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www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 1112 2009 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 11 . 12 . 09 petplanet is read in 137 countries compressor manufacturers marketsurvey page 39 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s germany part 2 page 42

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the color of success for shaping caps happy birthday petplanet!

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10 years anniversary edition petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net editorial dear readers, 10 years of petplanet ... and even now every third pet bottle on the shelf has stretch blow moulding defects memorable car journey that petplanet acquired the polish and the inci-siveness that have been its hallmark ever since. his colleague, reto morger of net-stal, to whom i presented the concept in birmingham 11 years ago, was also there at the start, and is still with us today. petplanet would be unthinkable without the support of husky (here of course i am referring to robert schad). but it wasn’t long before jeff macdo-nald materialized in the shape of our direct sparring partner in marketing. we still have direct and fruitful dealings with him today.. kraussmaffei would not be krauss-maffei if andrea dietl and jens fiedler had not been there for the past 10 years to guide us through the produc-tion facilities at allach. as far as mould construction goes, nothing happens without mr. stefan zatti (otto hofstetter) and romeo corvaglia. romeo corvaglia spotted our magazine on his customer’s desk in remotest asia, back in the ¿ rst year of our existence. he realised straight away that, if petplanet was being read in such an isolated spot, there was no reason why petplanet should not be read all over the world. he was right then, just as he is right now. when it comes to stretch blow moulding, ms. christiane wells at corpoplast has been there since those early days. it doesn’t matter which hat she is wearing ... krupp, sig or currently khs. someone who is always in the best of humour and invariably ready to listen to us is bertrand guillet at sidel; not to mention roberta gual-tieri and martina bottarel at sipa who have now been good friends of ours for a decade. when we hear the word “italy“, valentina gollini at sacmi invariably springs to mind. she is co-owner of sacmi cooperative and as such her input to discussions always carries weight, and not only in marketing. which brings us to the ¿ lling machine manufacturers. hermann graf castell at krones has been steadfast in his support for 10 years. and without manfred rückstein and friederike arndt at khs we would de¿ - nitely have “lost it” in dortmund these past 10 years. has something struck you about this list? it did not occur to me until a few hours before the press deadline for this issue while i was writing this editorial. all, and i really do mean all, the marketing folk in the pet sector – transcending national borders and the frontiers of competition – have been there from the very start; they have all worked together on promoting the pet bottle throughout the world. outside the pet world, i should like to take the opportunity of thanking one person who has also been working with us tirelessly for 10 years and without whom we would probably not be stan-ding quite where we are standing today. she is claudia seifert, our contact at our local bank, the volksbank kurpfalz hg bank. she has always under-stood what we are about, despite never having had the opportunity to consult operating ¿ gures for the sector (there 10 years of petplanet. when – 11 years ago now – i embarked on the classic concept of a technical peri-odical, i was met with pitying smiles. these pitying smiles came from the world of established periodicals, and they were swelled by more pitying smiles from the ¿ nancial world: why, with all the hype about the worldwide web, would anyone want to print paper? various industry sectors were equally dismissive. but there were also people who thought differently, who reckoned that petplanet was not just one more magazine among many, but that it had the potential to become the commu-nication platform for an entire industry. they were to be proved right. so now i would like to thank these people, all those who have continued to support us right up to the present day, people who were there with us 10 years ago and are still there with us today. with the exception of mr. volker kronseder, dr. peter neu-mann, otto hofstetter and romeo corvaglia, they are not the ceos of their companies – they change too frequently. it’s the marketing people who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us over the past 10 years. it is they who, each week, have maintained the balance between management, the ¿ ercely independent regional sales supremos and petplanet. here my special thanks go to gerd liebig, who in those days was still director of marketing at demag, today it’s engel. 11 years ago we sat in the car for several hours on the way to leipzig to cover a story. it was on this 3 10 years anniversary edition

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4 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net aren’t any!). she is a person who has always fought our corner (as a risky investment) in the face of her directors – because our concept does not include either machines or premises – and she has supported us through thick and thin even when the commercial outlook was less than rosy. but that’s enough of the thank-you’s. after 10 years, let’s forget the history for a moment and focus instead on what petplanet does best, coming up with new surprises and up to the minute reports. we gratefully acknow-ledge the unstinting cooperation of prof. michael koch from the university of ilmenau, who has likewise worked energetically alongside petplanet for the past 10 years, initially as the individual responsible for the pet sector at tetrapack and subsequently as ceo of ferromatik milacron. in this issue, together with prof. koch, we are starting a new series: benchmark for bottles. already we have come to a startling conclusion: in germany, every third water and soft drinks bottle in the discount sector arrives at the check-out with stretch blow moulding defects. but it’s not all bad news: happily, the blow moulders do manage to produce at least 2/3rds of all their bottles without any defects. and, last but not least, we are also looking happy to celebrate our 10 year anniversary along with the “smaller” machine manufacturers and suppliers, for example, christina dort at erema, christian wagenhofer at lmf and sabine wagnon at atlas copco. yours alexander büchler petforum at brau 2000 november 15-17, nuremberg, germany cap with moving liner/ page 16 p r issue 1/1999 issue 8/2000 technical highlights regional market reports events best coverpages 2/00 3/00 4/00 5/00 6/00 7/00 8/00

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net 5 petpoint 2002 april 23-27 petworldcongress april23 24, essen, parallel zur interpack, düsseldorf s pet recycling by remaplan/ page14 premax 96 cavity system pet bottle with drinking cup/page 18 page 18 belvac sbm system/page 19 caf filled juice bottle from granini/page 24 o-i pet can/ page 19 issue 67/2001 issue 11/2002 3/01 45/01 67/01 8/01 9/01 10/01 1112/01 12/01 3/02 4/02 5/02 67/02 8/02 9/02 10/02 11/02 12/02 12/02 1/03 2/03 3/03 top talk francis olivier/sidel top talk volker kronseder/ krones top talk robert schad/ husky top talk roman boutellier/ sig top talk ichiro mizuuchi/ nissei asb top talk ian twaddle/cca top talk hanno c. fiedler/ schmalbach-lubeca top talk gérard stricher/ sidel top talk michael hoffmann/ constar top talk dario beltrandi/ sacmi

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6 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net p beer in pet /page 24 pet preform systems: more options available page 18 issue 56/2003 issue 10/2004 3/03 4/03 56/03 7/03 8/03 9/03 10//03 11/03 12/04 3/04 4/04 5/04 6/04 78/04 9/04 10/04 11/04 12/04 3/05 4/05 5/05 67/05 8/05 12/05 top talk holger mensler/ krauss-maffei top talk roger prevot/ graham packaging top talk frank ruhl / khs top talk george t. moore/ amcor top talk bernhard merki/ netstal top talk rolf dieter rademacher/sig top talk peter neumann/ engel k l / r

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net 7 petpoint 2005 september 12-17, petworldcongress september 11-13, munich september m 2rd turkey russia mexico gulf states north america china venezuela ibera recycling considerations for multilayer pet/ page 14 beer in pet kegs/page 24 d india issue 12/2005 issue 10/2006 issue 12/2007 8/05 9/05 10/05 11/05 12/05 2/06 3/06 4/06 5/06 67/06 8/06 9/06 10/06 1112/06 1/06 3/07 4/07 5/07 6/07 78/07 9/07 10/07 11/07 12/07 top talk romeo corvaglia top talk gianfranco zoppas/ sipa top talk gérard stricher top talk günter krautkrämer

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8 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petpoint 2009 september 14-19, petworldcongress september 1617, munich dpet india november 27-28, 2008, mumbai , ess 3rd czech republic south africa italy uk brasil kazakhstan/ usbekistan seap germany the pco 1881 and its first commercial application/page 16 www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 10 2009 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 19 . 10 . 09 petplanet is read in 137 countries labels for pet bottles marketsurvey page 21 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s germany part 1 page 10 www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 1112 2008 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 08 . 12 . 08 petplanet is read in 137 countries compressor manufacturers marketsurvey page 21 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s brazil part 1 page 10 dpet india november 27-29, 2007, mumbai niagara bottling: a succesfull application story of lightweighting in pet/page 21 after the credit crunch: dramatic fall of pet prices, but rise agian/page 16 september 161 issue 1112/2008 issue 10/2009 11/07 12/07 3/08 4/08 5/08 6/08 7/08 8/08 9/08 10/08 1112/08 12/08 23/09 4/09 5/09 6/09 7/09 8/09 9/09 10/09 1112/09 1/09

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c o n g ratu lat i o n s to o n e o f th e yo u n g est plan ets i n th e u n i v e rs e. celebrating a young planet full of competence: petplanet. all the best on your 10th anniversary. otto hofstetter ag. www.otto - hofstetter. com/pet

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10 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petcontents imprint publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office heidelberg business media gmbh landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer fi scher@hbmedia.net wolfgang von schroeter ruari mccallion tony oneill ilona trotter gabriele kosmehl media consultants ute andrä andrae@hbmedia.net miriam kiesler kiesler@hbmedia.net phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 france, italy, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign www.exprim.de print wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-straße 1 69181 leimen-st.ilgen germany www www.petpla.net www.pet-point.net petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualifi ed subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ sub-scription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identifi ed as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 1112/09 inside track 3 editorial 10 contents 34 news 60 products 62 bottles 64 bottle history 66 personal care packaging 68 patents market survey 29 suppliers of compressors for pet bottle production happy birthday, petplanet 12 the elements of success 14 a review of pet developments 26 the best of the coverpages 28 toptalking with the pet elite 29 regional market reports - a magazine with global readership 32 heads in print 3rd page 32 page 32 regional market report 10 germany part 2 tradeshow review 32 pet world congress 2009, september 1617, munich bottle making 26 faster buyer’s guide 38 get listed! page 56

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happy 10 th anniversary! we truly appreciate petplanet insider‘s quality and contribution to the international market!

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10 years anniversary edition 12 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petplanet insider looks back on 10 successful years the elements of success petplanet insider was established 10 years ago. the fi rst issue (issue 01/99) appeared in december 1999 - an interna-tional “magazine for bottlers and bottle makers” concentrating in particular on the processing of polyethylene terephthalate, or pet for short. the magazine focussed on the whole value chain from the production of the pet resin, through process-ing and usage, right up to recycling. now, on the 10th anni-versary of petplanet insider, we take the opportunity to look back at the achievements during that time. in 1999 alexander büchler found himself wondering why there was not already such a trade magazine (see his fi rst editorial in issue 1) and as a result of his wondering he set up the petplanet insider, magazine and publishing house, inviting his readers, whose level of interest was as high as he had hoped, to “come with us into the fascinating world of preform and bottle production, visit manufacturing plants around the globe, read all about new techniques and their practical applica-tions, and take a look at what’s on offer at international trade fairs in the bever-age, packaging and plastics industries.” today, in 2009, alexander büchler, publisher and head of the company, can look back with satisfaction at just how many of those interested in the pet market accepted his invitation. in ten years petplanet insider has established itself as a unique interna-tional trade magazine with a signifi cant place in the pet industry and the pet market, and with readers in 137 coun-tries on all continents. why, we might ask ourselves on the occasion of our 10th birthday, has petplanet insider been so successful? what were the reasons that propelled the magazine to its present status, its market relevance and its success? we asked presidents, vice-presi-dents, ceos and managing directors of leading companies in the pet busi-ness for their opinions on petplanet insider, and to tell us how they rate the magazine. we assembled their comments, and drew up a list of “the elements of suc-cess of petplanet insider” here: waldemar schmitke - general manager pet of netstal maschinen ag „the overview of the whole pet value chain in petplanet insider is for us, manu-facturers of injection moulding machines, of particular interest because we ourselves serve only one part of the value chain and yet need to be fully informed of the wider picture. the technical reports are not too demanding from a scientifi c point of view but are more concrete and application-specifi c, which is ideal for our clients. being swiss we are prudent and thoughtful. when we have something to say regarding our pet activi-ties we say it in petplanet insider.“ otto hofstetter – managing director of otto hofstetter ag “the added value for toolmak-ers like ourselves are the pages packed with information about the whole pet business and also being able to present our own com-pany on a global basis. the continuity and balanced approach of petplanet insider – the same policy in the editorial content and out in the market - is the same as our (hofstetter’s) com-pany philosophy. the fact, that we advertise and report about our fi rm in petplanet exclusively, gives valid evidence of our esteem and appreciation, at the same time of the unique posi-tion of the magazin in the market”. bertrand guillet – communication group vice president of sidel corpo-rate sas “the pet business – since the early pioneering days – has turned into a global industry. we have seen with interest, that petplanet insider has followed its customers world-wide and how consequently the status and repu-tation of petplanet insider has grown with the size of the markets. the in-depth reports on the pet business have helped to make pet attractive to our customers. we appreciate the content of the magazine, but also the additional services such as the very personal view in the editorials, the regular pet material pricing information, the markets surveys, the buyers’guide (the “who’s who” in the pet business), the top talks (why is a particular pet manager so successful?) and fi nally the organisation of events such as petpoint.” jeff macdonald, vice presi-dent of marketing, husky injection molding systems “husky’s founder, robert schad, immediately recognized the importance of an interna-tional publication that repre-sented the entire industry and for this reason, strongly supported the creation of petplanet. today we still believe in maintaining a sense of partnership between a magazine and manufacturer and this is refl ected in the long-standing relationship between petplanet and husky. we appreciate their worldwide coverage and distribution, high level of technical understand-ing and most importantly, the professional attitude of the publishers.” th fi t by wolfgang von schroeter

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10 years anniversary edition 13 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petplanet insider is an interna- tional magazine with a global cir-culation. it is read on all the world’s continents. pet markets are global markets. pet processing is a global business. the big names in the industry are global companies. petplanet insider focuses on one small but challenging and elite sector of plastics technology only, but concentrating its reports on pet right along the entire value chain. petplanet reports on the latest technical developments in this extraordinarily innovative sector. the buzz-words in recent years have been lightweighting of bottles and caps, multilayer and coat-ings for extended shelf life, energy saving, multi-cavity mould tools, integrated line technology, pet for beer and for milk, as well as for oils and detergents. there have been comparisons of the systems as well as of technology and design offered by the machinery manufacturers, such as single stage versus two-stage bottle production, horizontal versus vertical preform injection moulding systems, compression moulding versus injection moulding and differences in tooling design. petplanet insider reported on all that! the “who’s who and what’s what” in pet, now fi lling 6 pages of each issue. in the “buyer’s guide” all of the suppliers to the pet industry are represented, with full details and logos. petplanet insider has, ever since the beginning, depended very much on its own editorial contributions, written in-house by their own edito-rial team. the editorial team has remained almost unchanged over the ten years, and has given the magazine an unmistakable image. petplanet insider has been the chronicler of the pet industry, reporting on all the major changes. pet pioneers took their leave - old hands at husky and sidel, whose machines changed the pet world. there have been changes of own-ership or management at husky, sidel, corpoplast and netstal, as well as pet processors such as schmalbach lubeca and amcor. krones acquired kosme, sipa acquired berchi, sacmi acquired negri bossi, oima and bmb. simonazzi went to tetra via sig, and later to sidel. petpanet was usually there - when it happened! petplanet insider has earned the trust of countless pet companies. and in return petplanet supports the pet industry with initiatives such as the publication of hand-books on pet processing, organ-ising exhibitions and congresses, publishing each month the world price of pet…. the publishers and the edito-rial team are proud, in all modesty, when the leaders in the pet market on whom they depend, attest to the “integrity and professionalism” of the magazine. (see testimonials on these pages.) hermann graf castell – head of corporate commu-nications at krones ag “petplanet insider brings transparency to the pet market - for technical people with the reports on devel-opments and innovations, and for sales, marketing people, as well as company management, by way of reports on international markets (regional market reports). we work with petplanet because we are in favour of publicity. transparency sharpens one’s per-ception of one’s own company (benchmarking) and so drives company development.“ romeo corvaglia - ceo of corvaglia “we can see ourselves in the magazine – our topics, and our customers. in 2000, purely by chance, i noticed petplanet insider on the desk of one of our indonesian customers. but chance results in some of the best business con-tacts. now we have been working with petplanet for ten years and are able to follow closely the devel-opment of a fast-moving industry - especially with specifi c topics such as hot fi ll and aseptic where different processes are compared and questions answered. the articles are drawn from practical situ-ations. and behind the magazine are professional people who shape its image.” manfred rückstein, director of corporate communica-tion, khs ag “we very clearly consider the journal a major compan-ion to the beverage, food, and non-food industries and also to khs ag. this is because petplanet makes communicat-ing expert pet knowledge “round the globe” an absolute priority, knowledge which both locally active companies and global players profi t from. with petplanet we can reach beverage, food, and non-food companies which show an interest in innovative fi lling and packaging sys-tems for pet containers. keep up the good work! we are looking forward to continuing our good partnership in the future.” roberta gualtieri - marketing manager of sipa “what i need to read i will fi nd in petplanet insider”. i fi nd in this magazine: 1. a total focus on pet 2. an international outlook 3. a professional attitude. via petplanet insider we are certain to reach our global customers, as well as reach-ing sipa’s own international organisation for learning and training. of course sometimes i feel that petplanet insider should listen, in their technical and marketing research, to the smaller players in the fi eld as much as to the market leaders.”

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a review of pet developments there is one thing that we all agree on - competition stimulates the business. and when we look back through old issues we can really see how the big names increasingly drive each other onward. as a prime example let‘s take suppliers of preform systems. the story of the battle for the highest number of cavi-ties read almost like a gripping novel, with netstal, otto hof-stetter and husky constantly pushing back the limits. and today there is still a lively discussion about the right bar-rier coating for the right product. in our magazine we saw the struggle between multilayer and the internal actis coat-ing, with the verbal high point being reached in interviews with volker kronseder, ceo of krones, and gerard stricher, ceo of sidel, in december 2003. but it‘s not only a battle of words that is fun to follow. it was also interesting to see how the tender green shoots of pet recycling have grown into a booming bottle-to-bottle business. looking back over about 5,000 magazine pages i am bound to be subjective in my view, but i feel sure that we have fairly and accurately reported on the technology of materi-als, preforms, bottles and closures from where it was ten years ago to where it is today. i hope you enjoy reading this issue, and that you too can indulge in a little nostalgia. 10 years anniversary edition 14 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net material/recycling 1999 in the fi rst issue of pet-planet insider the company pet kunststoffrecycling presented their facility for bottle to bottle recycling based on the stehning proces. the capacity was 7,500t/a. 2001 pet recycling in 2001 was almost exclusively for the pet fi bre industry or pet fl akes were compacted to form large europallets. this type of installation was shown by remaplan of landau, germany, in issue 1-2 2001. aoki, on page 18, presented a single-stage machine that produced non-food containers from fl akes. the german “dual system” reported in the same issue that 80,000tonnes of recycling capacity for pet bottles was at that time being pet recycling by remaplan in 2001 built in germany. 20,000t of pet were being collected in germany at the time (compared with 300,000t in 2007) erema received fda approval of their pet recycling equipment (issue 3/01) 2002 in issue 8 krones pre-sented their pilot recycling plant in rostock, with an output capacity of 15,000tonnes of food grade pet recy-cled from consumer scrap using the urrc process. 2003 amcor built a recycling plant in beaune, france, with a capacity of 15,000tonnes of food grade resin (issue 2). 2005 in issue 12 m&g reported that they were building the world’s big-gest virgin pet plant with an output of 450,0000t/a. the fi rst pla bottles popped up in issue 5. the nature works article on the pla material appeared in issue 67. in issue 9 the arguments about the recyclability of multilayer bottles (e.g. for beer) started. beer in pet: recycling considerations in issue 11 zimmer presented the latest generation of pet solid state polycondensation equipment. 2006 krones reported in issue 2 on their newly developed bottle-to-bottle recycling concept, which was no longer based on the urrc process. output is some 500kg/h. 2008 in issue 1 petplanet insider reported that coca-cola in the usa would reclaim all their pet bottles and were investing 60million us dollars. coca-cola selected the ussc process to recycle the post-consumer bottles.

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10 years anniversary edition 16 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net there was also some controversy about whether a 13 gram lightweight hot fi ll bottle was a possibility, with a material saving of 30 %. the fi rst panel-less hot-fi ll bottle by amcor caps and closures 2000 in issue 8 khs and cct presented a cap with a moving liner for capping oxygen-sensitive products such as beer. a cap for oxygen sensitive products 2001 engel launched their 48 cavity cap moulding system for a 3 gram tamper-proof pco 28 cap. cycle time was 5 seconds. in issue 1112 we reported that bericap had won a “packaging oscar” for their bo2s beer closure. 2005 at petpoint bericap pre-sented the “shorty” for beer. the door was open for anyone to submit designs for lightweight caps and neck forms. also at petpoint, and reported in issue 12, romeo corvaglia enters the discussion on lightweight caps for both still drinks and csds. 2006 sacmi and petplanet organised the fi rst joint cap forum with 2009 petplanet insider reported in issue 23 that the price of virgin pet had steadied again after a dra-matic fall in issue 8 starlinger announced that they had received the “green light” from pepsi cola for their bottle-to-bottle process. aseptic/hot fi ll 1999 schmalbach announced a hot fi ll bottle that could be fi lled at up to 85 c. 2001 hochwald-sprudel and adelholzener both decided to try cold aseptic fi lling. hochwald went for a 14,000 bph khs line while adelholzener opted for a krones line run-ning at 16.000 bph. in issue 10 krones reported on their aseptic line installed at st. alban-les-eaux, which at the time was the world’s biggest at 42.000bph. 2003 in issue 56 it was reported that the chinese company shantou chemtech had developed a hot fi ll line which was capable of fi lling pet bot-tles at temperatures of up to 115c. 2004 in issue 10 khs presented the third generation of aseptic lines with a much smaller clean-room area. 2005 the fi rst panel-less hot fi ll bottle was launched by amcor and was featured in issue 5. (tech050510) in issue 8 we saw the start of the argument about whether hot-fi ll bottles really needed an opaque neck form. an intense discussion on the advan-tages and disadvantages of injection moulded and compression moulded caps in issue 11. alcoa summed it up with the comment “it all depends...”. in the same issue bericap presented their supershorty. 2007 the fi rst commercial application of the 1881 neck fi nish (martens brewery in belgium) was reported in issue 12. the fi rst comemrcial application of the 1881 neck fi nish 2009 romeo corvaglia reported in issue in 23, that the 0.99 gram cap for still water was on the market in north america. issue 9 reported that coca-cola china had decided to uni-versally adopt the pco 1881 by the end of 2009. preforms 1999 demag presented their 3-layer preform system, which was installed at kulleborn & stenström in sweden. 70million 0.5l preforms per annum were being produced for coca-cola. recycled material was used for the inner layer. 2000 in issue 6 husky pre-sented their 60 cavity quad index machine as a further development of the index range introduced in 1997. this now means that a 7 second cycle time can be achieved for a 0.5l preform. 2001 our company published its fi rst book, “dressed to fill”. the book talked about cycle times of 14 to 16 seconds for preforms (3.0 to 3.6 mm wall thickness). aseptic fi lling becomes popular

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10 years anniversary edition 17 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net advertisement sidel 10 years ago

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10 years anniversary edition 18 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net in issue 45 sig presented the new premax 96 cavity system with 500 tonnes clamping force. premax 96 cavity system also in issue 45 bm-biraghi (now sacmi) claimed an average reject rate for preforms of only 0.5%. netstal reported in issue 6 on their new 144 cavity preform system with an mit einem mht tool that they planned to show at the k exhibition. cycle time was said to be less than 11 seconds for a 20.8 gram pre-form. this put netstal out in front in the “most preform cavities” race. in the autumn the machine was in fact shown at “k” running at the claimed cycle time. in issue 8 we featured the fi rst vertical krauss-maffei prefrom system for many years, with a 24 cavity tool from otto hofstetter. the machine was working at zott in mertingen. in 2001 we later saw, during an on-site report, a 48 cavity tool from mht for 20g preforms. pet bottle with drinking cup in issue 9 robert schad, ceo of husky, expressed hesitation with regard to taking up the 144 cavity challenge laid down by netstal, but underlined husky’s number 1 position in the preform systems market. at the following “k” exhibition we were able to see a 144 cavity micro-pitch tool (at least a display model) on the stand (issue 1112.) also in issue 9 mht presented the micro-pitch tool in detail. it allows 72 cavity tools to be run on a 300tma-chine rather than the usual 48 cavi-ties, and a 144 cavity can be run on a 600 tonne machine, which previously could run only 96 cavity tools arburg, in issue 11 featured their preliner, a vertical machine with 130 and 220t versions for up to 16 cavities arburg’s vertically orientated preliner 2002 husky reported, in issue 4, that the fi rst 144 cavity system had been installed at south eastern containers. in issue 10 we saw the fi rst krupp preform system under the engel name. the range, rebranded as macpet, has been put through a major overhaul by engel and covers machines from 250 to 500t. 2003 in issue 8 husky pre-sented the new developments on the index machines which now go up to 600tonnes and 144 cavities. cycle time for a lightweight preform is only 5.7s. however of greater importance for the future was the presentation of the hypet preform systems, which will slowly replace the fully hydraulic g range. in the same issue netstal reported that in 2002 they had installed a 144 cavity system at westerncontainer. in issue 1011 we reported on the start-up of uniplast in the ukraine. today uniplast is one of the biggest preform producers in europe. a uniplast plant in 2003 2004 in a husky advertisement in issue 8 the company announce for the fi rst time that in addition to the stand-ard 300 tonne and 600 tonne machines other sizes were available. the full range, with all of the intervening sizes was shown for the fi rst time on a double page advertisement in issue 9. husky presents an extended range of preform sytsems another injection moulding com-pany making preform systems popped up in issue 9: dr. boy of germany. they offer a 90 tonne machine for up to 1100 preforms per hour. in the same issue netstal talked about their 96 cavity system for 20g preforms and with a 9.66s cycle time. and there is still more: in issue 12 some of the big names talked about the need for a 196 cavity system. mike urquhard of husky saw his 144 cavity system as suffi cient for big quantities. otto hofstetter posed some critical questions about the economics of such a system and waldemar schmitke of netstal presented for the fi rst time the netstal 196 cavity system, asking the question whether that would in fact be the end of the “cavity race”! manfred lausenhammer of mht (interview fi rst published in 2005, issue 12) said that they had built the 196 cavity tool and reported sales of over 80 tools with 144 cavities. he believes that there is a market for a 196 cavity system.

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10 years anniversary edition 19 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net 2005 another machinery manu-facturer appears on the horizon. cheng hsong had been at the “k” exhibition in the previous year and in petplanet issue 12 the company presented their 48 cavity system. 2006 netstal showed their 196 cavity system for the fi rst time at the npe exhibition (issue 5). in the follow-ing issue husky published a table that showed a 216 cavity tool for the 65 t hypet 650. 2007 otto hoffstetter announces the next stage in the “more cavi-ties, less tonnage” race in issue 7. 128 cavities on a 350 tonne system is the new benchmark. we recall, in 2001, when 96 cavities on a 600 tonne system made headlines! in the same issue sacmi fi rst presented their pam preform compression moulding system. in issue 11 netstal announced their new, small 200 tonne preform system. 2008 netstal is in the news again with their new calitec post cooling sta-tion (issue10). 2009 preform pro-duction is now happen-ing at an altitude of 5000 metres (fi lling had already started in 2006). in issue 5 husky reported the successful installation at glacier mineral water bottle weights are still getting less. in issue 8 husky presented the new ecobase, which saves 0.6g of material. in the same issue mold masters announced their ability to supply hot halves for preform and cap tools. just a few days later the company announced a complete preform system tool in association with abba. the new brand is known as ipet – not to be confused with hypet, husky’s preform system! an extensive report was published in issue 10. also in issue 9 the fi rst foamed pet bottle was presented to pet-planet readers. it was developed by pti and the fi rst fi eld trials are taking place with coca-cola in denmark. issue 9 again - netstal manages to squeeze 60 cavities onto their small 200 tonne machines using an otto hofstetter tool. husky caught the eye in issue 10 with a special preform system for direct processing of pet containing a high percentage of fl akes.

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10 years anniversary edition 21 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net stretch-blow moulding / filling 2002 in issue 12 belvac pre-sented a machine that was able to produce wide-mouth containers from preforms with a normal narrow neck fi nish. belvac’s sbm machine for wide mouth containers 2003 we then saw in issue 2 another wide-mouth container blown from a 28mm preform - a pet “can” with an aluminium top, shown by owens illinois the o-i pet can 2003 there were various types of block synchronised blower/fi llers covered in our reports in issue 56 . these included systems from sidel, who had been on the market since 1999, krones, since 2001 as well as from sipa/procomac. in 2002 the blocked machines from sig appeared on the market. in the next issue krones announced a blowing machine run-ning at 60,000 bph and with 40 bottle moulds (0.5 litres). sidel announced 60,000 bph with only 20 moulds. the secret lay in the fact that the sidel had 2 bottle cavities in each mould! 2004 in issue 11 krones pre-sented for the fi rst time a smart, simple, blocked volumetric fi ller for still water, running at 48,000 bph. 2005 sig corpoplast achieves 43,200 bph from 24 moulds. the report was carried in issue 34. in issue 10 khs followed suit with a simple pet fi lling line - at least there was one on the drawing board. 2006 pet breaks through the 5000 metre barrier! in issue 10 krones reported on a blowing and fi ll-ing pet line installed at an altitude of 5,100 m and operated by tibet glacier mineral water. in issue 10 logoplaste, of portugal talked for the fi rst time about light-weight water bottles in europe. 2007 sacmi presented their blocked machine - the sinergie - in issue 1. in issue 3 sidel unveiled predis, a system to sterilise preforms before they are blown. sidel offers a new preform sterilization system 2008 in issue 4 alexander büchler published an editorial pull-ing together some of the extreme lightweighting options for still water bottles. krones stands at 8.85 grams, sipa at 10.9g and sidel at 9.9g, for a 0.5l bottle. however these are all found in the development department, not in the supermarket. 2009 nevertheless, in issue 4, we heard about the niagara water bottle at only 10g, and a 0.99g cap pre-sented by the developer romeo cor-vaglia. in september the package was chosen for the pet beverage award. unfortunately still in the devel-opment department and not with the consumer, is a 6.6 gram water bottle as announced by krones in issue 9. 2009 khs corpoplast starts with the new iv range that runs at 2,200 bph per mould (issue 10). barrier layers for beer and other sensitive products: 1999 in our fi rst issue we reported on the sidel actis system. 2000 plm, in issue 1 of 2000, presented the fi rst refi llable pen bottle for beer. it can be rinsed with hot water at 75 c. in the same issue coca-cola reported on the installation of the fi rst bestpet barrier system (krones). in the second issue we reported on the introduction of the 0.5 litre mulyilayer bottle at eckes granini in issue 3 kortec presented their 48 cavity cell for multilayer preforms, based on a husky g-line machine. output is quoted as 110 million 23.5g preforms per annum. in the same issue we carried a report by tetra pak on the fi rst glaskin line for beer, installed at the spend-erups brewery in sweden. the bottle weighs 34g. in issue 4 tetra pak announced a glaskin line for the bit-burger 500ml beer bottle with 38mm neck fi nish.

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new website 22 readers will appreciate how easy everything is to use reading petplanet onl ine has been made as simple as f l ipping through the paper magazine: you can à ip the pages on the site just as easily! if an advert interests you, or if there is a link inside an article, click it and you will be taken directly to the homepage of the advertiser or linked organisation. subscr ibers wi l l have the ful l archive available in this form, includ-ing a complete text search: remember an interesting article or information in an older issue, but don’t have the time or inclination to page through your archive by hand? simply search online and you’ll be directed to the right page and the correct issue. each new issue goes online at the same time it is mailed out, so people with long postal wait times can read it at the same time as everyone else. the petplanet forum is a new place to meet, discuss, collaborate and exchange with other members of the pet community. find out what the marketplace thinks, inà uence the thoughts of others, ¿ nd great oppor-tunities and prepare deals! the world map is another great tool. it shows where the pet commu-nity is located around the globe (within reasonable privacy limits, of course). this can be immensely useful in plan-ning where to hold annual gatherings, which trade fairs to visit, and so on. petplanet has a new homepage we’ve completely overhauled our internet homepage – just in time for our 10th anniversary! subscribers can now read the complete magazine online as an ebook. they can talk, exchange views and discuss issues in our forum, and locate the petplanet community around the globe on our world map. advertisers can target their audience with customised banners, place markers on our world map – and on top of that, get links from advertisements in our ebook for free! even faster: the new frontpage www.petpla.net

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new website 23 new homepage new homepage additional advertis-ing opportunities advertisers are presented with sev-eral great new opportunities to reach their target audience. first, all adverts in petplanet are automatically linked to your homepage from inside the ebook. this additional service is completely free. a reader à ipping through the ebook who ¿ nds your advert interesting and compelling can just click on it and arrive directly on your doorstep – your homepage. you can differentiate yourself from the crowd by purchasing side banners (“s banner”) that show your logo and enable visitors to get to your homepage. s banners come with one free marker on our world map, which could show your group headquarters or your sales and support centre complete with address and contact information. you can really attract attention by investing in a large banner (“l banner”) at the top of the homepage. it’s sure to attract attention, as it will be visible from wherever the visitor currently is located. included with the large banner are a few dozen markers on our world map complete with address, contact information, link and email: you can use these to show people where your plants, your subsidiaries, or your sales of¿ ces are located – or anything else you want to let people know about. our new, online edition is more than just a digital magazine – it’s an interac-tive way to reach out and involve your audience, your colleagues, your cus-tomers and your whole value chain. around the world: the petplanet family all times inside(r): the petplanet ebook expert talk: the petplanet forum

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10 years anniversary edition 24 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net in issue 7 eastman presented amberguard, a special pet resin for multilayer beer bottles. in issue 8 owens illinois announced that coors was testing their 16-ounce beer bottle. 2001 eval came out in support of the multilayer option and in issue 8 reported on the recyclability of the multilayer bottle. also in issue 8 sipa presented the bairocade spray-on barrier coating solution. this had been developed by ppg of pittsburg. just a few pages later various other coating systems available at the time were covered: dlc from nissei asb, actis from sidel, bestpet from krones, and glaskin from tetra pak. 2002 during a visit by our editorial staff to otto hofstet-ter we saw the 0.5 litre multilayer bottle for perrier water with an aluminium cap. the tool was made in the swiss plant and the pre-forms produced by schmalbach. the granini suc-cess story started in petplanet issue 10. it started with the 0.5 litre cold aseptic fi lled juice bottle. 2003 in issue 2 kortec presented the fi rst 72 cavity system for multilayer preforms on a 300 tonne machine. in russia m&g started selling their mono-resin with increased barrier performance for beer bottles (issue 3). in the same issue constar announced an internal layer with an oxygen scav-enger. in issue 9 krones reported on their pet beer line which ran at 36,000 bph (0.5l) at holsten in germany. the bottle was a multilayer preform from amcor and a bericap doubleseal o2s closure. just one issue later khs coun-tered with a pet beer line at martens in belgium (40,000 x 0.5l bph). mar-tens used a monolayer bottle that was coated after blowing using the sidel actis system. in the editorial of issue 12 volker kronseder (ceo of krones) and gerard stricher of sidel discussed the “pros” and “cons” of multilayer and coating systems for beer. the state-ment by mr kronseder, that internal coating was only cost-effective if the coating equipment was given to the fi ller free of charge was hotly denied by the sidel ceo. on the fringe of the editorial we mentioned robert schad (ceo of husky), who was celebrat-ing his 75th birthday. he didn’t really care whether the market decided on monolayer or multilayer preforms - his injection moulding machines can pro-duce both! gérard stricher, sidel volker kronseder, krones robert schad, husky, with alexander büchler 2004 in the fi rst issue of the year sig announced the fi rst plasma coating system at food standards in switzerland (10,000bph). in issue 3 of 2004 kortec announced the fi rst sale of a 144 cavity multilayer system. cycle time was 14 seconds. a detailed report followed in issue 11. 2006 khs and carlsberg reported in issue 4 on the single trip 5 litre or 20 litre pet keg issue 1112 also featured a pet keg, this time from lightweight con-tainers.

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10 years anniversary edition 25 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net oil free compressors for pet bottle blowing reduce your footprint with exceptional performance & low power consumption is the gardner denver belliss & morcom "ultimate protection programme" contact us today to protect your investment with confidence how smarter solutions drive maximum benefits for you complex needs - smarter solutions gardner denver ltd - (belliss & morcom) claybrook drive, redditch, worcestershire b98 0ds, england tel: 44 (0) 1527 838600 fax: 44 (0) 1527 838630 e-mail: sales.glo@gardnerdenver .com website: www.gardnerdenverproducts.com happy 10 th anniversary to petplanet insider!

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1999 2000 2005 2006 10 years anniversary edition 26 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net the best of the cover pages every cover tells the story 10 years of petplanet insider … that means something approaching one hundred front cover pages. when we established pet-planet insider ten years ago we decided that the front cover is part of the editorial content, and so is not for sale - it was to become part of the brand image of our magazine. the front cover is a kind of visiting card and a shop window for the magazine. and this strategy has proven to be a winner - there is hardly any other trade magazine that has such an unmistakable “look” as petplanet insider. wherever we go, in 137 counties, we are immediately recognised. just one more reason why the maga-zine is so well established with our readers, who know that we are writing for them and our covers are somet imes so great that even our second-best efforts are good enough to be copied - as this recent cover of the krones customer magazine shows! :-) g -)

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2001 2002 2003 2007 2008 2009 2004 10 years anniversary edition 27 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 10 2009 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 19 . 10 . 09 petplanet is read in 137 countries labels for pet bottles marketsurvey page 21 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s germany part 1 page 10 www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 1112 2008 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 08 . 12 . 08 petplanet is read in 137 countries compressor manufacturers marketsurvey page 21 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s brazil part 1 page 10 that our editorial content is not for sale, and also welcomed by the advertisers who know that our magazine is read by their (poten-tial) customers. right from the beginning we developed our creativity in so called “window covers” and it soon became clear that it was the the full page image that gave petplanet its unmistakable profile amongst trade magazines. the front cover took another step in its development when we started each of our regional reports and used the front cover to announce each region, loud and clearly. we wanted to make two things clearly notice-able on the cover. firstly a visual reference to the chosen country or region, and secondly a reference to pet bottles. this resulted in what were some of the most eye-catching of petplanet covers. this short article, “the best of the cover pages”, shows the development from a “shop window” layout to a full page creative cover that is acceptable all over the world. our panel of judges have picked out the best cover page from each year - and now it is your chance to vote for the overall winner. which cover do you like best? send us an email and help us pick out the fi nal winner. if you vote for the cover that is ultimately the overall winner you too will be a winner of a petplanet surprise gift. we are looking forward to receiving your votes via email toplease send your vote to: fi scher@hbme-dia.net

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about the pet top talks “top talking” with the pet elite 10 years anniversary edition 28 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net by wolfgang von schroeter in 2001 petplanet started a series of interviews the big play-ers in the pet business, with the pioneers and world lead-ers. we wanted to know about their secret of success, their history and the histories of their companies, their beliefs and their visions of the future. the series began with an interview with francis olivier, president of sidel at the time. in the following years top talk became a lively platform for the vips of the pet industry and an important medium let-ting them to talk to their markets, explain company strate-gies and – at the same time – work on their personal image by portraying their pleasant character. with khs and simonazzi is with sidel. another sudden surprise came in düs-seldorf shortly after our top talk with hanno fiedler, chairman and ceo, of schmalbach-lubeca, whose company, with 9,000 employees and 62 plants in 22 countries, had sales of almost 3 bil-lion euro (50% in pet). in 2002, when the interview was conducted, fiedler stated “irrespective of crisis talks in the industry, nobody can and will stop schmalbach-lubeca.” or, “if the owners ... take a decision to sell, we are best prepared. it doesn’t make any difference whether the future owner’s name is a or b. ... i hope, that in future years when i am gone, people will talk about this period.” the company shortly thereafter went to amcor, then a few years later the european portion of amcor was sold to the spanish la seda. but the impression that one could gain from the above comments, i.e. that top talks were the trigger for dramatic changes and disaster, is wrong. we enjoyed some remarkable interviews with personalities such as volker kronseder from krones, robert schad from husky, ichiro mizuuchi from nissei, gerard stricher from sidel (then already under tetra), dario bel-trandi from sacmi, george moore from amcor, gianfranco zoppas from sipa, frank ruhl from khs, and in the latter years interviews with otto hofstetter from hofstetter, romeo corvaglia from corvaglia, günter j. krautkrämer from bericap, maternus gemmel from khs, bernhard merki from netstal, and peter neumann from engel. these men – with their personalities, ideas and strategies – have made pet history. they talked freely to us about how they developed their companies, about their personal input, about leader-ship and commitment. national senti-ment, individual temperament, even private ambitions and the different offi ce environments and landscape added fl avour and were instrumental in the success of the interviews. we remem-ber the warm, welcoming, yet very strategy-oriented kronseder, who was impressed when his bavarian dialect was translated and published by us in oxford english. in contrast, communica-tion with ichiro mizuuchi was affected by a japanese version of english. robert schad walked with us through the lux-embourg factory and gave instructions at shop-fl oor level. his ingenuity and sharp intellect enabled him to commu-nicate internally at all levels. zoppas greeted us in the midst of a vineyard near vittorio veneto. otto hofstetter was very much otto hofstetter when he described the serious, cautious, quality-driven methods of running a swiss com-pany. every single personality left his very personal mark, and had a message for us to publish. top talks have become scarcer lately. we see the pet market – makers of machines and converters - being a small market for the elite in plastics processing. the days of the pioneers are over, the great characters (at sidel, husky, corpoplast etc.) are now retired. innovation in pet processing is mar-ginal. second and third generations of business leaders are holding offi ce. for them the technologies of pet are established. they are faced with other challenges, i.e. global challenges, with a global economic crisis, with vital ques-tions about safeguarding resources and environments. but one thing is sure, we will be back with top talks one day. we heard some strong statements when talking to olivier, such as “a com-pany like sidel must decide about life and death, between life with innovation and death without.” or, “referring to myself: i am a competitor. i like to play. i need pressure personally. i am not able to work just on my own. i need pressure to pressurise.” or, “yes or no. i am mr. sidel in the perception, in the eyes of some customers and some people in the stock market. okay?” after this fi rst interview with the famous francis olivier we experienced a phenomenon, which was to repeat itself in subsequent years. we had just fi nished the interview, and had understood from him that independence and freedom are prereq-uisites for innovation at a sidel with a long-term future, when we heard about the take-over bid that tetra had made for that company. the same happened after talking to roman boutellier at sig, who - after the acquisition of krupp corpoplast and simonazzi - could see sig’s consequent and forceful entry into the pet world as a result of an ingenious overall strategy. some – including ourselves – already wondered at the time whether the merger of german and italian industry under the swiss fl ag, with their different temperaments and attitudes, would be a successful experiment. things changed not long afterwards: today corpoplast is

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10 years anniversary edition 29 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net advertisement kraussmaffei 10 years ago

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the series of regional market reports started in 2006 with turkey. the focus at that time was specifi cally on growth markets. the series was motivated by the hard, realistic need for the whole pet industry to look for new, emerging outlets for their products and services. sales of pet processing machinery were stagnating in the well-established and saturated markets of north amer-ica as well as western and southern europe. in other markets – much smaller, dynamic and demanding, where people are still seeking a better life and a higher standard of living – pet was only just getting started. so we travelled these so-called growth markets -turkey, india, russia, mexico, the gulf states. from 2007 we included the estab-lished markets in the series of reports – since we assumed that technical developments in leading countries will have and must have a productive effect on all global markets. reports on north america followed, then china, venezuela, spain and the czech republic. south africa was covered in 2008. then the very active italian market, the uk and kazakhstan. the focus in 2009 was on brazil and the asean states. finally ger-many is at the moment under the petplanet microscope. pet is a global business. the regional market reports have estab-lished petplanet as magazine with global readership. as seen from our reports over the last 3 years, we have made use of selected market research by companies such as canadean and euromonitor, as well as using existing marketing statis-tics from various companies. we visited plants operated by preform moulders, bottle blowers, fi llers and beverage producers in remote areas such as of kazakhstan, venezuela, china or mexico – to bring home the very fl avour of the global pet business. our aim was to draw attention to the regions and create a solid back-ground for future business decisions – by presenting macro-economic data, market data, facts, fi gure and – just as important – very personal impressions. virtually all of the big companies in the pet business have confi rmed a high degree of interest in the series, some with an open mind, all of them highly alert and some of them supportive. of course one has to admit that the creation of a fully true, just, fair and fully conclusive picture of a par-ticular pet market is a very ambitious task, sometimes too ambitious. we apologise if at times we went wrong. machine suppliers – especially the marketing divisions and personal on site - were very supportive, guiding us, giving us an insight in markets, let-ting us participate in their experience, opening the doors to their clients. we owe thanks to virtually all of them. the occasional confl ict on site with local management - for instance in coun-tries such as mexico or thailand - had to do with at times very personal feel-ings and a certain animosity between operational staff and the press - between the men working the market and men writing about it. but in principle we are certain of what we have achieved – namely generated a clear view for the busi-nessman who has the responsibility and must make decisions, a clear view about going into a particular market, up-grade activities, even investing in order to secure a market position. the series will be continued in 2010 with markets such as germany (to be continued from 2009), algeria, egypt, vietnam, japan, south korea, and france. 10 years anniversary edition 30 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net by wolfgang von schroeter regional mar ket repor ts about regional reports petplanet insider – a magazine with global readership

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10 years anniversary edition 31 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net kraussmaffei technologies gmbh ··· phone 49 89 8899-0 info@kraussmaffei.com ··· www.kraussmaffei.com beverage industry applications are expected to deliver highest quality and low manufacturing cost. kraussmaffei, with our industry network, can help you to keep material costs low and to boost effi ciency and productivity. we offer smart, application-specifi c solutions to maximize effi ciency for specific products and batch sizes. the hallmark of every solution is peak productivity and consistently high quality. made in germany. kraussmaffei congratulates petplanet insider on its 10th birthday kraussmaffei is a premium partner for the plastics and rubber processing industries worldwide.

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“heads in print” in 10 years of petplanet insider the makers of fully integrated blowing/fi lling lines come fi rst. we must surely look fi rst at volker kronseder, ceo of krones, who was one of the fi rst to recog-nise that the pet bottle should be blown on the fi lling line and who there-fore made a signifi cant contribution towards pro-moting pet bottle usage in the last 10 years. he is heading the company since more than 13 years and is – as is his com-pany – a solid, stable ele-ment in the pet market. corpoplast, another pioneer in the develop-ment of stretch blow moulding machines, saw a lot more changes in ownership and top man-agement. first under krupp, when diversi-fi cation was accepted strategy of large german companies, thereaf-ter under sig to add technologies to existing packaging combibloc and today with khs to be in line with fi lling. 2001 during a pet top-talk 2009 in an interview for our report on germany sidel has made a major contribution to the suc-cess of the pet bottle. francis olivier was leading sidel free and easy, when pet was started. gérard stricher held offi ce for much of the last 10 years under the tetra reins. here we see fran-cis olivier, ceo of sidel during a pet top talk in 2001 2002 gérard stricher, ceo of sidel during a pet top talk 2006 gérard stricher during a pet top talk 2004 rolf dieter rade-macher, ceo of sig during a pet top talk 2001 werner fillmann during a pet top talk khs today member of the salzgitter group, with strategic pet ambitions since together with corpoplast: 2009 roland flach ceo of khs, now after the integra-tion of corpoplast. 2006 valentin reisgen ceo of khs at a press conference 2003 dr. frank ruhl, ceo of khs during a pet top talk sipa another serious promoter of pet since introducing singe stage technology into the european mar-kets in the 90th – with gianfranco zoppas as president. recently sipa successfully launched an offensive on two stage markets and fi nally acquired berchi for fi lling. 10 years of petplanet are also10 years of pet history. so what can we write about it? who did what, where, and when? and when did we have which exhibitions? 10 years of petplanet for me means 10 years observing the way in which people change, and so maybe the best thing is to browse through the photo albums. to make sure that this overview is in some way com-prehensible we have limited ourselves to those people making stretch blow moulding machines and injection moulding machines, and even here we had a problem decid-ing who to include. we promise that all of those companies that i did not mention will be included in our 20 year review. gianfranco zoppas 10 years anniversary edition 32 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net

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the preform sector, in comparison, has exhibited a high degree of stability. the original founder robert schad planned the change of ceo at husky well ahead. a list like this can never be complete and we are sure that many other companies deserve to be included for their contribution to the success of the pet bottle, but that would be more than we could fi t into this magazine. how-ever there is one more name that we would like to include - a man who has managed to break down cultural barriers around the globe and who is at home everywhere, driving the pet industry onwards: ichiro mizuuchi, ceo of nissei asb. and 2005 his succes-sor john galt during a pet top talk 2003 on his 75th birthday 2001 robert schad during a pet top talk we of course have to mention netstal as a major competitor of husky, and here i must ask herr klug and herr merki to excuse us, but for us waldemar schmitke is mr. pet at netstal. 2009 at the drinktec exhibition but even the best preform system would be noth-ing without good mould tools. here otto hofstetter has rendered a more than outstanding service over the last 10 years. 2007 at the presenta-tion of the 128 cavity preform tool 2002 otto hofstetter during the petplanet visit to the plant in switzerland ichiro mizuuchi 2007 in india the team behind the magazine now we look at ourselves, at our “heads” in the publica-tions of the last 10 years, on those, who participated in the hunt for news and heads in the global markets on behalves of petplanet. the editorial team of petplanet insider, that has remained almost unchanged over the ten years, has given the magazine an unmistakable image. 1999 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 alexander büchler, publisher and editor-in-chief – creative, always on the move between india, munich and usa, gifted with a distinct talent for human relation and contacts, investigating, talking, joking, smiling in front of plant and machinery, photographed preferably on indian soil. his credo: choose best people for the team and delegate. after brainstorming implementation is left to a mature team and the team understands, reacts and makes pet-planet insider... continued on next page 10 years anniversary edition 33 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net

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34 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petnews 10 years anniversary edition 34 doris fischer - the real no. 1 in-house, who has held the whole thing together since day 1 – i.e. the most successful international petplanet insider -. colleagues may call her a purist. since she keeps the edito-rial clean from obvious advertising. over one decade her contacts into the pet markets, her ability to develop these contacts, her network of coming and going info, her ambition to search und arrange for interesting topics, to motivate her writers, her readiness to cooperate have given the magazine status and unmistak-able image. wolfgang von schroeter in 2001 2002 top talking with hanno fiedler (schmalbach-lubeca) 2006 in the editorial tony o’neill - has written reports from his home base in uk. but his infl uence on petplanet insider has been more fundamen-tal. he was and still is the lingual conscious of the global maga-zine. he fi nds the right words, and ensures continuity in our use of the english language. but more so he constructively and creatively interprets, what german, french, spanish and/or japanese reporters consider their english in a written article. and more so he is mirror, in which the writer refl ects and thus leads and motivates. he is now being most ingen-iously supported by ruari mccallion. ilona trotter - lecturing gently, 10 times annually the entire maga-zine, a strenuous work for someone, who likes to be creative herself – which she was in articles and books. wolfgang von schroeter, after moving from md of former mannesmann to editor consultant of petplanet insider, in fact more travelling than consulting. father of top talks and growth market reporting. increas-ingly dynamic with the years. starting in 2001 and still around. as soon as he had written up one report is sit-ting on board a plane ready to go and analyse the next pet market. bericap pco 1881 sports cap in north america lightweighting saves raw materials, reduces co 2 emission and, last but not least, saves signifi cant costs. no wonder that today lightweighting is a major driver in the beverage industry. following bericap’s lightweight-ing programme for fl at closures the company has now launched lightweight variants of the “push-pull cap and the “thumb’up”, a 2-piece sports closure which can be opened with one hand by the consumer. the closures are available for current neck fi nishes from 26.7 to 38 mm, but also fi t the new lightweight neck fi nish generation such as the 26mm, 28 mm (pco 1881) and 29/25. the 1881 push-pull was adapted by a leading national brand in the usa and, as bericap inform us, is performing to full satisfaction in the us market. sabic receives 2009 responsible care award the environmentally progressive iq resin platform by sabic innovative plastics has been recognised with the 2009 responsible care award by the conseil européen des fédérations de l’industrie chimique. the company received the award in the general category for its eco-responsible iq resin, which uses a proprietary process to convert used pet bottles into high-performance resin for a broad range of high-end applications. responsible care is the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative under which companies work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance. new lightweight cap working closely with creative closure technology gmbh of niederrhausen, mht (mold & hotrunner tech-nology) have developed the pco 28-21 competcap. the new cap is 21 mm high, weighs only 3.9 grams, and is 100% compatible with standard pco 1810 closures. a conversion from, for example, pco 1810 (5.1 grams / 21 mm) to pco 1881 isbt (3.8 grams / 17 mm) also means that the fi lling/capping line must be converted to be able to handle the new thread length. mht estimate conver-sion costs to be as much as 250,000 euros or more. there are no licence fees for using the new cap, and mht are able to identify suitable companies to manufac-ture the cap mould.

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news 35 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net krones nine-month report for 2009 as with most machinery manufacturers krones’ business is being hit by the worldwide fi nancial crisis. in the fi rst nine months of 2009 sales fell by 22.8 % to 1,364.0 million euros, while pretax earnings were down, resulting in a loss of 26.9 mil-lion. krones is targeting a break-even result in the fi nal quarter. while sales in germany and the rest of europe were signifi cantly down on a like-for-like comparison, revenues in several major regions were similar to 2008 after nine months of this year had elapsed and the company achieved rela-tively satisfactory fi gures in africa, the near east and asia, plus china and south america. order intake from eastern europe, the cis nations and north america, by contrast, remained well below the preceding year’s equivalent fi gures. overall, during the 9 months under review, order bookings fell by 24.4 % to 1,414.4 million euros (2008, 9 months: 1,870.4 million euros). interpack 2011 now booking invitations are already on their way to companies wishing to exhibit at interpack 2011. the world’s leading fair in the packaging industry will be held at düsseldorf trade fair center from may 12 to 18 2011 and applica-tion is possible using the convenient and effi cient online platform www.interpack.com/checkin. those interested will also fi nd useful information here plus key data on the trade fair. exhibitors at interpack 2008 can also save time thanks to stored data and pre-fi lled forms. the offi cial deadline for application is february 28, 2010. at the last event in 2008 interpack was attended by around 200,000 trade visitors from 121 countries includ-ing over 68,000 german. in 2011 visitors can look forward to the “quality of life” theme that will be organised in collaboration with the german future trends institute, the “zukunftsinstitut”. quality of life describes a comprehen-sive concept oriented to the individual and focussing on meaning/sustainability, health/well-being, identity/belong-ing, simplicity/reduction and aesthetics/design. these topics correspond directly with the core competences of the packaging industry. falling under the topic of health, for instance, might be packaging material and printer inks with low colour migration or smart quality assurance with the help of the packaging. erratum in issue 10 of petplanet insider (page 24) we carried an article about husky at the drinktec 2009 exhibition. our arti-cle included coverage of the husky hycap system for high speed beverage closure production and we erroneously reported that this equipment can use up to 50% recycled material. this is plainly incorrect and we wish to apolo-gise for our error. it is in fact the hypet recycled flake (rf) system, as also reported in our article, that can run on up to 50% recycled material.

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news 36 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net pet p advertisement solent mould tools 10 years ago petcore: pet collection fi gures for 2008 petcore have announced that european post-sorting pet collection reached 1.26million tonnes in 2008, an increase of more than 11% over 2007. the overall collection rate in 2008 rose by nearly 5%, from over 41% to 46% of all pet bottles on the market. the percentage going for fi bre manufacture fell from 47% to 45%, although the absolute tonnage continued to grow. blow moulding continued to grow with more than 20% going for this application in 2008. “i am very pleased with the high rate of pet recycling in europe,” said roberto bertaggia, chairman of the petcore board. “the collection agen-cies, national bodies, european recyclers and the pet industry chain are to be congratulated on their work. recycled pet has become a reliable and sought-after feedstock in the pet value chain”. it should be recognised that pet will be the most important packaging polymer in contributing towards achievement of the plastics targets in the waste framework directive (2008/89 eu), namely 50% recycling or reuse of plastics from household streams by 2020. the report on “post consumer pet recycling in europe 2008 and prospects to 2013” was prepared for petcore by pci pet packaging, resin & recycling ltd. to purchase a copy of this report please contact pci directly at admin@pcipetpackaging.com pet bottle for uht milk - with predis for the fi rst time a dairy company is launching a pet bottle for uht milk using sidel’s predis dry decontamination technol-ogy. the technology has allowed the french dairy, laiterie de saint denis de l’hôtel (lsdh), to reduce the weight of its bottles by 20% as well as to make dramatic savings in chemicals and water usage. dry decon-taminated pet bottles (predis is used to decontaminate the preforms before blowing) have now proven an ideal solution for lsdh to combat the problems of milk packaging (bacteria, light and oxygen) and is the fi rst predis application for sensitive beverages with neutral ph value. the line consists of a sidel combi system including predis decon-tamination and an fma dairy fi ller. “pet day” in artimino october 8th, 2009 was the date of the annual “pet day”, that has been organised since 2002 by global service international (gsi), the leading pet trader and importer in the eu. the event, which is organised for the benefi t of gsi clients, took place in artimino, near florence in italy and covered topics such as the current trends in the global market and the challenges that are impacting on the industry, as well as offering participants the opportunity to discuss with global leaders the key to continued success as pet converters and users. in issue 1/2010 of petplanet insider we will be carrying an extended article covering the main points discussed at the pet day. erratum in our article entitled “saving energy with direct crystallization”, on page 26 of issue 09/2009, we reported on the collaboration between bühler ag and rieter automatik. in connection with this report we would like to make clear that rieter automatik has not operated under this name since septem-ber 9th, but now trades under the name of automatik plastics machinery gmbh. we apologise for this error.

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news 37 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net p e t c o r e c o l u m n p c the continuing truth about pet pet is a wonderful packaging material! pet is strong, lightweight and is still improving its recycling track record. last month petcore announced that european post-sorting pet collection reached 1.26m tonnes in 2008 (an increase of more than 11% on 2007) and that the overall collec-tion rate rose by nearly 5%, from over 41% to 46% of all pet bottles on the market. in its everyday form pet packaging provides an excellent barrier to gases and water vapour which keeps content fresh and untainted for many, many months. pet minimises the use of fossil fuels during manufacture, forming, trans-port and storage. there are many more products that can be packaged in pet. perhaps we in industry are not communicating effectively with our value chain (internal) and our fi nal customers (external). petcore has devoted a signifi cant amount of time to updating our communica-tions strategy. we want to be in tune with our world of today. after industry con-sultation petcore has put together a factual document called pet profi le which extols the tangible and positive benefi ts of pet and the reasons for its success. too often the media concentrate only on emotional and negative aspects of pur-chasing products that are protected and packaged in pet. petcore has devoted two of its petplanet columns to countering the ill-informed media stories about pet that are presented as fact. pet does not leach cancer-forming chemicals and pet does not leach oestrogenic compounds. pet does not contain or form bisphenol a (bpa) or phthalates. incidentally, bpa and phthalates are some of the most widely studied and understood chemicals in the world. a simple examination of the rigorous eu risk assessments and studies by other internationally respected scientifi c bodies have consistently demonstrated the safety of bpa and food contact phthalates for their current uses. petcore has recognised that we need to do more to share the truth about pet with the wider public. it won’t be easy as bad news and sensational claims make far more interesting stories, but we are trying. petcore and the british soft drinks association (bsda) worked together on a campaign launched in september enti-tled pet plastic bottles – the facts, not myths. petcore is developing a communication strategy aimed at presenting pet in a way that will help educate our stakeholders, the media, the pressure groups and politicians with honest, science-based facts about pet. petcore has shared this strategic vision with european and north american industry pet (and other plastics) stakeholders. we have discovered there is a real enthusiasm for our strategy and an agreement that we can share our studies and campaigns to pub-licise the truth about pet. pet is a global business and we face many common issues, usually driven by ignorance of the facts or narrow agendas. husky, a well known global manufac-turer of injection moulding machinery used for the manufacture of pet preforms, has felt the need to start an education campaign in canada/usa entitled facts on pet (see www.factsonpet.com ). petra, the pet manufacturers’ organisation in the usa has been driven to issue frequently asked questions concerning pet (www.petresin.org). petcore will cooperate with any genuine group dedicated to combating emotional or irrational attacks on our fantastic and versatile pet. our quest is to present the truth. revitalisation is essential and petcore’s website, although it has been an excellent shop window for pet over the years is ready for change. we hope it will be recognised as a reliable source of factual information on pet and its recycling. the new petcore website will be launched in the fi rst days of january in 2010 – a new year and a new beginning (www.petcore.org). we know that this new site will provide more accessible information on pet for petcore members and our stakeholders – the media, politicians and our customers. happy 10 th anniversary to petplanet insider!

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into your pet b ttles www.atlascopco.com atlas copco zd pet-blowing compressor is now tüv-certifi ed as ‘oil-free’ (iso 8573-1 class 0) the zd pet-blowing compressor received an iso 8573-1 ‘class 0’ rating from the german certifi cation authority tüv. tüv testing detected no oil contaminants whatsoever in the compressed air supply. pure air means zero risk of oil contamination in bottle and beverage production. moreover, the zd’s unique 4-stage design brings you substantial energy savings, proven reliability, and lower costs for installation and maintenance. looking for pure air for your production? visit www.classzero.com committed to your superior productivity blow pure air happy 10 th anniversary! we truly appreciate petplanet insider's quality and contribution to the international market!

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compressors for pet bottle blowing once again we close our market survey series at the end of the year with a look at compressors for pet bottle blowing. the fact that compressors are the last product group to be reviewed by us has no hidden signifi - cance - somebody has to be last! in fact we at petplanet are very much aware of the importance of compressors within the pet container manu-facturing process. it’s a pity that compressors are so often hidden from view and so at times get rather forgotten - the “cinderella’s” of the pet bottle production line. it is true that many companies produce compressors, and many compa-nies would like a share of the growing pet container market, but com-pressors for pet bottle blowing are rather special. our survey covers 8 compressor manufacturers, all of whom are well-established and who have equipment specially tailored to the pet blowing business. at the end of the day a compressor is required to supply clean high pressure air consistently and reliably, and the majority of innovations now tend to be in the fi eld of energy saving, which means no wasted air, no high pressure air supply when not required etc. there are numerous options available in terms of product specifi cation, which have been listed by the manufac-turers, and which cover such things as lubrication, type of compressor (screw and/or piston), cooling system and drive system. the “rule of thumb” for pet bottle blowing is air at 40bar, with lower pres-sure air being drawn off for running other parts of the pet line. this often means that an existing air supply system can be used for the low pres-sure air, and also to feed air at e.g. 7bar to a “booster” which provides the 40 bar air for bottle blowing. it is however becoming more common for a dedicated air supply system, from atmospheric to 40bar, to be installed, making the pet system an independent stand-alone piece of equipment. a fi nal, but of course highly important, aspect to be considered is out-put - and one which is always diffi cult to defi ne. manufacturers of sbm machines will gladly specify the air supply required by their blowers; the compressor manufacturer will subsequently take into account such factors as altitude and relative humidity when recommending the most suitable compressor. outputs, quoted in cubic metres per hour, go from as little as 170m 3 /h right up to fi gures in excess of 6,600m 3 /h. the compressor may not be a “glamorous” piece of plant, but it is not only essential but can play a major role in keeping pet bottle production costs to a minimum. although the publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy. all data is as supplied by the manufacturers. 1112/09 marketsurvey producers of caps and closures producers of pellets and additives single stage machinery manufacturers 2-stage sbm machinery manufacturers suppliers of preform moulds and sbm moulds preform manufacturers suppliers of preform systems filling equipment suppliers of labels compressor manufacturers

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market survey marketsurvey 1112/09 company name abc compressors s postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail arizaga, bastarrica y cia, s.a. pol. ind. azitain 6, 20600 ebar, spain 34 943 20400 www.abc-compressors.com ignacio azcuna product manager 34 670 751355 34 943 820236 iazcuna@abc-compressors.com vi 24 3 w in st 3 3 lu 1. machine designation / model number x-booster sx 4x h-booster 3tha-3-lt 3ha-4-lt 3thp-3-lt 3hp-4-lt 4ha-4-ter-lt 4ha-6-ter-lt 4hp-4-lt 4hp-6-lt te 2. number of models in range 12 3 4 14 3 4 4 5 4 5 4 4 20 3. output in m/hr up to 400 125 330 10,000 535 1,050 1.965 4.210 875 1,730 3,135 6,080 90 4. compressor type hi low pressure air high pressure blowing air (up to 40bar) reciprocating reciprocating integrated system reciprocating reciprocating 5. lubricated or oil-free oi low pressure compressor booster compressor lubricated oil-free integrated system lubricated oil-free 6. machine layout w 7. number of compressor stages 1 or 2 2 4 1 or 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 8. are special foundations required ? no no no no no no no no no no no no no 9. cooling system air water w 10. belt or direct drive be low pressure compressor booster compressor belt or direct belt integrated system belt or direct belt or direct belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt company name neuman & esser deutschland gmbh & co. kg kaeser kompressoren gmbh gardner denver limited - hydrovane division ga postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail werkstrasse 52531 übach-palenberg, deutschland 49(0)2451/481-01 www.neuman-esser.com siegfried meyer sales manager 49(0)2451/481-121 49(0)2451/481-139 siegfried.meyer@neuman-esser.de carl-kaeser-str. 26, 96450 coburg 09561/640-0 www.kaeser.com wolfgang hartmann marketing manager 09561/640-252 09561/640-890 wolfgang.hartmann@kaeser.de claybrook drive, washford industrial estate, redditch, worcestershire, b98 0ds united kingdom 44 (0)1527 838200 www.hydrovane.co.uk david dyas sales & marketing director 44 (0)1527 838492 44 (0)1527 838444 david.dyas@compair.com cl re 00 ww tre sa 00 00 tre 1. machine designation / model number piston compressor/v1/v63 sigma pet air hydrovane - hv01 to hv75 vh 2. number of models in range 5 25 1kw to 75kw range including hypacs (1kw to 22kw) and energy effi cient regulated speed models (7kw to 75kw) 11 3. output in m/hr till 3,000 336 - 2772 m/h 42 4. compressor type v1/v63 hi low pressure air no screw type 7,8 and 10bar models - rotary sliding vane high pressure blowing air (up to 40 bar) yes piston type n/a integrated system yes hypac versions available 5. lubricated or oil-free oil-free oil low pressure compressor no lubricated oil lubricated booster compressor yes lubricated n/a integrated system yes n/a 6. machine layout package units "v" (2 cylinder), "w" (3 cylinder) rotary sliding vane technology rec 7. number of compressor stages 2/3 11 1 3 8. are special foundations required ? no no n/a no 9. cooling system closed cooling water system air (water option) air & oil cooling radiators/fan wa 10. belt or direct drive belt dir low pressure compressor no direct direct drive booster compressor yes belt n/a integrated system yes n/a air re w

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market survey siad macchine impianti ingersoll rand company lmf gmbh & co kg via canovine, 2/4 24126 bergamo, italy 39 035 327611 www.siadmi.com ing. luigi beduccii standard compressor director 39 035 327618 39 035 327694 luigi.beducci@siadmi.com 800 d beaty street, davidson, north carolina, usa 704 655-4000 www.air.ingersollrand.com george mankos global portfolio manager 704 655-4311 704 655-4039 george_mankos@irco.com suedbahnstrasse 28 a 2544 leobersdorf, austria 43 (0) 2256 / 9001 - 0 www.lmf.at klaus hitzenberger business unit manager industrial applications 43 (0) 2256 / 9001 - 715 43 (0) 2256 / 9001 - 703 klaus.hitzenberger@lmf.at lt tempo2 bs line petstar –3 models – 170, 210, 260, 310 lmf ecopet fl ex 20 models / 90 – 5.550nm 3 /h 19 models four models 11 ( for 35 and 40bar each) 90 – 5.550nm 3 /h* 1.000 – 6.000 nm3/h, (*) suction con-ditions: 0c – on sea level - r.h. 0% ps3 170 [17 m 3 / hr], ps3 210 [216m 3 / hr], ps3 260 [245m 3 / hr], ps3 310 [287m 3 / hr]. 550 - 3,200 fad high pressure blowing air (up to 40bar) 3-stage from atmosphere reciprocating to 40 bar low pressure screw variable speed 1,5bar roots high pressure piston (booster) 3-stage v-type piston - oil free all units 100% oil free design. oil free oilfree oil free oilfree - w v petstar-3 is a w layout. roots and v-type piston 3 2 screw 2 booster 4 total petstar-3 has 3-stages of compression double acting. 1 3 no no no special foundations are required. unit can be mounted using typical practice of grouting & anchoring or on anti vibration mounts on standard factory fl oor . no water water all units 100% water cooled. water belt drive direct drive belt belt drive belt and direct petstar-3 is a belt driven design gardner denver ltd (belliss & morcom) atlas copco crépelle claybrook drive, redditch, b98 0ds, england 00 44 1527 838600 www.gardnerdenverproducts.com trevor perry sales & marketing director 00 44 1527 838601 00 44 1527 838630 trevor.perry@gardnerdenver.com 2 place guy de dampierre 59008 lille cedex france 33 3 20 52 47 11 www.atlascopco.com sabine wagnon communications 33 3 59 01 05 02 33 (0) 3 59 01 05 02 sabine.wagnon@fr.atlascopco.com vh 7/ vh9/ vh12/ vh18/vh21/vh25 wh28/wh29/wh40/wh50 wh29 wh40 wh50 zd zd vsd p-compressors s-boosters nt 11 23 6 18 22 420 - 1,500 1,680 - 3,200 792 - 4,108 fad 500-1,152 fad up to 1,583-3,957 fad 134 to 2,475 fad 368-6,690 fad high pressure blowing air (up to 40 bar) screw variable speed drive screw piston variable speed drive piston piston piston oil free oil-free oil-free oil-free oil-free oil-free oil-free reciprocating v reciprocating w horizontal horizontal horizontal horizontal 3 2 and 2 2 and 2 3 and 4 1 and 2 no no no no no water cooled water water water water direct drive using shaftless technology direct drive direct drive belt drive belt drive airpet control systems, variable speed drives, air recovery, water cooled motor, 2010 launch of the new wh45, belliss xtra - unlimited warranty programme belt driven up to 315 kw - direct drive above 315 kw belt driven up to 315 kw - direct drive above 315 kw

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regional market reports 42 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net part 2 germany we have been compiling the regional reports for a number of years now and the format has always been the same: part 1 has all the facts and fi gures whilst the subsequent sec-tions feature the sometimes highly-charged interviews and visit reports. this is defi nitely not the case for our germany report. hard on the heels of part 1 with all the facts and data, along comes part 2 with a couple of stories that wouldn’t be out of place in a satirical revue. it is not until we reach part 3 that the interviews actually begin! you couldn’t make it up! no 1 unbelievable but true story no. 1 relates to the german packaging directive. we will leave the reader to investi-gate the ins and outs of the politics involved. some drinks packaging requires the payment of a deposit, others do by alexander büchler not: which is which is something that we all want to know. speaking as someone who has been keeping up with developments ever since the inauguration of the packag-ing directive and who is involved on a daily basis with packaged drinks, i now fi nd myself in the ludicrous posi-tion of having to study the label in the shop in order to see whether the drink i have selected requires me to pay a deposit or not! so, when you read the article, you’ll need to take a step back and apply a generous dose of humour. if you don’t understand it, don’t feel bad – you are in very good company! you couldn’t make it up! no. 2 unbelievable but true story no. 2 actually starts quite innocently. with every regional report we make a point of visiting the key players in the market place. some of these visits go well, others not so well. in germany, however, we failed to make any headway with the suppliers to the larger discounters. perhaps they were afraid of letting something slip out that could ultimately cost them an order or alert the competition. this meant that we had to obtain our informa-tion elsewhere. in our sister publication polymotive – poly-reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s germany part 2

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regional market reports 43 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net in january 2003 the german government introduced a compulsory refundable deposit scheme on single trip bottles. as dr. gross explains in his article, the measure didn’t work quite as the authorities had hoped. since january 1st, 2003 there has been a legal require-ment for industry and distributors to charge a deposit on certain non-reusable beverage packaging. the legislators’ aim was in fact to strengthen the refi llable sector. however, as developments have shown, these efforts were unsuccessful. on the contrary, it can be strongly argued that the introduc-tion of the non-reusable deposit system even accelerated the growth in the demand for non-reusable bottles in cer-tain beverage sectors. right from the beginning the industry pointed out that such a “mandatory deposit” would not have any impact on the steady move among consumers from reus-able to non-reusable. the industry and beverage distributors fought hard against the introduction of the new regulation, even if they made a signifi cant contribution to the establish-ment of a nation-wide return system through the dpg (the industry body set up to organise the deposit system). a deci-sive factor in the continued growth in the use of non-reusable bottles is that the hard discount stores, which are very strong in germany and have a large market share, are offering almost exclusively non-reusable bottles - and the consumers, i.e. their customers, are continuously demanding this type of packaging. it can be critically noted that the history and application of the german regulation on packaging (verpackv) as well as the implementation of the mandatory deposit system are not always based on rational and comprehensible elements. it is therefore of little wonder that the respective scope to which mers in the automotive industry – we take around 10 cars apart every year to discover what the oems are installing in them. so, you may ask, why not do the same bench-marking exercise on bottles in germany? we did, and the results were an eye-opener. in the discount sector we found that every 3rd pet bottle had stretch blow moulding defects! had the major stretch blow moulders allowed us to go ahead with our report, we would not have examined the bottles and would not have uncovered these disturbing fi ndings. now, they will fi nd themselves fretting about future orders while their competitors become even more cunning. satire at its best! single trip deposit bottles - now what? the mandatory deposit applies has been changed and/or extended in recent years. other than initially suspected, the legislator is not gearing to currently used types of material. when answering the question of “deposit or no deposit?” for non-reusable containers, the content itself seems to be more important for the legislator than the material of its packaging. this has led to a situation where similar types of packaging, depending on their content, are either subject to the deposit law (e.g. soft drinks) or not (e.g. fruit juices). whether this makes ecological and economic sense, is up to anyone’s discretion. the key in deciding whether a beverage bottled in an “ecologically disadvantageous non-reusable container” will be subject to a mandatory deposit can be found in 9 paragraph 2 of the verpackv. this regulation contains a detailed list of contents and beverages (such as soft drinks, water and beer) which are explicitly subject to the deposit law (see fig. 1). there are also beverages which are explicitly excluded from the deposit law, in particular: fruit juices, fruit nectars, vegetable juices and vegetable nectars milk and mixed milk drinks (beverages that contain at least 50% milk or products obtained from milk) wine, sparkling wines and spirits dietetic drinks according to 1 paragraph 2, point c of the german regulation on dietetic foodstuffs (diätv), which are exclusively for babies and young children. reusable packaging – exempt packaging – non-reusable packaging (mandatory deposit) reusable packaging ecologically advantageous non-reusable packaging mandatory deposit non-reusable packaging can be refi lled after use (various • materials e.g. glass or plastic/pet) amount of deposit not set by law; • regulated by civil law no legal requirement to labelling • 3 para. 4 of the regula- • tion on packaging (ver-packv): - beverage cartons - polyethylene pouches for beverages - stand-up foil pouches 9 para. 2 of the regulation on packaging (verpackv) • material types: • - plastic/pet - glass - metal law requires bottles to be labelled “mandatory deposit” • law sets deposit at 0.25 euros • obligation on companies to join a nation-wide scheme for • clearing deposit refunds fig.1

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regional market reports 44 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net types of beverage - overview of the single trip deposit system (changes over time) 1.1.2003 1.5.2006 1.4.2009 carbonated water* (non-fl a- • voured) non-carbonated water * (non- • fl avoured) carbonated non-alcoholic bev- • erages** (soft drinks) energy drinks • beer (including alcohol-free) • mixed beer drinks • carbonated water * (fl avoured) • non-carbonated water * (fl avoured) • non-carbonated non-alcoholic bever- • ages** (soft drinks) sports drinks according to the national • regulation on dietetic foodstuffs (diätv) fruit-fl avoured drinks • mixed drinks containing alcohol • “alcopops“) dietetic beverages (except those that fall under 1 para. • 2, point c of the national regulation on dietetic foodstuffs [diätv] and which are exclusively for babies and young children) * water mineral, spring, table and health spa waters as well as all other drinking water. ** softdrinks lemonades, colas, bitter drinks and iced tea with respect to size, containers seen as ecologi-cally disadvantageous are non-reusable containers with a volume of 0.1 to 3 litres. specifi c exceptions exist for a certain group of “ecologically advantageous non-reusable containers” (cf. fig. 2). a change to the regulation, which is valid until decem-ber 31st, 2010, will exempt biodegradable non-reusable plastic packaging that is made from at least 75% renewable resources, with the proviso that the manufacturer or mar-keter participates in a “dual system” (part of the general disposal arrangements for domestic packaging waste) ( 16 paragraph 2 of the verpackv). this is based on the idea that such packaging materials can make a contribution to saving fossil resources and reducing co2 emissions. as an impor-tant “future technology” - according to the german ministry of the environment - it therefore seems to be justifi ed to treat such packaging like “ecologically advantageous non-reusable packaging” during the transition phase. a precondition for this exemption from the deposit law is the submission of suitable evidence. according to the verpackv every bottler and distributor, who puts non-reusable beverage packaging that is subject to the deposit law into circulation in germany, is responsible for: accepting returned empty containers refund of the deposit clearing amongst themselves deposits collected and refunded recycling of the packaging material. the legislator has eliminated the earlier “island solutions” whereby it was possible to take back just “own” containers. instead 9 paragraph 1 of the verpackv makes clear that “any beverages in non-reusable bottles and subject to the deposit law must, before being put on the market, clearly be labelled in a prominent position as subject to a manda-tory deposit”. producers and distributors must further join “a nationally active deposit network” which makes the handling of the returned deposits possible. based on this initial position beverage producers and distributors had set up a unifi ed nation-wide organisation - the “deutsches pfandsystem gmbh” (cf. the german website http://www.dpg-pfandsystem.de) by may 1st, 2006. it should also be made clear that all non-reusable beverage packaging imported into germany is subject to the german deposit regu-lations as well. in the dpg system all containers subject to a deposit are labelled with a unifi ed logo that immediately tells the consumer that the packaging is “non-reusable”. in addi-tion the containers carry an electronic bar code and a security marker. these measures enable the retailer to recognise (using an automated recognition system) whether a deposit was in fact paid on the returned bottle at the time of purchase or not. empties - for example acquired outside of germany - for which no deposit was paid, will of course not be eligible for the return of a deposit. currently, at the request of the federal environmental agency (uba) and following the latest amendment to the verpackv, a study is being carried out specifi cally to review recent experience and to look at the question of the manda-tory deposit (detailed on german websites: http://www.wafg. de/pdf/wafg/bifa_pfand.pdf, http://www.wafg.de/pdf/wafg/ bifa_verpackv.pdf). furthermore there are plans for a new legal requirement for “non-reusable/reusable” labelling on containers; appro-priate suggestions have already been sent to the eu com-mission in brussels. the wafg takes a sceptical view of this suggestion (cf. http://www.wafg.de/pdf/wafg/position_ken-nzeichnung-eng.pdf). it remains to be seen whether and how the new, recently elected german government adjusts the verpackv during its legislative term. in general it would be an advantage for all those affected (consumers and industry), if the provisions of the verpackv were thoroughly examined and put on a fi rm footing based on current and validated fi ndings. a reduc-tion in the fi nancial cost (currently high due to the expensive arrangements for handling deposits) should certainly not lead to a worsening of the ecological balance. if one draws an overall conclusion on the subject of the non-reusable deposit law two points emerge: the legislator has failed in aiming a stabilisation of the market share for reusable packaging. and the (fi nancial) burdens incurred in operating a deposit system (one billion euro for the invest-ment in setting up the system as well as approximately 700 million euro annual additional costs) are in no way com-mensurate with the ecological targets of the verpackv. this is however hardly surprising. numerous experts, including the government’s council of environmental advisors, have doubted from the beginning that a non-reusable deposit system would be a way to protect the environment and the reusable packaging market. dr. detlef gross, secretary general of the german association for non-alcoholic beverages (wafg) fig.2

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regional market reports 45 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net german discounters and pet bottles a comparative study background in terms of dynamics, the change in the market for bever-ages packaging in germany has been driven by the discount-ers over the past few years. the focus of attention is the single trip deposit bottle. key elements are the wide range of different bottle geometries, design and labelling character-istics and the great variety of bottle contents that underlines the diverse spectrum of pet bottles (fig. 1). fig.1 naturally, a signifi cant busi-ness driver for discounters is price, which is dependent on the weight of the bottle and the cap. this is the distinguish-ing factor which characterises the discounters as opposed to branded goods chains and branded product packaging. at the same time, however, a new market dynamic is emerging which has led to a signifi cant proliferation of pet packag-ing for beverages in germany, something which could not have been envisaged in this form 10 years ago. this has paved the way for an investi-gation into the integrity of the pet bottle and into market developments in this sector. the study was based on a range of pet bottles available commercially and similar in form, size and content to the assortment offered on the german market. various criteria were adopted to distinguish between the bottles, the two most signifi cant being the weight of the bottles and their closures. why not replacing heavy polycarbonate bottles by lightweight pet bottles, recyclable and coste effective. magplastic knows how to simplify your logistics while making substantial savings by substituting the old fashion extrusion blow-moulded pc bottle for an attractive pet container . mag-plastic machinery sa rue alfred-pot 1 ch-1896 vouvry switzerland tel. 41 24 4820 820 fax 41 24 4820 819 sales@magplastic.com www.magplastic.com 800 extra large pet container per hour with a capacity of up to 26.5 l. we respond whatever kind of pet packaging, magplastic has the right solution… happy 10 th anniversary it is a pleasure working with petplanet insider

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regional market reports 46 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net basis the basis for the study was a total of 321 pet bottles which were purchased in different federal states all over germany in september 2009. the focus was on bottles containing carbonated soft drinks as well as non-carbon-ated mineral water. the following characteristics were recorded: place of purchase and shop (lidl, aldi, netto, penny, norma, rewe, …) filling location brand beverage volume degree of carbonation label material, sectional application and type (wrap, body, mix) shape of bottle body bottle body individualization bottle surface quality type of base wall thickness section weights colour individual weights of bottle and sealing cap incl. pilfer- proof ring inside diameter of bottle opening height of cap manufacturer’s code stamp not all the features specifi ed here have been included in the following pages, but in the future they will be made available on request in a study. evaluation of various characteristics and combinations origin of the bottles included in the study were bottles originating from 5 states of the federal republic of germany (fig. 2). bear-ing in mind that only a few samples of the individual products were purchased and included in the survey, it will be evident from the pattern of distribution of the individual bottles across the trading chains that rewe stands out due to the fact that it offers a broad range. not all the trading companies are repre-sented to the same extent in each of the regions studied. 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 aldi lidl penny aldi penny aldi lidl rewe aldi lidl penny rewe aldi lidl netto norma penny rewe baden würtemberg bavaria north rhine-westphalia schleswig-holstein thuringia bottle origins by federal state and trading chain fig.2 bottle weights 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0,33 0,5 0,75 1,0 1,25 1,5 2 2,25 quantity distribution by volume fig.3a bottle volume lay within a range of 0.33l to 2.25 l (fig. 3a); however, the vast majority of the bottles were either 0.5l or 1.5l in volume – although the 1l bottle size appears to be gaining increasing importance. the 2.25l bottles are part of a special sales campaign, whilst the remaining formats appear to be niche volumes. two considerations were taken into account: fi rstly, organizing the evaluation in such a way as to ensure clarity and, secondly obtaining a meaningful quantity of data. for this reason, the study focussed prima-rily on bottles with a volume of 1.5l and 0.5l. 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 bottle weights by volume 0,33 0,44 0,5 0,75 1,0 1,25 1,5 2,0 2,25 maximum bottle weight (g) average bottle weight (g) minimum bottle weight (g) fig.3b the bottle weights have been evaluated both as a function of the fi lling volume and the coding used (fig. 3b) clearly demonstrates an obvious reduction in weight recorded in the two mass-produced articles, namely, the 0.5l and 1.5l volume bottles. at the same time it is inter-esting to note that, as far as overall market orientation is concerned, a clear correlation appears to exist in terms of bottle weight and volume, but with distinctly individual fea-tures as regards to the range of upper and lower limits. the lightest 0.5l bottle, weighing in at 13.1g, comes from aldi and is fi lled with a carbonated proprietary brand beverage; the heaviest bottle, weighing 28.7g, was pur-chased from rewe and contains a carbonated brand name mineral water (fig. 4a). 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 minimum bottle weight (g) minimum bottle weight (g) minimum bottle weight (g) bottle weights: 0.5l bottles fig.4a

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regional market reports 47 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net advertisement magplastic 10 years ago

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regional market reports 48 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 bottle weights: 1.5l minimum bottle weight (g) minimum bottle weight (g) minimum bottle weight (g) fig.4b similar extremes may be noted in the 1.5 l volume bottle (fig. 4b). the lightest bottle (27.5g) is to be found in netto’s range. it contains a carbonated proprietary brand beverage. the heaviest bottle at 70g is a branded mineral water, purchased at rewe, but this is clearly a one-off outlier and is probably a re-usable bottle that has somehow made its way on to the disposables line. the next heaviest bottle, with a weight of 42.6g, again lies within a plausible band width and is also a brand name mineral water from rewe. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 and greater histogram weight distribution 0.5l frequency category (bottle weight in g) fig.5a the histograms (fig. 5ab) demonstrate graphically the spread of bottle weights. the lightest and the heaviest examples of the different volumes allow us to assume a cor-relation between brand and bottle weight and this has been confi rmed in fig. 6ab. however, it is noticeable that, for 1.5l bottles, the average value is close to the minimum value; for various reasons this is not achieved with 0.5l bottles. 60 0 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 and greater histogram weight distribution 1.5l frequency category (bottle weight in g) 50 50 40 30 20 10 fig.5b heavyweight champions when it comes to the 0.5 l branded bottles are non-carbonated brand name bottles from the manufacturers evian (15.9g) and volvic (16.9g). in the case of the 1.5l bottles, the brand name heavyweight champions are bottles from fürst bismarck (30.9g), vittel ( 30.99g), contrex (31.39g), vio (31.75g, 31.89g) and apol-linaris (31.95g), likewise non-carbonated mineral waters. happy 10 th anniversary to petplanet insider returnable 19,8 g returnable 32,8 g

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regional market reports 49 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net this confi rms that, as far as the brand names are con-cerned, carbonation is always associated with more weight, something which has not always been found to be the case as far as the proprietary brand results are concerned. the histograms (fig. 6) also show that low weight for proprietary brand packages had been optimised. by con-trast, only a few brand name packagings had aimed at pos-sible weight savings. as regards very lightweight bottles, it was observed that these kinked above the recessed grip when the content was being poured out and are therefore not user-friendly – we tend to fi nd that brand name prod-ucts have managed to avoid this problem. the recessed grip does, however, result in savings of around 5g by com-parison to a cylindrical bottle – a considerable proportion for the 1.5l bottles. 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 histogram weight distribution 1.5l 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 and greater proportion in % weight categories in g proprietary brand brand name proprietary brand 30,6 g brand name 38,2 g fig.6a 60 0 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 and greater histogram weight distribution 0.5l proportion in % weight categories in g 50 50 40 30 20 10 proprietary brand 19 g brand name 23,8 g proprietary brand brand name fig.6b the average difference between the bottle weight of proprietary brand and brand name beverages is around 4.8g for 0.5l bottles; this corresponds to an additional weight of 25.8% for the brand name as opposed to a pro-prietary brand. in the case of 1.5l bottles, the brand name, with an additional weight of 7.5g, is around 24.5% heavier by comparison to a proprietary brand. both are signifi cant values (fig. 7ab) and point to the potential for differences due to weight. 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 proprietary brand bottle weight – mean values 0.5l brand name min. average value max. fig.7a erema engineering recycling maschinen und anlagen ges.m.b.h. freindorf · unterfeldstr. 3 · p.o.b. 38 · a-4052 ansfelden/linz · austria phone (43)732/3190-0 · fax (43)732/3190-23 · erema@erema.at we know how. www.erema.at vacurema prime up to 10% iv increase without energy intensive classic ssp process fda approved, ilsi-conform very low total energy consumption from 0,25kw/kg pellet only more than 100 plants delivered worldwide your most economic way to high quality btb regranulate pet bottle recycling by vacurema

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regional market reports 50 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 bottle weight – mean values 1,5l proprietary brand brand name min. average value max. fig.7b carbonation has, as far as proprietary brand bottles are concerned, obviously no effect on the lowest bottle weight used, whereas, in the case of brand name beverages, the non-carbonated beverages feature somewhat more lightweight packaging (as is to be expected from a techni-cal viewpoint due to the loss of co 2 and other performance aspects related to the bottles (fig. 8ab)). 30 0 min. bottle weight as a function of carbonation 0.5l proportion in % 25 20 15 10 5 proprietary brand brand name proprietary brand brand name proprietary brand brand name n l o fig.8a carbonation level n-normal, l-light, o-without 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 min. bottle weight as a function of carbonation 1.5l proprietary brand brand name proprietary brand brand name proprietary brand brand name n l o fig.8b carbonation level n-normal, l-light, o-without sealing cap weights when it comes to the closures (cap and pilfer proof ring) on the bottles, we encounter a different scenario (fig. 9ab). the brand names are all quite close to each another and even the difference between 0.5l and 1.5l bottles is marginal. all that is noticeable in the case of the 0.5l pro-prietary brand bottles. they are the outliers which are char-acterized by special closures that are typical of isotonic beverages and/or those aimed at the regenerative sports sector. only slight differences are evident where the weight of the closure is kept to a minimum. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 proprietary brand lid weights – mean values 0,5l brand name min. average value max. fig.9a 4 3,5 3 2,5 2 1,5 1 0,5 0 lid weights – mean values 1,5l proprietary brand brand name min. average value max. fig.9b in the case of 1.5l bottles, however, this was found to be signifi cantly less and even the average value is lower than is the case with the 0.5l bottles. the lightest bottle cap (1.57g) was measured on a non-carbonated propri-etary brand mineral water. these bottles are clearly lead-ing the fi eld. bottles with a carbonated content feature a closure weight of at least 2g. the difference between brand name and proprietary brand bottles lies predominantly in this very lightweight closure. the lightest closure (1.85g) for a bottle containing a brand name beverage is also to be found on a non-carbonated mineral water and the group of bottles with a carbonated content displays a minimum lid weight of 2.3g. conclusion the comparison between bottles for brand name and proprietary brand beverages in particular shows the considerable scope that exists in relation to weight and which fuels the state of differentiation on the market. there seems to be little further potential, although this needs to be viewed in context in individual instances together with the technical specifi cations and characteristics of the bottle. however, the boundaries as far as this is concerned may lie in the interrelationship with the tools and capacities installed. the trend towards the lightweight is nevertheless bound to generate further proposals. even with the same product name, the same packag-ing solutions are not always pursued for proprietary brand and brand name products, as is evident from the aldi and penny examples.

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regional market reports 51 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net regional market report germany part iii featuring interviews with: alpla pet-verpackungen uniplast bericap coca-cola eckes granini advertisement netstal maschinen ag 10 years ago y the proportion of bottle surface defects (orange peel skin) which may amount to up to 30% is frustrating; this leads us to conclude a lack of quality awareness in manu-facturing – however, it is not clear whether the consumer who does their shopping at the discount store has any appreciation of this anyway. it is likewise questionable whether they will assess the stability of the bottle overall. although it is not possible to reproduce this in a technical survey, it nevertheless presents a certain risk as far as the integrity of the pet bottle in terms of an attractive packag-ing medium is concerned. the weight window for the bottle caps is signifi cantly more consistent and could well also lead to an alignment at the low level established for various different bottle sizes. but also of interest are the studies relating to the height of the bottle cap which correlates with the weight – a reduc-tion of 2mm would appear to be on the way. the available data will be further assessed and made accessible in a study. other criteria will also be evaluated and some technical studies made available concerning wall thicknesses, section weights, topload and burst pressure capability which will shed light on processing quality and limits that are cost-effective from a technical point of view. at the same time, the phenomenon of structural stability based on the design of the recessed grip section will also be evaluated.

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tradeshow review 52 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net the pet world congress 2009 a wide range of innovations held in parallel with drinktec, the pet world congress 2009 registered over 200 participants, with the schedule offering the opportunity for the participants to attend those sections that were of particular interest to them, if they so desired. the conference fee was at a reasonable level of a mere 289 eur (tax) and therefore access to the latest and the great-est in pet developments was cost-effective and fi tted com-fortably into a full day of drinktec activities. some of the ses-sions drew 70 to 80 attendees, which is an excellent result for a drop-in type of event during a show such as drinktec. the broad range of topics related principally to market dynamics and diversity in technologies, recycling, lightweight container and closure designs, process improvements and innovations primarily driven by equip-ment manufacturers and enhancing container performance through tailor-made property modifi cation. gone, it seems, are the days when we heard of new proprietary processes for inno-vative multilayer structures; barrier performance and thus market growth potential, appears to be addressed by various, and presumably effi cient, means. new markets evolve around niches while the mainstream large volume applications are driven by demograph-ics – pearl drinks presented some interesting facets from india. growing economy countries as well as penetra-tion of the existing packaging mix are driving volumes elsewhere as shown in the results presented as part of the report on the beverage innovations awards 2009 by bill bruce. the good news is sustainability of growth in pet markets and little negative infl uence of the world-wide fi nancial crisis – people continue to drink and require packag-ing materials. recycling equipment is becoming more and more a commodity prod-uct for those joining this market, the differentiation of manufacturers like starlinger and erema are founded in process differences and technical fea-tures. apparently a key issue to enter this market revolves around access to post consumer materials – even large volume countries offer limited opportu-nities. the available equipment works in the market place, however, the con-cern about recycling rates based on closing the return loop is vital and is a major issue in current discussions. the us report presented by pti recy-cling systems shows stagnating rates and points to a need for regulation. at fi rst glance the subjects of recycling and material functionality did not appear to be related, but the discussion led to the question of how the recycling stream may be affected by material additions that have a detrimental impact on recycling proc-esses. apparently, there is consider-able concern about the recyclability of material additions to the pet stream. one of the issues surfacing around the drinktec show identifi ed the addi-tion of a biodegradable organic poly-mer as a contaminant of the recycling stream. would this also be true for the value added formulations presented by clariant, colormatrix, resilux, artenius and m&g, who all presented impressive results on how pet can be modifi ed to respond to specifi c needs in terms of barrier improvements or other specifi c container functions? certainly not! no detrimental impacts on recycling were reported and the current path of pet, even modifi ed pet, is confi rmed for it environmen-tally friendly state – that was a clear message as long as no extreme demands are pushed with regard to modifi cations! while content details were not revealed it could clearly be stated that the amount of non-pet material is minimal enough to not affect recycling. the main objective is to modify pet for improved bar-rier performance and was addressed 3rd michael koch, moderator at the pet world congress

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engel austria gmbh a-4311 schwertberg tel: 43 (0)50 620 0 fax: 43 (0)50 620 3009 e-mail: sales@engel.at short cycle times and uncompromising quality: engel injection moulding machines and turnkey systems score points with speed and reliability – for the greatest productivity and uptimes. we work very quickly and reliably for you: with production facilities on three continents and our global sales and service network, we competently and quickly produce individual production solutions for any type of demand. and, just in case, we can quickly supply you with spare parts – from 70 net- worked logistics centres. always close by: www.engelglobal.com quick and reliable. worldwide. be the first. happy 10 th anniversary to petplanet insider

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tradeshow review 54 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net the only end-to-end vision inspection system in the world. 29200 aurora road cleveland, ohio 44139 usa if you need a fully-integrated pet container vision inspection system, able to cover your whole process from start to finish, pressco is the only solution. our reliable, proven systems are ideal for inspection at various process stages including preforms, bottle blowing, filling, closures and labeling. — call or email us at — 1 440 498 2600 sales@pressco.com www.pressco.com in many different but effi cient ways showing results that were possible to be tailored to the requirements of the specifi c package and its use. so, not only content drives the barrier require-ment but also the market dynamics demand the fl exibility to tailor the package to the needs. the players in this fi eld demonstrated excellent capabilities and one can only hope that the market place makes use of the variety of solutions available and introduced here. the large equipment manufac-turers came in to report the latest developments and improvements in processing and fi lling pet and showed a signifi cant focus towards energy consumption (husky, piovan, netstal, sidel). sustainability has reached the shop fl oor and the impact of energy price changes on container cost is no longer negligi-ble - the message was taken and added as another key criterion in equipment selection. the considera-tion of energy effi ciency goes hand in hand with the drive towards con-tainer lightweighting initiatives, again dealing with sustainability and being very much driven by all equipment manufacturers aiming to demon-strate their equipment capability as superior when working with very lightweight packages. aside from cycle time improvements that netstal presented, with reduced wall thick-nesses due to low preform weights, equipment effi ciency is a focused development area. while the correla-tion of basic process technology and container performance was often little considered, it is impressive to see that a 6.6g 0.5l container (is it still a bottle? - or are we moving towards “bag in box” concepts?) can perform in an industrial fi lling and packaging environment. meant rather as a study rather than a product development, krones indicated that practical com-mercial packages will not fall that low in weight in the near future. sacmi presented its concept of in-line equipment for continuous pre-form production integrated with bottle manufacturing. it is in a pre-market introduction stage and it will be inter-esting to observe further development activity in this fi eld. compression moulding of preforms appears to be in an early stage, while the long proven process for caps and closures using the sacmi system has demonstrated the potential to bring innovation to process diversity. in this respect, compression moulding will allow a differentiation between high volumes in continuous processes and fl exible medium to small volumes for injec-tion moulding. this appears to offer excellent opportunities for bottlers to adjust their capability and increase their added value in the value chain. this item appears to be attractive since the variety of closure designs and the change in standards continue to drive innovation. weight reduction is at the forefront of these activities and new standards are to be expected with the “1881” solution including cap height changes as reported by beri-cap, however, alternative standards as reported by cct continue to allow optimization within the product portfo-lio of closure makers. in a variety of other presenta-tions we heard reports on process developments – some known and further improved – other brand new and in the process of commerciali-zation. cold jet supplies process and equipment to considerably ease maintenance of preform moulds and offers an interesting and fast “in-machine-maintenance” of the neck split section in preform moulds. a system that all operators of high performance preform plants should be aware of. alps introduced new high speed leak detection equip-ment for which they fi nd an increas-ing market need – the trend to higher speeds of up to 60,000bph and above vijay walia, pearl drinks ltd. stefan bock, netstal

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tradeshow review 55 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net www.siadmi.com tempo silent box soundproof cabin of compression lines for pet bottles • 75 db(a) @ 1 mt in any direction • built-in electrical cabinet • complete accessibility for full maintenance • in-out silenced air fan • easy and quick installation • available also for siad mi compressors already installed visit our web-site to fi nd out all our services and customer connection siad macchine impianti s.p.a. compressors and air separation units in one single production line appar-ently justifi es this development. siapi introduced their capability of bringing pet as a replacement for hdpe and pc container applications particularly in larger size packages (3 ltr and up) which supports the trend to standard-ize pet as the liquid food plastics packaging material. pti introduced a real innovation with it’s a foamed container wall that, aside from tactile and visual aspects, has additional lightweight and performance poten-tial that is further to be explored. khs plasmax presented its capabil-ity for plasma coating of siox barrier layers onto containers. ideas range around offsetting the cost increment through container weight reduction: the increase in barrier performance has the potential to reduce container weight previously used as a solution for increased barrier performance. all in all, at the pet world congress it became clear that three major issues are moving the industry’s discussions in pet packaging: recyling rates are not growing substantially enough to keep pet well away from environmental discussions – certainly driven by low pet raw material prices and the associated cost increment over post consumer scrap material (pcr) when using recycled material – this calls for two moves: signifi cant cost reduction in recycling processes and improved collection systems to widen compe-tition and the business platform for recyclers. barrier properties of containers are to be tailored to the needs rather than applying generic solutions that in the past haven often driven cost over and above what is actually required – many technical solutions on the mate-rial modifi cation side are available and open up encouraging opportunities without detrimentally impacting on recyclability. energy effi ciency in production will drive the industry to more conscious and sustainable production concepts. equipment and plant solutions require attention and focused services to deal with the challenges of increasing energy cost. by michael koch at the pet world congress, the broad range of topics related principally to market dynamics and diversity in technologies.

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bottle making 56 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net faster, smaller and easier the new khs corpoplast innopet blomax series iv generation of stretch blow moulders can handle 2,200 pet bottles per blow station per hour and has capacity of up to 72,000 pet bottles per hour. the innopet blomax series iv from khs corpoplast is, the company says, more than just an upgrade. it represents a new generation of stretch blow moulders. in-depth criti-cal analysis and re-thinking of every single existing part, using the quality function deployment (qfd) quality assurance program, was deployed in order to design, produce, and market products and services the customer really requires. a global customer analysis project found that larger beverage compa-nies, in particular, want machines with outputs of more than 60,000 pet bottles per hour. all types of beverage companies placed high priority on the production of premium pet bottles; an energy-saving production process; minimum use of materials; and opti-mum line utilization. the focus and objective of the development of innopet blomax series iv was the lowest possible cost per bottle produced (total cost of ownership). the range now meets market requirements for sustainability and reduced overall operating costs and exceeds the energy consumption standard set by the series iii innopet blomax machines. extensive development for new benchmarks khs corpoplast started send-ing out customer surveys in 2005 and the fi rst prototype, an innopet blomax s10 blow moulder with 10 cavities, was put into practical opera-tion in 2007. the following year saw the commissioning of the 36-cavity innopet blomax s 36. both systems passed their acceptance tests. the innopet blomax series iv has a capacity of up to 72,000 pet bottles per hour, much more than the 43,200 maximum of series iii machines. the series iv is completely modular and can be equipped with 4 to 36 blow stations – 50% more than the previous maximum of 24. while series iii was able to output 1,800 pet bottles per blow station per hour, the new series iv can handle up to 2,200. the standard innopet blomax series iv manufactures bottle sizes ranging from 0.2 to 2.0l and can handle special sizes, also. khs corpoplast developed a heat-ing technique that enables preforms to be preheated in around half the time required by the previous system. this also means that the heating module takes up only half of the space and has the consequence that, in the event of an emergency stop, only half ofthe preforms have to be rejected. the new heating module uses near-infrared radiation (nir), which delivers substantially higher energy density than classic infra-red. it gives extremely intense penetration of the perform wall but with hardly any sur-face heat production. the intensity is reinforced by feeding the preform through a closed heating chamber with all-round refl ection. control-led cooling by a continuous air fl ow/ extraction eliminates the need for a the innopet blomax series iv has an output capacity of up to 72,000 pet bottles per hour with an output up to 2,200 pet bottles per station and hour. energy-saving near-infrared radiation (nir) heating technology has been developed for the heater that not only allows preforms to be optimally heated through and through but also approxi-mately halves the preform heating time versus the previous series iii system.

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bottle making 57 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net water cooling unit. total heat penetra-tion of preforms is extremely effi cient, thanks to the very short gaps between mandrels of only 37.7mm(smallest pitch). the new process achieves energy savings of up to 40% com-pared with traditional heating technol-ogy and has reduced startup time to about 15s. compact blow station design blow stations in the series iv are staggered in relation to one another and, therefore, positioned extremely close together. this compact position-ing is possible as only one half of the mould on each blow station is opened while the other is stationary. the opening is slightly offset in relation to the central point of the machine axis in each case. the newly developed blow stations are opened and closed by a toggle mechanism. the mould carrier is no longer locked, leading to less mechanical vulnerability, longer process time, and a higher specifi c output. the innopet blomax s with 24 blow stations has a blow wheel diam-eter of 2,800mm, compared with a diameter of 3,200mm required for the 24 stations in the previous generation. the 36 blow stations version requires a blow wheel diameter of only 3,600mm. more of the new-design blow stations can now be mounted on a blow wheel of the same diameter, saving a lot of space. the conventional method of trans-portation by metal mandrels requires complicated transfer devices and pre-vent any signifi cant increase in output capacity. in order to overcome the disadvantages without abandoning the mandrel principle, khs corpoplast has introduced active mandrels for the series iv. after the preforms are loaded and spaced by a star wheel, the active mandrel receives the preform by entering it from above without contact. fixed guidance is then achieved by a second movement within the man-drel body, which presses small beads against the preform mouth for abso-lutely secure conveying. after pass-ing through the heater the mandrel releases the preform, which is then picked up by grippers and fed directly to the blow station. the active mandrel loop elimi-nates the need for elaborate transfer devices, saving space and making the design simpler. gentle preform han-dling, reliable transport and process stability have all been improved. the stretch blow moulding process continues to be performed by a steel bar in the blow station. however, in place of the previous mechanical cam-controlled stretching process, stretching is now controlled by a servo motor, which improves the precision of the the energy-saving clever-loc blow stations on the innopet blomax series iv are staggered in relation to one another and are therefore positioned extremely close together. this positioning in the smallest possible space is possible as only one half of the mould on each blow station is opened while the other is stationary. stretching process. it also means that stretching has been decoupled from mechanical functions, so it can be car-ried out at high speeds regardless of machine rotation. this increases proc-ess stability and reduces scrap rate.

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bottle making 58 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net changeover time reduced dramatically the adoption of servo technol-ogy for stretching means that it is no longer necessary to change and mechanically adjust the stretch die in order to produce a new type of bottle. new settings are simply communi-cated to the system, via the display screen – which reduces changeover time signifi cantly. changeover time is further improved because no product-dependent parts are required for pre-forms with the same neck. moulds are replaced in the blow stations much faster, thanks to their new design and the speed-loc quick-change system. a changeover time of about 45 minutes is calculated for the innopet blomax series iv equipped with 20 blow stations, compared with about 90 minutes for the previous gen-eration. this can result in increased production of about 33,000 pet bot-tles per changeover for the innopet blomax s 20. the new innopet blomax series iv has a redesigned valve block. depending on bottle size, 5 to 15% less compressed air is used and the ‘dead space volume’ (volume of air applied at high pressure but not used) has been reduced by 25 to 30%. blow moulds opening on one side and a toggle lever jack principle for opening and closing blow stations minimises the number of wear parts in the innopet blomax s genera-tion of stretch blow moulders. the central axle is lubricated for life and the servo-motor-driven stretch slide in the vicinity of the blow wheel has an automatic lubrication system for a maintenance-free period of 6,000 operating hours. the elimination of mandrel transfers means there is no longer any need for elaborate adjust-ment for each type of product. innopet blomax series iv stretch blow moulders can be monoblocked with khs fi ller systems without any complication. interview with frank haesendonckx, manager new technology, khs petplanet: good morning mr. haesendockx. you have been work-ing for more than three years on the development of a new generation of stretch blow moulders for corpoplast. what we are looking at here is a completely new machine and not an updated, reworked version of the existing range. did you give the designers a completely free rein? frank haesendockx: well, a free rein is perhaps not quite the right way to express it, but we certainly placed some serious demands on everybody in the team. all those involved were given a very clear list of objectives after the overall machine concept had been established - every sub--assembly and fi nally every nut and bolt had to be questioned and challenged. petplanet: and what did you write in the list of objectives? frank haesendockx: we wrote together, as a team, and it was dictated by the clients. in 2006 we held some intense discussions with machinery users, from which we established certain parameters: namely, total cost of ownership and sustainability. it may not sound much, but the clients supplied the concrete detail: lower energy con-sumption, less consumption of compressed air, more output per mould. those were the core objectives that we had in the fi nal performance specifi cation. and at 2,200 bottles per cavity per hour, 30% less energy consumption and 15% less compressed air, we achieved those objec-tives targets - possibly even exceeded them. petplanet: what about investment costs? frank haesendockx: they too are ok. look at the price of an old 24 mould machine from generation iii, with an output of 43,000 bph, and compare it with a new generation iv machine with 20 moulds and an output of 44,000bph. you will see that the price is fi ne. petplanet: what are the secrets of the new range? frank haesendockx: firstly, we transport the preform in a hanging position through the whole machine, and we no longer rotate it. the pre-form drive, thanks to the new preform hanger, can be slowed down to zero. overall we have removed a lot of complexities from the machine. we have adopted a new oven concept that allows us to use the hang-ing preform system. we heat the preforms with near-infrared radiation heaters rather than the usual type of heater. the light from the new type of tube penetrates the preform better and heats it from the centre outwards, which means that the immediate environment stays com-paratively cool. it is so cool that we have been able to dispense with the usual cooling air. petplanet: that of course saves energy. but a new oven concept doesn’t make the machine go any faster! frank haesendockx: true. this is where we come to the blowing wheel. we have installed the moulds on the diagonal and they open on only one side. this moveable side passes behind the neighbouring mould. you can imagine it if you think of parking your car on a diagonal and right up close to the next car. you can then only open the door to get out because your door is behind the neighbouring car. in this way a 1.5l bottle can comfortably be ejected from the mould. petplanet: so the moulds can be squeezed closer together around the blowing wheel and hence the whole thing can be run faster. frank haesendockx: yes. and despite the somewhat different processing parameters the post shrinkage of the bottle stays the same. petplanet: many thanks mr. haesendockx

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60 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petproducts atlas copco extends its range of oil-free class 0 compressors atlas copco, the well-known sup-plier of compressed air solutions for the pet market, has extended its array of compressors with the launch of new 800 to 1200 m 3 /h models. it now offers a comprehensive range up to 4000 m 3 /h. ‘clean air’ is a basic requirement in today’s market; there can be no risk for the end-user. atlas copco’s new com-pressors are part of the class 0 range of products certifi ed by tüv under the iso 8573-1 standard, which represents the highest level of air purity. the company has made a point of strongly focussing on the critical factor of energy saving in developing its new models. the new zd compressors have been designed with the same features as the existing zd range. they are easy to install and come with all necessary equipment included in the packages – a true ‘plug & play’ concept that saves trouble and avoids hidden costs. new closure systems for sports and lifestyle markets weener platik ag’s takeover of the business activities of s&s kunstofftech-nik enabled the company to expand its product range with caps designed spe-cifi cally for the beverages industry. weener showed several pe plastic caps with various sealing systems at drinktec 2009 in munich, september 2009. the two main variants are outer sealing and double sealing, all comkpliant with pco28, pco 1881 and 38mm neck standards. its new competcap is a closure that combines the advantages of the pco 28 and pco 188 standards, the company says. the aquasport ‘sports cap’ is designed for the lifestyle drinks market. a new model, with a fl attened outer geometry, is available for pco 28 and pco 1881 neck standards. all weener’s closure solutions incorporate the company’s silicone valve within the closure cap, for accurate dosing and the elimination of drips and leaks. amsler’s new sbm machine w. amsler equipment recently delivered their latest model, the l15 all-electric reheat stretch-blow moulder with hot-fi ll capability, to diversifi ed ltd., a pet bottle manufacturer based in trinidad & tobago. diversifi ed will use the machine to produce wide mouth food jars ranging from 8ounce to 32ounce, along with 5l detergent containers for the local market. the l15 custom blow moulder is a single cavity unit that produces con-tainers with neck sizes from 20mm to 70mm at up to 1,700bph. the machine for diversifi ed is specially equipped for automatic loading of 89mm diam-eter preforms and has a larger track for preform spigots. diversifi ed buy their preforms and manufacture 13 different bottles for ketchup, peanut butter, may-onnaise, sauces, and other products. back with a vengeance for more than 10 years krauss-maffei have been marketing their preform systems. over the last two years demand has been slow for vertical machines but at the petpoint exhibition km announced that they were back with a vege-ance. in the factory, not far from the exhibition, the company was showing the whole of their product range for the beverage industry, starting with the ex 120-750 cap moulder with a 32 cavity tool for a 2g pco 28 running at a cycle time of 2.7s, through to the preform systems. the range also included a 600t system for moulding crates, running at 54s for 1,850g crates and combined with an internal gas pressure system, as well as the gigantic injection moulding compounders for moulding pallets. the highlight was certainly the preform system. the 320t vertical machine was running a 96 cavity tool and turning out 27g preforms at a cycle time of 16.9s. its 175t little sister can be fi tted with a hydraulic accumulator battery if desired so that if the electricial power fails the machine can continue running. this is particula-lry important in the rapidly growing overseas market, where energy supply is not always in step with the growth in industry and commerce. km machines also still proudly boast the fact that their mould tools will run for 15million cycles without a major overhaul. saving weight on existing preforms capello design, from italian company concordia developments, is a design for existing and new preforms that offers weight savings of 2.5% and more, in certain cases. the core concept behind the design is to reduce the amorphous area around the injection point, leaving all other parts of the bottle and its tech-nical specifi cations unaltered. concordia developments says that cappello design has a modifi ed preform base that can be applied to any existing and new preforms, offer-ing weight saving of 2 to 4% on any existing perform on the market. it is also claimed to offer faster injection speed and a faster blowing process – although it uses the same process as for a standard preform. the design can be com-bined with other weight-saving solutions, such as short necks. no adjustments are required to the existing stretch rod. converting a 48-cavity mould with the cappello design (for a 2l preform – 1g weight reduction) can save an average of 120,000 per year, enabling full return on investment in six months. a total of 15 capello design moulds are in production and 30 customers are currently testing the technology, including gotmar ltd., bulgaria and uab putokšnis, lithuania. husky and hofstetter ag are the only mouldmakers cur-rently authorised to work with cappello design.

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products 61 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net a: petka wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-strasse 1 69181 leimen-st. ilgen tel 49(0)62 24/93 04-0 info@wdwdruck.de www.wdwdruck.de a company of the e&b group the fresh way to print! congratulations from the wdw team on 10 years „petplanet insider“! looking forward to another 10 years of great cooperation. ongoing recycling innovation, quality and state-of-the-art techno-logy, a full range of consulting services and optimization on site – brought to you by starlinger. www.starlinger.com recycling line recostar universal

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62 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petbottles liquid sugar in pet sweet family / nordzucker of braun-schweig in germany have recently introduced a 250ml pack of liquid sugar. according to the producer the sugar can be used in all types of applications (for drinks, desserts, cooking etc), is easy to use thanks to its liquid consistency and is handy to dispense thanks to the squeez-able pet bottle. a snap-on dispenser cap, which is tamper-proofed by a wrap-over label, nicely fi nishes off the pack. the bottle is supplied by pet-power and fi lled by hensen in kirchlinteln. ariel beat the spots procter & gamble germany have launched a new stain remover range under the “ariel” brand. one of the prod-ucts, the tough stain remover, is marketed in a 1l pet bottle. the waisted-in bottle is decorated with a beautifully printed shrink sleeve and has an unusual dispensing cap. the clear ball used for dispensing is screwed on with the cap and integrated into the product design. stable inverted bottle the english company ambi-ent products is marketing the 400 gram pack of “branston” relish in an inverted pet bottle. an aluminium foil seal under the broad screw cap provides tamper evidence as well as an airtight seal. after having been opened the pack is resealed by the snap-on hinged lid. the labels on front and back, designed to match the handy bottle shape, describe the product and carry the usual commer-cial data. silver for vichy the “vichy célestins” brand sold by the french company of the same name based in vichy now includes a special 500 ml “drainocoach” beverage in a nicely shaped, metallic coloured pet bottle. the well-known vichy water, said to promote good health, has been refi ned with the addition of natural ingredients such as green tea and fl avourings (in this case cherry). the bottle has a waisted-in grip area and a colour-coordinated, tamper evi-dent screw cap, and the lower part is dec-orated with a metallic effect wrap-around label. the bottle is a real eye-catcher on the french supermarket shelves. milk in pet the german dairy company molkerei sachsenmilch of leppersdorf has a 0.75l pack of low fat uht milk in a round, white pet bottle. with the slogan “everthing good is in this bottle!” the producer pro-motes the product on the pack itself. inno-vative, handy and safe are some of the positive points that are highlighted, as well as the generously dimensioned screw cap and the protection from uv light offered by the pack. the colourful shrink sleeve label and the tamper-evident screw cap fi nish of this milk packaging. pet for pomegranate sauce the company yamakoglu of izmir in turkey is selling 340g packs of pomegran-ate sauce in a handy-looking round pet bottle. the bottle has a self-adhesive paper patch label on the front and a two-piece, screw-on, push-pull cap without tamper evi-dence. rib patterns on the upper and lower areas of the blow-moulded bottle bring added stability. fragrance crystals from vernel 480g packs of vernel crystals are sold by henkel of düsseldorf in different fragrances to be used as a laundry fabric softener. accord-ing to the manufacturer these new types of crystal bring a long-lasting fragrance and a special kind of freshness. the fabric conditioner is packaged in a slightly waisted-in clear pet bottle with a silver coloured screw cap. the clear dispensing aid is snapped into the cap and nicely crowns this modern pack. a shrink sleeve label fi nishes off a very attractive pack, leaving the crystals visible

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bottles 63 petplanet insider vol. 8 no. 03/07 www.petpla.net insider marketing of investment goods, products and services for the plastics industry – boosted daily by ten creative minds. may the future bring petplanet continued success! insider expertise on 400bn pet bottles p.a. – ten years of competent monthly analysis presented in petplanet insider. www.lueling-marketing.com lüling marketing

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64 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petbottles from the stone jar to the pet bottle in 1888 wilhelm castendyk, a mine manager, discovered car-bonated spring water during mining operations at gerolstein in the eifel mountains in the western part of germany. he set up gerol-steiner sprudel gmbh and started fi lling mineral water in clay jugs and jars. the high co 2 content of the water led to its being recom-mended by court counsellor prof. dr. r. fresenius, which contrib-uted signifi cantly to its sales and commercial success. by 1889 the red star and the lion had already been registered as product trademarks. from 1900 gerolsteiner was fi lled in glass bottles and was being sold at a rate of 3.2million bottles per annum. at the end of the 1920s the product started to fi nd export markets in the usa and a few years later a new type of bottle was introduced - a bottle with an internal thread to accept a screw-in stopper. the plant was totally destroyed during world war ii and after it had been carefully rebuilt fi lling started up again in 1948. at this time the glass bottles were fi tted with swing-top stoppers. having taken over a number of smaller local water bottlers, by 1954 gerolsteiner was fi lling over 100 million bottles per annum. the year 1998 was a real milestone for gerolsteiner when, after an eight year development programme and in the face of consider-able opposition from environmental groups, the company became the fi rst in germany to market mineral water in refi llable pet bottles stretch blow moulded from preforms. consumers readily accepted the light, crystal-clear, unbreakable bottle, and a packaging revolu-tion was under way. print and tv advertising, promotional activities based around cycling, and numerous slogans such as “its success is in the taste” (1984), or “a new experience for your thirst” (1998), sup-ported the product’s market success and made the company number one in germany. today gerolsteiner (51% owned by bitburger and 33% by buse carbon dioxide) turns over 200 million euro (2007) and fi ll 6.8 million litres of alcohol-free beverages with a workforce of about 800. pet bottles in various shapes and sizes are used for over 90% of gerolsteiner’s output. gerolsteiner is the market leader in germany today. pet accounts for over 90% of their packaging. gerolsteiner was originally fi lled in clay jars (prior to 1900). bits of history: left - mineral water bottle from the 1950s with swing-top stopper: right - a bottle from the 1930s with internal screw stopper. gerolsteiner advert from the 1930s gerolsteiner post-war advert (about 1960)

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born in switzerland born in switzerland olicorp irs and pwr control systems for blow molding machines. modular solution to ensure the regulation of the ir ovens. individual lamp control. t rue rms power regulation ensuring a constant power emission on the lamps. dead lamp detection. monitoring of the resistance of the lamps. power supply quality monitoring and logging. available for oems and end-users. visit us at www.olicorp.ch

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36 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net petmarkets: health and beauty care packagin schwarzkopf chooses pet working together with bottle manufac-ture rpc kutenholz, schwarzkopf-henkel of düsseldorf have extended the envelope of pet bottles with regard to technology and material, and are using a 250ml pet bottle for their new “gliss” line extension. the new pet bottle is visually striking thanks to its extreme brilliance and very even colour distribution, whilst the cost of the bottle mould is relatively low. a “no label” look front label and a snap-on two colour hinged cap nicely fi nish off a modern cosmetics bottle. see the fruit through the bottle garnier in france are marketing their “ultra doux” brand shampoo in an outstanding 250ml pet bottle. the fl at-oval bottle has a snap-on hinged cap whose shape and colour blend well with the bottle itself. the bottle carries a “no label” look label on the front and the rear label, which is printed on the inside, visually reinforces the shampoo’s fruit notes - here grapefruit. the outside of the rear label carries the required product and commercial data. shower cream in white sebapharma of boppard in germany are packaging their “tensi med” brand shower cream for sensitive skin in a sturdy-looking white 300ml pet bottle. a colour-coordi-nated, blue snap-on cap, and simple front and back labels fi nish off the package.

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bottles 37 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net aromatherapy in pet the cosmetics group col-gate-palmolive is marketing the 750ml pack of “palmolive aroma therapy” brand skin care bath mousse in an eye-catching pet bottle. the clear bottle has a colour-coordinated, snap-on, resealable hinged cap and a front label in a “no label” look. the rear label is also printed on the inside and, depending on the angle of the light, produces interesting and attractive visual effects at the point of sale. attractive label unilever’s “signal white now” mouth-wash, according to the manufacturer, immediately makes the teeth whiter. the 500ml pack is being sold in a clear, rectangu-lar pet bottle with a cap which is designed to serve as a dispensing aid. the bottle is very attractively decorated with a shrink sleeve printed with metallic ink. the label runs up and around the cap and so serves as tamper evidence at the point of sale. the part around the cap is easily removed by the user with the help of appropriately located perforations. pet bottle for “bio” under the “bio” brand the french retail group carrefour are selling 200ml packs of baby care cleansing lotion in a clear, round pet bottle. the bottle has an aluminium screw cap with no tamper evidence and a wrap around self-adhesive label that carries the necessary user information and commer-cial data. world’s leading trade fair for beverage and liquid food technology wob münchen information tel. (49 89) 9 49-1 13 18 . fax (49 89) 9 49-1 13 19 info@drinktec.com drinktec go with the fl ow. congratulations. we are happy to have been working with petplanet insider for 10 years. 16–21 september 2013 new munich trade fair centre

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68 petpatents petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net www.verpackungspatente.de container with pocket international patent no. wo 2009 / 052306 a2 applicant: john regas, laguna niguel (us) date of application: 16.10.2008 a labelled, specially shaped container for a liquid incorpo-rates an opening or pocket designed to hold an information leafl et, a visiting card or similar. in addition this chamber can be sealed and protected by a peelable self-adhesive sticker. container with handle european patent no. ep 2058232 a1 applicant: yoshino kogyosho co. ltd., tokyo (jp) date of application: 20.8.2007 a plastic container with equalisation panels to compensate for pressure changes during hot fi lling, and reinforcing ribs to strengthen the container. one side of the container is equipped with a location point for fi xing of a separate handle. base design european patent granted no. ep 1633640 b1 applicant: amcor ltd., abbotsford (au) date of application: 30.4.2004 the shape and structural design of the base of the bottle are such that after a fall in pressure after hot fi lling or in the case of a partial vacuum the pressure difference can be absorbed. interlocked bottles international patent no. wo 2009 / 071340 a2 applicant: tobias klauser, dirk hebel, jörg stollmann, all of zürich (ch) date of application: 20.5.2008 in order to bind together several plastic bottles it was always necessary to use some secondary aid such as shrink fi lm. this patent application proposes that the outer surface of a pet or pp bottle is designed such that several bottles of the same type can be fi rmly locked together using a type of “dove-tail” groove. agentur für kommunikationsdesign cong r a t u l a t i on s petplanet insider! thank you for a great cooperation in all these years. looking forward to many more. expr im. competence in communi cat ion. fon 49.209.9997782 www.exprim.de expr im. competence in communi cat ion. e pr im. c

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyers guide 69 buyer’sguide 1.0 materials 1.1 materials for bottle and cap production 1.1.9 additives and colorants americhem europe ltd cawdor street, eccles manchester, m30 0qf, uk tel: 44 (0)161 789 7832 mlydiate@americhem.com americhem inc 2000 americhem way cuyahoga falls, oh 44221 tel: 1(800) 228 3476 dcroley@americhem.com clariant masterbatches (italia) s.p.a. via lainate, 26 20010 pogliano milanese (mi) italy tel 39.02.9918.7558 fax 39.02.9918.7552 italy.mb.marketing@clariant.com http://mb.clariant.it gabriel-chemie gesellschaft m.b.h. (zentrale) industriestrasse 1 a-2352 gumpoldskirchen tel.: 43 (0)2252 / 63 630-0 fax: 43 (0)2252 / 62 725-0 e-mail: info@gabriel-chemie.com www.gabriel-chemie.com holland colours nv p .o. box 720 7300 as apeldoorn, netherlands 0031-55 3680700 0031-55 3662981 info@hollandcolours.com www.hollandcolours.com advanced colorants and additives colormatrix europe ltd. knowsley business park, knowsley, merseyside. l34 9gt. uk tel: 0044-151 632-8800 info@colormatrix.co.uk www.colormatrix.com liquid colours and additives repi s.p.a. via b. franklin 2 21050 lonate ceppino va italy tel. 39 0331 819511 fax 39 0331 819581 repi@repi.it www.repi.it 1.2 packaging components and accessories 1.2.1 preforms gastro pet d.o.o. kotna ulica 5 si-3000 celje tel: 386 (0)3 425 80 30 fax: 386 (0)3 425 80 31 info@gastropet.si www.gastropet.si pet preforms and closures intergulf ltd. (empol) khalid seaport p .o.box 6131, sharjah, u.a.e. tel. 009716 502 9244 / 9246 fax. 009716 528 5720 empol@iffco.com www.empol.com pdg plastiques f-45330 malesherbes - france tel. 00 33 2 38 34 61 95 info@pdg-plastiques.com www.pdg-plastiques.com pet preform plastic cap and closure rue de la plaine 47230 lavardac - france tel.: 33 (0)5 53 97 41 00 fax: 33 (0)5 53 65 85 97 www.sbecm.com preform manufacturer 3 rue de l’île macé 44 412 reze france tel: 33 (0)2 40 05 09 37 fax: 33 (0)2 51 70 00 55 sgt.mail@sgt-france.com www.sgt-pet.com tel.: 00 33 (0) 232 85 86 87 www.sidel.com 1.2.2 bottles kkt kaller kunststoff technik gmbh siemensring 32-34 53925 kall, germany tel. 49-2441-887-0 fax 49-2441-887-99 info@kkt-kall.de / www.kkt-kall.de 1.2.3 labels 1.2.4 caps and closures bericap gmbh & co. kg kirchstr. 5 d - 55257 budenheim germany tel. 49 (6139) 2902 0 fax 49 (6139) 2902 181 info.germany@bericap.com www.bericap.com idsteiner strasse 74 d-65527 niedernhausen, germany tel. 49 6127 8954 8850 fax 49 6127 78189 cct-niedernhausen@t-online.de www.cct-gmbh.com www.corvaglia.ch gulf packaging system & 3p co. post box no. 20266 jeddah - 21455 kingdom of saudi arabia telephone 966 (02) 636-0099 fax 966 (02) 635-2111 sales@gulf-pack.com 3p@prime-plastic.com www.gulf-pack.com has plastik san.tic.a.s. esenyurt fabr.yolu no:74 34320 avcilar istanbul turkey tel 90 212 695 50 00 fax 90 212 694 97 24 info@hasplastik.com www.hasplastik.com georg menshen gmbh & co. kg industriestraße 26 d-57413 finnentrop tel.: 49-2721-518 0 fax: 49-2721-518 198 contact@menshen.com www.menshen.com

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70 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 creative dispensing solutions seaquist closures löffl er gmbh d94078 freyung tel : 49 8551 9750 fax : 49 8551 975 180 info@seaquistclosures.eu www.seaquistclosures.eu 2.0 machines and equipment 2.1 preform production (machines and equipment) preform and cap production hong kong tel: 852-2665 3888 fax: 852-2664 8202 marketing@chenhsong.com.hk www.chenhsong.com.hk engel austria gmbh ludwig-engel-straße 1 a-4311 schwertberg tel. 0043-50-620-0 fax 0043-50-620-3009 sales@engel.at www.engelglobal.com netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it 2.2 bottle production (machines and equipment) nissei asb machine co., ltd. 4586-3 koo, komoro-shi, nagano-ken 384-8585, japan tel. 0081-267-23-1565 fax 0081-267-23-1564 sales@nisseiasb.co.jp www.nisseiasb.co.jp automa spa „one step“ injection-stretch blow moulding and injection blow moulding machines bologna - italy tel. 39-051-739597 fax 39-051-739578 b&g xt model pet blow machines. b&g spare parts for reheat blowers sidel ; cincinnati rhb’s; krones ; corpoplast (krupp); mag-plastics ; sipa ; nissei ; and other brands. sales@bgproducts.com www.bgproducts.com khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com norgren ag ventilfabrik postfach 8362 balterswil, switzerland tel 41 71 973 83 00 fax 41 71 973 83 01 sbmproducts@norgren.com www.norgren.com/sbm eugen seitz ag spitalstrasse 204 8623 wetzikon, switzerland phone: 41 44 931 80 80 fax: 41 44 931 80 90 mmeier@seitz.ch www.seitz.ch sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it p .e.t. parts specialist krones , sidel , khs , sipa , others wide diversify inventory available to help you saving money and time www.umallette.com sales@umallette.com 2.2.1 single stage stretch blow moulding equipment 2.2.2 two stage stretch blow moulding equipment amsler equipment inc. swiss engineered - canadian built 1245 reid st, toronto, canada l4b1g4 phone 905 707 6704 sales@amslerequipment.net www.amslerequipment.net no.20, lane 74, fuda n. rd., dali city, taichung county 412, taiwan tel. 886-4-2486-5900 fax. 886-4-2486-1013 servers@chumpower.com www.chumpower.com mag-plastic machinery s.a. rue alfred-pot 1 p .o. box 140 ch - 1896 - vouvry (vs) switzerland tel. 0041-24-4820-820 fax 0041-24-4820-819 sales@magplastic.com www.magplastic.com stretch blow molding machines, preform molds & cap molds tel.: 86-576-84066853 fax: 86-576-84020107 info@megamachinery.cn www.megamachinery.ca www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com siapi s.r .l. via ferrovia nord, 45 31020 san vendemiano (tv), italy tel: 39 0438 4096 fax: 39 0438 401016 info@siapi.it www.siapi.it

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyers guide 71 urola s.c. 20230 legaz pi, spain tel. 34 943 737003 fax 34 943 730926 legazpi@urola.com www.urola.com 2.2.3 coating systems khs plasmax khs plasmax gmbh meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-364 f 49 40 67907-353 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com 2.2.4 compressors atlas copco customer centres worldwide www.atlascopco.com oil free compressors for pet bottle blowing gardner denver ltd. claybrook drive, redditch, worcestershire, b98 0ds, england tel: 44 (0) 1527 838600 fax: 44 (0) 1527 838630 sales.glo@gardnerdenver.com www.gardnerdenverproducts.com lmf gmbh & co. kg suedbahnstraße 28, a-2544 leobersdorf, austria tel: 43 2256 9001-0 fax: 43 2256 9002 e-mail: sales@lmf.at www.lmf.at siad macchine impianti s.p.a. via canovine, 2/4 24126 bergamo, italy tel. 39 035 327611 fax 39 035 316131 info@siadmi.com www.siadmi.com 2.2.5 heating boxes for blow molding machines olicorp montbrillant 26 1201 geneva switzerland ph 41 22 309 1540 fax: 41 44 355 3820 www.olicorp.ch 2.2.8 unscramblers lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it unscramblers, silos and air con-veyors for empty plastic bottles p .o. box 306 08210 barberà del vallès barcelona (spain) tel. 34 93 729 7616 fax 34 93 718 8856 sales@posimat.com www.posimat.com 2.3 cap production (machines and equipment) bmb spa via enrico roselli 12 25125 brescia (bs) - italy tel.: 0039 030 2689 811 fax: 0039 030 2689 880 info@bmb-spa.com www.bmb-spa.com netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sacmi imola via selice prov. le 17/a 40026 imola bo, italy tel. 0039-0542-607-111 fax 0039-0542-642-354 valentina_gollini@sacmi.it www.sacmi.com 2.3.4 printing equipment tampoprint ag lingwiesenstrasse 1 70825 münchingen, germany tel.: 49 7150 928-0 fax: 49 7150 928-400 info@tampoprint.de www.tampoprint.de fully automatic rotary pad printing machine to print up to 3 colors on closures at speeds of 1000 caps per min. winner screen machines pvt. ltd. w-372, ttc indl. area, rabale midc, navi mumbai, india – 400 701 tel: 91 – 9820 888 542 fax: 91 – 22 – 2769 9758 sutsh@vsnl.com www.winnerscreen.com 2.4 crate production (machines and equipment) werner koch maschinentechnik gmbh industriestraße 3 75228 ispringen / pforzheim tel.: 49 72 31/80 09 0 fax: 49 72 31/80 09 60 e-mail: info@koch-technik.de www.koch-technik.com 2.5 ancillary equipment for the production of pre-forms, caps and crates material drying and mould dehumidifi cation eisbär trockentechnik gmbh. a-6840 götzis tel.nr. 0043 5523 55558 0 cool@eisbaer.at www.eisbaer.at green box s.r.l. water chillers - cooling systems tel. 39 049 9703319 fax. 39 049 9701968 info@greenbox.it www.greenbox.it drying, conveying and blending systems motan gmbh max-eyth-weg 42, d-88316 isny tel.: 49 7562 76-0 fax: 49 7562 76-111 pettec@motan.com www.motan.com tel. 39 041 57 99 111 sales@piovan.com www.piovan.com

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72 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 preform moulds / stretch blow moulds tel: 0039 071 7500214 fax: 0039 071 7501958 info@simexitaly.it www.simexitaly.it tooling preform systems bv moulds & robotics pet-related services & technologies c. houtmanstraat 42 emmen, the netherlands tel 31 (0) 591 679768 fax 31 (0) 591 630616 sales@tps.nl · www.tps.nl 3.1 preform moulds www.wtbvc.com preform moulds, components, refurbishments and conversions. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. united states - 937-898-8460 sales@electraform.com poland - 48-17-860-1020 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar otto hofstetter ag zürcherstrasse 73 8730 uznach, switzerland tel. 41 55 285 22 11 fax 41 55 285 22 44 hofstetter@otto-hofstetter.ch www.otto-hofstetter.com 2.5.3 dryers 200 west kensinger drive cranberry township, pa 16066, usa tel.: 1-724-584-5500 info@conairgroup.com www.conairgroup.com 3.0 suppliers for stretch blow moulds and preform moulds molds, change parts, sbm and injection molding machinery for the pet/bioplastics industries 284 pinebush road cambridge ontario canada n1t 1z6 tel: 001-519-624-9720 fax: 001-519-624-9721 info@hallink.com www.hallink.com production of blow moulds and pet mould parts tel.: 359 32 606 821 fax: 359 32 606 888 offi ce@itd.bg www.itd.bg khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com specialist for pet preform injection mold, injection stretch blow mold & pet blow mold www.moltechkorea.com tel : 82-11-224-1571 / 82-32-684-0153 fax: 82-32-684-0139 sales@bgproducts.com for north american market sales@easykorea.co.kr for international market single step isbm moulds, preform mould change parts, blow moulds for pet pet moulds pvt ltd, india fax 91 44 2225 1285 91 98843 90999 md@petmoulds.com www.petmoulds.com www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com r&d -integrated solutions in plastics leverage - integrated industrial design hamilton road sutton-in-ashfi eld nottinghamshire, ng17 5ld england tel: 44 1623 556287 fax: 44 1623 552240 www.rdleverage.com 1009 se browning avenue lee’s summit, missouri mo. 64081, usa tel: 1 816 525 0353 fax: 1 816 524 5068 www.rdleverage.com pet preform moulds, closure & cap moulds www.passcard.com.tw pmci - sipa division via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438914495 pmci@zoppas.com www.sipa.it www.wtbvc.com blow molds for all technologies, all machine types, all sizes. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. canada - 905-574-0010 sales@wentworthmold.com poland - 48-81-820-5730 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com china - 86-137-646-05384 phu@wtbvc.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar 3.2 stretch blow moulds awanti polymoulds pvt. ltd. 25/5a/1/2, nanded, sinhagad rd., pune - 411 041, india telefax: - 91 20 24392805 shirishk@vsnl.com www.awantipolymoulds.com pet engineering, bottle design, prototyping, industrial blow mould and services - rue du buisson moreau 16100 cognac france tel : 0033 (0)5 45 36 63 50 www.sa-comep.fr accueil@sa-comep.fr

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyers guide 73 röders gmbh scheibenstr. 6 29614 soltau, germany tel. 0049-5191-603-53 fax 0049-5191-603-36 mold@roeders.de www.roeders.de pet packaging, blow molding equipment and molds octeville-sur-mer, bp 204 76053 le havre cdx - france tel: 0033 (0)232 85 86 87 tooling@sidel.com www.sidel.com solent mould tools ltd tel: 44 (0) 23 9223 9950 sales@solentmouldtools.co.uk smt americas inc. tel: 1 905 315 9882 smt.americas@cogeco.ca www.solentmouldtools.co.uk 3.3 cap moulds www.cantoni.biz info@cantoni.biz www.corvaglia.ch z-werkzeugbau-gmbh hoechster strasse 8 6850 dornbirn, austria tel. 0043-5572-7272-720 fax 0043-5572-7272-8620 offi ce@z-werkzeugbau.com www.z-moulds.com 3.6 mould cleaning 4.0 filling / bottling 4.1 bottle handling and preparation 4.2 beverage preparation 4.3 filling machines 4.3.4 aseptic fi lling lines aseptic fi lling lines 12 route de mamers - bp 46 72402 la ferte bernard cedex tel.: (33) 2 43 60 28 28 fax: (33) 2 43 60 28 39 serac@serac.fr www.serac-group.com 4.4 labellers and capping machines 4.4.1 labelling machinery shrink sleeve machines via iv novembre, 54 20019 settimo milanese (mi) tel: 39 02 3286 181 info@fi npac.it www.fi npac.it gernep gmbh benzstraße 6 d-93092 barbing tel: 49 9401/9213-0 fax: 49 9401/9213-29 email: info@gernep.de www.gernep.de demo design and moulds 31020 san vendemiano (tv) - italy tel.: 39 0438 409048 fax: 39 0438 409046 info@designandmoulds.com www.designandmoulds.com mel machinefabriek etten-leur b.v. pauvreweg 11 4879 nj etten-leur, netherlands tel. 0031-76-5015655 fax 0031-76-5016532 info@machinefabriek-el.nl www.machinefabriek-el.nl engineering & production of complete isbm tooling sets for aoki, nissei, etc. polimash ltd. blow moulding equipment and moulds shyrokaya str. 2 14021 chernigov, ukraine tel. 38 0462 67 76 28 fax 38 0462 67 76 29 e-mail: pm@polimash.com.ua www.polimash.com.ua www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com pmci - sipa division via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438914495 pmci@zoppas.com www.sipa.it 4.5 downstream equipment lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it zecchetti s.r.l. via galileo galilei, 1-1a 42027 montecchio emilia re, italy tel. 0039-0522-867-411 fax 0039-0522-866-034 sales@zecchetti.it www.zecchetti.it 5.0 recycling chemical products and solutions for pet recycling. cleaning agents, antifoams, products to improve fl otation and fl occulants for waste water treatment. cht r. beitlich gmbh bismarckstraße 102 d-72072 tübingen tel 49 7071 154-0 fax 49 7071 154-290 info@cht.com www.cht.com herbold meckesheim gmbh pet granulators, agglomerators, shredders, complete pet washing and recycling lines industriestrasse 33 74909 meckesheim tel.: 06226 - 932 – 0 fax: 06226 - 932 – 495 herbold@herbold.com www.herbold.com

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74 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 1112/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 lonely in space – or plugged in to the world-wide pet community? a few ways to benefi t from petplanet‘s many offers. price of the entry: number of lines x 3,2 mm line height x 5,70 eur entry per issue stay permanently listed in the magazine‘s buyer‘s guide with your company logo and contact information. for only eur 5,70 per mm you can be present among top suppliers of pet processing materials – in every issue of the year. contact ask for your individual offer – call 49-6221-65108-0 1 line 3,2 mm example: 1,824.– eur/year petpla . net petplanet publisher landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany tel. 0049-6221-65108-0 fax 0049-6221-65108-28 info@petpla.net www.petpla.net 32 mm pet chemical treatments: cleaners, fl otation compounds and additives via vigevano 61 28069 - san martino di trecate novara - italy tel. 0039-0321789770 fax 0039-0321789765 salesmet@macdermid.com “pet washing and recycling plants, turnkey and modules for b2b, fi ber, sheet” sorema division of previero n.srl via per cavolto 17 , 22040 anzano del parco (co) -italy tel:39 031 63491250 sales@sorema.it www.sorema.it 5.6 melt fi ltration, screen changers gneuß kunststofftechnik gmbh mönichhusen 42 32549 bad oeynhausen tel. 49 5731 5307 10 fax 49 5731 5307 77 gneuss@gneuss.com www.gneuss.com 5.8 complete recycling plants complete pet recycling plants, fda approved, integrated iv increase without pellet-ssp, process features lowest overall energy consumption, more than 100 plants supplied to industry. erema gmbh unterfeldstr. 3 4052 ansfelden/linz, austria tel. 0043-732-3190-0 fax 0043-732-3190-23 erema@erema.at www.erema.at pet recycling technology: recycling extruders with inline ssp (iv increase, food-contact, fda) starlinger & co. ges.m.b.h. sonnenuhrgasse 4 at-1060 vienna tel.: 43/1/599 55 0 fax: 43/1/599 55 180 e-mail: sales@starlinger.com www.recycling.starlinger.com 6.0 other 6.1 laboratory equipment 6.1.2 o 2 barrier measurement non-invasive oxygen/ ph measurement presens precision sensing gmbh germany info@presens.de tel 49 941 94 27 21 00 www.presens.de/pet 6.2 pet consultancy and support services 6.3 contract manufacturers 6.3.2 suppliers of custom designed bottles engineering p .e.t. since 1980 30037 scorzè (venice / italy) www.novapet.it info@novapet.it p .e.t. engineering srl via celtica 26 31020 san vendemiano (tv), italy tel 39 0438 403069 fax 39 0438 408420 www.petengineering.com info@petengineering.com 7.0 used machinery machinepoint used machinery parque tecnológico de boecillo edifi cio c.e.e.i. - 2.01 e-47151 valladolid (spain) tel.: 34 983 549 900 fax: 34 983 549 901 pet@machinepoint.com www.machinepoint.com

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d 51178; issn: 1438 9452