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www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 07 2009 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 06 . 07 . 09 petplanet is read in 137 countries preform manufacturers marketsurvey page 17 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s asean part 2 page 10 net stand 103 hall b3 sept. 14-19 messe münchen health & beauty care packaging page 22

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the home of perfect caps. www.corvaglia.ch d

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imprint editorial 3 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office heidelberg business media gmbh landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer fi scher@hbmedia.net wolfgang von schroeter ruari mccallion tony oneill ilona trotter gabriele kosmehl media consultants ute andrä phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 andrae@hbmedia.net france, i taly, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net america: ottmar brandau 14 ryther road wasaga beach, on l9z2w8, canada phone: 1-705-429-1492 fax: 1-419-844-7759 brandau@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign www.exprim.de print wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-straße 1 69181 leimen-st.ilgen germany www www.petpla.net www.pet-point.net rubber duck motif on cover: rrf - fotolia.com petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualifi ed subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ sub-scription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identifi ed as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. editorial dear readers, business has been booming since the 1980s, with records levels of sales regularly being announced, and plenty of growth in the pet business. growth is a driver in politics and commerce, including the beverage industry and our pet business. in the last 2 decades, since the beverage industry discovered the advantages of pet , the number of litres packaged in pet has continued to grow - and with it the amount of pet resin processed. the booming beverage markets have been an open invitation to innovative companies to join in the trend. the number of manufacturers of pet processing machines has increased. turnover has often exhibited double-fi gure annual growth. it has become the accepted norm. no companies plan for zero growth. no board of directors dares to forecast shrinking levels of business. no sales-man is satisfi ed with a reduced number of deals. the natural human needs for prestige, kudos and recognition add fuel to the passion for growth. without growth nothing works - what a really audacious concept! yet sud-denly growth takes a holiday. we hear from many companies in our business that sales are falling. a society which is based on regular growth suddenly sees a fall in sales and economic activity, and regards it as a catastrophe. this is when people start to realise that growth isn’t just a driver, but can become a drug on which the whole of society is hooked! the striving for growth becomes growth fever. and everybody involved - the banks, the industry, politicians, and even whole countries - are now being asked to quell the fever. what the real commercial world now has to do is adapt. markets, i.e. the sum of real demand, are shrinking. demand is falling right now, and yet this recurrent phenomenon is not new - it is normal. economic cycles are normal. smart businessmen and managers know this, and react in good time. the not-so-smart managers have to catch up. those companies involved in the pet industry will have to adapt their capacity to the real output requirements of their customers, and then grow once again, starting from a lower base dictated by their markets - preferably with leaner structures, without the pressure for kudos and recognition, but with prudence, and in the knowledge that this crisis is above all an internal crisis and can be beaten by internal measures. it will be some consolation to know that the beverage market satisfi es a basic human need. it is a market which is real and will continue to exist, unaffected by virtual speculation. for this reason alone the recovery phase for beverage producers, bottlers and machinery manufacturers will inevitably happen, with new growth that will once again bring profi ts. it is a well-known fact that the best results are always achieved at the start of such a new growth phase. ensuring that growth, as well as falling sales, is always under control and that a satisfactory jobs market is available - during a growth phase and also during an economic slowdown or even a temporary standstill - is a priority for all professional entrepreneurs. that classic advice rings true: “do your work at home. don’t blame the markets” yours, wolfgang von schroeter

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4 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net petcontents 07/09 inside track 3 editorial 4 contents 6 news 28 products 29 patents buyer’s guide 30 get listed! regional market report 10 asean part 2 market survey 17 preform manufacturers tradeshow preview 20 the petworldcongress, september 16-17, 2009 page 26 22 sbo compact preferential heating for detergent bottles 24 linear blowers for beauty markets 25 in the market bottling /filling 26 propper training boosts line effi ciency page 10 page 22 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s asean part 2 special: health & beauty care packaging

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our injection moulds produce multi layer preforms which provide excellent protection from l ight. www.otto - hofstetter. com/pet g o t b la c k m i lk ?

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6 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net petnews bericap advances in sports closure market bericap offers two basic types of sport closures to the market, the well known push-pull closure, consisting of 3 differ-ent parts, and the 2-piece thumb’up sports closure, with the advantage of one-handed opening and re-closing. in 2008 jamnica, a leading croatian mineral water bottler, decided to replace all of its push-pull closures used for fl avoured water with the thumb’up. as well as the marketing advantages, environmental reasons also supported the change to the 30/25 sports closure. originally the 30/25 push-pull with ihs foil, suitable for the aseptic fi lling process, was used. the change of cap now allows the elimina-tion of the ihs liner, giving increased consumer-friendly handling, as the clo-sure does not need to be unscrewed to remove the foil before drinking. in 2009, after the major success of thumb’up for fl avoured water, jamnica is also now switching its famous jana water brand. napcor cautions against the use of degradable additives in pet packaging the american national association for pet container resources (napcor) has urged restraint in the use of degradable additives in pet packaging. the organisation is concerned that no data have been made publicly available to substantiate or document the claims made for these additives. napcor wants to see evidence of: the degradability of pet resin products containing degradable additives the effect of degradable additives on the quality of the pet recycling stream the impacts of degradable additives on the products made from recycled pet and the true impact on the service life of these products. in 2007, 1.4 billion pounds (around 680,000t) of post-consumer pet con-tainers were recycled in the united states. napcor executive director dennis sabourin said, “we don’t yet understand the impact that these additives could have on the quality of the pet recycling stream, let alone the impacts on the safety and functionality over time of products made from post-consumer pet”. aside from the potential impact on recycling napcor questions the value of the concept itself. even it is proven that packaging will safely degrade in landfi lls, or as roadside or marine litter, unlike recycled pet, the energy used in the manu-facture of the plastic packaging is lost, not recaptured. “even if a package were to disappear or fragment (and we have not yet seen evidence of this) it would not make the package sustainable, nor does it provide any positive impacts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions or resource conservation,” said mr. sab-ourin. “degrading plastic provides no useful nutrients to the soil. the impacts on soil or the sea of reducing the plastic to molecules using degradable additives is unknown.” napcor calls on brand owners and decision makers to fully consider the impacts behind the use of degradable additives in light of the larger issues of sustainability, climate change and resource conservation. chinaplas 2009 - almost 70,000 visitors despite the global economic crisis, swine fl u, and the rainy weather in guangzhou throughout the show period, chinaplas 2009, held from may 18th to 21st, was well attended, with 1,840 exhibitors and about 70,000 buyers from all around the world. mr stanley chu of adsale exhi-bition services ltd, organisers of chinaplas, said, “the unfavourable external factors did bring us a lot of challenges and diffi culties in the past few months. however, with staunch support from many infl uential trade associations and our working team’s intensive promotion efforts the show was 30% larger in area than china-plas 2007, also held in guangzhou. the number of visitors also met our expectation. overseas buyers accounted for 16.4% of the total visi-tor numbers (64.6% from asia, 9% from the middle east and 8% from europe. the remainder were from america, africa and oceania). more than 2,000 visitors at engel symposium the amazing success of the engel symposium 09, 27th and 28th may in st. valentin just goes to show that innova-tion is an important topic even in diffi cult times. some 2,000 guests from 45 coun-tries followed the invitation by the austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer and enjoyed fascinating keynotes, highly innovative exhibits and interesting talks. this is a new record for engel – it has never welcomed so many visitors to a symposium before. and this despite the very tense market situation. “in these drastic economic times, our customers are increasingly relying on improving their competitiveness by increasing productivity, innovations and energy savings. and they look for inno-vative and stable partners for the future to help them achieve this. the very positive response with 2,000 attending the engel symposium shows that we fulfi ll these needs by offering our cus-tomers attractive solutions to help them continue mastering future market chal-lenges and motivates to continue this way”, says dr. peter neumann, ceo engel holding. international recycled polyester forum the fi fth china recycled polyester forum is to be held from september 2 to 4 in shanghai. the conference pro-vides insights into the dynamics of the polyester recycling chain in china, an industry which is increasingly infl uential throughout the world. as previously the conference takes place under the aus-pices of the china chemical fiber eco-nomic information (ccfei). pci (pet packaging, resin & recycling) ltd will cover market development issues, polyester recycling forum will review the latest pet recycling technology and ccfei will supply an insight into the development of the chinese recycling industry. topics will include the impact of the global recession on polyester recy-cling, market developments, prospects for rpet fi bre and recycling in china, emerging recycling technologies, devel-opments in chinese law and regulations covering recycling, industry standards for recycled psf in china, user require-ments for food grade rpet , issues relating to co 2 footprint and chemical pet recycling. contact via http://www.ccfei.net or http://www.ce-pip.com

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ecopet m o n e y save compressors for pet appl i cat i ons wi th i nnovat i ve compressed a i r recovery system for l owest energy consumpt i on and h i ghest cost -ef fect i veness . the new d imens i on of h i ghest cost effect i veness visi t us at 14.-19.09.2009 – munich – hall b3, booth 438 www.lmf.at save up to 30% rz_lmf_pet-inserate_petplanet_e.indd 2 22.06.2009 13:30:27 uhr

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news 8 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net drinktec - more than just show stands drinktec 2009 is not just the worlds biggest technology show for the beverage sector, but is also a key forum for science and research, for exchanging news and views and for networking. experts from all over the world will be debating the future of the beverages industry in a range of different events. at the heart of the supporting programme are two forums, both of them situated right in the middle of the action at the trade fair, in hall b1. independent experts from all over the world will be giving their lectures in these forums. other highlights include the presentation of the fi rst dairy technology award on september 17, a forum on innovative sweetening concepts, the international fruit world congress (“from the tree to the bottle”), and the beverage innovation awards 2009 taking place at a gala dinner on september 15 in the international congress centre munich (icm). the organiser of this event, to which around 500 guests are expected, is the british trade publisher zenith international publishing. an event of special interest to the pet industry is the 3rd pet world con-gress 2009, bringing together experts and beginners and offering an opportunity to fi nd answers to key technology and marketing questions. block 1: from the pellet to the pallet is all about pet bottles block 2: includes the beverage innovation award 2009 – presentation of winners from the pet area block 3: focuses on edible oils – an under-rated market block 4: looks at exciting new products being fi lled in pet the congress takes place on september 16 and 17 in the icm. further information at www.drinktec.com and www.hbmedia.net. the 2nd pla bottle conference, organised by bioplastics magazine, takes place for the fi rst time during drinktec 2009 on september 14th and 15th in the holiday inn in the centre of munich. further information: www.drinktec.com and www.pla-bottle-conference.com. further information on the full supporting programme at drinktec: http://www.drinktec.com/en/home/supporting-programme new identity for manjushree the indian company manjushree extrusions ltd, based in bangalore, has announced a change of name to manjushree technopack ltd, with immediate effect. while the company will retain the ‘manjushree’ brand as a part of the new name, it has been decided to replace ‘extrusions’ and usher in ‘technopack’, to better rep-resent the company’s two core busi-ness offerings, namely packaging technology and packaging solutions. manjushree technopack will continue to specialise in rigid plastic packag-ing, providing packaging solutions that include pet preforms, and pet and pp bottles and jars. they will also con-tinue to serve a clientele that includes leading names such as unilever, p&g, cadbury, nestlé, gsk, coke, pepsi etc. mr. vimal kedia, managing director, manjushree technopack, explained that when the company started 25 years ago extrusions described adequately the principal products. however the company felt that a new name would better describe their current activities. stay updated at munich, germany holiday inn city centre www.pla-bottle-conference.com 2 nd pla bottle conference 14-16 september 2009 within the supporting programme of www.teamburg.de from the renewable feedstock to pla uhde inventa-fischer pla, a versatile material for bottle applications natureworks llc pla, world market and availability pyramid bioplastics production of pla preforms netstal stretch blow moulding of pla khs corpoplast experiences in producing pla preforms and bottles log plastic products enhance barrier properties of pla bottles khs plasmax synthetic routes for improved pla-qualities fraunhofer iap environmental performance and added value pla purac pla shrink labels sleever international additives / colorants for pla polyone materbatches for pla bottle production sukano new developments in ‘biocaps’ for pla bottles wiedmer pla bottles for special events aquafontis experiences from the market introduction of pla bottles naturally iowa experiences from the market introduction of pla bottles good water a new cradle-to-cradle approach for pla bottles galactic biobased carbon content - determination, certifi cation european bioplastics limitations of automatic sorting of pla/pet nextek collection and recycling systems in europe fost plus end of life options panel discussion

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news 9 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net the only end-to-end vision inspection system in the world. 29200 aurora road cleveland, ohio 44139 usa if you need a fully-integrated pet container vision inspection system, able to cover your whole process from start to finish, pressco is the only solution. our reliable, proven systems are ideal for inspection at various process stages including preforms, bottle blowing, filling, closures and labeling. — call or email us at — 1 440 498 2600 sales@pressco.com www.pressco.com p e t c o r e c o l u m n p c the reach pre-registration is over – what now? to ensure that companies meet the fi rst substance registration deadline of november 10, 2010 set by reach it is important that the substance information exchange forums (siefs) are promptly established. the idea behind siefs is that companies planning to register the same substance share information to avoid duplication of studies, and agree on classifi cation and labelling as appropriate. joining a sief is a legal obligation for all those registering. companies who have pre-registered substances will be contacted by their sief formation facilitator (sff) to confi rm their future inter-est. it is very important to confi rm your company’s preference by promptly answering either with a positive or negative response, or possibly agreeing to respond in a timely manner. most requests ask whether you are active, passive or dormant. if you are not sure, make contact to clarify your company’s position. registrations depend on this interaction. you may be asked by the sief if you are a data holder. even if you do not receive such a request you must nevertheless inform the sief quickly if you are in fact a data holder. many readers will be downstream users of manufactured and imported substances. make sure that you write a letter to your suppli-ers (manufacturers or importers) before november 1, 2009 to ask them to include your company’s applications in their submissions. if your company’s application is not included as a use for this substance in the worst case you may have to cease production. your company would need to make the downstream use application itself to remedy this. enforcement is a key part of reach. already authorities in some countries have delayed shipments of substances, or materials containing substances that have not been pre-registered. it is your responsibility to ensure your manufacturer/importer has pre-registered the substance you use. an offi cial letter from them might be used in your defence if they have not pre-registered your substance, but the company’s pre-registration number will not serve as a defence. remember, if you use a substance imported from outside of the eu (this includes polymers) and the importer has not pre-registered the substance then you must immediately cease using that substance and move to a supplier who has pre-registered. do not ignore this problem and expect it to go away - it will not! recyclers are unlikely to be required to register unless they import recyclate from outside of the eu. however pet recyclers are likely to be part of the downstream user scenario and should therefore be prepared to cooperate with the sief. new pet plant expansion for sabic uhde inventa-fischer has entered into a contract with saudi basic industries cor-poration (sabic) to provide the technology licence and complete basic engineering for the second pet resin expansion of sabic’s manufacturing affi liate, arabian industrial fiber company (ibn rushd) at the site in yanbu, saudi arabia. the plant will have an annual capacity of 420,000 tonnes and will produce various grades of pet resin for, among others, still water and csd bottling applications. this latest pet resin expan-sion goes along with several other projects at ibn rushd, including an extension of the pta plant as the raw material source for the pet plant. based on specifi c project, end-product and logistic requirements laid down by sabic, uhde inventa-fischer will provide an integrated and tailor-made plant design using its proprietary melt phase pet technology.

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regional market reports 10 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net region singapore – under pressure, but still setting the trend, and a benchmark for asean by wolfgang von schroeter part 2 asean the general report on pet in the asean countries (see petplanet insider 06/2009) is followed in this issue by our visit reports and the discussions we held with suppliers of pet machines, pet converters and bev-erage fi llers. the visits and discussions all took place in mid-january 2009. * we were guided and accompanied on our tour through the pet world by the big suppliers in the pet business: husky and sidel, who are pioneers in pet technology and enjoy a long tradition in the region, as well as by khs, who together with sig beverages (in particular the former krupp corpoplast) have now taken a huge leap forward in the pet business, and by sipa who have found a suitable range of fi lling machines in their merger with berchi. all of these companies opened doors for us and intro-duced us to converters and fi llers, including indorama, aqua danone, coca-cola, pepsi cola and many others. netstal have very few machines in the area, whilst krones is clearly enjoying success by focussing on glass bottle fi lling. there was nothing locally of real interest that they could show to a researcher into the pet business. in the past a tour of the asean countries always began in singapore, which for years was the gateway to the asean region, in the same way that hong kong was the gateway to china. however both cities have lost some of their importance. while husky and khs have set up their asean headquarters in singapore, the big pet convert-ers and fi llers have walked on. they don’t produce in singapore any longer because of the high costs. nearby malaysia has proven to be more attractive. but singapore still offers good, attractive residential facilities, schools and universities, a well-established logistics system, a skilled workforce and personal security, as well as one of the best global communications networks. the city is clean, well-organised and has given its chinese character a new, modern image as well as having lost a great deal of its original asian identity. a large number of europeans have settled there. *an extended version of this article is available on www.petpla.net reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s asean part 2

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regional market reports 11 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net opened bangkok and jakarta offi ces in 1997 opened philippines offi ce in 1998 centre of competence was established in 2000 opened vietnam offi ce in 2004 opened malaysia offi ce in 2005 moved offi ces to changi business park for production of hot runner systems in 2006 product and population of preform systems core markets beverage packaging including preforms, refurbishing/ conversion and services closures thinwall packaging medical consumer electronics hot runners and controllers a total of approximately 1,250 husky injection moulding machines are operating in all of asia. this includes about 800 husky pet systems of which about 60 are in asean. here the low-volume systems in particular, with 120 ton and 90 ton clamping force, are the best sellers. most of the injection molding machines for the asean countries are manufactured at husky’s asia pacifi c head-quarters in shanghai, which also functions as the location for complete system integration from our visits to converters and numerous brand owners it appears that husky has no major opposition. market share has risen to nearly 80%. all of the big names in beverage and packaging operate with husky products. netstal and sipa machines are rare in asean. perhaps guangzhou huayan precision machinery from china may become challenger. local organisation husky has 100 employees in singapore, mainly in hot runner production. more than 30 employees are located in the various markets. turnover of husky singapore has trebled since 2006. hoefert: “the fi nancial crisis may also effect bev-erages. in our forecast we simply deduct 2% from the 2008 fi gures.” well-proven high-tech machine tools could be seen in the singapore hot runner manufacturing operation. hoefert claims: “delivery within days of receiving the order is not a rare thing!” visions and expectations hoefert’s expectations within other countries throughout south east asia are focused on vietnam: “the beverage market in vietnam is growing well,” he says. csd is growing fast for both, coke and pepsi, at 15 to 20% per annum. water is growing for both coke and pepsi as well as for local brands at 30% per annum. edible oil and fi sh sauces at 20 to 30%. hot fi ll and aseptic fi ll has arrived in vietnam (e.g. teas). multi-layer has seen a degree of interest. “we have seen a dynamic market in vietnam during 2008. pet resin consumption went up by 20 to 25%.” for the total asean market he sums up as follows: asean is primarily a low volume market, i.e. for smaller systems, up to 32 cavities (with exceptions in the very large beverage companies). singapore, january 13, 2009 husky injection molding systems singapore pte ltd “despite the economic crisis the asian potential is undisputed.” karl heinz hoefert – husky singapore vice president, service and sales we met karl heinz hoefert – husky singapore vice president, service and sales, and rebecca chin, executive assistant. the husky asia pacifi c (including asean) business headquarters is located in shanghai.husky singapore is the headquarters for asean, selling preform injection moulding systems, packaging solutions and services through regional branches across asean. sales and marketing for australia, korea and japan are also the responsibility of the husky singapore offi ce. husky singapore also handles local produc-tion of hot runner systems in support of local and regional toolmakers. husky’s goal is to supply these toolmakers with hot runners, as required and with short delivery times. husky singapore is one of four hot runner manufacturing locations in asia – in addition to two in china (shanghai and shenzhen) and one in japan. karl heinz hoefert fi rst took us through the simple but functional open-plan offi ces. an employee canteen and a healthy lunch are standard at husky and a service offered to the staff. “husky values the skills and contributions of each team member, which is why employee retention is very impor-tant in today’s competitive economy,” comments hoefert. the chinese script on red banners reminds us that it is the year of the ox, which is celebrated at the end of january eve-rywhere where there are chinese people. karl heinz hoefert is a mechanical engineer and has been at husky since 1997 – four years in canada, seven years in luxembourg – in business development, marketing, internal sales and external sales. in 2008 he received the call to the far east. “to be in asia for husky is a dream,” he enthuses. husky in the region serving customers in singapore, thailand, malaysia, indonesia, philippines and vietnam, husky has had a direct sales operation for 10 years. opened singapore offi ce in 1995

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regional market reports 12 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net indonesia and thailand are key markets in asean, with vietnam having a high potential. a major contributor to growth is water. other promising contributors are edible oil, tea and isotonic drinks. in general husky expects healthy growth for the long term future. hoefert: “of course we could also look at the dark side when describing the whole asian market - because of the well-documented global fi nancial crisis. i don’t get involved with such speculation. the potential in asia is indisputable. there is a huge need for such products, and a real need for the asian market to catch up. we choose to take a positive approach.” jakarta: modern and vintage on equal footing indonesia, with a population of 230 million, is the most heavily populated country in asean. straddling the equator and spread over countless islands, the country has numer-ous ethnic groups, cultures and religions. industrial and social development varies from island to island - from the island of sumatra via central java, through timor, and new guinea in the deep south. in jakarta the new and the old stand side by side - high rise buildings and shanties, mercedes and three-wheelers (tuk-tuks). this wondrous mix is one of the charms of jakarta, and part of the mentality that differs from the standardised pursuit of so-called civilisation and wellbeing based on the western model. yet our guide, who showed us through jakarta was sad to say, “what and why can singa-pore do so much better that we can’t?” of the estimated 230 million people in indonesia 63% live on java, where the capi-tal, jakarta, is situated. this is therefore where most business is done and where companies tend to establish themselves. we understood from discussions that the population is broken down roughly as follows: “a” (the upper class) representing 10 to 15%, of whom 80% are chinese. “b” (the middle class) 15 to 20%. important for the dis- cerning consumption of, among other things, packaged beverages. “c” and “d” (the under-privileged lower classes) more than 60%. government intervention is targeting improvement in the lot of these lower social groups. the impact of the eco-nomic crisis has not really been felt so far. indications are that government policy will tackle problems of infrastruc-ture, energy and corruption, and will eventually result in the growth of the middle classes, which appears most vital for the beverage industry, and for the pet industries associ-ated with it. jakarta, indonesia - january 13, 2009 husky injection molding systems “the growth of the middle classes is most vital for the beverage and pet industries.” arief dewanto – husky regional manager, indonesia we met arief dewanto, husky regional manager, indo-nesia. arief dewanto suggested that we call in to a super-market, and decided to go to the “the food hall“, into a shopping mall, a big store that could be found just about anywhere that people shopped, or went window-shopping, where they could meet and chat, and where one could think back to the change from the lovely old chinese mar-kets that no longer exist here. in the beverages department we could see the numerous different formats - creatively designed bottles and labels - and where pet, thanks to its versatility, has given the designer’s imagination almost total freedom. the malls and supermarkets to a degree offer a guar-antee of quality and safety, which was not necessarily the case with traditional asian sales in the streets, especially when there was a re-fi lling station nearby, which was not meant for cars but rather for re-fi lling 5 gallon containers (usually made from pc) with drinking water. arief dewanto said that he believed re-fi lling was again on the increase due to the current economic situation. this type of trend could not only cause signifi cant trouble for the beverage industry but would also refl ect on the local health authorities who are not able to check the water quality, nei-ther are they able to check the cleanliness of the re-used container. the local pet industry there are 5 pet resin manufacturers/suppliers in indo-nesia: indorama, mitsubishi, mitsui , sk chemical (korea) and polypet (local).husky has 36 systems between 16 and 128 cavities in the country with reference customers such as: aqua danone and coca-cola, as well as convert-ers such as uniplast and indotirta abadi . the trend for converters is towards in-house operation for brand owners. husky’s market share, in terms of cavities, is estimated to be more than 80%. competition comes from china in the form of huayan.

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regional market reports 13 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net jakarta/ indonesia - january 14, 2009 pt aqua golden mississippi tbk (aqua danone) “in the next 5 years we are going to improve our processes, we will professionalize 7,500 people in our operation, and will power our people to unleash their professional potential.” we met erwin van grootel (left) – vice president oper-ations – pt tirta investama, holding of aqua golden mis-sissipi and emma sr - plant manager -pt aqua golden mississipi. the mountain spring water fl ows naturally from volcanic bedrock and travels untouched by human hand a distance of 2 kilometres from the well into the tanks at aqua danone. from there it is bot-tled and dispatched to the indonesian market. company history pt aqua golden missis-sippi was established in 1973 by tirto utomo. he was the fi rst indonesian pioneer bot-tling mineral water. the fi rst factory was built in bekasi near jakarta. today there are 14 factories spread throughout indonesia. tirto utomo himself is still with the company as minority shareholder. 1985: aqua developed 220ml pet packaging for bot-tled water. 1995: first in-line production at the mekarsari factory. simultaneous aqua water processing and packaging in 1.5 litre bottles in 1998 a strategic alliance occurred between the aqua group (with pt tirta inves-tama as its holding company) and the danone group. this merger has placed a in a posi-tion to become the largest bottled mineral water producer in asean. today danone is a 73% shareholder of tirta investama. 27% is traded on the local stock exchange. time for an upgrade! your line’s starting to show its age? no problem: with new handling parts and upgrades from krones you’ll soon get your production operation back into shape. the result: higher efficiency, reduced consumption figures, more flexibility and enhanced operator-friendliness. and to guard against any fits of jealousy, we also have a few turbocharged tuning packages in stock for younger models! life is liquid. (6) hall b6 find out more at: www.krones.com/en/solutions erwin van grootel (left) – vice president operations – pt tirta investama, holding of aqua golden mississippi and wolfgang von schroeter for petplanet insider

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regional market reports 14 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net product and production 14 factories (1,400 employees), which includes the big-gest in brunei, serving the local markets including a minor portion to singapore: aqua bottles about 4 million litres per day or 1.4 billion litres per annum. pet resin consumption is some 12 tonnes per day or 4,380 tonne per year. resin supply is from polypet and mitsui. emma sr – plant manager – pt aqua golden mississippi plant manageress emma sr explained the manufactur-ing best practices at aqua, i.e. total production manufacturing (tpm), an ambitious project with the following objectives: increase productivity from below 80% today to 95% in the year 2011 zero accident safety level competent and autonomous teams (self-directing) the project is intended to boost a’s overall performance. pet processing equipment in all plants 17 huskys for injection molding systems 1 sipa for injection moulding, directly feeding a single krones blow/fi ll line for blowing mainly sidel machines are used. filling is done on sidel and khs equipment aqua bottles beverages, predominantly mineral water, on a total of 80 fi lling lines. in the bekasi plant we saw: one preform system (husky xl300/ 48 cavities) serv- ing two blowers (sidel) which in turn serve one semi-automatic fi ller (sidel) rated at 13,000 bph (1.5 litres). here was plenty of manual assistance available for the process. filling of 5 gallon containers. returnables are cleaned manually nearby. pet bottle production using single stage technology feeding fi ller (0,33 ltr./ 8,000 bph) the preform system (husky xl225/ 32 cavities) and blower (sidel) serve the same fi ller (0.33 ltr./ 8,000 bph.) fully integrated blow/fi ll line (sidel). 0.6l/19,500 bph. 6 lines in total to process water cups. 0.240l/ 23,400 pieces per hour. the machine suppliers are invited to participate in the tpm programme to optimise its impact. after the visit, we met erwin van grootel, vice president operations. he has a technical background and studied at delft university in the netherlands. he was with heineken brewer-ies for 19 years and for the last 3 years has been in charge of operations of all aqua plants. “over the next 5 years,” says van grootel, “the tpc programme will improve our processes, will professionalize 7,500 people in our operation, and will power our people to unleash their professional potential”. singapore, january 15 2009 khs asia pte ltd “supply of the fi lling line’s key components from germany takes precedence. although supplies from global workshops in brazil, china and india have opened up new opportunities for us.” gerhard schmitt – general manager, khs asia pte ltd, singa-pore we met gerhard schmitt – general manager, khs asia pte ltd, singapore and patrick tan yong hong – sales man-ager, khs asia pte ltd, singapore. the khs head offi ce for sales and service in asean is in singapore, with khs asia pte pty . the khs asia project engineers on site have access to machines from all of the khs production operations: from germany, from brazil (são paulo), the usa (waukesha, sarasota), mexico (zinacante-pec), india (ahmedabad) and china (shantu). now, as part of salzgitter, and with the acquisition of sig corpoplast khs has become one of the 3 or 4 global suppli-ers able to offer fully integrated turnkey pet bottle blowing and fi lling lines. gerhard schmitt, general manager, says “internal inte-gration is in principle completed”. the initial successes are achieved via khs contracts for 2 turnkey pet lines from pakistan, including a blowmax 22, and in bangladesh, with a line including a blowmax 16. in contrast to sidel and simonazzi, where total merger was driven as quickly as possible with no compromise, khs are handling the merger with corpoplast in a watchful and circumspect way - presumably to avoid losing any of the specialist knowledge within the companies involved. further-more both khs and corpoplast are well-established in the region. gerhard schmitt received us in the khs offi ces in the german centre at the international business park. from

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regional market reports 15 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net here the german federal republic provides support for technical development by building and operating a well-equipped training centre, and by renting offi ce space to a current total of 130 german companies, mostly medium sized enterprises. gerhard schmitt said, “we chose carefully when we decided to locate our business in singapore. it was impor-tant when we were setting up and is still important today, because of the stable political situation, the excellent logistics, and even on cost grounds. singapore is the hub for all of the asean states. it also has the world’s biggest container port. it’s true that singapore is no longer the ‘door to asean’ - bangkok and kuala lumpur are growing in importance, but singapore is a complete service provider, with a total business package from the universities to the fi nancial sector. singapore is benchmarking the future in this region.“ gerhard schmitt knows what he is talking about. he is a highly experienced industry manager with 28 years in the job, which he started in bad kreuznach under maternus gemmel when the company was still seitz. he has been in singapore for 28 years and is fi rmly ensconced here with his wife and 2 kids. his knowledge of the market, his experience in countless tough battles with the competition and his basic dependability are qualities that a company such as khs can build on in the region. khs in the region 1979 founding of branch offi ce in singapore, registered under h&k asia pte. 1990 name was changed to khs asia pte ltd. local organisation khs in far east asia has india as the global sourcing point, and branches in korea, japan and in australia. the asean branch offi ces are in thailand, singapore, indonesia, vietnam and the philippines. of the 110 sales and service employees in the whole khs far east business unit (under director rainer hilgert). 50 are working in asean (reporting to general manager gerhard schmitt). 25 of them are service technicians. product and population beside numerous turnkey lines, approximately 300 individ-ual machines are operating in the region – mixing, rinsing, fi ll-ing, capping, pasteurising, labelling, conveying, and packing. in the 30,000 bph category the machines come from germany. below 30,000 bph suppliers have to be fl ex-ible to remain competitive, as gerhard schmitt explains. khs responds to this requirement with a formula which has proven successful in asean, i.e. the “ideal typical scenario”, calling on khs’s global manufacturing facilities. first class project management on site is required for coordination and assembly of the equipment supplied from various corners of the world. khs is acknowledged as being able to meet this

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regional market reports 16 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net requirement, which even their competitors ungrudgingly con-cede. “suppy of the fi lling line’s key components from ger-many takes precedence. it helps me sleep better. supplying equipment from our subsidiaries in brazil and india opens up new market sectors for us, where we would otherwise not be able to compete, and where our prices are not in line with the local market”, says gerhard schmitt. in asean khs has sup-plied many prominent names such as heineken group, apb, coca-cola, pepsi cola, san miguel brewery, sabeco group, habeco group and others. market development “the beverage market has grown well over recent years, often at double-fi gure growth rates. leading com-panies such as coca-cola are not letting the global crisis divert them from their expansion plans”. looking at future developments schmitt mentioned hot fi ll and aseptic tech-nologies. water, energy drinks and isotonics are expected to compensate for declining volumes of csds. “despite existing opportunities we have reduced our forecast from the middle of this year by about 20%. as khs asia we can nevertheless manage well, to a certain extent from sales of services, modifi cations and spares and hope as everybody else that the global downturn will get an upswing soon; latest, hopefully by mid 2010.” singapore, january 15 , 2009 yeo hiap seng (yhs) filling for pepsi on a 6 th fl oor plant andrew k h neo – senior production manager we met andrew k h neo – senior production manager we isited yhs together with patrick tan yong hong from khs asia. yhs is a co-packer for pepsi cola in singa-pore. the yhs building (offi ces and production facilities) has 10 fl oors. there was plenty of concrete used in the construction of the upright supports and the bearers for the fl oors. it is a reminder of the times when chinese entrepre-neurs in hong kong and singapore built their factories sky-wards on a minimum of ground space, the lack of ground space meant that manufacturing was carried out on a series of different fl oors on upon another. andrew k h neo - senior production manager of yhs – knows that his visitors are always surprised when they are taken to the 6th fl oor to inspect the fi lling line, but he points out the steady business he does with pepsi, and the highly experienced team that he has here in singapore. besides singapore, other areas of the yhs production are carried out in neighbouring malaysia and also in china. we went to inspect the pet bottling line, entirely designed, project-managed and supplied by khs. the line capacity is 18,000 bph - 0.5 litre bottles or 10,000 bph - 1.5 litre bottles for cold/warm fi ll of csd and hot fi ll of fl avoured beverages. blown pet bottles are shipped in from malay-sia. a second line fi lling cans (0.33 litres/ 54,000 cans per hour) is on the same fl oor ; also supplied by khs. there are frequent format changes on the pet line - due to the many types of packaging sizes such as csd 500ml, 600ml, 1500ml and hot-fi ll in 500ml for the singapore market. “frequent format changes - at yhs we are happy to do that with no issue or problem as industry needs to be versatile to cope with changing market demands.” said andrew k h neo as we looked from the gallery on the 7th fl oor down onto the production line on the 6th fl oor. product and organisation in singapore, about 70% of the yhs production is for pi (pepsico international) products, 30% is yhs own brands such as isotonics, fruit drinks, vitaminised drinks and tea drinks. the annual volume is around 40 million litres. it has 280 employed locally of which 50 are engaged in production. regional market report asean reports on the following companies will follow in the coming issues of petplanet insider: f&ncc beverages (near kuala lumpur) converter and fi ller sidel south asia pacifi c (in bangkok) supplier indorama and petform (near bangkok) resin pro- ducer and converter imco (near bangkok) converter petpak (near bangkok) converter toyo pack international (near bangkok) converter and fi ller khs thailand (in bangkok) supplier tck interplas (near bangkok) converter sipa (in bangkok) supplier ajethai big cola (near bangkok) fi ller tipco (bangkok)

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07/09 marketsurvey producers of caps and closures producers of pellets and additives single stage machinery manufacturers 2-stage sbm machinery manufacturers suppliers of preform moulds and sbm moulds preform manufacturers suppliers of preform systems filling equipment suppliers of labels compressor manufacturers it is becoming increasingly common for beverage fi llers to blow their own bottles in house. the advantages are obvious - the main one being availability of the right preform at the right time, not to mention the reduced cost (and the reduced carbon foot-print) compared with shipping empty bottles. however, beverage companies are gener-ally less inclined to injection-mould their own preforms, which means that there is still a strong demand for preforms from specialist converters. these companies are the sub-ject of this month’s market survey. the variety of pet applications is constantly expanding, as is the use of pla in certain applications, and some of the companies in this month’s survey also offer pla, pp or pen preforms as standard. others are able to produce such preforms on request, and manufacturers of pet blow-moulding ma-chines are often keen to point out that their machines can blow pla or pp bottles with a minimum of adjustment. our survey includes local and international suppliers from a total of 15 countries. uk customers may be surprised to see no uk preform suppliers. rest assured, there are plenty, including artenius in gresford, con-star in sherburn-in-elmet near leeds and esterform of tenbury wells who did not sup-ply information in time. the range of standard preforms available from preform suppliers is huge. we hope that our survey helps bottle blowers to source suitable products from somewhere in the world! suppliers of preforms - pet, pen, pla etc. although the publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy company name alpla werke alwin lehner gmbh & co. kg intergulf ltd - empol pet verpackungen gmbh petform (thailand) ltd postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail mockenstraße 34 6971 hard, austria 43 5574 602 0 www.alpla.com hermann riedlsperger head of sales pet 43 5574 602 513 43 5574 620 17200 hermann.riedlsperger@alpa.com khalid seaport, p .o.box 6131, sharjah, uae. 97165029284 www.empol.com murali krishna / vinod kanchan business development manager / sales manager 97165029244 / 97165029246 97165285720 empol@iffco.com gewerbegebiet 4, 98701 großbreitenbach, deutschland 49 3 67 81 / 4 80 - 4 57 www.pet-verpackungen.de hubert rebhan projects & sales 49 3 67 81 / 4 80 - 4 53 49 3 67 81 / 4 80 - 4 52 hubert.rebhan@wiegand-glas.de 75/102,103 ocean tower 2, 37th floor, soi sukhumvit 19 (wattana), asoke road, kwang klongtoey nua, khet wattana, bangkok 10110, thailand 662 661 6661 www.indorama.net mr.pramod narayan dubey vp- marketing 66 81 9371978 662 6616664 pramod@indorama.net multilayer preforms (yes/ no) yes no ( only monolayer barrier preforms) yes no pen preforms (yes/no) no no on request no preforms in alternative materials (pp/pla) no on request no list of additives available co2 & o2 barrier, uv absorber, fast heat set resin & hot fill resin etc., colours, oxygen scavengers, uv-blockers, slip-agents, aa-scavengers, brighteners, pa-based barriers no product range preforms; all types/sizes for water, csd, edible oil, milk and all other products 1. preforms with 30/25 high neck fi nish for mineral water. 2. preforms with 28 mm pco/ bpf neck fi nish for csd. 3. preforms with 38 mm 3start neck fi nish for juice / dairy products. 4. preforms with 29/21 and 36/29 snap on neck fi nish for edible oil applications. 5.preforms with 38 mm 2 start for hot fi ll applications. 6. petgard (co2 o2 ) speciality barrier preforms for up to 500 ml single serve csd and for oxygen sensitive products. range of standard 28mm pco neck preforms varying from 14.5 g (e.g. for 0.25l bottles ) up to 54 g (e.g. for 2.0l bottles). octagonal neckring preforms with pco shortneck fi nish wide mouth applications (e.g. 0.2l up to 1.5l bottles) 38mm 2-start and 3-start bericap preforms /92 g preform with bericap 48-41 fi nish. multilayer preforms with barrier prop-erties tailor-made to specifi c needs. csd, mineral water, juice, milk and beer. pet preform pco 28 mm, 25, 28, 40, 43 and 52g and 30/25 neck 17grams closures: csd, water, single pc and two pc.

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market survey marketsurvey 07/09 company name manjushree technopack limited (formerly manjushree extrusions limited) gastro pet d.o.o. kotna ulica 5 resilux nv savola plastics division te postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail 60e, bommasandra indl. area hosur road, bangalore - 560099, india 91 - 80 - 4343 6200 www.manjushreeindia.com ankit kedia associate director 91 99800 85241 91 80 2783 2245 ankit.kedia@manjushreeindia.com 3000 celje slovenia 00386 3 425 80 32 www.gastropet.si 3u l pr å • ju h å general manager 00386 3 425 80 32 00386 3 425 80 31 info@gastropet.si damstraat 4 9230 wetteren, belgium 32 (9) 365 74 74 www.resilux.com harry van hassel director of marketing and sales 32 (9) 365 74 74 32 (9) 365 74 75 harry.van.hassel@resilux.com saudi business center, 6th floor, madina road p .o box 34495 jeddah 21468 saudi arabia 966 2 657 3333 www.savolaplastics.com, www.marinaplast.com azhar kangi president 966 2 657 3333 966 2 652 6680 akangi@savola.com 6 k bu 3 ww mi ge 3 3 ter multilayer preforms (yes/no) no no yes in process no pen prefoms (yes/no) no no yes yes no preforms in alternative materials (pp/pla) no pla preforms yes no list of additives available green for csd, hot fill grade resin mineral water grade resin, colourants, aa blockers uv blockers, amosorb nylon (in combination with polyshield) uv-blockers, colours, multiple barrier additives all barrier additives for uv, oxygen & carbon dioxide. am ne product range 28mm/17g - pco neck 28mm/22g - alaska neck 28mm/22g - 30/25 neck 28mm/25g - pco neck 28mm/27g - pco neck 28mm/39g - pco neck waters, csd, juices, dairy products, beer, wine, detergents, cosmetical industry etc. with required materials and additives. extended experi-ence with barrier technologies and additives. range of preforms: pco 28mm 1810 light: 20.5 - 24.5g pco 28mm 1810: 35.5g - 44.4g bericap 38mm: 16g - 41.5g pla preform production. complete support with pla projects. standard monolayer preforms: weights: 9gr-124gr neck fi nishes: pco, pco 8- sided, bpf, 38mm 3 & 2 thread, detergent, oil, crown cork, ketchup, 29-25 short, 30/25 low, 30/25 high, 48-40 bericap, wine,… barrier preforms (monolayer & multilayer): • resiox 3-6-9protects products against oxygen ingress • resic for carbonated products • resimid & resimax protects beer which is very sensitive to light, oxygen and carbon dioxide loss • resiblock 0-2-4 for milk and other products that are light sensitive hot fi ll for fi lling at 85 c – pasteurisable solutions in development refi ll wide range of bottles available for immediate supply pet preforms 28mm pco / bpf neck - various sizes 3025 neck - various sizes 37mm 2 start neck - various sizes (in process) 38mm 3 start neck - various sizes special neck pet containers for ketchup and cosmetics pc 30 pc 30 pc 40 ф ф3 company name uab "putokšnis" graham packaging company gulf packaging system co s g t be postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail aerouosto str. 35, lt-77103 šiauliai lithuania tel. (370-41) 545 059, 502 107 www.petpackaging.lt rimantas damanskis commercial director 370 614 07385 370 41 545019 rimantas.damanskis@petpackaging.lt 2401 pleasant valley road york, pa 17402, usa 1 (717) 849-1816 www.grahampackaging.com pete ervin v.p . sales 1 (215) 945-1000 1 (215) 943-5964 pete.ervin@grahampackaging.com p .o.box: 20266, jeddah 21455 saudi arabia 966 2 636 0099 www.gulf-pack.com mr. mohammed fyasuddin dulvi sales manager 966 2 636 0099 ext:107 966 2 608 2170 fyas@gulf-pack.com / info@gulf-pack.com 3,rue de l'île macé 44 412 reze, france 33 (0)2 40 05 09 37 www.sgt-pet.com mrs le claire sales administration 33 2 40 05 02 88 33 2 51 70 01 55 m.leclaire@sgt-france.com ga 80 35 htt ol ge 3 3 oli multilayer preforms (yes/no) no yes - active & passive barriers no no no pen prefoms (yes/no) no no no no no preforms in alternative materials (pp/pla) no no no no list of additives available aa blocker, uv blocker, qpet, nylon, o2 scavanger, co2 barriers, slipper additive, colorants uv light inhibitors, barrier blends (amosorb, msd6, etc) no all colours, uv blocker aa reducer o2 scavenger, co2 scavenger reheat additive white colour for uht milk; gliding agents -variant sizes ye product range standard pco: 18,5g, 20,5g, 20,7g, 23g, 24g 26g, 28g, 29g, 30,1g, 31,6g, 33g, 34g, 35g, 36g, 37g, 38g, 40g, 43g, 47g 38mm neck fi nish: 21,2g two start pet-cycle preforms: 29g, 30,1g, 31,5, 35g, pco standard 1810 28mm multilayer preforms for beer (335ml - 1.5l) 28mm, 33mm, 38mm & 43mm pre-forms for hot-fi ll beverages (ml, barrier blends and monolayer), a variety of ml preforms for food packages different types of pet preforms ranging from 12.8gs to 180gs for various application including mw, csd, oil, juice, personal care etc., in different nf designs like 28mm pco, bpf, 30/25, 45mm, 48mm, etc. still water, mineral water, carbonated soft drink, oil & vinegar, house product, cleaning product, juice & milk, wine 26 18

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market survey terrachim 97 ad westbridge pet containers retal iberia slu pdg plastiques retal represented by jsc retal europe d m 6 kupenite str., sofi a 1618, bulgaria 359 2 955 63 22 www.terrachim.com michail kostov general maneger 359 2 955 63 22 359 2 955 63 25 terrachim@terrachim.com 3838e - 80th avenue se calgary, ab t2c 2j7 403-248-1513 www.westbridge.ca sharon pokolm senior account manager 403-207-7720 403-248-1199 spokolm@westbridge.ca ctra. comarcal c-35, km.66,147 2-sector parcel.la 5 17451 sant feliu de buixalleu - girona / spain 34-972-865730 pere plademunt mateu general manager 34-972-865734 34-972-865731 pere.plademunt@retaliberia.com zi secteur 2 45330 malesherbes, france 33 2 38 34 61 95 www.pdg-plastiques.com francois desfretier general manager 33 2 38 34 61 95 33 2 38 34 63 82 francois.desfretier@pdg-plastiques.com konstitucijos av. 7 lt-09308 vilnius, lithuania 370 528 58400 www.retaleurope.lt vidunas stukonis sales director of retal eu group 37052858517 37052858411 vidunas.stukonis@retaleurope.lt no no no yes yes no no no yes no no yes no yes no amosorb neck fi nishpreform weight no light barrier prelactia - oxygen barrier - all colours colourants, aa reducer, amosorb, nylon, uv blocker pco / 10g 30/25 / 14,5g 16,5g pco / 19g, 22g, 26g 30/25 / 30g, 32g pco / 19g, 22g,26g, 36g, 39g, 40g, 43g, 46g, 49g, 52g, ф 48 / 86g, 115g,1 23g, 130g ф38 / 27g, 48g, 60g 28mm 410 28mm 415 28mm 400 28mm 100 33mm400 29mm rical/ 32mm rical 28mmkerr 33mmkerr 38mmportola 38mm alcoa 28mmpco 36g,42g, 48 g 36g, 42g, 48g 34g, 40g, 47g 34g, 40g, 47g 54g, 56gcrc 36g, 41g 48g 39g, 45g 83g, 90g 59g,75g,83g 83g 19g, 21g, 24g, 36g, 42g, 47g, 55g, 76g, 86g 30/25 / 12,5g, 13,5g, 18g, 27g, 30g, 31g, 34g, 36g, 38g, 39g 48/40 / 86 g,91g pco / 25g, 39g, 40g, 41g, 43g, 45g, 47g, 49,5g, 51g bpf / 26g, 40g, 41g, 51,5g 22 gav oil 24 g av oil 27 g av oil 30/25 high: 17,5-25-26-28-31-33-36-39gr 30/25 low: 17,5-25-26-28-31-33-36-39gr 29/25: 8g dairy 29/25: under development ø38 3 threads: 28gr prelactia 100% light barrier for uht milk long shelf-life 48/41: 55 - 62gr 27/32: 6,5gr dairy and smoothies 25/20: 6,5 - 8gr dairy ø38 3 threads: 44 - 50gr ø28 bpf: 42 - 44 - 48 - 60gr 29/23: 24 - 33gr chemical bvs 30h60: 50gr wine (high oxygen barrier) ultra-lightweighting 2,4gr preform overmoulding technology for 2 layers preforms innovative preforms pco 1810 (18,5g-54g) pco 1881 (25g-29,5g) pco hybrid (23g,34,5g-41,5g) pco corvaglia (32g) bpf (18g-51,5g) 38 mm 2 start (18,5g,20g,32g) 38 mm 3 start (21,5g,24,5g,27,5g,28g,35g) 48/41 low (77g-91g,145g) wm (30g,36g) multilayer pco 1810 (24g-28g,35g,36,7g) oil (18g-27g) alaska (16,5g,30g-34g) obrist (21g,23g) 30/25 (12,5g-18g,27g-39g) bes ehf rexam petainer lidköping ab encore custom preforms ltd. amd industries ltd. parle pet pvt. ltd. gagneidi 1 800 selfoss, iceland 354 482 3659 http://www.bes.is/ oli p ludviksson general manager 354 861 5562 354 482 1130 oli@bes.is box 902, plastgatan 3 531 19 lidköping 46 510 54 56 00 www.rexam.com urban larsson sales manager 46 510 54 57 52 46 510 660 24 urban.larsson@rexam.com 6605 kestrel rd mississauga, ontario l5t 1p4 (905) 696-8178 www.encorecustompreforms.com shanta oudit vp sales 1(905) 696-8178 x222 1(905) 696-0571 sales@encorecustompreforms.com 18, pusa road, karol bagh, new delhi - 110 005 91-9811118736 www.amdindustries.com adit gupta director- business development 91-9811118736 91-11-28753591 adit@amdindustries.com parle pet pvt. ltd., registered offi ce: western express highway, sahar - chakala road, parsiwada, andheri (e), mumbai 400099, india 9122 - 6734 8000 www.parleagro.com asha 9122 - 67348296 9122 - 66935050 info@parleagro.com no no no no no no yes no no no no no ingeo biopolymer (pla), pp no no yes coulorants aa- blockers scavangers uv blocker, toner, colourants n/a master batch for making coloured preforms ct, 26 -54 g /28mm pco 1810 18 - 34g / 30/25 water neck pet / pen preforms from 20g to 48g. 18 mm to 48 mm neck sizes 6.5g to 75g weights (pet) sp 400, sp 410, p-100, pco, ipec, nepco, pano, kerr neck fi nishes 1) 28mm pco neck fi nish (1810) 25g,27g,28g,44g,48g,54g 2) 30 /25mm neck fi nish 22g,23g preforms in various weight categories – and the basic product range in terms of neck type 30/25mm ( water application ) ; pco neck (carbonated and juice application ) short neck (water application)

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petpoint tradeshow 20 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net meeting for the petplanet family 3rd pet world congress - topic overview day 1 block 1 - pet material worldwide pearl drinks ltd., vijay walia (topic to be confi med) clariant masterbatches italia spa, ruggero facchinetti (topic to be confi rmed) block 2 - bottle to bottle recycling a concept for the future starlinger, mrs elfriede hell: “food-contact issues for rpet: approvals (efsa), process safety and qm erema, christoph woess: “vacurema economical way of pet recyling”. h&s anlagentechnik (speaker and topic to be confi rmed) block 3 - how to optimise preform production husky injection molding systems ltd., craig rey-nolds: “latest innovations in pet preform moulding” cold jet, jan cloots: “innovative cleaning technology for maintaining pet moulds, reducing process costs and improving fi nished goods quality” netstal, stefan bock: “energy saving / cycle time” colormatrix (speaker to be confi rmed): “advances in liquid colour” block 4 - caps & closures, lightweighting for everyone? sacmi imola, luca nanetti: “caps & closures and latest developments” registered visitors: a. lassonde inc. canada ajethai thailand a stries ltd. india apeta austria bepensa industrial mexico biola ukraine son brewery iceland britvic great britain cjsc uniplast ukraine clari coca-cola erfrischungsgetraenke ag germany coca-cola eu group belgium empresas polar venezuela esterform packaging ltd. euro pet ltd. france e fontana manufacturers (pty) ltd. south africa g.s.i. global service int. srl it rapes brazil gulf packaging system co. saudi arabia gulf packaging system injection molding systems sa luxembourg indorama polymers public co. ltd. uzbekistan karlovarské minerální vody a. czech republic khs machinery pvt. sultores técn. sa portugal m. & g. finanziaria industriale srl italy m. & g. polim ltd. india masafi mineral water co. united arab emirates mcbride belgium ml nestlé product technology centre switzerland nestle sources shanghai ltd company usa nongfu springs china p & c consultant germany papix plastics t d. croatia previero n. srl italy prisma polymer ag switzerland pt tirta invest consulting switzerland s.a. spa monopole n.v. belgium sacmi imola italy sa schoenwald consulting germany sdt soft drink technology ltd kazakhsta d.o.o. serbia tplast d.o.o. slovenia university of montpellier great britain international trade fair for the production and processing of oils and fats made from renewable resources 16 – 18 september 2009 new munich trade fair centre, germany oilsfats is the only international b2b trade fair that focuses on the production and processing of oils and fats made from renewable resources. it examines current trends and demonstrates the latest technological developments, covering everything from raw and auxiliary materials to processing, quality assurance, packaging and logistics. that makes oilsfats the most important industry gathering for decision-makers and experts in the oils and fats industry. meets www.oils-and-fats.com production and processing of oils and fats www.drinktec.com beverage and liquid food technology register now: www.oils-and-fats.com supported by messe münchen gmbh munich, germany hotline: (49 89) 9 49-1 13 28 info@oils-and-fats.com

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petpoint tradeshow 21 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net the pet world congress, september 16-17, 2009 visitors can learn about the latest develop-ments of the pet market on the exhibition stands - as well as at the pet world congress on september 16 and 17. all of the well-known manufacturers will be there to talk about their brand new developments. www.beverageawards.com category sponsors confirmed so far bookings close on 21 august 2009 @ in partnership with in association with it could be you! best design in pet best technology innovation in pet winners from last years awards enter online now day 2 beverage innovation awards 2009 block 5 - preform to bottle - what else? sacmi imola, marco savorani: “preform compression moulding & stretch blow moulding: a fl exible and energy saving way from pellet to bottle” air logic, scott heins: “nexgen rotary leak inspection system for high speed pet markets” sidel, luc desoutter: “new eco services to enhance pet solutions performance” siapi, nicola scaramuzza (topic to be confi rmed) block 6 - beer and wine being fi lled in pet: the mass market potential khs plasmax, andreas klages (topic to be confi rmed) krones (speaker and topic to be confi rmed) artenius pet packaging (speaker and topic to be confi rmed) block 7 - edible oil an under-rated market speakers & topic to be confi rmed s, only for subscribers subscription fee 289,- plus vat nd alpla france amcor pet packaging latin america brazil amd indu-raine bowler plastics (pty) ltd. south africa brewery egill skallagríms-clariant gmbh austria clariant distribution france clariant s.p .a. italy lgium coca-cola icecek as turkey dentis srl italy dewit plastics belgium ce europlast cis eurotek group srl italy f&ncc beverages sdn bhd malaysia srl italy global tehnic srl romania grupo leche pascual s.a.u. spain guara-stem co. saudi arabia horizon technologies fze united arab emirates husky ltd. thailand jbf rak llc united arab emirates jv navruz international corp . y pvt. ltd. india kkt kaller kunststoff technik gmbh germany logoplaste con-polimeri s.p .a. italy m. sideris & son ltd. rep of cyprus manjushree extrusions m ml-projekt germany nampak petpak south africa nestec s.a. switzerland ai ltd. china nestlé waters m.t. france niagara bottling llc canada nissei asb tics turkey pet engineering srl italy pet packaging great britain podravka d. nvestama indonesia reliance industries limited india repi s.p .a. italy ringblom ly sanpellegrino s.p .a. italy savola packaging systems - plastic saudi arabia khstan sidel france sidel india pvt. ltd. india sri consulting usa svet-pet tain vdma liaison buro india vitis d.o.o. croatia wahaha china welex inc. usa

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bottle making 22 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net sbo compact preferential heating for detergent bottles blow moulder versatility is vital novapak has about 100 pet stock bottles and manufactures over 350 customized shapes. “customers may want the same bottles but with different necks or colours. we make our own preforms in order to respond to specifi c requests in the shortest possible time,” alexander magyar explains. after acquiring its fi rst sidel machine in 1996, novapak now has more than 15 such blowers installed at its three dedicated pet package production plants. “we appreciate the process capacity and quick changeo-ver features of sidel blow moulders, which help us achieve ideal fl ex-ibility for our production. we know that when we design a bottle, the machine can make it.” speeds up to 5,600 bottles per hour the latest blow moulder installed at novapak, the sbo 4 compact preferential heating, can run at speeds up to 1,400 bottles per hour per mould, which is nearly 40% faster than the previous generation. “we are pleased with the quality of the bottles, and machine fl ex-ibility is important for us, because our average run is two days,” says magyar. “we still have to improve preform infeed, since the neck collar poses a slight problem at high speed. but we know that we can count on sidel for technical support and for spare parts.” in march, a new pre-form infeed will ensure that nova-pak meets its product specifi cations. to meet the growing demand for complex packages, novapak is increasing its production capacity with a new sidel blow moulder equipped with preferential heating. for the past dozen years nova-pak, the american bottle manufac-turer, has been specialising in the production of highly technical plastic packaging for personal care, house-hold goods, automotive, and lawn and garden products. novapak’s strengths include a wide range of customised bottles, a large number of stock bot-tles, integrated production of pre-forms, and excellent responsiveness to market demands. to meet grow-ing demand in the us market, the company has acquired its fi rst sbo 4 compact preferential heating blow moulder from sidel. the machine has been installed at its paris, illinois, plant, where since the end of novem-ber 2008 it has been producing two new detergent bottles in the 28 oz. (828 ml) and 22 oz. (651 ml) sizes at a speed of 4,800 bottles per hour. the culture of plastic novapak’s core activity is the manufacture of medium- and large-sized containers, from 150ml to 3l, in quantities ranging from 50,000 to 15 million units and with a total annual production of more than a billion pack-ages. 60% are in pet, 25% in hdpe and 15% in pvc. “we use hdpe for its barrier prop-erties, which are needed when pack-aging more aggressive products like pesticides or lawn and garden prod-ucts that are not compatible with pet,” says alexander magyar, vice president of operations at novapak. “despite all the environmental concerns about the use of pvc, our business still continues. today, it is either about the chemical resistance that pet cannot offer, or for people seeking an inte-grated handle in a clear container.” the production of pet packages at novapak is mostly for personal and household goods, with a small fraction for beverages, such as isotonic and sports drinks. “we do not make bottles for csd or water. to be competitive in beverages in the us, you have to have high output machines. we are not a high volume producer.” health & beauty care packaging

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bottle making 23 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net though fully optimized for preferen-tial heating, this new sbo can also be set for standard production with a simple reconfi guration of the machine in less than 30 minutes. quick change moulds and “perso” parts reduce format changeover times to 15min. this gain helps reduce time to market, a key parameter for nova-pak’s customers. responsiveness to the market today, the key factors in nova-pak’s success are simple, namely package innovation, and speed to market. “we can take a new package from design to mould manufacture and industrial-scale production in four-fi ve weeks or less – and with fl awless quality,” magyar remarks. originality and quality of the bottle design are essential, since most brand owners want a unique shape to communicate their brand and to differentiate from the competition. “for 80 to 90% of our business customers give us an idea or a concept and we will design the package for them”. a market in fl ux there is currently a trend toward new packaging materials in the north american cosmetics and household goods markets. many glass contain-ers are being switched over to pet which is also replacing pvc to an extent. some cartons and cans are also being replaced by pet. “pet is proving to be the solution for the future, and we see a number of development opportunities,” magyar claims. “the wal-marts, the home depots, the lowes do not want glass in their stores. the end-users are driving us away from glass; the fi llers do not want glass because breakage can shut down the whole line.” these factors all favour the use of pet. however, in the united states, plastic has been the victim of bad press. commitment to the environment novapak is very involved in envi-ronmental protection. “we seek to ensure good practices, in the offi ce, in the plant and throughout the facil-ity. we encourage our customers to do the same,” says magyar. actions include simple initiatives such as turning off lights and cutting down on printing in order to reduce paper con-sumption. they also involve major investments in low-energy equip-ment. “we have acquired new com-pressors with frequency drives that shut down automatically when they are not in use. instead of dispos-ing of it, we reuse hydraulic oil from the extrusion machines to fuel the furnace and reduce consumption.” novapak also works on decreasing preform weight. “when a customer brings a con-tainer to us, we can offer them two or three gram weights, depending on what feel and performance character-istics they need,” he says. novapak can offer lightweighting possibilities even for highly technical packages, thanks to its large portfolio of pre-forms with different dimensions and weights. preferential heating preferential heating uses a dif-ferentiated temperature profi le. this selective heating process ensures that the preform expands in pre-defi ned directions to achieve the desired wall thickness while adapting to the specifi c shape of the mould. this process leads to: better material distribution, elimination of areas of over-thick- ness and easier labeling, weight optimization of particularly complex containers. limits of lightweighting however , lightweighting does have its limits. “the limits for your product are not driven by mechanical properties but rather by customer acceptance,” states alexander magyar . “the customers for personal care cosmetics are used to glass, they want the same chemical and physical resistance. people coming from polyethylene demand a heavy wall thick-ness.” despite all this, people who are familiar with pet know its performance levels and accept lighter packages: “a trigger sprayer that was initially produced at 55 grams now weighs 36 grams.” lightweighting is not the only important trend for pet packaging. customers are also resizing containers to reduce costs. product size can be reduced in order to maintain an attractive price point that the consumer is willing to pay; a 16 oz container can be reduced to 15 or 14 oz, for example. conversely, there is also a trend to very large formats for consum-ers who do not want to go to the super-market too often. after acquiring its fi rst sidel machine in 1996, novapak now has more than 15 such blowers installed at its three dedicated pet package production plants. health & beauty care packaging

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bottle making 24 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net with more than 200 systems installed in 47 countries since their introduction in 2006, sipa’s range of sfl linear blowers represent an important technical success for the company. the fl exibil-ity of the sfl range makes them a leading choice for the varied and customised containers required by the health and beauty markets. high productivity – up to 1,800 bottles/hr/cavity – and low energy consumption helped the sfl ma-chines to commercial success but it is their versatility and fl exibility that really makes them stand out. simple modifi cations enable the same machine to produce a large variety of bottles, ranging from standard to large – up to 30l and including hot fi ll and differential heating for oval bottles; shaped-neck containers; opp and pla bottles; small sizes for pharma-ceutical products; and extremely light bottles with lightweight necks. sfl machines can also produce bottles with handles formed in the body and they can be fully customised for cosmetics, detergents and chemi-cal products. the sfl blowers also benefi t from the other technological innovations of the rotary blowers (sfr) developed by sipa, the patented oven system in particular, and they guarantee the lowest energy consumption in their category. the adoption of a fast, pre-cise and fully electrical operational system delivers maximum energy saving for mechanical movements in specifi c production outputs. with more effi cient ventilation, the oven ensures perfect thermal condi-tioning for preforms at lower tem-peratures. this results in a signifi cant energy saving and considerable fl ex-ibility in the adjustment of the heating-stretching-blowing process. sipa has achieved reduced air consumption for blowing by using ars plus on the sfl blowers. this new and exclusive air recovery system enables recovered exhaust air to be used both for pre-blowing and high-pressure blowing. this option means that the size of the air compressor can be reduced by 35%, leading to lower energy consumption and, therefore, utility costs. linear blowers for beauty markets health & beauty care packaging health and beauty care packaging produced on a sipa sfl.

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bottle making 25 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net timotei stays fresh unilever in france packages the 150ml timotei brand deodorant in a slim pet bottle fitted with a pump sprayer. the bottle carries a “no-label” look label on the front and the rear label is metallised on the inside. the result is an eye-catching mirror effect at point of sale, which in combination with the printing is aimed at supporting the natural image of the prod-uct. the colour-matched push-on cap and a moulded-in droplet pattern around the neck of the pet bottle nicely finish off this modern pack. henkel goes for pet for their 250ml packs of “fa” brand shower gel the german cosmetics company schwarz-kopf henkel have chosen a pet bottle. the clear bottles can be decorated with a “no-label” look label or a paper label, depending on the desired effect. the shower gel, which is coloured to match the pack, and some attractive printing on the inner surface of the rear label are eye-catchers at the point of sale. a self-adhesive sticker with information on the new product and the classic “fa” ball-shaped cap over the snap-shut lid help the consumer to identify the product on the store shelf. pet for baby shampoo the french company laboratoires ven-dome of quetigny is marketing a 300 ml pack of baby shampoo in a clear pet bottle. the bottle has no rear label. the required com-mercial and product information are printed on the inside of the front label and can be easily read through the back of the bottle. a colour-coordinated screw-on hinged cap for one-handed use makes the contents easily accessible. attractive in pet the 500ml pack of “coldona” brand lightly tinted birch hair tonic is marketed by the german company hagner of freuden- stadt in an attractively-designed, clear pet bottle. the colourful front and rear labels are shaped to echo the shape of the bottle and carry the required commercial and product information. a sturdy, colour-coordinated screw cap and a dispenser insert in the neck of the bottle nicely complete this cos-metics pack. bath fragrance in pet under the “wellness beauty” brand by sandro lorenzo the cosmetics discount retailer rossmann of burgwedel is selling a 500ml orange and pomegranate bath fragrance in a round pet bottle fi tted with a clear screw-on cap with one-handed hinged lid. the clear pet bottle nicely sets off the orange-coloured bath gel. a “no label look” label fi nishes off the pack. ginseng shampoo from spain instituto naturvita s.l. of barcelona have a 200ml pack of shampoo with ginseng. the shampoo is coloured green and is presented in a clear pet bottle. colourful, metallised front and rear labels and a screw-on silvery cap with a one-handed hinged lid give the brand an up-market look. birkin for grey hair in germany the cosmetics manufac-turer garnier (part of l’oreal) is marketing 250ml packs of birkin blue hair tonic in a pet bottle. the blue coloured hair tonic is claimed to add gloss, particularly to white or grey fl ecked hair, and to strengthen the hair. informative paper labels on front and back, a screw cap with harmonised shape and colour, and a dispenser device snapped into the neck of the bottle complete the attractive pack. in the market: health & beauty care packaging

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bottling / filling 26 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net proper training boosts line effi ciency practical training based on practical experience: andreas walter, krones, with some of the 30 people who attended the krones academy workshop. jörg puma standing at the fl ip chart is head of the krones academy and the person who ran the workshop on “saving costs and increasing productivity through training”. gone are the days when machine operators knew at once what was wrong with their machines when they were not running properly. as machines become more complex they also require fewer operators, nevertheless companies bot-tling beverages often have to turn to other industries for their employees. “in the factory it is far too often believed that any problems are 80% due to technical failures and 20% due to operator error. that is simply incorrect. 80% of the problems are operator-related. this means that training is immensely important”, says dr. john brunner, nestlé quality management suisse s.a., of vevey, putting things into perspective. at the invitation of jörg puma, head of krones academy, pet-planet attended one of his workshop sessions, entitled “saving costs and increasing productivity through training”, where more than 30 senior managers from the global beverage industry discussed the “pros and cons” of training. we should say right away that the general consen-sus among big brand owners as well as smaller companies was in favour of training, and was nicely summed up by g. waldmann, head of main-tenance and production technology at the kulmbacher brewery: “train-ing offers the highest potential for increasing plant efficiency”. in these fi nancially diffi cult times it is important to squeeze as much as possible out of production machines, and in this regard the practical semi-nar at krones was given full marks. but this should be done at the right time. levent tosum, technical direc-tor of efes breweries russia made the point: “for me training is at it’s most effi cient when the operator has been working for a while with the machine and has the benefi t of a cer-tain amount of experience”. it was, however, quickly made quite clear to the participants that training the machine operator is not the end of the story. managers too, starting with the line manager and production manager, and going right up to senior corporate executives, benefit from best practice sharing and management training. in particu-lar it is necessary, depending on the management level, for the manager to understand what makes a qual-ity product, how to optimise material usage, etc., as well as understand-ing routine tasks such as change-overs and cleaning - all in addition to his own direct responsibilities in terms of employee management. the group were unanimous in agreeing the need for senior people to understand and be trained in line efficiency. this new manage-ment training line efficiency is now available at neutraubling, germany, johannesburg, south africa, sao paulo, brazil, bangkok, thailand and orlando, usa.

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bottling / filling 27 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net trust the valve specialists • over 250 patented production valves available, including valves which respect the pet recycling stream. • with over 30 years of experience in dispensing closure technology, we provide a total packaging solution tailored to your product. • whatever the viscosity, however difficult the product, simplisqueeze ensures clean, non-drip dispensing. driver’s licence for a stretch blow moulding machine for some months now the krones academy has had its own contiform s8 exclusively for training purposes. the company offers courses at machine operator level on: mechanical adjustment to detect machine malfunctions at an early stage process training to keep the bottle quality at a consist- ently high level systems technology for electricians and mechanical engineering/electronic engineering employees overhaul maintenance training for replacement after 6,000 or 12,000 operating hours companies can send their people one at a time for training so that there are always enough operators back at the plant to keep production running. “previously practi-cal training could only be carried out on machines going through production, which often meant delays or post-ponements,” said andreas franzen, head of plastics tech-nology training. “since last year we have been independ-ent with our own contiform”. 24g 20g 18,5g 17,5g 23,5mm 131mm 66mm 2,3g 7,1g 8,0g one of the tasks given to the students during process training... ... is to produce a specifi c bottle shape with four different preforms.

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28 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net petproducts new generation plastic material for labels the grupo impresor savasa of san sebastian in spain has launched a new transparent label known as drystick. it is claimed to offer the water and beer indus-tries the ability to achieve the “no label look” without any investment in machinery, and to be cheaper than existing “no label look” solutions. the drystick label can be applied on conventional high-speed label-ers using water-based adhesive. the savasa printing group produces high quality labels using rotogravure print-ing and has been a pioneer in the most important developments of the sector in europe (iml labels, cut & stack labels). at present, the group has 3 production plants, two in spain and one in brazil, and pro-duces labels for the beverage, dairy and laundry industries. the new transparent label is already being used by mineral water company valtorre . nitrohotfi ll to cut costs with the new nitrohotfi ll process krones has brought to market an interesting alternative to conventional hot fi lling. the system is based on the newly developed “relax-cooling” (rc) concept, where the installation of a nitrogen injection dosing feature just before the capper creates a positive pressure of 1.5 to 2 bar inside the bottle. the positive bottle pressure compensates for the shrinkage in product volume downstream of the recooler, thus preventing any bottle deformation due to a fall in pressure. this means that panel design of bottles can be eliminated. the rc process can be used for bottle production in the contiform h stretch blow moulding machine. nitrohotfi ll technology offers material savings with the pet bottle itself, reduced blow-air consumption, enhanced performance in the stretch blow-mould-ing process, and increased output from the line as a whole. relax-cooling (rc) technology also enables the contiform h’s fl ushing air consumption to be sub-stantially reduced. super-lightweight hot-fi ll from graham graham packaging has introduced a new lightweight container, said to be the lightest weight bottle in the smooth-walled, hot-fi ll category, and an ideal match for teas, juices, and isotonic drinks. the new bottle is called the “escape” and represents a major advance in invertable-base technology. after the bottle is fi lled and capped it goes through a “cma” (continuous motion activator), a machine that inverts the base which takes up the vacuum in the bottle and creates a slight overpressure. cma is a signifi cant advance on the active transverse panel (atp) technology, which graham packaging introduced in 2004 to produce the fi rst panel-free hot-fi ll bottle. honest tea, the us top-selling organic bottled tea company, based in bethesda, maryland, is the fi rst customer to adopt the escape bottle. seth gold-man, president and teaeo of honest tea, inc., said. “this is the single largest improvement we’ve ever taken in terms of reducing our environmental impact.” the escape is 6.5 grams lighter than the pet bottle that honest tea was previously using. “it takes fewer resources to make the bottle and fewer resources to transport it”, points out graham’s paul kelley. new single stage machine from jomar jomar corporation (pleasantville, nj) is celebrating its 40th year in the design and manufacture of injection blow moulding (ibm) machines. to mark this milestone, the company has developed a new pet 20 ibm machine designed specifi cally to produce containers up to 60 ml in capacity. the number of cavities is determined by the container size. the pet 20 ibm runs in the 12 million per year range or several shorter runs. the tooling from jomar is designed for quick changeover. the new machine is extremely com-pact and energy effi cient while utilising jomar’s unique vertical plastifi er and accumulator system, which reduces energy consumption.

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patents 29 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net petpatents impermeable container international patent no. wo 2008 / 123401 a1 applicant: toyo seikan kaisha ltd., tokyo (jp) date of application: 28.3.2008 the process for the manufacture of a con-tainer with improved gas barrier properties is described. the material is based on pet. tamper evidence international patent no: wo 2007 / 113126 a1 applicant: leon ribi, vérossaz (ch) date of application: 22.3.2007 a feature is integrated into the wall of a plastic (pet) bottle that has a specifi c shape only when the bottle is legitimately fi lled. if the bottle is opened there is a change of shape that cannot be reversed. the feature will work for up to 20 refi lls on a fi lling line. plastic bottle international patent no: wo 2008 / 146814 a1 applicant: yoshino kogyosho co. ltd., tokyo (jp) date of application: 27.5.2008 the process for the manufacture and design of a stable plastic bottle with integrated grip feature is described. the bottle has reinforcing ribs and surfaces to simplify gripping. hot fi ll cap international patent no: wo 2008 / 148124 a2 applicant: graham packaging company, york (us) date of application: 29.5.2008 to ensure a safe leak-proof closure even when hot fi lling or pasteurising, this closure, with its internal side walls that reach down into the neck of the bottle, is recommended. label with grip international patent no: wo 2008 / 144147 a1 applicant: illinois tool works inc., glenview (us) date of application: 22.4.2008 a label with an integrated grip area is applied to a pet bottle as a type of elastic sleeve label. the international application describes the requirements of the bottle and the label to ensure trouble-free application. waisted plastic bottle international patent no: wo 2007 / 118966 a1 applicant: s.a. des eaux minerales d’evian saeme, evian-les-bains (fr) date of application: 27.3.2007 a plastic bottle which is waisted in around the grip area to make it easier to hold but also strengthened to avoid undesirable dispensing of the contents if the bottle is lightly squeezed when picked up. additive container in the base international patent no: wo 2008 / 144387 a1 applicant: emergent technologies llc., chanhassen (us) date of application: 15.5.2008 this international application describes a preform, and a container produced from it, using a special process and special tools. the container has a recess in the base area that accepts and fi rmly clamps in place a second container. polygonal bottle european patent granted no: ep 1765677 a1 applicant: s.i.p.a. spa., vittorio veneto (it) date of application: 16.6.2005 the patent describes a polygonal plastic bottle that has reinforcing ribs and a waved collar around the body to simplify the application of a sleeve label.

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30 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 buyer’sguide 1.0 materials mfc commodities plastics & chemicals global financing and logistics for pet key customers mfc commodities gmbh millennium tower, 21st fl oor handelskai 94-96 a - 1200 vienna, austria tel.: 43 1 240 25 117 fax: 43 1 240 25 263 offi ce@mfc-commodities.com www.mfc-commodities.com 1.1 materials for bottle and cap production 1.1.9 additives and colorants americhem europe ltd cawdor street, eccles manchester, m30 0qf, uk tel: 44 (0)161 789 7832 mlydiate@americhem.com americhem inc 2000 americhem way cuyahoga falls, oh 44221 tel: 1(800) 228 3476 dcroley@americhem.com clariant masterbatches (italia) s.p.a. via lainate, 26 20010 pogliano milanese (mi) italy tel 39.02.9918.7558 fax 39.02.9918.7552 italy.mb.marketing@clariant.com http://mb.clariant.it gabriel-chemie gesellschaft m.b.h. (zentrale) industriestrasse 1 a-2352 gumpoldskirchen tel.: 43 (0)2252 / 63 630-0 fax: 43 (0)2252 / 62 725-0 e-mail: info@gabriel-chemie.com www.gabriel-chemie.com holland colours nv p .o. box 720 7300 as apeldoorn, netherlands 0031-55 3680700 0031-55 3662981 info@hollandcolours.com www.hollandcolours.com advanced colorants and additives colormatrix europe ltd. knowsley business park, knowsley, merseyside. l34 9gt. uk tel: 0044-151 632-8800 info@colormatrix.co.uk www.colormatrix.com liquid colours and additives repi s.p.a. via b. franklin 2 21050 lonate ceppino va italy tel. 39 0331 819511 fax 39 0331 819581 repi@repi.it www.repi.it 1.2 packaging components and accessories 1.2.1 preforms gastro pet d.o.o. kotna ulica 5 si-3000 celje tel: 386 (0)3 425 80 30 fax: 386 (0)3 425 80 31 info@gastropet.si www.gastropet.si pet preforms and closures intergulf ltd. (empol) khalid seaport p .o.box 6131, sharjah, u.a.e. tel. 009716 502 9244 / 9246 fax. 009716 528 5720 empol@iffco.com www.empol.com pdg plastiques f-45330 malesherbes - france tel. 00 33 2 38 34 61 95 info@pdg-plastiques.com www.pdg-plastiques.com preform manufacturer 3 rue de l’île macé 44 412 reze france tel: 33 (0)2 40 05 09 37 fax: 33 (0)2 51 70 00 55 sgt.mail@sgt-france.com www.sgt-pet.com tel.: 00 33 (0) 232 85 86 87 www.sidel.com zamil plastic industries ltd. zamil plastic industries ltd. p .o.box 1748, al-khobar 31952, saudi arabia tel. 966-3-8121114 fax. 966-3-8121477 info@zamilplastic.com www.zamilplastic.com 1.2.2 bottles kkt kaller kunststoff technik gmbh siemensring 32-34 53925 kall, germany tel. 49-2441-887-0 fax 49-2441-887-99 info@kkt-kall.de / www.kkt-kall.de 1.2.3 labels 1.2.4 caps and closures bericap gmbh & co. kg kirchstr. 5 d - 55257 budenheim germany tel. 49 (6139) 2902 0 fax 49 (6139) 2902 181 info.germany@bericap.com www.bericap.com idsteiner strasse 74 d-65527 niedernhausen, germany tel. 49 6127 8954 8850 fax 49 6127 78189 cct-niedernhausen@t-online.de www.cct-gmbh.com www.corvaglia.ch gulf packaging system & 3p co. post box no. 20266 jeddah - 21455 kingdom of saudi arabia telephone 966 (02) 636-0099 fax 966 (02) 635-2111 sales@gulf-pack.com 3p@prime-plastic.com www.gulf-pack.com has plastik san.tic.a.s. esenyurt fabr.yolu no:74 34320 avcilar istanbul turkey tel 90 212 695 50 00 fax 90 212 694 97 24 info@hasplastik.com www.hasplastik.com georg menshen gmbh & co. kg industriestraße 26 d-57413 finnentrop tel.: 49-2721-518 0 fax: 49-2721-518 198 contact@menshen.com www.menshen.com creative dispensing solutions seaquist closures löffl er gmbh d94078 freyung tel : 49 8551 9750 fax : 49 8551 975 180 info@seaquistclosures.eu www.seaquistclosures.eu

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net buyers guide 31 2.0 machines and equipment 2.1 preform production (machines and equipment) preform and cap production hong kong tel: 852-2665 3888 fax: 852-2664 8202 marketing@chenhsong.com.hk www.chenhsong.com.hk engel austria gmbh ludwig-engel-straße 1 a-4311 schwertberg tel. 0043-50-620-0 fax 0043-50-620-3009 sales@engel.at www.engelglobal.com netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it 2.2 bottle production (machines and equipment) nissei asb machine co., ltd. 4586-3 koo, komoro-shi, nagano-ken 384-8585, japan tel. 0081-267-23-1565 fax 0081-267-23-1564 sales@nisseiasb.co.jp www.nisseiasb.co.jp automa spa „one step“ injection-stretch blow moulding and injection blow moulding machines bologna - italy tel. 39-051-739597 fax 39-051-739578 b&g xt model pet blow machines. b&g spare parts for reheat blowers sidel ; cincinnati rhb’s; krones ; corpoplast (krupp); mag-plastics ; sipa ; nissei ; and other brands. sales@bgproducts.com www.bgproducts.com khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com norgren ag ventilfabrik postfach 8362 balterswil, switzerland tel 41 71 973 83 00 fax 41 71 973 83 01 sbmproducts@norgren.com www.norgren.com/sbm eugen seitz ag spitalstrasse 204 8623 wetzikon, switzerland phone: 41 44 931 80 80 fax: 41 44 931 80 90 mmeier@seitz.ch www.seitz.ch sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it p .e.t. parts specialist wide diversify inventory available to help you saving money and time tel: (450) 454-2493 toll free number 1-866-454-2493 www.umallette.com sales@umallette.com 2.2.1 single stage stretch blow moulding equipment 2.2.2 two stage stretch blow moulding equipment no.20, lane 74, fuda n. rd., dali city, taichung county 412, taiwan tel. 886-4-2486-5900 fax. 886-4-2486-1013 servers@chumpower.com www.chumpower.com mag-plastic machinery s.a. rue alfred-pot 1 p .o. box 140 ch - 1896 - vouvry (vs) switzerland tel. 0041-24-4820-820 fax 0041-24-4820-819 sales@magplastic.com www.magplastic.com stretch blow molding machines, preform molds & cap molds tel.: 86-576-84066853 fax: 86-576-84020107 info@megamachinery.cn www.megamachinery.cn www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com siapi s.r.l. via ferrovia nord, 45 31020 san vendemiano (tv) italy tel. 39 0438 4096 fax 39 0438 401016 info@siapicamerin.it www.siapi.it urola s.c. 20230 legaz pi, spain tel. 34 943 737003 fax 34 943 730926 legazpi@urola.com www.urola.com 2.2.3 coating systems khs plasmax khs plasmax gmbh meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-364 f 49 40 67907-353 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com 2.2.4 compressors atlas copco customer centres worldwide www.atlascopco.com lmf gmbh & co. kg suedbahnstraße 28, a-2544 leobersdorf, austria tel: 43 2256 9001-0 fax: 43 2256 9002 e-mail: sales@lmf.at www.lmf.at siad macchine impianti s.p.a. via canovine, 2/4 24126 bergamo, italy tel. 39 035 327611 fax 39 035 316131 info@siadmi.com www.siadmi.com

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32 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 2.2.8 unscramblers lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it unscramblers, silos and air con-veyors for empty plastic bottles p .o. box 306 08210 barberà del vallès barcelona (spain) tel. 34 93 729 7616 fax 34 93 718 8856 sales@posimat.com www.posimat.com 2.3 cap production (machines and equipment) bmb spa via enrico roselli 12 25125 brescia (bs) - italy tel.: 0039 030 2689 811 fax: 0039 030 2689 880 info@bmb-spa.com www.bmb-spa.com netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sacmi imola via selice prov. le 17/a 40026 imola bo, italy tel. 0039-0542-607-111 fax 0 039-0542-642-354 valentina_gollini@sacmi.it www.sacmi.com 2.3.4 printing equipment tampoprint ag lingwiesenstrasse 1 70825 münchingen, germany tel.: 49 7150 928-0 fax: 49 7150 928-400 info@tampoprint.de www.tampoprint.de 2.4 crate production (machines and equipment) werner koch maschinentechnik gmbh industriestraße 3 75228 ispringen / pforzheim tel.: 49 72 31/80 09 0 fax: 49 72 31/80 09 60 e-mail: info@koch-technik.de www.koch-technik.com 2.5 ancillary equipment for the production of pre-forms, caps and crates material drying and mould dehumidifi cation eisbär trockentechnik gmbh. a-6840 götzis tel.nr. 0043 5523 55558 0 cool@eisbaer.at www.eisbaer.at green box s.r.l. water chillers - cooling systems tel. 39 049 9703319 fax. 39 049 9701968 info@greenbox.it www.greenbox.it drying, conveying and blending systems motan gmbh max-eyth-weg 42, d-88316 isny tel.: 49 7562 76-0 fax: 49 7562 76-111 pettec@motan.com www.motan.com tel. 39 041 57 99 111 sales@piovan.com www.piovan.com 2.5.3 dryers 200 west kensinger drive cranberry township, pa 16066, usa tel.: 1-724-584-5500 info@conairgroup.com www.conairgroup.com 3.0 suppliers for stretch blow moulds and preform moulds molds, change parts, sbm and injection molding machinery for the pet/bioplastics industries 284 pinebush road cambridge ontario canada n1t 1z6 tel: 001-519-624-9720 fax: 001-519-624-9721 info@hallink.com www.hallink.com production of blow moulds and pet mould parts tel.: 359 32 606 821 fax: 359 32 606 888 offi ce@itd.bg www.itd.bg khs corpoplast khs corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: info@khs.com www.valueaddedbottling.com specialist for pet preform injection mold, injection stretch blow mold & pet blow mold www.moltechkorea.com tel : 82-11-224-1571 / 82-32-684-0153 fax: 82-32-684-0139 sales@bgproducts.com for north american market sales@easykorea.co.kr for international market single step isbm moulds, preform mould change parts, blow moulds for pet pet moulds pvt ltd, india fax 91 44 2225 1285 91 98843 90999 petmoulds@eth.net www.petmoulds.com www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com r&d -integrated solutions in plastics leverage - integrated industrial design hamilton road sutton-in-ashfi eld nottinghamshire, ng17 5ld england tel: 44 1623 556287 fax: 44 1623 552240 www.rdleverage.com 1009 se browning avenue lee’s summit, missouri mo. 64081, usa tel: 1 816 525 0353 fax: 1 816 524 5068 www.rdleverage.com tooling preform systems bv moulds & robotics pet-related services & technologies c. houtmanstraat 42 emmen, the netherlands tel 31 (0) 591 679768 fax 31 (0) 591 630616 sales@tps.nl · www.tps.nl

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petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net buyers guide 33 pmci - sipa division via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438914495 pmci@zoppas.com www.sipa.it röders gmbh scheibenstr. 6 29614 soltau, germany tel. 0049-5191-603-53 fax 0049-5191-603-36 mold@roeders.de www.roeders.de pet packaging, blow molding equipment and molds octeville-sur-mer, bp 204 76053 le havre cdx - france tel: 0033 (0)232 85 86 87 tooling@sidel.com www.sidel.com solent mould tools ltd tel: 44 (0) 23 9223 9950 sales@solentmouldtools.co.uk smt americas inc. tel: 1 905 315 9882 smt.americas@cogeco.ca www.solentmouldtools.com 3.3 cap moulds www.corvaglia.ch z-werkzeugbau-gmbh hoechster strasse 8 6850 dornbirn, austria tel. 0043-5572-7272-720 fax 0043-5572-7272-8620 offi ce@z-werkzeugbau.com www.z-moulds.com 3.1 preform moulds www.wtbvc.com preform moulds, components, refurbishments and conversions. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. united states - 937-898-8460 sales@electraform.com poland - 48-17-860-1020 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com argentina - 5 4-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar otto hofstetter ag zürcherstrasse 73 8730 uznach, switzerland tel. 41 55 285 22 11 fax 41 55 285 22 44 hofstetter@otto-hofstetter.ch www.otto-hofstetter.ch pmci - sipa division via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438914495 pmci@zoppas.com www.sipa.it www.wtbvc.com blow molds for all technologies, all machine types, all sizes. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. canada - 905-574-0010 sales@wentworthmold.com poland - 48-81-820-5730 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com china - 86-137-646-05384 phu@wtbvc.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar 3.2 stretch blow moulds awanti polymoulds pvt. ltd. 25/5a/1/2, nanded, sinhagad rd., pune - 411 041, india telefax: - 91 20 24392805 shirishk@vsnl.com www.awantipolymoulds.com pet engineering, bottle design, prototyping, industrial blow mould and services - rue du buisson moreau 16100 cognac france tel : 0033 (0)5 45 36 63 50 www.sa-comep.fr accueil@sa-comep.fr demo design and moulds 31020 san vendemiano (tv) - italy tel.: 39 0438 409048 fax: 39 0438 409046 info@designandmoulds.com www.designandmoulds.com mel machinefabriek etten-leur b.v. pauvreweg 11 4879 nj etten-leur, netherlands tel. 0031-76-5015655 fax 0031-76-5016532 info@machinefabriek-el.nl www.machinefabriek-el.nl engineering & production of complete isbm tooling sets for aoki, nissei, etc. polimash ltd. blow moulding equipment and moulds shyrokaya str. 2 14021 chernigov, ukraine tel. 38 0462 67 76 28 fax 38 0462 67 76 29 e-mail: pm@polimash.com.ua www.polimash.com.ua www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com 3.6 mould cleaning cold jet europe bvba dellestraat 55 b-3550 heusden-zolder, belgium phone: 0032 (0)13 539547 fax: 0032 (0)13 539549 info.eu@coldjet.com www.coldjet.com 4.0 filling / bottling 4.1 bottle handling and preparation 4.2 beverage preparation 4.3 filling machines 4.3.4 aseptic fi lling lines aseptic fi lling lines 12 route de mamers - bp 46 72402 la ferte bernard cedex tel.: (33) 2 43 60 28 28 fax: (33) 2 43 60 28 39 serac@serac.fr www.serac-group.com 4.4 labellers and capping machines 4.4.1 labelling machinery gernep gmbh benzstraße 6 d-93092 barbing tel: 49 9401/9213-0 fax: 49 9401/9213-29 email: info@gernep.de www.gernep.de 4.5 downstream equipment lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it

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34 petplanet insider vol. 10 no. 07/09 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 lonely in space – or plugged in to the world-wide pet community? a few ways to benefi t from petplanet‘s many offers. price of the entry: number of lines x 3,2 mm line height x 5,70 eur entry per issue stay permanently listed in the magazine‘s buyer‘s guide with your company logo and contact information. for only eur 5,70 per mm you can be present among top suppliers of pet processing materials – in every issue of the year. contact ask for your individual offer – call 49-6221-65108-0 1 line 3,2 mm example: 1,824.– eur/year petpla . net petplanet publisher landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany tel. 0049-6221-65108-0 fax 0049-6221-65108-28 info@petpla.net www.petpla.net 32 mm 5.6 melt fi ltration, screen changers gneuß kunststofftechnik gmbh mönichhusen 42 32549 bad oeynhausen tel. 49 5731 5307 10 fax 49 5731 5307 77 gneuss@gneuss.com www.gneuss.com 5.8 complete recycling plants complete pet-recyclingplant „bottle to bottle“; fda for direct food contact; modules „wash“ and „bottle to bottle“ also as stand-alone units available. krones ag böhmerwaldstraße 5 93073 neutraubling germany telefon: 49 9401 70-2751 fax: 49 9401 70-4150 www.krones.com pet recycling technology: recycling extruders with inline ssp (iv increase, food-contact, pepsico) starlinger & co. ges.m.b.h. sonnenuhrgasse 4 at-1060 vienna tel.: 43/1/599 55 0 fax: 43/1/599 55 180 e-mail: sales@starlinger.com www.recycling.starlinger.com 6.0 other 6.1 laboratory equipment 6.1.2 o 2 barrier measurement non-invasive oxygen/ ph measurement presens precision sensing gmbh germany info@presens.de tel 49 941 94 27 21 00 www.presens.de/pet 6.2 pet consultancy and support services machine point consultants, s.l. parque tecnológico de boecillo edifi cio c.e.e.i. - 2.01 e-47151 valladolid (spain) tel.: 34 983 549 900 fax: 34 983 549 901 pet@machinepoint.com www.machinepoint.com/pet 6.3 contract manufacturers 6.3.2 suppliers of custom designed bottles p .e.t. engineering srl via celtica 26 31020 san vendemiano (tv), italy tel 39 0438 403069 fax 39 0438 408420 www.petengineering.com info@petengineering.com zecchetti s.r.l. via galileo galilei, 1-1a 42027 montecchio emilia re, italy tel. 0039-0522-867-411 fax 0039-0522-866-034 sales@zecchetti.it www.zecchetti.it 5.0 recycling chemical products and solutions for pet recycling. cleaning agents, antifoams, products to improve fl otation and fl occulants for waste water treatment. cht r. beitlich gmbh bismarckstraße 102 d-72072 tübingen tel 49 7071 154-0 fax 49 7071 154-290 info@cht.com www.cht.com complete pet recycling plants, fda and pepsico approved, iv increase without pellet-ssp erema gmbh unterfeldstr. 3 4052 ansfelden/linz, austria tel. 0043-732-3190-0 fax 0043-732-3190-23 erema@erema.at www.erema.at pet chemical treatments: cleaners, fl otation compounds and additives via vigevano 61 28069 - san martino di trecate novara - italy tel. 0039-0321789770 fax 0039-0321789765 salesmet@macdermid.com

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world fair for beverage and liquid food technology wob münchen information tel. (49 89) 9 49-1 13 18 . fax (49 89) 9 49-1 13 19 . info@drinktec.com 14–19 september 2009 new munich trade fair centre drinktec go with the fl ow. buy your ticket online! www.drinktec.com dt09 pet l i 210 297 e i dd 1 13 02 2009 10 26 17 uh

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d 51178; issn: 1438 9452