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Thursday, October 27, 2011 | Gaziantep to Bursa

Our starting point today is Gaziantep. Here the drinks industry supplies a huge customer base up to and including the oldest mosques. Indeed, in front of the oldest mosque in Gaziantep, the Ömeriye Mosque, built probably in 1150, (but no-one can say with absolute certainty) I found the Coca Cola delivery truck.

But there are other, more pressing matters, namely the 1050 km journey to my next objective, Eskapet in Inegol near Bursa. The Editourmobil has stood up very well so far to the rigours of the 10,000kms Go To Brau Beviale tour, suffering only minor damage. The driver’s door has been tightened and the loose handle on the bathroom door has been fixed (the correct screws having been brought over from Germany), and a bracket on our pop-up presentation kit has come adrift. The damage was quickly repaired.

The steps can stay as they are for the moment but the big defect is the water pump from the fresh water tank: it isn’t pumping. I’ll get round to both of them today or tomorrow. For the time being, we will obtain our fresh water supplies using cans. Good enough when camping, good enough now for the Editourmobil.

I set off in temperatures of 25 degrees C in the shade, but arrived in the freezing cold. At my overnight parking spot, the heater is blasting away like there’s no tomorrow. For me the clear air and spectacular scenery on the way more than compensated for the 12 hours behind the wheel. What magnificent views! I was sorely tempted to get out and explore the countryside. The tourist attractions of this dramatic landscape must be impressive but sadly they are not on my route.

Picture 1: The Editourmobil passes through some spectacular scenery.

Picture 2: The mosque is getting on for 1000 years old. Slightly longer than Coca Cola’s presence in the country!