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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | Goodbye to All That - the Go to Brau Beviale Tour 2012 is over

The three Go to Brau Beviale teams were on the road for a total of more than eight weeks. Team 1, made up of Kay Krüger, Rolf and Felix Popp, travelled by Editourmobil from Nuremberg to Lübeck before embarking for St. Petersburg by ferry. From there it was on to Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kazan until they reached the changeover point at Yekaterinburg.

This is where Michael Maruschke and Torsten Strauss’s Team 2, took over, travelling to Lipetsk via Ufa and Kamenka, from there on to Rostov-on-Don and finally arriving at Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukraine.
Then, after a brief summer break it was the turn of Team 3 - Alexander Büchler and Waldemar Schmitke – to take the tour on into Poland from Dnipropetrovsk via Zaporishsha, Mykolaiv and Kiev and from there back into Germany by way of Zywiec.

The Editourmobil coped with an overall distance of around 11,000 kilometres with, relatively-speaking, only marginal mishaps, despite having to negotiate what were on occasions some pretty bizarre road conditions.

At this point we would like to take the opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to all the companies we visited, for a host of interesting interviews and for the overwhelming hospitality we found wherever we went. We would also like to extend our special thanks to all our sponsors and for the support provided by Messe Nürnberg.

We are looking forward to a great Brau Beviale, scheduled to take place in Nuremberg from 13.11. to 15.11.2012! Why not come and visit our teams, view the extensive range of presentation material on the companies we visited and – of course – take a look at the Editourmobil itself in Hall 7A, Stand 515 + 516.


Kay Krüger