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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | Goodbye to All That - the Go to Brau Beviale Tour 2012 is over

The three Go to Brau Beviale teams were on the road for a total of more than eight weeks. Team 1, made up of Kay Krüger, Rolf and Felix Popp, travelled by Editourmobil from Nuremberg to Lübeck before embarking for St. Petersburg by ferry. From there it was on to Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kazan until they reached the changeover point at Yekaterinburg. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | A final statement

Despite all the information in travel guides and from our circle of acquaintance, travelling was safe wherever we went; we never felt that we were in a threatening situation. On the contrary, we met plenty of people on our travels who were ready and willing to help and with whom we were able to communicate despite the language barriers. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | Rain, better streets and a first conclusion

Well, we’ve said goodbye to the nice weather. We get up and take advantage of the spell of continuous rain that has in the meantime set in to get some writing done. Waldemar Schmitke is increasingly enjoying filling out the fact-orientated magazine contributions with just the right injection of emotion. I too need to keep writing for at least an hour in order to adequately review the time spent. ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | Benefits of a campsite and the Alpla meeting

Actually, the roadway on the campsite was not so noisy during the night. Since we are the only ones on the site the showers aren’t open and we have to make use of the facilities in the adjacent hotel. So I let the hot shower run for a full 5 minutes without worrying about how much water I’m using. We also decide to have our breakfast in the hotel. We can get Wlan there so will be able to send off the blog and the pictures. When Waldemar Schmitke takes his memory chip out of the camera in order to add Saturday’s and Sunday’s pictures to the blog, we notice that my card reader doesn’t want anything to do with this particular chip. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, September 10, 2012 | Meeting Zdroji Zywiec

Sunshine greets us this morning. We still have another 2 hours driving to Krakow. En route we pick up a satnav, which leads us safely in the afternoon to mineral water bottlers Zdroji Zywiec. Our contact can see us only at 6pm, so we kill time by looking for a parking place. ... [ Read more ]

Sunday, September 9, 2012 | From Ukraine to Poland

Sunday morning and it’s an 8 clock start taking the the Editourmobil in a westerly direction through Kiev. On the way, we have come to know all about the conditions of the road in the Ukraine. In the east, dire. The more west we go, the better the roads become. ... [ Read more ]

Saturday, September 8, 2012 | Free time in Kiev

We allowed ourselves the luxury of a day in Kiev. Waldemar wrote his first articles. In the city itself, we marvel at the many, many churches, whose golden domes gleam in the afternoon and evening sun. ... [ Read more ]

Friday, September 7, 2012 | PET Technologies and our first campsite

All our hard work into the wee small hours of the morning has undoubtedly taken its toll. Getting up is a real struggle and even a solid dose of caffeine fails to get us going. Nonetheless we arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at our appointment with PET Technologies. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, September 6, 2012 | Meeting Sandora

Rarely do I come across an interview partner who, without any prompting, provides me with print-ready copy describing his company. Volodymyr Yehorenko, Manufacturing Director, is one of that rare breed. Within the space of a couple of questions we know all we need to know about the juice market in the Ukraine. He is keen to present his products and his business as transparently as possible to the public at large. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 | Inter-PET, language barriers and helpful policemen

We still need to find Interpet, and hopefully Anastasia has instructed the satnav on where to take us. We end up on an industrial estate and the satnav duly informs us that we have arrived at our destination. There is no name plate anywhere but peering over the wall we notice bales of compressed PET bottles. We are in the right place. The tour proves to be a little more difficult, with communication restricted to rudimentary English plus our non-existent Russian. Nevertheless, we manage to get by with a lot of arm-waving and gesticulating; we’ll only know whether we have got it right when the article comes out! ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | Repairs again and Slavutich Brewery

Our overnight resting place was the premises of Retal where we enjoyed an excellent night’s sleep. As we emerge blinking into the daylight, an alarming thought slowly dawns on us. Our water tank contains water from the engine cooling system. Dare we take a shower in it? Normally cooling water consists of Freon but it might also be harbouring all sorts of noxious bacteria. We sniff the water but it doesn’t have any unusual smell, so we risk it and take a shower. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, September 3, 2012 | Delayed flights and the visit of Retal

The holidays are over. The Editourmobil is waiting in the Ukraine for us to pick it up. The two of us, Waldemar Schmitke, co-driver, and Alexander Büchler make up the third team on this, the final stage of our Go to Brau Beviale Tour. The first major challenge is on the outward flight. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, September 3, 2012 | The Tour goes on

The summer break is well and truly over - And the Go to Brau Beviale blog is up and running again! ... [ Read more ]

Summer Break, August 1 - September 3, 2012 | Summer break in Dnipropetrovsk

The second team, under the capable leadership of Michael Maruschke and Torsten Strauss, has successfully completed the section of the tour from Ekaterinburg and both Michael and Torsten have now returned safely to their home turf. ... [ Read more ]

Friday-Monday, July 27-30 2012 | Rostov, bass drums and Aqua Don

We start our journey to Rostov, the green city on the Don which is approximately 710 km away from Lipetsk. Such a distance can easily occupy two solid days of driving. So the hours are spent negotiating flyovers and junctions, and spending nights under the trees on tranquil side roads off the beaten track. As it is already quite late after the meeting with Lipetsk Pivo, we spend one more night in Lipetsk. The next day we have a stopover in the small and charming city of Millerova, and then finally arrive with our Editourmobil in Rostov on Saturday morning. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday-Thursday, July 25-26 2012 | From Kamenka to Lipetsk

Early evening we have to leave the Kamenka family and head further to the East. We want to cover a few kilometres before it gets dark to avoid any time constraints over the next 1-2 days. We are accompanied by Ilya Golovachev of Kamenka who wants to visit his hometown Tambov which is about 150 km from Kamenka. ... [ Read more ]

Sunday-Tuesday, July 22-24 2012 | Kamenka and its brewery

We arrive in Kamenka town in the early evening and find, to our surprise, a “SPAR” supermarket well-equipped with all imaginable food. After a longer discussion about safety at night we park the car in front of a motorway restaurant and assume that this is the best option. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday-Saturday, July 19-21 2012 | Way to Ufa and Bering visit

Friendly stewardesses, constant dripping tea pots, passenger queues for the toilets, and no beer served. The fully booked Transaero flight from Bangkok is heading with tired tourists toward Moscow. While for most passengers a long journey will end in the Russian capital, for me it is only a transit point for the continuing journey to Ekaterinburg to explore the world of PET beyond the Ural Mountains. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, July 19 2012 | Handover in Yekaterinburg

I'm absolutely shattered. Not only the new time change (Ekaterinburg is again two hours ahead), but the last few days and weeks have been strenuous. Shortly after 9 o'clock I'm already in Torsten's room. He, Rolf and Felix had picked Michael up at the airport late last night or rather early this morning. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, July 18 2012 | Repairs again

Good morning Iveco. After a quick breakfast, we are greeted by the friendly staff at Iveco, and ushered into the workshop. Then follows the second odyssey starting with an inspection of the engine compartment, tests, and finally a test drive. With Rolf furiously accelerating and breaking, I can work only intermittently. In the late afternoon, with the engine now apparently repaired, engine hoses fitted and sensor duly replaced, we finally set off in a happy frame of mind. ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, July 17 2012 | From Kazan to Yekaterinburg Pt. 2

Today we are determined to get to Ekaterinburg. Ahead of us lie several hundred kilometres on possibly dodgy roads. So yet again it will be purely a driving and writing day. But the goal is within our grasp and that spurs us on. Today we will be reaching the Urals, and its beautiful setting which we have heard and read so much about. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, July 16 2012 | From Kazan to Yekaterinburg Pt. 1

So as not to waste any time, we are at Iveco’s front door promptly at 9 o’clock. It takes no time at all to explain the situation in Ekaterinburg with the spare part for the defective engine, and outline the problem. We are in luck, they have the part. We do not know exactly what is being exchanged, but assume that it is a porous hose hanging from the turbocharger. ... [ Read more ]

Sunday, July 15 2012 | Repairs and beautiful Kazan

It would be difficult to underestimate our concern that evening over the immediate prospects for the remainder of the tour. On the road to Kazan we stop for a rapid breakfast which lifts our spirits a little. It was agreed with the garage that we should wait at a kilometre marker and they would pick us up there. By early afternoon, we're still waiting impatiently for some action. Another quick phone call and finally we are picked up by an Iveco technician who takes us to a nearby repair workshop. ... [ Read more ]

Saturday, July 14 2012 | Broken machine

As we leave the city behind us, we are greeted by a sensational sunrise. Just for a moment, everywhere is peaceful, the streets deserted. It is not to last. We drive through a varied landscape of forests, tiny villages and gas production facilities. ... [ Read more ]

Friday, July 13 2012 | Bericap, Nizhniy Novgorod and the club

An early departure is the order of the day. Like almost every morning, if time and network availability allows, I answer emails and generally check everything is OK. In the afternoon we are supposed to be at Bericap, which still has to be arranged. A few hours later we arrive in Bor, close to Nizhniy Novgorod. This is the Bericap plant. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, July 12 2012 | Netstal and off to Nizhniy Novgorod

It is shortly after 10 o’clock, when Svetlana Ansimova, whom we have already met up with on our visit to Alfatechform, comes over to greet us. Over a delicious coffee she shows us round the office and we discuss the latest happenings in the PET world. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, July 11 2012 | Husky and Safe Cap

When I wake up, we are already at Husky’s front door. The appointment is at 10 o'clock, so we have time for a quick coffee and breakfast. We are also awaiting the arrival of area representative, Roland Koch, along with Igor Kim from Luxembourg, who is in Moscow on business today. Igor had already given me a lot of help in preparations for the trip, which was worth its weight in gold. ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, July 10 2012 | Plarus, Europlast and Protey

Once again we are up and about very early, for the first appointment is at 8.30 at Plarus in Solnechnogorsk, some 15 kilometres from Europlast. Plarus, a PET recycling company, is part of the big Europlast group, so it makes sense to interview both Plarus and Europlast itself. A mere 15 minutes later we are there. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, July 9 2012 | Creon and Alfatechform

After a rapid breakfast, I find myself once more in the Creon conference room. The Creon team of Anna and Sandjar is joined today by Mr Nika Asatiani, the Deputy General Director. As we discussed yesterday basically all the important issues, this morning is devoted to an exchange of ideas and information about the Russian PET in general and some of the more interesting companies in the sector in particular. ... [ Read more ]

Sunday, July 8 2012 | Creon and viewpoints

This Sunday is mainly for Felix and Rolf to sort out their schedule. A nearby garage has agreed to weld a few special parts for their project, whilst I try to glean some vital information. I get a tip from the chief mechanic which will solve our washing problem. As we now know, there are virtually no launderettes or if they do exist, no-one has ever actually seen one. ... [ Read more ]

Saturday, July 7 2012 | Laundry and the Kremlin

We wake up to the sound of birdsong and the ringing of church bells. It is already almost unbearably hot in the vehicle. If only there was a cool river flowing by the Editourmobil where we could go for a dip, I think to myself. But I quickly banish such thoughts and take a shower instead. ... [ Read more ]

Friday, July 6 2012 | Cucumbers in Domodedovo

It seems like we’re jinxed. I get up early to sort out my meeting with Pepsi. No joy. I simply can’t get in touch with my contact. What do I do now? ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, July 5 2012 | Parking and families

Full of anticipation for my meeting with Coca-Cola Moscow, I pour us all a welcome dose of caffeine. We had actually already confirmed the appointment previously, but it turns out that when I phone my contact Svetlana, it is not convenient to meet today so can we do tomorrow? So we juggle the schedule, move a few dates here and there and hope it will all work out. Pepsi and Coca Cola are re-arranged for tomorrow and IDS on Saturday. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, July 4 2012 | First day in Moscow

The whole day is spent driving to Moscow. Outside it is stiflingly hot, and I have the feeling that the circulation of the air in the Editourmobil, despite the open side window, has come to a grinding halt. To be able to work comfortably, I settle myself in the "living room" at the dining table and try as best as I can to get everything organised for writing up my interviews. With the state of the roads in these parts, this proves to be no easy task and my laptop is constantly shifting around with every bump in the road. ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, July 3 2012 | Gatchina and Novgorod

We have to get up early. Why is not exactly clear, for on board ship we are on Finnish time, which is one hour ahead of German time and one hour behind of the Russian. Confusing. Especially since our ever so clever smartphones and laptops are constantly adjusting their built-in clocks – for the most part incorrectly. ... [ Read more ]

Monday, July 2 2012 | From Sankt Petersburg to Gatchina

After an early morning coffee I call my contact at Baltika, to discuss the next steps. It turns out, unfortunately, that today they have no English-speaking personnel and the interview will be have to be postponed for the time being. Not a good start to the day. ... [ Read more ]

Sunday, July 1, 2012 | Sankt Petersburg's city life

Our overnight pitch was exceptionally quiet. As we have a little time to spare before my first appointment at Baltika tomorrow, we decide to do a little sightseeing. We set off for the city centre. Here, right by the Admiralty, is something I never thought I would see these days, free parking. It couldn’t be more central. ... [ Read more ]

Saturday, June 30, 2012 | First day in Sankt Petersburg

We have to get up early. Why is not exactly clear, for on board ship we are on Finnish time, which is one hour ahead of German time and one hour behind of the Russian. Confusing. Especially since our ever so clever smartphones and laptops are constantly adjusting their built-in clocks – for the most part incorrectly. ... [ Read more ]

Friday, June 29, 2012 | Ferry tales Pt. 2

We slept through breakfast and therefore go directly to get a spot of lunch. I had set the alarm for the crack of dawn and I had a bit of luck. Whilst the ferry was at the terminal, I managed to get internet access and was able to dash off a few emails. ... [ Read more ]

Thursday, June 28, 2012 | Ferry tales Pt. 1

In the normal course of events there would be a lot to do. No chance of that on the ferry. On board there is no internet connection and telephone communication is in the hands of a single provider and the charges are horrendous. It is a times like this that you realise just how digitally dependent we are. ... [ Read more ]

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | Leipzig, Lübeck and the ferry

We are up and about early this morning. We decide to have breakfast at a cafe which is located conveniently in a huge supermarket complex. We can also stock up on food for the Editourmobil, thus killing two birds with one stone. ... [ Read more ]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 | The tour begins

The moment has come, and we are finally about to start our epic Go to Brau Beviale Tour 2012, taking us from Nuremberg to Ekaterinburg! Naturally, things don’t go exactly to plan. There’s a slight hitch which makes us a day late. What has happened? ... [ Read more ]

Go to Brau Beviale 2012 has begun!

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