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Bottles, Preforms, Closures

Bottles, Preforms, Closures


Bottles, Preforms, Closures
A Design Guide for PET Packaging
Second Edition
by Ottmar Brandau

This is Vol. 4 of PETplanet Print.

Price: 115,00 €
Length: 180 pages
Year of publication: 2012


A practical handbook for a major area of plastics processing, the author's focus on fault analysis and troubleshooting is targeted at practicing engineers and directly impacts the bottom line by improving production efficiency and product quality.

  • Learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced engineer and manager
  • Save money: Practical strategies to improve cycle times
  • Increase productivity: Improve plant layout and organization and implement secondary processes such as inline printing

As a consultant to the plastics industry, Ottmar Brandau’s focus is on using his engineering knowhow and production management experience to improve quality and productivity, cut down cycle time and introduce secondary processes such as inline printing. This book is a thoroughly practical handbook that provides engineers and managers with the toolkit to improve production and engineering aspects in their own businesses – saving money, increasing output and improving competitiveness by adopting new technologies. In this book, Brandau covers the engineering aspects of bottle production and the relevant production processes (focusing on blow molding), along with plant layout and organization and production management, to produce the definitive handbook for engineers and managers alike.