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Wednesday, November 02, 2011 | Belgrade

There’s fog,there’s thick fog, then there’s Serbian fog. This morning I got up extra early at 4am, anticipating a slow crawl to my first appointment at 8 with Fruvita. I got there at 7, thinking, good, I can have a bit of a rest. No chance. Ivan Petrovic was standing there at the gate, laughing, ready to show me the only KHS aseptic line in the Balkans.

Next we were off to other side of Belgrade, delayed for an hour by congestion due to roadworks.

I did manage to get to Coca Cola on time, but I missed out on the lunch break. Martin Schacht met me and told me about the introduction of 1881 in the plant. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures. And my third appointment I almost goofed. I went to the offices Energopet in New Belgrade and not to the manufacturing plant just beyond the airport. Another hour wasted driving around, when I could have really used a break. In the factory Sasa Zdravkovic showed me not only the production of preforms of various colours, but also 4-week-old puppies piled up in a heap to brave the cold.

As I sit at the computer typing up the blog, I think what a shame it is that the Editourmobil is not on any of the photos today. Too dark now to do anything about it. it. I console myself with the thought that over the past few days we have taken a lot of photos of the vehicle. Tomorrow I’ll do something about it. Hungary is calling.