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www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 06/10 21 . 06 . 10 petplanet is read in 137 countries magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet manufacturers of mould tools for pet bottle production marketsurvey page 17 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s vietnam part 1 page 10

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the color of success for making caps

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imprint editorial publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office heidelberg business media gmbh landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer fi scher@hbmedia.net ruari mccallion tony oneill ilona trotter wolfgang von schroeter anthony withers media consultants ute andrä andrae@hbmedia.net miriam kiesler kiesler@hbmedia.net phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 france, italy, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign www.exprim.de reader services kay krüger reader@hbmedia.net print wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-straße 1 69181 leimen-st.ilgen germany www www.petpla.net www.pet-point.net petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualifi ed subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ subscription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identifi ed as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 3 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net editorial dear readers, time for pet packaging to take centre stage? in the 25 years or so that pet packaging has been around, its market reputation does not appear to have kept pace with present day concerns. today we are all singing from the same environmental and sustainability hymn sheet. is the pet industry lagging behind public opinion? perhaps the time has come to face up to a new reality. let’s put emotions and spin on one side for a moment and look at research fi ndings – some packaging materials seem to be treated more kindly than others. plastics in particular have come in for severe criticism on environmental grounds. how valid are these criticisms? is there a danger that these recent studies could be misleading the general public? lets be clear: pet bottles use less than 70% of the energy com-pared to glass packaging and there is still room for signifi cant improve-ments! and this does not even take into account the costs of transpor-tation and manufacture. refi llable and returnable containers generate pollution. it can neither be sensible nor sustainable to be trucking around empty glass bottles that are considerably bigger and heavier than their pet counterparts. and what about the 60c temperature and the 5l of caustic water the bottle-washer uses to clean these containers? who is counting the cost in ground water pollution? from the start, pet pack-aging has always been more favourable in terms of container volume/ package weight and this advantage has only increased with the many light-weighting initiatives that have been or are being implemented. but lets not forget: pet packaging is appreciated by the consumer – combining convenience and economy and this has been a powerful driver of growth.it is sad to state that we humans tend to be rather lazy about the sheer convenience of using pet packaging. we watch fi lms like “plastics planet”, and it dawns on us that we need to have a mecha-nism in place to collect pet packaging. the deposit system we use in germany is highly effective when environmental awareness and waste collecting systems are high on the agenda (and at times exaggerated for reasons of political correctness or spin). the deposit system should work even better in countries less motivated to recycle packaging materials. at the end of the day however, the onus must lie with the consumer to take responsibility. better a voluntary option than a mandatory regulation. and let’s focus on the facts rather than emotion or propaganda – however persuasive. the pet industry itself can help raise consumer awareness of the issues. let’s put aside mere considerations of energy and raw material costs and focus instead on how we can improve sustainability. we must tackle the emotional issues head-on, responding to the undeserved criti-cism which leads to the public perception that “plastics are bad”. it’s time for all of us in the plastics industry to put pet where it belongs - centre stage and under the spotlights. professor dr.-ing- michael koch editorial

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petcontents 06/10 4 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net inside track 3 editorial 4 contents 6 news 26 bottles-personal care 28 products 35 patents buyer’s guide 29 get listed! bottling /filling 22 3-litre bottle with recessed grip capping / closures 24 thread highlights regional market report 10 vietnam part 1 preform production 16 the rapid guide to perfect preforms - part 10 market survey 17 manufacturers of mould tools for pet bottle production b page 22 page 24 page 26

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our injection moulds produce multi layer preforms which provide excellent protection from l ight. www.otto - hofstetter. com/pet g o t b la c k m i lk ?

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petnews 6 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net mann hummel confi rm their commitment to protec at the press briefi ng on the annual results of mann hummel gmbh, alfred weber, chairman of the board of management, reported that the company’s subsidiary protec would continue to play an integral part in company strat-egy. in 2009 protec recorded a sharp decline in orders of 38% compared to the previous year. as far as turnover was concerned, things were just as bad: turnover in germany fell by 48 % and overseas by 20% . mann hummel sales, however, dipped by just 8.4% to 1,672bn in 2009, despite that fact that almost 100% of its output goes to the automo-tive industry. the reason for this was the continued high level of stability in its fi lter business. in the pet sector protec introduced a completely new product in 2009, a mould based on the turbulent fl uidized bed technique. in addition the developers have standardized a large number of their products. “as soon as the injec-tion moulding machine manufacturing sector begins to pick up, that’s when we expect to see our confi dence in protec restored “ is how alfred werner justifi ed his faith in protec to petplanet. www.mann-hummel.com extending market leadership – new capping system announced peter neumann, manag-ing director of engel austria, presented the company’s fi gures on the occasion of the k preliminary press confer-ence. according to him, this was the most diffi cult period the company has faced virtually since its foundation. in neumann’s opinion, even the major fl oods in 2001 which destroyed practically the entire production capac-ity of the company was not as devastating as the current situation. as he observed to petplanet, “at that time we knew what we had to do; we had orders but no produc-tion facilities. the present crisis is, however, precisely the opposite - we have production capacity but no orders! “ although sales fell from 591m in 2008/2009 to 358m in the 2009/2010 trading year, engel succeeded in main-taining its high profi le status on the world market in the injection moulding sector at an historic high of 13% (in value terms). in europe engel has also been successfully extended its market share to 27%. by way of a focus of attention at the k fair, prof. dr. steinbichler, vice president r&d, announced the enlarged engel e-cap with a clamp-ing force of 430t. this entirely electric machine will be used to produce single caps (26mm x-light) weighing 1 gram in 2.6s using a 96-compartment mould. the small, wholly electric system featuring a clamping force of 280t was exhibited at petpoint. as to future strategy in relation to pet systems, engel remained tight-lipped. however, we were able to view a pet system 330 on our subsequent tour of the plant. www.engelglobal.com closure systems international and pact group announce australasian partnership plastic packaging manufacturer pact group has signed a license agreement with closure systems international (csi) for australia and new zealand. pact group says that this new strategic partnership will give its customers immediate access to leading edge closure technologies, designs, and research and development. it says it is now better positioned to source and manufacture a wide range of high performance, light-weight closure solutions. the partnership will also give the pact group access to csi’s technical service network, high-speed capping machinery products, and new product and service devel-opments. additionally, it broadens the range of closures that the pact group can offer its bottled drinks customers. the agreement provides csi with an opportunity for geographic expansion in australia and new zealand. the company believes that it will receive mutual benefi ts from pact group’s large footprint in the area and reputation for quality, new technology, innovation and customer service. www.csi.com german company branches out into new portfolio krones ag offers complete factory planning to the food and beverage industry. the fi rm says that it is able to offer its customers plants with state-of-the-art technology and the best possible material fl ows, with comprehensive it network-ing facilities. it has further stated that it is able to help factory owners with fl exibility and expandability while keeping capital and operating costs low. the company has already completed many projects and is able to draw on this experience when talking to new clients. krones ag has reported a signifi cant increase in interest in complete factories from the food and beverage industries for various reasons, including the downsizing of clients’ in-house engineering teams. the company believes this is a log-ical step forward in the expansion of its product portfolio, and feels it has the in-house expertise and experience required for the planning and building of complete beverage factories. www.krones.com alfred weber, chair-man of the board of management of mann hummel peter neumann, managing director of engel austria

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news 7 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net new pet facility in rotterdam the board of directors of the indorama ventures public company has authorised the expansion of the pet facility at europort, rotterdam. the facility is expected to come online by q1 of 2012. the project will add a new production line with an annual capacity of pet resin of 190,000t, bringing total capacity at the site to 390,000t. the total cost for the expansion is expected to be low due to the existence of available infra-structure, utilities and a tank farm. the proposed expansion is intended to increase market share in europe, to fully integrate with the 350,000 ton pta capacity and utilities at the same location, and to benefi t from economies of scale www.indorama.com new sales and service centres for mold-masters global hot runner manufacturer mold-masters announced on 17 th march 2010 that it is expanding its sales and service organisation in asia, europe and the americas. due to its rapid business development in asia, the company has opened new direct sales offi ces in taiwan and seoul, south korea. these facilities offer sales and technical support, as well as a local spare parts inven-tory. restructuring in south china means clients in honk kong will be serviced directly by mold-masters. in europe, the fi rm has recently opened a new branch offi ce in barcelona, spain, to help strengthen its support to its packaging and automotive clients in the region. it has also opened a new sales and service centre in bondoufl e, france. in the americas, the company is opening a new sales and service centre in toluca, mexico. it is designed cover local sales, service, spare parts, repair and sup-port needs for hot runners and ipet systems. it will be in full operation by summer 2010. the business believes that mexico will continue to expand as a production region and this new centre, com-bined with local expertise, will enable it to better serve its local and global clients. www.moldmasters.com erratum in issue 11 of petplanet insider (page 42), we carried an article about husky injec-tion molding systems. our article referred to two prod-ucts, hypett and ecobaset. these names were misspelled in error, and we wish to apolo-gise for our mistake. the prod-uct names should have read hypet and ecobase. www.husky.ca

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news 8 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net p e t c o r e c o l u m n p c litter - old and new for this petcore column we are going to consider the “olden days” - a time long ago, a time when most of the petplanet readers were not born, a time remembered well by many of us in petcore. eating in the street was frowned upon. you didn’t drop litter, you put the paper in your pocket until you found a litter bin, or you took it home for the dustbin. heavy glass bottles were returned to the shop for the deposit, or rinsed and left on the doorstep for a milkman to refi ll. the remaining empty glass containers and other household rubbish went into the dustbin, destined only for landfi ll. plas-tics packaging didn’t exist. fast food outlets were almost unknown. bakers sold bread and a small range of baked goods. sandwiches, cakes and pies were mainly made at home. butchers sold raw meat and little else. greengro-cers emptied loose fruit and vegetables directly from the scales pan into the outstretched shopping bag. carrying the shopping home was an arm-stretching task as very few households owned a car. shopping for fresh produce was done on a daily basis, refrigerators were rare and food was kept in wire mesh “safes”, its best before date was only one day later and much food was thrown away. how different today. packaging developments, especially the use of plastics packaging (derived from oil) has ensured that a wide range of raw and prepared foodstuffs is available 24h a day, ready to eat, completely safe and at its peak of freshness. you can buy a lunchtime sandwich, a muffi n, or a burger to take away. has the number of litter bins increased since the “olden days” so that waste can be disposed of? you see a smashed glass bottle on the pavement or a drink can rolls along the road, a smeared pizza box slides by - it’s what happens these days. yet a plastic carrier bag, a polystyrene burger box or a pet bottle in the wrong place attracts calls for them to be banned or replaced by more “environmentally friendly/recyclable/biodegradable” glass, metal or cardboard. all of these containers have been dropped by someone. these people do not make a distinction between the materials, they just drop them on the ground instead of putting them in a litter bin (or a recycle bin, these days) or taking them home for disposal. in the “olden days” we didn’t eat food in the streets and we didn’t drop litter. now we do both .... except in singapore where you drop litter at your peril. in an earlier column we mentioned the plastiki, an ocean-going catama-ran made from 12,500 2l pet bottles. plastiki is crossing the pacifi c ocean to highlight the north pacifi c gyre, a large concentration of plastic debris the size of france and spain combined. about 20% of this fl oating mass is rub-bish from ships and harbours – buoys and fi shing nets – but the rest is carrier bags, bottles, fl ip-fl ops, children’s toys, yoghurt pots, detritus of modern life. if this light weight plastic is not dumped directly, it is blown from littered streets and landfi lls and conveyed by rivers and drains to the sea or washed from lit-tered beaches. how much of the heavy litter ie glass bottles, cans, supermar-ket trolleys, tyres and other carelessly discarded items is lying on river beds and the ocean fl oor unseen? littering is a societal problem – it is the impact caused by a throw-away society. what can be done? the obvious answer is to stop littering altogether but it is not easy, it needs huge amounts of political will. in the meantime those masters of land reclamation, the dutch, think they have a solution to the ocean litter problem. the dutch national fund for architec-ture is supporting a research project by a dutch fi rm of architects to assess the potential for creating a habitable fl oating island covering 10,000m in the pacifi c ocean, made from the fl oating debris to be found there. they will attempt to cleanse the oceans of a large volume of fl oating waste while at the same time creating a new land space. what can we do as individuals? we can encourage by example, make sure we all dispose of our rubbish responsi-bly, put it in a litter or recycle bin or take it home for safe disposal. dropping litter must return to being a taboo. in these days of conservation aware-ness litter must be properly collected and separated, it is a valuable feed-stock. collection can be stimulated either by punishment, as in the case of fi nes, or, preferably, by encourage-ment, for instance via deposit systems or reverse vending machines. we in petcore believe that there should be rewards for enhancing collection meth-ods that will maximise the re-use of the earth’s valuable resources. www.petcore.org recycling supply stream too tight the european plastics recy-clers association (eupr) has said that the pet bottles supply for european recycling is too tight. although recycling capacity has been following the increasing trend of pet consumption and collec-tion, factors such as exchange rates, a reduction in the bottles’ weight and increased export to the far east have reduced the output of european recycling plants. the association is concerned that for some members the situation is becoming critical as their input material is getting scarce. eupr suggests that the situa-tion could be improved by increas-ing collection ratios and focussing on local recycling. differences by country regarding the quality and quantity of collected materials also need to be urgently addressed. it is also worried that security of supply needs to be improved before europe loses experience and trained recyclers. the association emphasises its belief that european recycling is the key to long term sustainable resources management and that leakage of bottles to the far east will have negative economic, busi-ness and consumer impacts. www.plasticsrecyclers.eu price rise for austrian label and packaging fi rm brigl & bergmeister is announcing an increase in selling price of 6%-8% for all dispatches from 1 st july 2010. this increase has been brought about due to the increased cost of pulp, chemicals and energy that the paper industry continues to face, combined with the strengthening us dollar. the company says that, as europe’s leading producer of label and fl expack papers, it has a responsibility to guarantee contin-ued supplies to all its customers. it says that in order to do that this price rise is absolutely necessary and unavoidable. www.brigl.bergmeister.com

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: #326-1, taejeon-dong, gwangju-si, gyeonggi-do, 464-805, r. o. korea. tel: 82 31 763 5621 fax: 82 31 763 5623 e-mail: pnstech@pnstech.co.kr url: www.pnstech.co.kr rotary type whole surface inspection system for preforms model: ps-21gp de¿ ciency caused during preform production is prevented through the full scan by rotating the preform in the rotary type. automatic illumination control system by computer program and semi-permanent illumination. high credibility is recognized for the self diagnostic feature in the system which prevents trouble state. shutting down the machine is possible to prevent failure in inspection. available for gate cutter unit inside the machine as an option with no further space required. using ultra high density semi-permanent blade enable to remove completely. using mirror tracking inspection system enables to inspect side-wall perfectly without any missing zone or dead zone. option: gate cutter rotary type leakage inspection system for pet bottle model: ps-21rpl the height adjustment system allows products to be inspected at the best condition and environment enabling the inspection of various products. the highly credible self diagnosis system and external progress observation system reports progress and fault quickly to the operator to avoid failure of inspection. live monitoring of inspection images, de¿ ciency images, and production keeping aware of the progress to the operator. led strobe light system (semi-permanent) keeps inspection capacity safe and stable. high resolution camera detects over 99.5% of de¿ cient mouth top and bottom. air supply and inspection is performed on each head which enables easy maintenance and high speed inspection. vacuum hold by pusher head discharge rotation down up infeed preform & bottle machine vision inspection system top sealing surface leakage inspection bottom

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regional market reports 10 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net part 1 vietnam a nation of 86 million on the move by michael maruschke vietnam is a country on the move, and it is moving fast. the speed with which viet-nam’s population has been able to put the bitter events of its recent past behind it, and focus so steadfastly on the future, often surprises foreigners. with a population of 86 million vietnam has become the second largest country in south east asia. and, since having launched the “doi moi” (“renovation”) initiative in 1986, the pace of reform and economic growth is now moving at a rate comparable to china. vietnam achieved around 8% annual gdp growth between 1990 to 1997 and continued at around 7% from 2000-2005. the new middle class is driving this growth, macroeconomic data area ................................................... 332,800 km 2 population ............................................ 85.8 million gnp ................................................. 88 billion us all fi gures 2010 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s vietnam part 1 r

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regional market reports 11 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net with the food and beverage sector accounting for more than 50% of total consumption. this year the economy is expected to grow at up to 6.5%, with food processing and packaging ranked among the fastest growing sectors. generation shift in drinking behaviour with about 90 % of the population being vietnamese the country is very homogenous from an ethical standpoint. a high proportion (56%) of the population is in the work-force, i.e. between 19 and 64 years old. and 38% is under the age of 19. this is a major factor in the anticipated con-tinued growth in consumer spending. and there is also a generation shift in drinking behaviour, with younger people going for rtd teas and pre-packed soft drinks. soft-drinks with double-fi gure growth vietnam is the only coun-try in sea that has a higher beer consumption per capita than soft-drinks. however, in 2009 the consumption of soft-drinks showed double-fi gure growth again. most companies are located in the southeastern binh doung province, next to the north of ho chi minh city. only recently the fi rst manufac-turers have started to move equipment to the northern provinces around the capital hanoi (estimated population 6.5 million), and surrounding provinces. multinational companies dominate the water market. la vie of nestlé is the best-selling bottled water, followed by aquafi na (pepsi) and joy (coke). the water market has the highest pet penetra-tion, i.e. virtually 100% is bot-tled in pet. the multinational com-panies also dominate the csd market. until 2003 there was a steady growth in this sector, but since then the market has declined. vietnam is already showing a trend from csds to other healthier drinks, such as teas and juices. pepsi (cola, 7-up, mirinda) and coke (cola, sprite, fanta) are cur-rently the dominant drinks on the csd market, which is expected to continue to be the case as there is basically no serious local competi-tion. pepsi and coke also control the functional drinks sub-category. over the next few years the csd market is expected to grow, but not to the same extend as other sectors. flavoured teas are very popular in vietnam. the annual consumption of rtd teas approached 50 million litres in the year 2009 and is the domain of local and asian compa-nies. the “zero degree green tea” (thp group) and the “c2 cool & clean” (universal robina corp) alone account for about 75% of this sector. here western companies have not been able to gain a foothold and are believed to have a share of less than 10%.

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regional market reports 12 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net thp group: with pet to the top dr. tran qui thanh – managing director jason shaeffer – c.o.o. at the top - dr.thanh on the roof of his 45 hectare empire. “you must follow the attitude of the boss when you are a worker, in order that you can be the boss in the future. try to train yourself to become a boss, otherwise you will be a worker all your life” with slogans like this, a thirst for action, and hard work, dr. thanh has build up a small empire. in fact the thp group is by far the largest soft drinks manufacturer in viet-nam and today employs around 3000 people. tea in pet was the right choice dr. thanh, the founder and charismatic leader of the thp group, has tirelessly travelled the world to collect fl avours and new ideas for his business. the company started with beer and water, all of it fi lled into glass. five years ago he decided to start fi lling tea - and the fi rst pet activities began. at that time, nobody really believed that this would be successful. as there were no commercially available bottles in vietnam for hot fi lling, dr. thanh simply decided to produce his own bottles and in 2004/2005 became the fi rst hot-fi ll bottler in the country. in the beginning the bottles were produced on single-stage machines, but very soon the company purchased its fi rst preform injection-moulding machine from husky. the thp group has probably the most extensive value-added chain among the beverage manufacturers, as they also extrude their own pe and pvc fi lm (including printing) and make their own cardboard cases for packaging. the closure systems are entirely injected-moulded on husky machines. production on different fl oor levels – and a site of 450,000 m 2 bursting at the seams at fi rst glance the factory reminds one of the shooting locations for the next science fi ction movie: the whole factory is built on giant steel structures, and the production depart-ments are located on different fl oor levels. the total site area covers 450,000m 2 (45 hectares)! today the company produces tea, juices, coffee, isotonic and energy drinks on its ten hot-fi ll lines and two aseptic lines. if we consider only those beverages fi lled into pet , 1,680mil-lion pet bottles (350ml and 500ml) can be produced and fi lled annually, and packed in 70 million cases. it is said that the company’s key to success is the ability to “fi ne-tune” the during our visit to vietnam we also met major players in the fi elds of edible oil and seasoning sauce. both sectors also report steady growth. imported material and established machinery manufacturers there was, at a very rough estimation, an annual consumption of 40,000t of pet resin in 2009, and almost 50,000t are expected for 2010. formosa plastics group is at present the only manufacturer of pet resin in vietnam. however, we found none of this material in the factories. the price level seems to be unattractive, according to the statements of some manufacturers. the fi rst choice is still imported material from other asian countries. in the past, the leading resin supplier was far eastern textile ltd. from taiwan, especially for hot-fi ll grades. but due to the higher import taxes for goods from taiwan many manufacturers switched over to the thai-made shin pet material from thai shinkong industry corporation. in the fi eld of machinery we can see a similar picture as in other sea countries: husky leads the market with its injection moulding machines for preforms and sidel is doing the same in the stretch blow moulding category. sipa has a strong presence when it comes to single-stage machines, and is competing with nissei. there are only limited activities by krones in the fi eld of pet at the moment. it seems that the company is pretty much focused on the booming beer market, which is a glass domain. some companies also use chinese-made machines, which are mainly for the production of bottles without any particular quality requirements. now, with the demand for higher production capacity, companies are partly switching over to the higher capacity western machines. in-house (or through-the-wall) production, i.e. where the converter places the blower and sometimes the injec-tion moulding machine in the factory of the bottler, has been a common practice in vietnam for several years. above: per capita consumption of non-alcoholic drinks in vietnam and asia below: pet penetration in vietnam and asia (figures euromonitor, 2009) pet penetration vietnam asia water 100% 82 csd 3% 40% rtd tea 48% 55% fruit/veg. drink 9% 41% functional drinks 1% 40%

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regional market reports 13 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net various fl avours, collected asia-wide, to suit the taste of the vietnamese consumers. in the future the company wants to focus on healthy and nutritional drinks where they can also make use of the existing aseptic lines. dr . thanh is well known among the vietnamese people. he personally has appeared in several of the company’s advertise-ments, he sponsored a successful expedition to the top of the mount everest where they hoisted the thp fl ag, and he was even seen in a movie alongside famous vietnamese actors. www.thp.com.vn ngoc nghia: everything in pet ngoc nghia (nnc) mr. la hoai nam – deputy general director f.l.t.r.:vic kichodhan (husky) la hoai nam (ngoc nghia) van nam nguyen (husky) the company started as a general injection moulding company for all kinds of injection-moulded products. today one out of every three pet bottles in the market is pro-duced by nnc. 1993: ngoc nghia was founded, and introduced the fi rst pet bottle to the vietnamese market. 1998: new factory in tan binh ip was established for the production of pet bottles, mainly processed on single-stage machines. 2003: second factory was established, with a changeover to the two-stage process. however, single-stage machines are still used for the production of small and thick-walled bottles and containers. 2005: set up in-line bottle production lines at pepsi : capacity: pet preforms: 2 billion pieces/year (weight: 15- 60g) pet bottles: 1.2 billion bpa closures: 1.5 billion pieces/year (size: up to 38mm), produced by compression moulding reference- customers: pepsi, coca-cola, vinamilk the most diversifi ed converter in vietnam the company is one of the biggest and most diversifi ed converters in vietnam and supplies containers for edible full inspected! sacmi imola s.c. via selice prov.le, 17/a 40026 imola (bo) italy tel. 39 0542 607111 - fax 39 0542 642354 e-mail: sacmi@sacmi.it www.sacmi.com pvs-2 in line sampling preform vision system. pvs2 system comes from the need of many preform producers to carry out a continuous quality control on their production. preforms are checked by sampling (one complete shot every x minutes) then sent to the octabins together with the other preforms. the quality control is continuous and by sampling. the pvs-2 can be connected to any type of injection moulder or used as a standalone machine for the quality lab. the system can run at the speed of 1200 preforms/hour .

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regional market reports 14 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net oil, foodstuffs, agricultural chemicals, household products, cosmetics and of course beverages, which is also the big-gest market for them. the company, with a workforce of 800 people, exports about 7% of its products to the philippines, indonesia, malaysia, pakistan and the us. this rate could be higher, but at the moment the company wants to focus capacity on the strong and growing local market. machinery in operation: preforms: 10 x injection moulding machines from husky bottles: 16 x stretch blow moulding machines (sidel, sipa, sig) 20 x single-stage machines (nissei and other japanese brands) closures: 4 x compression moulding machines (sacmi, oberburg 32 cavity) preform production at ngoc nghia all of the machines are located in the two factories in the south, but it is planned to install a stretch blow moulding machine in-house at one of their customers in the north. mr. nam, deputy general director, predicts strong growth in the beverage fi eld, especially those beverages that are healthier than csds, such as teas, herbal teas and sports drinks. edible oil is also seen as a fi eld of steady and continuous growth. and there is a trend in the fi eld of csds: the previously popular 1.5l bottles are losing ground to the smaller sizes of 500ml (and even 350ml). this year the focus will be on further lightweighting of necks and closures. multi-layer bottles for beer and other sensitive beverages is another fi eld for the near future. www.nnc.com.vn calofi c: market leader in edible oil calofi c – cai lan oils & fats industries company ltd. mr. peh ping teik – head of technical calofi c – cai lan oils & fats industries company ltd- is a joint venture between the vietnamese state-owned company vocarimex and the singaporean palm oil giant wilmar, and by market capitalization one of the largest companies listed on the singapore exchange. calofi c employs over 1,000 people nationwide.

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regional market reports 15 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net vietnam: per capita consumption of 7kg edible oil like many other edible oil companies in south-east asia, calofi c has enjoyed steady growth since its foundation in 1996. calofi c runs two plants in vietnam, one in the northern city of quang ninh and one in southern ho chi minh city. the product range includes edible oil, either made of soybean or a blend of soybean and palm oil which is all completely imported. the company has a market share of about 45% in vietnam and is market leader with its neptune brand (other brands are simply, meizan, cai lan, etc). it is estimated that vietnam has a per capita annual consumption of only 7kg of edible oil, compared to china with 17kg and usa with more than 30kg. there is still much potential for growth. similar to the beverage fi eld, the consump-tion of edible oil also shows peaks and low seasons. but these are not so much infl uenced by hot or cold weather, rather by festive seasons (especially chinese new year). strong demand in the north - investment in fur-ther stretch blow moulders the pet packaging process at calofi c starts with the stretch blow moulding of 0.4l, 1l and 2l bottles on sidel machines. total pet consumption is stated at 3,600t/a. closures, preforms and the 25l container size are bought-in from other compa-nies. the facility in the north, which started production in 1998, is equipped with following machines: sidel sbo 8 series 2 (0.4l bottles, 12,000bph) sidel sbo 2f (2l bottles, 1,800 bph) single stage asb machine. the plant runs at full capac-ity (550t/day edible oil) and the strong demand in the north has required the purchase of two stretch blow moulders: sidel sbo 8 universal (1l bot- tles, 14,400bph) sidel sbo 2xl (5l bottles, 2,400bph) in the south the production started in 2007 and tied up with the converter dynaplast on: sidel sbo 8 universal (0.4l and 1l bottles, 14,400bph) sidel sbo 2f (2l and 5l bot- tles, 1,800bph). y o u r pa r t n e r f o r b l o w m o u l d s . benef i t of 30 years of exper ience in blow mould manufactur ing! sidel • sig • krones • sipa • mag • ads • kosme • nissei a. o. röders gmbh / scheibenstr. 6 / 29614 soltau / germany / www.roeders.de telephone 49 5191-603-53 / fax 49 5191-603-36 / e-mail mold@roeders.de for our subsidiaries in china, usa and latin america please check our website. pet stretch blow moulds the plant has an installed capacity of 600t/day of edible oil and runs at a capacity of 60-70% at the moment. this plant is strategically located very near to the port, which allows easy importing of raw material and supply of fi nished goods. www.calofi c.com.vn reg i ona l mar ke t repor t vietnam part 2 issue 78/2010 bavico hon chuan masan urc reg i ona l mar ke t repor t france issue 9/2010

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vol.6 petplanet print preform production 16 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net the rapid guide to perfect preforms by rick unterlander and ottmar brandau troubleshooting guides have suffered in the past from being locked away in offi ces and not being available to the people that actually need them. considering the high cost of machine and tools high scrap rates can be a costly proposition eating away at already tight margins. petplanet’s “rapid guide to perfect preforms” takes a different approach. bound in laminated paper that is easy to clean off, the small format of the book of 108 mm by 151 mm (4.25” by 6”) allows easy storage in back pockets or tool boxes. it has been written for the people on the fl oor of injection moulding companies to support their daily work in making the best preforms possible. the product of two industry experts, rick unterlander and ottmar brandau, it gives concrete advice on 35 of the most common problems in preform manufacture, most illustrated by pictures. from high aa levels to wavy bodies processors can fi nd help when they need it. petplanet print vol.6 the rapid guide to perfect preforms machine no./name continued on page 21

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17 mould tools for pet bottle production once again our annual survey provides, at a glance, details of companies supplying mould tools for pet bottle production. these include suppliers of injec-tion moulds for the manufacture of preforms as well as stretch blow moulds for pet bottles. of course, in addition to numerous local mouldmakers, the big global players are also included. a new arrival in the fi eld this year is ipet/moldmasters. this is a company that is aiming to establish itself as a major player and plans to ensure extensive market cover-age by expanding its sales network in the far east, europe and america. many companies specialise in either preform moulds or blow moulds for bottles, but there are also, of course, companies that offer both preform moulds and bottle moulds. with the suppliers of stretch blow moulds it has now become almost the norm to offer a bottle design service, but companies, that specialise in preform moulds, also provide clients with a bottle design service (e.g. husky). although the publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy 06/10 marketsurvey company name krones ag simex srl mega otto hofstetter ag novapet srl pet technologies europe gmbh postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail böhmerwaldstr . 5 49 9401 700 www.krones.com peter christiansen sales plastics technology 49 9401 70-4980 49 9401 70-914980 peter .christiansen@krones.com via m.biagi e m.d'antona ,5 60025 loreto (an) italy 0039 071 7500214 www.simexitaly .it mr . graziano giuggiolini sales manager 39 071 7500214 39 071 7501958 giuggiolini@simexitaly .it 47-8 hungyan, zheijang, china 0086-576-84020122 www.megamachinery .com simon cai sales 86-576-84020122 86-576-84020107 infomegamachinety .cn zürcherstrasse 73, ch-8730 uznach 41 55 285 22 11 www.otto-hofstetter .com stefan zatti division manager sales & marketing 41 55 285 22 11 41 55 285 22 44 hofstetter@otto-hofstetter .ch via maestri del lavoro 16 30037 scorzè italy 0039 340 150 85 41 www.novapet.it edi simionato technical manager 39 340 150 85 41 39 041 44 55 23 info@novapet.it prof. dr . koren straße 10 2700 wr . neustadt, austria 43 720 555300 www.pet-eu.com walter höbling managing director 43 720 555400 offi ce@pet-eu.com stretch blow moulds no yes apf 3002; apf6004 apf 5; upf 5 (semiautomatic) bottle size (max.) (in litres) 5 20l(5 gallon) 25 - 30lt 6l moulds supplied directly to blow-ing machine manufacturers no yes sidel,mag,mega, asb, sipa, siapi - 20% of the production no do you supply retrofi t moulds for existing sbm machines? yes yes yes - yes yes for which makes of bottle makes have you already produced moulds krones, sidel, sipa, khs corpoplast yes - bottle design service yes yes yes - yes yes specialities bottle development services cutomized to fi lling and packaging lines with perform-ance committments. bottle lightweigting developments mineral water ,carboneted soft drinks, milk, edible oil, wine, beer , cosmetics and other extrusion blow mold, stretch blow mold - non-round-containers preform moulds horizontal opening yes yes yes number of cavities no up to 144 cavity 96,00 2 up to 192 48 preform sizes all sizes and all fi nish up to 800g up to 500g any moulds already built for (makes) mineral wate, milk, oil, beer , etc. over 350 cavity per month netstal, arburg, bmb, husky vertical opening no yes yes number of cavities no 48,00 2 up to 96 up to 16 preform sizes 10-60g up to 500g any pitch 60x130 various any moulds already built for (makes) no yes yes: 13 sets arburg, krauss-maffei do you produce single stage tooling sets ?(preform moulds and blow moulds) no yes other - multilayer moulds up to 72 cavities, moulds for pp , moulds for thinwall packaging, moulds for cartridges full service including installation - start up - machine set up company name kiefer werkzeugbau gmbh sacmi postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail steinhäldenstraße 11 74193 schwaigern 497138 - 9732 - 0 www.kiefer-mold.de jörn herget sales 49 7138 - 9732 - 70 49 7138 - 9732 - 92 joern.herget@kiefer-mold.de via selice provinciale 17a - imola - italy 39 0542 607111 www.sacmi.com marco savorani pet business unit general manager 39 0542 607111 39 0542 642354 sacmi@sacmi.it stretch blow moulds yes bottle size (max.) (in litres) 10 3 moulds supplied directly to blow-ing machine manufacturers no yes do you supply retrofi t moulds for existing sbm machines? yes yes for which makes of bottle makes have you already produced moulds for all kind of sbm machines bottle design service yes yes specialities yes preform moulds horizontal opening number of cavities 72 preform sizes all moulds already built for (makes) vertical opening number of cavities 72 preform sizes all pitch all moulds already built for (makes) only blow molds no do you produce single stage tooling sets ?(preform moulds and blow moulds) compression moulds for preforms and closures other

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market survey 18 marketsurvey 06/10 company name petka mold industry wentworth mold ltd. röders tec awanti polymoulds pvt. ltd. tooling preform systems co postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail yesiloba mah. yeni san.sit. 9. blok no:28, seyhan/adana/turkey 90 3224286400 www.petkamold.com mr .tarik sivri general manager 90 532 5248990 90 322 4282303 info@petkamold.com 58 bigwin road, hamilton, ontario, canada, l8w 3r4. 905-574-0010 www.wentworthmold.com tar tsau general manager 905-574-0010 ext 311 905-574-0018 ttsau@wentworthmold.com scheibenstrasse 6, 29614 soltau, germany 0049 5191 603 53 www.roeders.de friedo böhling sales manager 0049 5191 603 53 0049 5191 603 36 mold@roeders.de 25/5a/1/2, nanded, near sawali dhaba, sinhagad road, pune - 411 041, india. 91 020 24392225 / 24392805 www.awantipolymoulds.com mr . shirish kshirsagar managing director 0091 98220 40771 91-020-24392225 shirishk@vsnl.com p .o.box 288 7800ag emmen, the netherlands 31591679768 www.tps.nl richard tempel sales manager 31625041136 31591630616 r .tempel@tps.nl ru ch 00 ww fre sa 00 acc stretch blow moulds bottle size (max.) (in litres) 0.1l-19 10 10 20 50 30 moulds supplied directly to blow-ing machine manufacturers yes, to some manufacturers yes sidel india, mag plastic asia, technopet no sid sm do you supply retrofi t moulds for existing sbm machines? yes yes, to all brands of sbm machines. yes yes yes yes for which makes of bottle makes have you already produced moulds sidel, krones, siapi, sipa, cosme, ads, smi, krupp, mag, combi sidel, krones, sipa, sig-khs, mag, siapi, dynaplast, ads, etc. sidel, khs corpoplast, krones, sipa, kosme ads, nissei and other major machine types coca cola, pepsi, bisleri, bailley , bonaqua, rc cola, schweppes, minute maid, danube and many others sidel, siapi, sig, krones, chum and more sof alc bottle design service yes yes, and prototyping. bottle design & development & test blowing & full laboratory available bottle design for water , pharma, csd and hotfi ll applica-tion also. yes yes specialities supply of bottle prototype heat set energy effi cient mould system, modular mould, custom heatset mould, interchangeable mould system for different platforms solutions for compatibility of moulds between different machine types, acrylic mock offered development and pilot produc-tion of pet preforms, bottles and containers of max. 50l de pe pe preform moulds not supplied no horizontal opening setting up a separate unit for making preform moulds, which will commence by january 2011 number of cavities from 2 up to 96 96 preform sizes 14 mm-110 mm neck finish max appr 700g moulds already built for (makes) husky , netstal, krauss maffei, sipa husky , km, netstal, sig, engel, arburg, fch, haitian and more vertical opening number of cavities 96 96 preform sizes max appr 700g pitch 50*130 various moulds already built for (makes) km no do you produce single stage tooling sets? (preform moulds and blow moulds) yes. full moulds for single stage machines (asb, aoki) yes yes yes other pet moulds only:preform moulds, blowing molds, single stage moulds. biggest toolroom in india spread over around 10,000 sq. ft. area, having all facilities under one roof. we also undertake repair and maintenance work of all kinds of blow moulds. the only blow mould manufacturing company in india, having iso 9001-2000 certifi cation development and pilot production of all types of pet preforms, bottles and contain-ers of max. 50l company name ipet /mold-masters europa gmbh electra form ind. husky injection molding systems ltd. sidel blowing & services aoki technical laboratory, inc. so postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail neumattring 1 76532 baden baden, germany 49(0)722150990 oliver lindenberg business manager 49 1622896026 olindenberg@moldmasters.eu 852 scholz dr . vandalia, ohio 45377, usa 1-937-898-8460 www.efi petmolds.com brian karns v.p . & g.m. 1-937-898-8460 ext . 201 1-937-898-1750 bkarns@electraform.com 500 queen street south bolton, on, l7e 5s5, canada 1 905 951 5000 www.husky .ca nadeem amin pet business development 1 905 951 5037 nadamin@husky .ca 4, avenue de la patrouille de france, 76930 octeville-sur-mer , france http://www.sidel.com/ laurent charrier tooling product manager laurent.charrier@sidel.com 4963-3 minamijo, sakaki-machi, hanishina-gun, nagano-ken, japan 81-268-82-0111 www.aokitech.co.jp mr . hiroshi chino president's offi ce 81-268-82-0111 81-268-82-3699 h.chino@aokitech.co.jp 1 r ha 44 ww mr sa 44 44 chr stretch blow moulds no not supplied for aoki machinery yes bottle size (max.) (in litres) no no 90 5l moulds supplied directly to blow-ing machine manufacturers no not offered yes, only for aoki customers kro do you supply retrofi t moulds for existing sbm machines? no yes yes, moulds and perso parts, repairs & refurbishment no. yes for which makes of bottle makes have you already produced moulds yes coca-cola, pepsico, unilever , amcor , nestlé, danone, heineken, ting hsin yes sid ma bottle design service no design, prototypes, sensitive products center yes, for aoki machinery yes specialities yes eb cha preform moulds no horizontal opening yes number of cavities 2 to 192 1 to 96 2-192 2 - preform sizes up to 5 gl / 20 l 11 g to 735 g 723g n/a up moulds already built for (makes) all major brands of pet-systems husky , netstal, engle, mitsubishi, sumitoma, cincinnati milacron. husky , arburg, bmb, cincinnati, kata, km, krupp, netstal, sumitomo, lung meng, negri bossi, engel hu cin vertical opening not offered please contact aoki for details. yes number of cavities 2 to 96 2 to preform sizes up to 5 l up pitch any pitch: 120 x 50, 152 x 60, 152 x 65, 172 x 75, 200 x 75, 210 x 90, 230 x 100. 50 x 130mm to 95 x 190mm no moulds already built for (makes) all major brands of pet-systems yes kra do you produce single stage tooling sets ?(preform moulds and blow moulds) yes yes for husky index (isb) and hot-runners for non-husky machines yes other quick change preform molds; co-injection no other design and manufacture of moulds for wide mouth , multilayer and home offi ce delivery (hod) hotfi ll, aseptic, barrier , ecobase no eo

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market survey 19 comep pet engineering srl demo design and moulds pmci, pet molds & components nissei asb machine co., ltd. tisse en, rue du buisson moreau 16100 chateaubernard france 0033 5 45 36 63 50 www.sa-comep.fr frederic mandin sales director 0033 5 45 32 08 08 accueil@sa-comep.fr via celtica 26, 31020 san vendemiano (tv) 0039 0438 403069 www.petengineering.com moreno barel president & gereral manager 0039 0438 403069 0039 0438 408420 info@petengineering.com via olivera, 48 - 31020 san vendemiano (tv) italy 39 0438 409048 www.designandmoulds.com mr . alberto castellan sales director 39 0438 409048 39 0438 409046 a.castellan@designandmoulds.com via caduti del lavoro 3 - 31029 vittorio veneto 390438911511 www.pmci-solutions.com stefano baldassar sales director 390438911511 390438911694 stefano.baldassar@zoppas.com 4586-3 koo, komoro-shi, nagano-ken, 384-8585 japan 81 (0)267-23-1560 http://www.nisseiasb.co.jp katsuo ishiguro sales and markting 81-267-23-1565 81-267-23-1564 ishiguro@nisseiasb.co.jp turker cad. no:16/b 00 90 210 527 25 08 www.tisse.net denizhan obuz general manager 00 90 542 233 75 78 00 90 210 527 25 09 denizhan@tisse.net yes 30 5 10 30 20,00 100 cc up to 5 gallon sidel, krones, sipa, sig, ads, tecsor , smi... yes yes no own machines only yes yes yes yes own machines only yes um soft, juice, water still and sparkling, alcohol, oil, homecare etc.… san pellegrino, pepsi co., efes, inbev , spu-mador , baltika, fonti di vinadio, rocchetta, acqua e terme di uliveto, norda, ferrero, … yes sidel, krones, khs/sig/krupp, smi, siapi,techlong, ads, multipet, dynaplast, kosme… nissei asb (own machines) yes yes yes yes: brandbuilding, product reposi-tioning, marketing design, packaging engineering, etc… yes yes c- designs, blowmoulds, spare and personalization parts, services for all pet bottle projects. extreme design for pet and glass, light weight bottle design, pilot mould production, bottle sample supply , laboratory tests on containers, supply of plexiglas container mock-up, installation and machine start-up. wide mouth, asymmetrical, nitrogen hot fi ll, containers with handles, hdpe to pet conversions double blow hot fi ll, non-pet , wide mouth, custom moulding no yes yes no up to 144 8 cavity - 48 cavity up to 30l 10g - 400g gel, ore husky , netstal, krauss-maffei, hengel, krupp. cincinnati milacron, arburg, bmb, bm biraghi water and jars containers yes up to 96 1 to 48 up to 10l 5ml to 20000ml standard and custom variable no sipa, krauss-maffei nissei asb (own machines) yes yes, for sipa machines yes production of pet blow molding machines t n-air recovery systems, rotary blow-moulder and fi lling lines spare parts . solent mould tools ltd mht mold & hotrunner technology ag rd / leverage khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg moldintec srl an 1 relay road, waterlooville, hampshire, po7 7xa u.k. 44 23 9223 9950 www.solentmouldtools.co.uk mr chris smith sales & service manager 44 23 9223 9950 44 23 9223 9951 chris.smith@solentmouldtools.co.uk dr . ruben-rausing-str . 7, d-65239 hoch-heim/main, germany 49 6146-906-0 www.mht-ag.de werner plass ceo 49 6146-906-112 49 6146-906-397 wplass@mht-ag.de leverage house, hamilton road, sutton in ash-fi eld, nottinghamshire, united kingdom ng17 5ld 44 1623 556287 www.rdleverage.com damon sykes sales manager 44 1623 552 240 dsykes@rdleverage.com meiendorfer strasse 203, 22145 hamburg 49 40 679 070 www.khs.com volkhard adam head of modernization 49 40 679 07 361 49 40 679 07 9361 volkhard.adam@khs.com gral j. j. urquiza 3954 - florida - buenos aires - argentina 54 11 47614441 www.moldintec.com.ar ind. des. jorge pucci commercial director 54 911 4146 9894 54 11 47614441 jorgepucci@moldintec.com.ar yes yes 5l 20l up to 8l 20 krones yes 7000 yes yes yes yes yes sidel, khs, krones, siapi, sipa, kosme, mag & nissei sidel, sig, krones, sipa, ads, side mainly for khs corpoplast innopet blomax sbm yes yes leverage is our industrial design studio yes yes ebm for petg and sbm machine change parts high volume with quick delivery , manufactured in europe or usa bottles & shapes program, complete services from bottle design to perfomance in fi lling lines csdstill bevoils no yes yes yes no 2 - 144 2-192 cavities 48 up to 850g up to 600g, for bottles up to 30l 11g to 400g husky , netstal, krauss-maffei, engel, cincinnati- milacron & krupp netstal, husky , engel, arburg, cincinnati, sig, bmb husky , netstal, sig, kraussmaffei, bm biraghi, bmb yes yes no 2 to 96 2-96 cavities up to 850g up to 600 grams, for bottles up to 30 litres different pitches from 50x120 up to 125x185 kraussmaffei, engel, cincinnati- milacron kraussmaffei no yes no yes, all machine makes and platforms. single stage is r&d's core business, preform size 4 gram through to 460g, 20 ml through to 20l containers. stretch blow moulds with high performance petaloids (hpp) technology , that can produce pet csd bottles with 25bars or less depending on fi nal shape. moulds are used at 23 bars to produce a 1.5l contour bottle. eoat multi-stage wide mouth, high performance molds, up to 8 gallon, trigger moulds, moulds for vacuum blood test tubes

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preform production 21 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net 3. check that the cooling time is suffi cient for the preform being moulded. this typically ranges from about 1 to 3sec depending upon the preform gate thickness. add time if necessary to improve gate / dome solidifi cation. 4. check the valve gate close delay timer and decrease as necessary to maximize nub cooling. typical settings are 0 – 0.3sec. 5. check nozzle tip heat settings. this area has a major impact on gate peeling. settings too low may cause the melt in the nozzle tip area to solidify, causing a higher resistance to nub separation during initial mould opening. the settings should be raised enough to allow the nub to separate easier , yet not too high to cause overheating related problems. 6. check to ensure that the valve gate compressed air pres-sure is suffi cient to close the valve stems properly. typical pressures are in the range of 8 – 10bar (120 –145psi). 7. check hardware for worn, damaged or failed compo-nents, specifi cally the mould gate inserts, worn valve stems, nozzle tips, tip insulators, and clogged gate insert cooling channels. 12. gate peeling table of contents i................................................... about the authors ii........................................................... introduction chapter 1........................................................ aa level high 2................................................... accordion preform 3..................................................air hooks / streaks 4.......................................................... black specks 5................................................................. bubbles 6............................................................ burn marks 7........................................colour streaking / peeling 8............................................................ crystallinity 9........................................................... drool marks 10.....................................................................flash 11....................................................gate depressions 12.......................................................... gate peeling 13............................................ gate voids / pin holes 14....................................................internal gate sink 15.......................................................... internal sinks 16...................................................................iv loss 17...................................................... long gate nub 18......................................................... milky preform 19.......................................................moisture marks 20.......................................... neck finish out of round 21..................................................parting line crease 22........................................... parting line deformation 23.................................................... preform yellowing 24.............................................................short shots prices in eur vat. 1- 3 exemplar each 129,- 4 - 10 exemplar each 99,- 10 exemplar each 69,- prices in eur vat. 1- 3 exemplar each 129,- 4 - 10 exemplar each 99,- 10 exemplar each 69,- symptom: a torn section on the exter-nal surface of the preform, starting from the gate nub extending outward toward the dome area. typically curly or spiral in shape. cause: the preform gate nub has not separated properly from the mould gate during the initial mould opening sequence (core side sepa-rating from cavity side). solutions: 1. check water cooling temperature. this should be 7 – 10ºc (45 - 50ºf) for optimum cooling. 2. check water cooling fl ow to mould. this should be at the mould manufacturers rating (for a given preform size and cavitation). 25.....................................................................sinks 26....................................................................splay 27......................................................stretched necks 28................................................................stringing 29....................................................surface blemishes 30....................................................thread flow lines 31................................... tss (top sealing surface) sink 32................................................................. unmelts 33........................................... wall thickness variation 34............................................................wavy body 35.............................................................weld lines fax: 49 (0) 6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net www.petpla.net order your copy now!

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bottling / filling 22 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net new 3-litre bottle with recessed grip henkel plant in vienna launches new pet bottle line henkel’s vienna plant has recently brought a new khs cor-poplast innopet blomax 8 cl ph line into production, which is designed to meet the company’s specifi c requirements for various pet bottles between 1l and 3l capacity and with a new design of user-friendly recessed grip. the new line has resulted in lower manufacturing costs, more fl exible produc-tion planning and a further reduction in the production area footprint. detergents and cleaning agents for austria and eastern europe the henkel plant in vienna manu-factures detergents and cleaners, which are distributed in austria and 18 countries in eastern europe, includ-ing poland, hungary, and the czech republic. about 20% of production is for the austrian market. henkel says it is the leading manufacturer in austria for detergents and cleaning agents, with persil, dixan, and weißer riese among the top fi ve detergent brands. it also makes pril liquid dishwasher detergent; somat dishwasher deter-gent; silan fabric softener; fewa spe-cial detergent; and other products for eastern european markets. the vienna plant produces 140,000t of liquids and about 80,000t in powder form each year and is the largest henkel laundry detergent and cleanser plant in the world. produc-tion is planned to increase to 230,000t during 2010, led by liquid and gel laundry detergents and cleansers. productivity gains have to come from effi cient and space-saving plant tech-nology. ‘next-generation’ stretch blow moulding the vienna plant already has four khs corpoplast stretch blow mould-ers and a fi fth is on order. an innopet bottling / filling henkel and khs corpoplast have been working together for decades. those involved in the part-nership include wolfgang hlavacek, engineering manager at hcee (henkel central eastern europe, left), martin bachmayer, production manager at the henkel plant in vienna (right), and björn von leng-erke, general sales manager for khs corpoplast. henkel is an international com-pany employing about 50,000 employees and with a distribution area covering 125 countries. it is active in three business sectors: detergents and cleaning agents; cosmetics and body care products; and adhesive technology. its plant in vienna, austria, began producing stretch blow moulded pet bottles for liquid products in the mid 1990s. until then, it had manufactured polyethyl-ene, polypropylene, and pvc bottles by extrusion blow moulding. the factory is limited by its surroundings to just 31,500m (340,000 sq ft); the change to the simpler stretch blow moulding process enabled the site to produce its own pet bottles in less space and to eliminate dependence on converters. process costs were also reduced and the factory became able to manufacture pet products with more aesthetic appeal.

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bottling / filling 23 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net blomax 8 cl ph ‘next-generation’ line, tailored for henkel’s special requirements, has been in operation since 2009. it has eight blow stations, takes up just 20m of fl oorspace and has an output of 11,200 1l, 10,400 2l, and 8,000 3l bottles an hour. it is capable of making pet bottles of up to four litres, if required. henkel is now able to produce large-size pet bottles inline and to introduce recessed grips to large-size pet bottles. without the new innopet line, the company would probably have needed four linear machines using pet granulate in a single-step procedure. the innopet blomax 8 cl ph incorporates well-established khs corpoplast blow-moulding components, which means that many of the features are already familiar to operators and they can get up to speed quickly. preferential heating process when henkel and khs corpoplast began working together in the mid-1990s, the demand for stretch blow moulded pet bottles was, primarily, in the beverage industry – which used round bottles. however, henkel has traditionally marketed its products in oval containers. khs corpoplast’s fi rst challenge was to design a stretch blow moulding process that could be applied to oval bottles in such a way that the controlled, optimum, and even distribution of material was guaranteed. it also had to use as little material as possible and produce bottles with perfect appearance. this led to the application of the preferen-tial heating process, which was fully approved for use in the henkel plant after extensive testing in the lab and in production. stretch blow moulding with preferential heating process preferential heating selectively preheats specifi c segments of the pre-form walls to different temperatures in the blow moulder before the process begins, which ensures homogenous distribution of materials across the entire circumference of the oval bot-tles. preforms are held in place during heating by a mandrel and heated from two sides. selective preform heating can also be used in the production of trigger or sprayer bottles, where conveyor mandrels achieve precise alignment by using studs integrated into the preforms. khs corpoplast also provided expertise on adapting heating parameters to cope with, for example, vari-colouring. the fully-developed preferential heating proc-ess was defi ned as a standard for all khs corpoplast stretch blow mould-ers in operation at henkel, which now produces about 400 million stretch blow moulded pet bottles a year. particularly in countries which prefer large containers, the 3l pet bottle has helped boost sales of fabric softener enormously. bottles & shapes program in action since 2000 khs corpoplast has partnered with henkel in the design of over 30 new variations on the pet bottle, from concept to industrial manufacture. its bottles & shapes program was used in the redesign of large pet bottles with recessed grips, which are manufactured on the innopet blomax 8 cl ph. a prime objective was to make pet bottles as easy to handle as extrusion blow moulded plastic bottles with reach-through handles and, at the same time, to reduce the container’s weight. khs corpoplast and henkel cee collaborated in developing the shape of the container, using computer simulation. the selected variants were then manufactured on a lab machine that works just like production stretch blow moulders. thorough testing and analysis ensured that the designs met all henkel’s technical, functional and marketing specifi cations. henkel in vienna also produces ttrigger or sprayer bottles on innopet blomax stretch blow moulders. the innopet blomax 8 cl ph is now making pet bottles with recessed grips in 1, 2 and 3l sizes for the perwoll, silan, and fewa brands of laundry detergent. in countries such as the czech repub-lic, where consumers prefer family packs, henkel’s new 3l pet bottle has helped the big bottle to achieve eight percent of the fabric softener market. the innopet line has an inte-grated ring vessel that receives compressed air that is not required to blow mould the pet bottles and feeds it straight back into the system. henkel says that the new airback ii air return system achieves 30% compressed air feedback; the savings have led to the ring vessel being earmarked as standard for future khs corpoplast stretch blow moulders. the factory in vienna plans to produce 230,000t of goods in 2010, 150,000 of which are to be liquid products. henkel cee believes that its high levels of investment, which facilitated innovations in both con-cept and packaging developed in partnership with khs corpoplast, will make a significant contribution to the planned increase in production flexibility brought about by the inline manufacture of pet bottles.

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capping / closures 24 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net thread highlights the drive to lightweighting has led mht mold & hotrunner technology ag to seek savings from lighter caps and threads without incurring high capital investment costs.* petcap for the new thread), took the approach of considering everything from the perspective of the bottling companies. cost savings in addition to the modifi cation costs for the mould, plant conver-sion costs of up to 250,000 could be incurred in each bottling plant, as all guides on the transport routes, the preform fi xings on the mandrels inside the blowing unit, the closures and besides require adjustment. the 250,000 fi gure is before additional manufacturing process costs involved in adjustments. for example, the strengths applied on closing the bottle will have to be changed so as to prevent damage to the shorter and, therefore, weaker thread. an average bottler with approximately 100,000 fi llings per year will fi nd that amortisation of the investment involved in the adoption of the low thread will take three to fi ve years, which renders pco 1881 attractive solely to large bottlers with billions of fi llings. the environmental compatibility of products and packaging is a hot topic in the beverage market. it is a matter of concern for consumers, a stipulation by manufacturers and the subject of legislation by government organisations as well. the easiest way to protect the environment is not to overload it in the fi rst place. a reduction in the use of raw materials reduces strain in the supply chain, cuts energy usage in produc-tion and reduces waste in the post-consumer end. thus, the use of light threads for pet bottles has advantages in both ecological and economic terms. the solution offered by pet suppli-ers has been the pco 1881 standard, which is designed to have a smaller and lighter thread and cap. while the pco 1881 standard is gaining ground in the market, pco 1810 still retains a signifi cant share. the reason for this, according to mht mold & hotrunner technology ag (mht), is that con-version to the lower thread height of the 1881 (17mm, rather than 1810’s 21mm) involves signifi cant conver-sion costs for the bottling plants. mht has launched an alternative which, it claims, ‘squares the circle’. its mht-21light thread family is 21 mm high but, weighing at 3.9g, it is almost as light as pco 1881. in developing mht21light mht and its partner, german closure designer cct creative closure tech-nology (cct is using the name com-cost comparison: pco 1810, pco 1881, mht21light weight comparison 1810 1881 isbt mht21light mouth weight 5.05g 3.80g 3.90g closure weight 2.70g 2.20g 2.70g mouth and closure weight 7.75g 6.00g 6.60g savings to 1810 on 100 million preforms 175 t 115 t material cost savings (basis 1,100 /t) savings on 100 million preforms 192,500 126,500 conversion investment costs preform mould 75,000 39,000 closure mould 150,000 0 bottling unit 250,000 0 total investment for 100 mio preforms 475,000 39,000 profi t / loss on 100 mio peforms investments 475,000 39,000 savings 192,500 126,500 result 282,500 87,500 graph: mht

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capping / closures 25 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net there are technical issues as well. low threads have a less effective opening performance as the customary opening strength of 15-17in-lbs (approx. 1.9nm) has to be apportioned over a smaller attachment area and could prove to be problematic for children and the elderly. 1,5l preform with mht21light mouth reduced weight, 1810 systems compatibility mht and cct concluded that the market actually required a light thread with a standard height of 21 mm. in achieving its mht21light, it fi rst made the ring for the original closure thin-ner and reduced the diameter of the support ledge from 33 to 31mm – a diameter that has been in use on non-carbonated water bottles for many years and is accepted by consum-ers. the thread was then constructed to be somewhat thinner. the pco 1810 thread pitch was retained, which meant that the new thread family is 100% compatible with the most com-monly used screw caps. conversion of a pco 1810 production line to the new thread requires just one batch of new neck rings to be inserted into the existing preform mould. the investment cost for approximately 100 million 1.5l bottle preforms is about 39,000. the conversion achieves material savings of 126,500 /a (at 1,100/t of pet), as the weight of the pre-form is reduced by 1.15 g. mht says that mht21light can show profitabil-ity after just a few months. the standard mht21light mouth has already proved its practi-cal suitability. about 5,000 pieces were blown and filled for test pur-poses at a middle-sized bottling plant. in addition, these were fitted with the royalty-free mhtsavebase, which achieves a further small weight saving because its stretch-blow ratio allows the bottle base to be more thinly blown. no changes were made to the bottling plant and the mht21light bottles were simply distributed between the conven-tional 1810. the plant processed both threads simultaneously, without problem. family of threads starting with the standard thread, mht21light has been developed into a complete mouth ‘family’. the weight for the ‘light’ version for non-carbonated drinks has been even further reduced (3.4g). the version for ‘compression-moulded closures’ has, as with the pco 1881, a slight thickening (0.1g) in the pilfer-proof ring area to facilitate removal of the guarantee strip. the range includes ‘hot country’ and ‘hot fill’ versions; both are resistant to the high temper-atures that develop during transpor-tation in hot countries and during hot bottling. it has been quite unusual to see the 28 thread in non-carbonated water bottling, particularly in the middle east and southern europe. higher fi lling speeds have led to a preference for larger diameters, so fi lling lines are primarily designed on 30/25 threads. as water bottles do not require a co 2 barrier in the form of stable closures, threads are generally lower. the drive to light-weighting has seen three differ-ent heights establish themselves: ‘high’ (18.5mm and 3.92g), ‘low’ (16.9mm/3.75g) and ‘supershort’ (12.6mm/2.43g). 29-25 thread with bottle mht now offers a thread based on the supershort, measuring 29/25 (height 12.6mm; weight 2.4g). while the weight reduction of 0.03g com-pared to the 30/25 supershort seems marginal at fi rst glance, 100 million preforms generate material savings of 3tof pet, even at this small amount. there is a tendency towards even smaller threads in america, where mht supplies preform moulds with 27 or 26mm thread. the light thread market is on the move and since there is an increasing request from the beverage manufacturers for ‘green’ packaging, there is sure to be further development from mht in this direc-tion as well. *based on an article by sabine kob, mht mht21light has been developed into a mouth family for different applications

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petbottles 26 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net personal care kill the virus! rubbing alcohol has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including rhinovirus (common cold), infl uenza, e. coli and hepatitis. green cross vietnam is promoting its popular rubbing alcohol (70% ethyl alcohol) in newly designed 100ml and 250ml bottles with hinged lid. sundance in pet “dm” the discount drug-store in karlsruhe, germany, is selling the “sundance” brand sun protection spray in a uniquely shaped pet bottle. the 200ml orange and white bottles are based on the shape of a branded product and carry front and back labels shaped to match the con-tainer. the sensitive pump spray is protected by an overcap. www.dm-drogeriemarkt.de new penaten johnson johnson of neuss near düsseldorf, germany, have incorporated attractively designed pet bottles as part of their re-packaging programme for the penaten children’s care range. when reworking the design the brand logo has been made bigger and located more in the centre of the bottle. by using coloured printing on the inside of the rear label, and a “no-label look” front label attractive colour and lighting effects are produced at the point of sale. www.penaten.de leopard cream soap as part of their “africa edition” the discount drug-store schlecker are selling 500ml packs of “rilanja“ liquid cream soap in a black pet bottle with a self-adhesive label printed in a leopard-skin design. the black label on the rear carries commercial and product information. the white screw-on dispenser pump can be locked in position to avoid accidental dispensing. the product is manufactured by win cosmetic of stol-berg, germany. www.schlecker.com hair protection spray in pet the discount drugstore “dm” of karlsruhe sells the 200ml pack of “balea” brand hair protection spray in a tall, slim, yellow-coloured pet bottle fi tted with a trigger spray. the product, called “trend it up – heat free!“, is aimed in particu-lar at young consumers and has been designed with that in mind. a wrap-around, “no label look” label explains how the product is used and carries the usual commercial data. the red, screw-on trigger sprayer has a rotating lock device to avoid unintentional spraying. www.dm-drogeriemarkt.de double effect in pet the cosmetics manufacturer garnier has a 150ml pack of hair care oil in the fructis range that is packaged in a clear pet bottle fi tted with a pump spray. the double effect is produced by two visibly different product phases in the bottle, which are mixed when sprayed through the pump nozzle. a “no label look” label on the front of the bottle ensures that the two phases are clearly visible and lends the pack an extra touch of quality thanks to its partial metallisation. the pump spray is protected from accidental use by an overcap. www.garnier.de

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bottles 27 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net printed on the inside frankfurt-based cosmetics manu-facturer cosnova is selling the 125ml pack of “essence” brand express eye make-up remover in an attractively designed crystal-clear pet bottle. the internal printing of the rear label and the “no label look” label on the front create an unusual brand image on the retail shelves, and even mag-nifi es the internal printing on the rear label. www.essence.eu successful in pet a high-gloss pet bottle in the typical guhl shape, with plastic labels designed to conform to the shape and colour of the pack, and with a gleaming silver injection moulded hinged cap, clearly reinforce the success of the guhl hair care brand. an ongoing programme of extending the range of products from guhl ikebana, located of griesheim, is witness to the success of the range. www.guhl.de blue pet for sil the 1.3l pack of the sil brand “1 for all” stain remover is offered by henkel gmbh of düsseldorf, germany, in a swirling blue-coloured pet bottle with high quality printed labels front and back, shaped to echo the profi le of the bottle. to facilitate dispensing into the washing machine the bottle has an easy-to-grip, cut out handle at the back and the cap serves as a measuring cup, as is the tradition with this type of product. overall the pack has a high quality image and is an eye-catcher on the store shelf. www.sil.de www.henkel-lifetimes.de

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petproducts 28 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net pet chiller: self adjustable and auto-adaptive to processing conditions piovan has launched a new product to improve the energy effi ciency of chilled water sys-tems. pet chiller has been developed specifi cally for pet production lines and can be used in all processes requiring high refrigeration capacity, water fl ow and pressure. the company claims that its product is more effi cient than conventional chillers as it is equipped with inverter-controlled compressors, meaning it can self-adjust its refrigeration capacity as necessary. it also uses brazed plate evapora-tors and compressors, which exchange the cooling power to the refrigerant and water more effi ciently. chillers are utilised at partial loads as are systematically sized with some spare capacity. with conventional chillers one can say that the lower the cooling load is in respect to the maximum refrigeration capacity the higher is the energy utilized to produce refrigeration kw. pet chiller instead modulates its refrigeration capacity. piovan says that the unit that can perform cop in excess of 8 (0.45kw) of energy per 1t of refrigeration power). the company has been replacing old chilled water refrigeration systems with pet chiller since late 2009. the pet chiller is one of a number of new products it will be introducing to the american market this year. www.piovan.com light weighting across the closure range ktw group has launched a range of standard clo-sures for beverages that bring light weighting advantages to all bottles, from 26 to 38mm. the company’s ktw 13 lt 26.7mm alaska closure uses a shorter neck – 8.8mm com-pared with 14.5 mm – that saves pet and is 0.9g lighter. it offers opportunities for material savings for companies that have not yet invested in pc1881 systems. ktw has developed a new 29/25 line for the coming season, which has a shorter height and is also lighter. it also announced that its ktw 9 lt 30/25 series will change to 29/25 and that it is currently selling the system for testing. ktw also makes high-performance 1881 closures for csd; users include coca-cola. it is also launching a new one-piece closure system that includes an internal seal. www.ktw-group.com vinetta for mid-tier bottlers krones ag devel-opped a compact labeller. the krones vinetta is available in sizes rated at 4,000 and 8,000 contain-ers per hour and has been designed spe-cifi cally for mid-tier bottlers. the stand-ard version of the machine, glass and plastic bottles, jars, and shaped contain-ers can be dressed in body and shoulder labels. an additional cold-glue sta-tion enables back, neck-ring or swing-stopper labels to be applied as well. the machine can also be fi tted with a pressure-sensitive labelling station and has the option for the application of wine seals, diagonal stripes or medal-lions. the machine’s label magazine holds 5000 labels and has short make-ready times when changing over to different labels. it also has replaceable wear strips for the bottle handling parts. the company says that it will once again be offering bottlers of relatively small quantities at wineries, breweries and other sub-sectors of the bever-age industry labelling technology that is second to none. www.krones.com nventional erter-controlled

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petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyers guide 29 buyer’sguide 1.0 materials 1.1 materials for bottle and cap production 1.1.9 additives and colorants americhem europe ltd cawdor street, eccles manchester, m30 0qf, uk tel: 44 (0)161 789 7832 mlydiate@americhem.com americhem inc 2000 americhem way cuyahoga falls, oh 44221 tel: 1(800) 228 3476 dcroley@americhem.com clariant masterbatches (italia) s.p.a. via lainate, 26 20010 pogliano milanese (mi) italy tel 39.02.9918.7558 fax 39.02.9918.7552 italy.mb.marketing@clariant.com http://mb.clariant.it gabriel-chemie gesellschaft m.b.h. (zentrale) industriestrasse 1 a-2352 gumpoldskirchen tel.: 43 (0)2252 / 63 630-0 fax: 43 (0)2252 / 62 725-0 e-mail: info@gabriel-chemie.com www.gabriel-chemie.com holland colours nv p .o. box 720 7300 as apeldoorn, netherlands 0031-55 3680700 0031-55 3662981 info@hollandcolours.com www.hollandcolours.com advanced colorants and additives colormatrix europe ltd. knowsley business park, knowsley, merseyside. l34 9gt. uk tel: 0044-151 632-8800 info@colormatrix.co.uk www.colormatrix.com liquid colours and additives repi s.p.a. via b. franklin 2 21050 lonate ceppino va italy tel. 39 0331 819511 fax 39 0331 819581 repi@repi.it www.repi.it 1.2 packaging components and accessories 1.2.1 preforms gastro pet d.o.o. kotna ulica 5 si-3000 celje tel: 386 (0)3 425 80 30 fax: 386 (0)3 425 80 31 info@gastropet.si www.gastropet.si pet preforms and closures intergulf ltd. (empol) khalid seaport p .o.box 6131, sharjah, u.a.e. tel. 009716 502 9244 / 9246 fax. 009716 528 5720 empol@iffco.com www.empol.com pdg plastiques f-45330 malesherbes - france tel. 00 33 2 38 34 61 95 info@pdg-plastiques.com www.pdg-plastiques.com pet preform plastic cap and closure rue de la plaine 47230 lavardac - france tel.: 33 (0)5 53 97 41 00 fax: 33 (0)5 53 65 85 97 www.sbecm.com preform manufacturer 3 rue de l’île macé 44 412 reze france tel: 33 (0)2 40 05 09 37 fax: 33 (0)2 51 70 00 55 sgt.mail@sgt-france.com www.sgt-pet.com 1.2.2 bottles kkt kaller kunststoff technik gmbh siemensring 32-34 53925 kall, germany tel. 49-2441-887-0 fax 49-2441-887-99 info@kkt-kall.de / www.kkt-kall.de 1.2.3 labels ccl label gmbh werner-heisenberg-str. 6 9100 völkermarkt · austria tel.: 43 4232 4983 0 offi ce.vol@ccllabel.at www.ccl-label.com/voelkermarkt 1.2.4 caps and closures bericap gmbh & co. kg kirchstr. 5 d - 55257 budenheim germany tel. 49 (6139) 2902 0 fax 49 (6139) 2902 181 info.germany@bericap.com www.bericap.com idsteiner strasse 74 d-65527 niedernhausen, germany tel. 49 6127 8954 8850 fax 49 6127 78189 cct-niedernhausen@t-online.de www.cct-gmbh.com www.corvaglia.ch gulf packaging system co post box no. 20266 jeddah - 21455 saudi arabia tel 966 (02) 636-0099 fax 966 (02) 635-2111 sales@gulf-pack.com 3p@prime-plastic.com www.gulf-pack.com has plastik san.tic.a.s. esenyurt fabr.yolu no:74 34320 avcilar istanbul turkey tel 90 212 695 50 00 fax 90 212 694 97 24 info@hasplastik.com www.hasplastik.com

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30 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 georg menshen gmbh & co. kg industriestraße 26 d-57413 finnentrop tel.: 49-2721-518 0 fax: 49-2721-518 198 contact@menshen.com www.menshen.com creative dispensing solutions seaquist closures löffl er gmbh d94078 freyung tel : 49 8551 9750 fax : 49 8551 975 180 info@seaquistclosures.eu www.seaquistclosures.eu 2.0 machines and equipment bulk conveying and storage specialists for preform, closures and bottles. bottle and closure silos totes bulk conveyors pneumatic conveyors complete turn key automation www.teceng.net teceng@teceng.net tel.: 52 449 971 06 53 2.1 preform production (machines and equipment) preform and cap production hong kong tel: 852-2665 3888 fax: 852-2664 8202 marketing@chenhsong.com.hk www.chenhsong.com.hk 2.1.1 injection moulding machines netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com 2.2 bottle production (machines and equipment) nissei asb machine co., ltd. 4586-3 koo, komoro-shi, nagano-ken 384-8585, japan tel. 0081-267-23-1565 fax 0081-267-23-1564 sales@nisseiasb.co.jp www.nisseiasb.co.jp b&g xt model pet blow machines. b&g spare parts for reheat blowers sidel ; cincinnati rhb’s; krones ; corpoplast (krupp); mag-plastics ; sipa ; nissei ; and other brands. sales@bgproducts.com www.bgproducts.com khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com norgren ag ventilfabrik postfach 8362 balterswil, switzerland tel 41 71 973 83 00 fax 41 71 973 83 01 sbmproducts@norgren.com www.norgren.com/sbm eugen seitz ag spitalstrasse 204 8623 wetzikon, switzerland phone: 41 44 931 80 80 fax: 41 44 931 80 90 mmeier@seitz.ch www.seitz.ch p .e.t. parts specialist krones , sidel , khs , sipa , others wide diversify inventory available to help you saving money and time www.umallette.com sales@umallette.com 2.2.1 single stage stretch blow moulding equipment 2.2.2 two stage stretch blow moulding equipment amsler equipment inc. swiss engineered - canadian built 1245 reid st, toronto, canada l4b1g4 phone 905 707 6704 sales@amslerequipment.net www.amslerequipment.net no.20, lane 74, fuda n. rd., dali city, taichung county 412, taiwan tel. 886-4-2486-5900 fax. 886-4-2486-1013 servers@chumpower.com www.chumpower.com mag-plastic machinery s.a. rue alfred-pot 1 p .o. box 140 ch - 1896 - vouvry (vs) switzerland tel. 0041-24-4820-820 fax 0041-24-4820-819 sales@magplastic.com www.magplastic.com stretch blow molding machines, preform molds & cap molds tel.: 86-576-84066853 fax: 86-576-84020107 info@megamachinery.cn www.megamachinery.com www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com pet technologies europe pet technologies europe gmbh austria tel.: 43-720-555300 www.pet-eu.com siapi s.r .l. via ferrovia nord, 45 31020 san vendemiano (tv), italy tel: 39 0438 4096 fax: 39 0438 401016 info@siapi.it www.siapi.it urola s.c. 20230 legaz pi, spain tel. 34 943 737003 fax 34 943 730926 legazpi@urola.com www.urola.com 2.2.3 coating systems khs plasmax khs plasmax gmbh meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-364 f 49 40 67907-353 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com

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petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyers guide 31 2.2.4 compressors arizaga bastarrica y cia, s.a. www.abc-compressors.com www.atlascopco.com oil free compressors for pet bottle blowing gardner denver ltd. claybrook drive, redditch, worcestershire, b98 0ds, england tel: 44 (0) 1527 838600 fax: 44 (0) 1527 838630 sales.glo@gardnerdenver.com www.gardnerdenverproducts.com lmf gmbh & co. kg suedbahnstraße 28, a-2544 leobersdorf, austria tel: 43 2256 9001-0 fax: 43 2256 9002 e-mail: sales@lmf.at www.lmf.at siad macchine impianti s.p.a. via canovine, 2/4 24126 bergamo, italy tel. 39 035 327611 fax 39 035 316131 info@siadmi.com www.siadmi.com 2.2.5 heating boxes for blow molding machines olicorp montbrillant 26 1201 geneva switzerland ph 41 22 309 1540 fax: 41 44 355 3820 www.olicorp.ch 2.2.8 unscramblers unscramblers, silos and air con-veyors for empty plastic bottles p .o. box 306 08210 barberà del vallès barcelona (spain) tel. 34 93 729 7616 fax 34 93 718 8856 sales@posimat.com www.posimat.com 2.3 cap production (machines and equipment) bmb spa via enrico roselli 12 25125 brescia (bs) - italy tel.: 0039 030 2689 811 fax: 0039 030 2689 880 info@bmb-spa.com www.bmb-spa.com netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com www.packsysglobal.com sacmi imola via selice prov. le 17/a 40026 imola bo, italy tel. 0039-0542-607-111 fax 0039-0542-642-354 valentina_gollini@sacmi.it www.sacmi.com 2.3.1 injection moulding machines for caps empty bottle inspection system p&s technology co. ltd #326-1, taejeon-dong gwangju-si, gyeonggi-do 464-805, korea tel.: 0082-31-763-5621 fax: 0082-31-763-5623 pnstech@pnstech.co.kr www.pnstech.co.kr 2.3.4 printing equipment tampoprint ag lingwiesenstrasse 1 70825 münchingen, germany tel.: 49 7150 928-0 fax: 49 7150 928-400 info@tampoprint.de www.tampoprint.de fully automatic rotary pad printing machine to print up to 3 colors on closures at speeds of 1000 caps per min. winner screen machines pvt. ltd. w-372, ttc indl. area, rabale midc, navi mumbai, india – 400 701 tel: 91 – 9820 888 542 fax: 91 – 22 – 2769 9758 sutsh@vsnl.com www.winnerscreen.com 2.4 crate production (machines and equipment) werner koch maschinentechnik gmbh industriestraße 3 75228 ispringen / pforzheim tel.: 49 72 31/80 09 0 fax: 49 72 31/80 09 60 e-mail: info@koch-technik.de www.koch-technik.com 2.5 ancillary equipment for the production of pre-forms, caps and crates material drying and mould dehumidifi cation eisbär trockentechnik gmbh. a-6840 götzis tel.nr. 0043 5523 55558 0 cool@eisbaer.at www.eisbaer.at green box s.r.l. cooling systems - cap coolers - mould dehumidifi ers tel. 39 049 9703319 fax. 39 049 9701968 info@greenbox.it www.greenbox.it motan-colortronic gmbh otto-hahn-straße 14 61381 friedrichsdorf tel.: 49 6175 792 167 , fax 49 6175 792 284 www.motan-colortronic.com tel. 39 041 57 99 111 sales@piovan.com www.piovan.com

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32 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 tooling preform systems bv moulds & robotics pet-related services & technologies c. houtmanstraat 42 emmen, the netherlands tel 31 (0) 591 679768 fax 31 (0) 591 630616 sales@tps.nl · www.tps.nl 3.1 preform moulds www.wtbvc.com preform moulds, components, refurbishments and conversions. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. united states - 937-898-8460 sales@electraform.com poland - 48-17-860-1020 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar guang dong xing lian precise machinery co., ltd. pet preform and blow molds for different applications on all types of machines, all sizes. bao shi rd, xia bei, ping zhou, nan hai district fo shan city, guang dong province, china tel: (86-757) 8677 7168 fax:(86-757) 8623 3168 e-mail: xinglian@gdxl.com website: www.gdxl.com otto hofstetter ag zürcherstrasse 73 8730 uznach, switzerland tel. 41 55 285 22 11 fax 41 55 285 22 44 hofstetter@otto-hofstetter.ch www.otto-hofstetter.com 2.5.3 dryers 200 west kensinger drive cranberry township, pa 16066, usa tel.: 1-724-584-5500 info@conairgroup.com www.conairgroup.com 3.0 suppliers for stretch blow moulds and preform moulds molds, change parts, sbm and injection molding machinery for the pet/bioplastics industries 284 pinebush road cambridge ontario canada n1t 1z6 tel: 001-519-624-9720 fax: 001-519-624-9721 info@hallink.com www.hallink.com production of blow moulds and pet mould parts tel.: 359 32 606 821 fax: 359 32 606 888 offi ce@itd.bg www.itd.bg khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com specialist for pet preform injection mold, injection stretch blow mold & pet blow mold www.moltechkorea.com tel : 82-11-224-1571 / 82-32-684-0153 fax: 82-32-684-0139 sales@bgproducts.com for north american market sales@easykorea.co.kr for international market www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com www.pmci-solutions.com r&d -integrated solutions in plastics leverage - integrated industrial design hamilton road sutton-in-ashfi eld nottinghamshire, ng17 5ld england tel: 44 1623 556287 fax: 44 1623 552240 www.rdleverage.com 1009 se browning avenue lee’s summit, missouri mo. 64081, usa tel: 1 816 525 0353 fax: 1 816 524 5068 www.rdleverage.com preform moulds / stretch blow moulds tel: 0039 071 7500214 fax: 0039 071 7501958 info@simexitaly.it · www.simexitaly.it pet preform moulds, closure & cap moulds www.passcard.com.tw www.wtbvc.com blow molds for all technologies, all machine types, all sizes. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. canada - 905-574-0010 sales@wentworthmold.com poland - 48-81-820-5730 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com china - 86-137-646-05384 phu@wtbvc.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar 3.2 stretch blow moulds awanti polymoulds pvt. ltd. 25/5a/1/2, nanded, sinhagad rd., pune - 411 041, india telefax: - 91 20 24392805 shirishk@vsnl.com www.awantipolymoulds.com pet engineering, bottle design, prototyping, industrial blow mould and services - rue du buisson moreau 16100 cognac france tel : 0033 (0)5 45 36 63 50 www.sa-comep.fr accueil@sa-comep.fr demo design and moulds 31020 san vendemiano (tv) - italy tel.: 39 0438 409048 fax: 39 0438 409046 info@designandmoulds.com www.designandmoulds.com

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petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyers guide 33 www.corvaglia.ch erwes reifenberg gmbh & co kg high precision mould maker www.erwes-reifenberg.de z-werkzeugbau-gmbh hoechster strasse 8 6850 dornbirn, austria tel. 0043-5572-7272-720 fax 0043-5572-7272-8620 offi ce@z-werkzeugbau.com www.z-moulds.com 3.6 mould cleaning 4.0 filling / bottling www.sipa.it 4.1 bottle handling and preparation 4.2 beverage preparation 4.3 filling machines 4.3.4 aseptic fi lling lines aseptic fi lling lines 12 route de mamers - bp 46 72402 la ferte bernard cedex tel.: (33) 2 43 60 28 28 fax: (33) 2 43 60 28 39 serac@serac.fr www.serac-group.com 4.4 labellers and capping machines 4.4.1 labelling machinery gernep gmbh benzstraße 6 d-93092 barbing tel: 49 9401/9213-0 fax: 49 9401/9213-29 email: info@gernep.de www.gernep.de p .e. labellers s.p.a. via europa 25 46047 porto mantovano (mn), italy tel.: 39 0376 389311 pelabellers@pelabellers.it www.pelabellers.it 4.5 downstream equipment zecchetti s.r.l. via galileo galilei, 1-1a 42027 montecchio emilia re, italy tel. 0039-0522-867-411 fax 0039-0522-866-034 sales@zecchetti.it www.zecchetti.it 5.0 recycling chemical products and solutions for pet recycling. cleaning agents, antifoams, products to improve fl otation and fl occulants for waste water treatment. cht r. beitlich gmbh bismarckstraße 102 d-72072 tübingen tel 49 7071 154-0 fax 49 7071 154-290 info@cht.com www.cht.com mel machinefabriek etten-leur b.v. pauvreweg 11 4879 nj etten-leur, netherlands tel. 0031-76-5015655 fax 0031-76-5016532 info@machinefabriek-el.nl www.machinefabriek-el.nl engineering & production of complete isbm tooling sets for aoki, nissei, etc. www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com röders gmbh scheibenstr. 6 29614 soltau, germany tel. 0049-5191-603-53 fax 0049-5191-603-36 mold@roeders.de www.roeders.de solent mould tools ltd tel: 44 (0) 23 9223 9950 sales@solentmouldtools.co.uk smt americas inc. tel: 1 905 315 9882 smt.americas@cogeco.ca www.solentmouldtools.co.uk 3.3 cap moulds www.cantoni.biz info@cantoni.biz bühler ag thermal processes ch-9240 uzwil t 41 71 955 3466 f 41 71 955 3440 thermal.processes@buhlergroup.com www.buhlergroup.com pet-recycling plants consulting & engineering complete solutions herbold meckesheim gmbh pet granulators, agglomerators, shredders, complete pet washing and recycling lines industriestrasse 33 74909 meckesheim tel.: 06226 - 932 – 0 fax: 06226 - 932 – 495 herbold@herbold.com www.herbold.com pet chemical treatments: cleaners, fl otation compounds and additives via vigevano 61 28069 - san martino di trecate novara - italy tel. 0039-0321789770 fax 0039-0321789765 salesmet@macdermid.com 5.6 melt fi ltration, screen changers 5.8 complete recycling plants complete pet recycling plants, fda approved, integrated iv increase without pellet-ssp, process features lowest overall energy consumption, more than 100 plants supplied to industry. erema gmbh unterfeldstr. 3 4052 ansfelden/linz, austria tel. 0043-732-3190-0 fax 0043-732-3190-23 erema@erema.at www.erema.at

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34 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 lonely in space – or plugged in to the world-wide pet community? a few ways to benefi t from petplanet‘s many offers. price of the entry: number of lines x 3,2 mm line height x 5,70 eur entry per issue stay permanently listed in the magazine‘s buyer‘s guide with your company logo and contact information. for only eur 5,70 per mm you can be present among top suppliers of pet processing materials – in every issue of the year. 1 line 3,2 mm example: 1,824.– eur/year petpla . net petplanet publisher landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany tel. 0049-6221-65108-0 fax 0049-6221-65108-28 info@petpla.net www.petpla.net 32 mm “pet washing and recycling plants, turnkey and modules for b2b, fi ber, sheet” sorema division of previero n.srl via per cavolto 17 , 22040 anzano del parco (co) -italy tel:39 031 63491250 sales@sorema.it · www.sorema.it pet recycling technology: recycling extruders with inline ssp (iv increase, food-contact, fda) starlinger & co. ges.m.b.h. sonnenuhrgasse 4 at-1060 vienna tel.: 43/1/599 55 0 fax: 43/1/599 55 180 e-mail: sales@starlinger.com www.recycling.starlinger.com 6.0 other 6.1 laboratory equipment 6.1.2 o 2 barrier measurement non-invasive oxygen/ ph measurement presens precision sensing gmbh germany info@presens.de tel 49 941 94 27 21 00 www.presens.de/pet 6.2 pet consultancy and support services oxygen/water-vapour barrier measurement aldehydes content (hplc, gc) light transmission, mechanical properties packaging laboratory route de cheseaux 1 1401 yverdon - switzerland tel. 41 24 557 62 76 e-mail:lec@heig-vd.ch http://lec.cett.ch 6.3 contract manufacturers 6.3.2 suppliers of custom designed bottles engineering p .e.t. since 1980 30037 scorzè (venice / italy) www.novapet.it info@novapet.it p .e.t. engineering srl via celtica 26 31020 san vendemiano (tv), italy tel 39 0438 403069 fax 39 0438 408420 www.petengineering.com info@petengineering.com 7.0 used machinery machinepoint used machinery parque tecnológico de boecillo edifi cio c.e.e.i. - 2.01 e-47151 valladolid (spain) tel.: 34 983 549 900 fax: 34 983 549 901 pet@machinepoint.com www.machinepoint.com contact ask for your individual offer – call 49-6221-65108-0

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patents 35 petplanet insider vol. 11 no. 06/10 www.petpla.net petpatents www.verpackungspatente.de hot fi lling international patent no. wo 2009 / 151771 a2 applicant: graham packaging comp., york (us) date of application: 14.4.2009 a plastic container that optimise the ratio of contents to material used and also has optimised hot-fi ll pressure equalisation panels. additive in the cap international patent no. wo 2009 / 140855 a1 applicant: zhongyi liu, guangxi (cn) date of application: 14.5.2009 an easy-to-grip plastic bottle with a separate chamber to hold a beverage concentrate. by twisting the individual components of the cap against each other a membrane is broken and the products can be mixed together and dispensed. oxygen scavenger international patent no. wo 2008 / 090354 a1 applicant: colormatrix holdings inc., wilmington (us) date of application: 24.1.2008 a blended product is integrated into the cap of a pet bottle. the product is com-posed of materials that react together over an extended period and release a substance that locks onto oxygen mol-ecules that have permeated through the container walls. closure device international patent no. wo 2008 / 089785 a1 applicant: seaquist-löffl er kunststoffwerk gmbh, freyung-linden (d) date of application: 23.1.2007 a cap which can be set in an interim position between being fully open or fully closed and so allow a channel to remain open while pressures equalise. container cap international patent no. wo 2008 / 081171 a1 applicant: obrist closures switzerland gmbh, reinach (ch) date of application: 31.12.2007 a hinged cap is described which has easily-recognisable tamper evidence and can also be fi rmly resealed after opening. improved vacuum performance international patent no. wo 2009 / 146263 a1 applicant: graham packaging comp., york (us) date of application: 15.5.2009 a plastic container to hold fruit juice or other beverages which are fi lled under vacuum. the container has an improved surface area to better resist the pressure difference.

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d 51178; issn: 1438 9452 application example hypet rf 300 with hpp 72-cavity mold 34.7 gram ecobase preform 1.5 liter carbonated soft drink bottle 50% recycled pet flake, 50% virgin pet 10.5 second cycle