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Polyester Bottle Resins

Polyester Bottle Resins


Polyester Bottle Resins
Production, Processing, Properties and Recycling
by Dr. Ulrich K. Thiele

This is Vol. 5 of PETplanet Print.

Price: 149,00 €
Length: 320 pages
Year of publication: 2007


PET - from the basic raw materials to the production of preforms and bottles.

In this book "Polyester bottle resins - production, processing, properties and recycling" the author looks in detail at the raw materials used and the different processes for the production of PET. He examines the effects on PET product quality of variations in processing parameters and the likely causes of processing problems. The packaging requirements of different beverages are reviewed, and practical guidelines are offered for the quality analysis, storage and handling of PET resin.

This publication is a highly instructive textbook on the whole subject of PET as well as a handy reference work for those involved in the day-to-day handling and processing of PET resins.