the direction of Moscow, because I was able to arrange, at short notice, an appointment with the Netstal office for the following morning. When we get there (traffic jams again!), it is already dark. Opposite the offices where Netstal is located, there is a free car park. I should say at this point that up to now we have never had any problems in parking for free in the city centres, although there might have been good reason to think it would be impossible, given the huge influx of tourists and the size of the Editourmobil. Another plus is that the mobile Internet is fast, so that we are still able to carry on working for a few hours more.