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imprint editorial publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office heidelberg business media gmbh häusserstr. 36 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer: fischer@hbmedia.net michael maruschke ruari mccallion waldemar schmitke ilona trotter wolfgang von schroeter anthony withers media consultants martina hischmann hirschmann@hbmedia.net roland loch loch@hbmedia.net phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 france, italy, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign matthias gaumann www.exprim.de reader services heike fischer reader@hbmedia.net print chroma druck & verlag gmbh werkstr. 25 67454 römerberg germany www www.hbmedia.net www.petpla.net petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualified subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ sub-scription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identified as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 3 petplanet insider vol. 14 no. 09/13 www.petpla.net dear readers, lies, damned lies, and ...? sometimes it is the simplest questions that fox us the most. here’s one: “how many preforms are produced worldwide each year?“ the more i have to do with pet – and i’ve been involved with the sector now for more than 15 years – the more i realise that there is no way of reach-ing a reliable conclusion. if we go on from there and ask “how many pet bottles?” or “what is the number of injection moulding machines or filler lines”, we are increasingly tempted to believe that old saw about “lies, damned lies, and …” nowhere was this dilemma more striking than in reading the reports from our editors following the editourmobil tour of latin america. we were analysing the figures for bolivia produced by two of the most respected market research organisations in the business. their figures differ by a staggering 100%. and that’s not all: when they consider trends over the past five years, they still cannot agree. for one, growth is at 5%, whilst the other sees 12% in the same year. the following year sees the figures reversed. if these “fully paid up experts” are unable to agree on the figures for a relatively small country, what hope have the rest of us ordinary mortals got in producing valid figures for the entire world? as churchill is alleged to have said: “the only statistics i can rely on are those i have made up myself…” so what are we to do? perhaps our best hope is to see if we can discern some nugget of truth from this veritable fog of figures. we can of course always ask the people at the chalkface. during our visit to them, coca cola gave their own produc-tion figures for bolivia which conveniently lay between the two “expert” values. question is: does the truth always steer a middle course? we have no hesitation this time in leaving this question unanswered, for you, our readers, to build up for yourselves a picture of the size of the market in south america. truth, and accuracy, can sometimes be a moveable feast. the saying attributed to churchill above, for example, was loftily dismissed by the london times with the words: “…we have never heard of this quotation …”. let us make amends by quoting something that churchill actually did say, in 1925: “you must look at the facts before they look at you!” which is exactly what our editors did in their latin american reports. so, without further ado, let’s go down to the shop floor and check what is happening in the real world. yours alexander büchler

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editour reports 15 petplanet insider vol. 14 no. 09/13 www.petpla.net as bottle to bottle material. depending on the source, two thirds to three quarters of all soft drinks in peru and bolivia are bottled in pet. the remainder goes into glass. cans are only of any significance as far as the beer segment is concerned. we have visited recyclers, preform producers, suppliers and bottlers in both countries on your behalf. a special per-sonal highlight was a visit to the surena brewery, located at the dizzying altitude of 3,300m above sea level! these reports will certainly be something for you to look forward to! soft drinks bolivia and peru market sizes historic softdrinks in mn litres mio. litres 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 off-trade vol. 422.4 472.3 509.3 556.4 620.6 673.7 on-trade vol. 138.2 153.6 164.6 179.8 199.1 219.9 off-trade vol. 1,593.4 1,867.1 1,982.6 2,176.0 2,328.7 2,477.8 on-trade vol. 252.9 269.8 283.9 298.4 314.0 330.9 bolivia peru euromonitor international blog summary peru/bolivia we are back on the road. our edi-tourmobil spent from christmas right up to the beginning of february in the belly of a ship before reaching south america. rolf and i are the first team on this huge tour. after a long flight, we took over the vehicle in lima. our part of the tour starts with a meeting at smi, manufacturer of preforms and bottles in the region, with a market share of 80%. our next appointment takes us to the backus brewery, part of the sabmiller group, before head-ing off to la paz, bolivia with the andes in between. the editourmobil faces the daunting challenge of a 4,600m high pass. will it make it? i can feel my strength and powers of concentration ebbing away as we pass the 4,000m mark. how good to come down to 3,000m again later, when we could start thinking about where we might park up for the night. at an altitude of between 3,100 to 4,100m above sea level lies la paz city. before we reach la paz itself we have to negotiate the centre of el alto, where we come to a grind-ing halt, because of a strike organ-ised by the transport union. they have blocked all the roads with huge boulders. so we use plan b and head off over the fields, bumping our way over unpaved side roads. 360 in the csd sector coca cola is the dominant player. picture shows the coca cola truck winding its way up the pass in the andes and overtaking our editourmobil

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trade show preview 80 petplanet insider vol. 14 no. 09/13 www.petpla.net agr international hall 11 booth b40 better management agr international, inc. will exhibit its range of products designed for the measurement and quality management of plastic containers and packaging. its process pilot auto-mated management system interfaces with the pet bottle blowmoulder to provide precise material thickness distribu-tion management and defect detection, with hands-off blow-moulder control. agr says that the system offers bottle pro-ducers the ability to aggressively pursue bottle lightweighting strategies. its opticheck multi-camera inspection system offers a vision-based inspection solution for bottles and simi-lar containers transported on a conveyor line. it checks seal surface, sidewall, base and label defect detection as well as precision finish gauging. versions of the modular opticheck system are available for both opaque and transparent con-tainers. www.agrintl.com more efficient pet recycling protec polymer processing will be exhibiting a range of services for material handling, including the planning and construc-tion of complete plants from silos up to process-ing machines, along with its technologically established and energy-efficient somos brand devices and systems for drying, convey-ing and dosing pellets and regrind. premiered at the k show will be somos bb 500, a new gravimet-ric batch dosing system for up to four components with throughput rates up to 500kg/h. the ohl process will be shown for the first time at the k. it enables washed flakes reclaimed from used pet bottles to be reprocessed into rpet, with an acetaldehyde content of 1ppm and overall material properties akin to virgin pet material, as certified by a “non-objection letter” from the fda (food and drug administration) for direct contact with food. www.sp-protec.com protec hall 9 booth d60 washing, drying and agglomeration herbold meckesheim gmbh’s stand will feature a range of machines, from shredders and granulators through to washing and separation lines. the company says that its new hvt mechanical dryer’s vertical rotor construction saves space and offers lower energy con-sumption than its predecessors. the show will see the launch of a new range of friction washers including the fa 60/300, which is designed to deal with 2 to 3t/hns/hr of film or four to 6t/h of rigid plastics. the companies granu-lators will be represented by two items: the sml 45/60 sb with forced feeding; and an example of the heavy-duty sms series. visitors will also be able to see an hv 50 series plastcompactor, which is designed for continu-ous agglomeration of films, fibres, foams and dust, and a medium-range, vertical shaft pu 650 pulveriser. www.herbold.com herbold meckesheim gmbh hall 9 booth b42 moretto hall 11 booth h57 air control italian company moretto spa will be exhibiting a range of control, management and monitoring systems. of par-ticular interest to the pet field will be a dedicated variant of its eureka dehumidification system, which is designed to use and monitor only the precise amount of process air required and thus optimise energy use. in the pet variant, the flowmatik integrated automatic process air distributor, otx thermal exchanger and xmax dryers are calibrated to reduce airflow by over one-third, compared with standard systems, with consequent savings in pro-cess and heating energy usage. www.moretto.com