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Monday, July 16 2012 | From Kazan to Yekaterinburg Pt. 1

So as not to waste any time, we are at Iveco’s front door promptly at 9 o’clock. It takes no time at all to explain the situation in Ekaterinburg with the spare part for the defective engine, and outline the problem. We are in luck, they have the part. We do not know exactly what is being exchanged, but assume that it is a porous hose hanging from the turbocharger.

We drive off. Driving with the defect is surprisingly good. Whenever the warning light comes on (which it doesn’t to start with), you have to pull over and start the engine again. Rolf discovers later how driving in a particular way causes the error. Today is a day devoted purely to driving and writing. We cover more than 400km, until we find ourselves at length on a grassy verge next to a field, a suitable place to bed down for the night. While Rolf and I answer emails and write up our blogs, Felix busies himself with the hot water tank and is constantly plagued by hordes of blood-sucking insects, to which our German insect repellents offer only a feeble defence. I call that acting beyond the call of duty!