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www.petpla.net d 51178; issn: 1438-9452 no. 06/08 magaz i ne for bot t l e r s and bot t l e - mak e r s in the amer icas, as ia, europe and al l around the p lanet 23 . 06 . 08 petplanet is read in 136 countries suppliers of pet resins, colours and functional additives marketsurvey page 27 reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s italy part 2 page 10 “the rapid guide to perfect prefoms“ gives concrete advice on common problems in preform manufacture. - a peep into the new volume of petplanet print page 36

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impressum editorial 3 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net publisher alexander büchler, managing director head office stefanie saueressig, head offi ce manager heidelberg business media gmbh landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net editorial doris fischer, content manager tony oneill, senior editor wolfgang von schroeter, consultant editor ilona trotter, editorial correspondent gabriele kosmehl, editorial correspondent media consultants ute andrä phone: 49(0)6221-65108-0 fax: 49(0)6221-65108-28 andrae@hbmedia.net france, i taly, spain, uk elisabeth maria köpke phone: 49(0)6201-878925 fax: 49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net america: ottmar brandau 434 oakland road mahone bay ns boj-2eo canada phone: 1-902-531-2028 fax: 1-419-844-7759 brandau@hbmedia.net layout and prepress exprim kommunikationsdesign www.exprim.de print wdw druck gmbh gustav-throm-straße 1 69181 leimen-st.ilgen germany www www.petpla.net www.pet-point.net petplanet insider issn 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. this publication is sent to qualifi ed subscribers (1-year subscription 149 eur, 2-year subscription 289 eur, young professionals’ subscription 99 eur. magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. note: the fact that product names may not be identifi ed as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. editorial dear readers, the information mix at the moment we are in the process of organising two major events for you - fi rst comes drinktechnology and pet india in mumbai at the end of november 2008 - an event that was such a success last year - and secondly, even at this early stage, we are making plans for that major international exhibition, the drinktec petpoint 2009 in munich. whilst the event in mumbai is clearly targeted at the booming market in and around india, petpoint has a global appeal, but both of them give you and us the opportunity to make direct personal contact - whether it be a case of meeting old friends or of establishing totally new contacts. it’s all about “networking”. however useful and enjoyable our petplanet insider magazine is, there is no substitute for personal contact. we see ourselves as accompanying you on your journey through the world of pet industry and pet commerce, with industry chit-chat, new products, market sur-veys etc - all helping you in your day-to-day business. magazines act as a constant fl ow of industry information, com-plemented by events that give all of us the opportunity to do some networking. this personal contact is no less important for us in the publish-ing world. the numerous conversations that we have with you at the events help us build up a very clear picture of where we are doing things right, where we are helping you, and where we could do more. so i would like to invite you, very cordially, to our two events - as visi-tors, and as exhibitors. yours, alexander büchler

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4 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net petcontents 06/08 inside track 3 editorial 4 contents 6 news 48 products 49 bottles 55 patents regional market report 10 italy part 2 material / recycling 34 petcore - a new start market survey 30 suppliers of pet resins, colours and functional additives preform production 36 rapid guide to perfect preforms 1 bottle making 38 mould conversions made easy 40 balancing technology and aesthetics 41 750 ml wine bottles with plasmax coating bottling / filling 42 specialist brewer and mineral water bottler laser coding 46 improved laser marking of pet bottles buyer’s guide 50 get listed! page 41 page 43 page 10

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our injection moulds are used to produce suitable pet preforms for any design and shape. www.otto - hofstetter. com/pet pet for men and women .

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6 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net petnews erema turnover tops 100 million euros erema, the austrian manufacturer of plastic recycling systems, ended the 2007/2008 fi scal year on 31 march this year, once again with record sales. con-solidated turnover of the erema group, including its subsidiaries in the usa and roitham, austria, hit 102.4 million euros for the period from april 1st 2007 to march 31st 2008. with over 15 per cent growth compared to last year’s fi gures erema produced 290 complete recycling systems in the year, with around 50 per cent of the plants going to customers outside the eu. gerhard wendelin, managing partner and ceo at erema, is also upbeat about the future. “if it does come to the world-wide slowdown in economic growth at some point this year, as now assumed by the economic experts, it is possible that the impact on the recycling indus-try will not be that severe. an oil price that is already high and continues to increase may result in polymer prices for virgin material soaring even further. this would in turn mean that the demand for high-quality recycled material would also increase, with a consequent posi-tive effect on demand at erema.” la seda to increase recycling the executive committee of la seda de barcelona has agreed to integrate the management of the group’s recycling plants into a single company. with this decision the group aims at recycling more than 10% of its annual pet production, which means a total recycling capacity of 140,000 tonnes per year in the coming years. the new business will be integrating the recycling plants in spain (balaguer), in france (beaune and perpignan), and in italy (acerra). the potential applications for the recycled pet take into account large re-use sectors such as textiles, packaging materials and bottle-to-bottle. decision on husky/ mht case over the past seven years husky has been pursuing legal action against mold & hotrunner technol-ogy (mht) in an intellectual prop-erty suit. on november 28th, 2006, the german appeal court awarded husky more than us11 million in damages and interest. on march 19th, 2008, the german supreme court rejected a request fi led by mht to allow an appeal against this decision and found that the damages already granted in favour of husky comply with german law. the case outlined above relates specifi cally to mht’s sale of certain 48-cavity moulds only. there also remain a number of active cases involving mhts broader use of husky engineering data, which husky believe are supported by this most recent supreme court ruling. agr plans closed loop manufacturing of pet containers at the recent petnology confer-ence held in essen, germany, agr international, inc. announced its intention to develop a control module to facilitate automated, closed loop manufacturing of pet containers. martin kustner, agr regional director, stated that his company will partner with lead-ing packaging and blow moulding equipment manufacturers from around the world to arrive at an innovative, state-of-the-art solution. agr claims to be uniquely posi-tioned to meet the technical chal-lenge of automating the control of the reheat, stretch blow moulding process following the recent com-mercial introduction of the petwall profi ler wall thickness measure-ment device. wall thickness mea-surement is the leading indicator for pet manufacturing process control given the high correlation to a number of key container perfor-mance attributes. agr has begun working with a number of key industry players around the globe to exploit this technology, which will culminate with a second quarter 2009 commercial launch of a pet-wall profi ler closed loop control module. graham fi rst quarter results graham packaging has reported a 7.7 percent increase in net sales in the fi rst quarter of 2008, as compared with the same quarter last year, and an increase of 38.2 percent in operating income. net sales for the quarter ended march 31, 2008, were 669.4 million, an increase of 47.6 million over the fi rst quarter of 2007 and operating income was 60 million. sales were up in north america, europe, and south america. sales in the food and beverage category were up 11.0 percent over the fi rst quarter of last year. the overall increase in net sales was attributed primarily to an increase in resin costs passed through to customers and the positive impact of changes in exchange rates, offset slightly by lower volume and competition-induced price reductions. the number of container units the com-pany sold in the fi rst quarter actu-ally fell by 1 percent. erratum in our recent article on chinaplas (petplanet insider issue 5/06, page32) we published some incor-rect information on the preform being run by huayan at the show. huayan’s machine was actually moulding a 26 g preform with a wall thickness of 3.4 mm and the machine ran at a cycle time of 18 s with tower water only. we apologise for this error!

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news 7 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net f ; j i j h [ j y x b e m # c e k b z _ d ] c w y _ d [ h o l]vizkzgcyd[f;jfwyaw]_d]" cw]fbwij_y]vhi]zg\]ibvx]cz### fwhcwy[kj_ywb" yeic[j_yi wdzif[y_wb_j_[i kzghviainhvznldgy l]zcegdyjxc\xdcivczgh hjx]vhlyzbdji]! hbvaaxdcivczgydlc id)%ba!ó viwdiiazh li]dgzcivizyczx# mwj[hyedjw_d[hi i]zwzhixdbegdbhz wzilzzcwdiiazlz\]i vcyezg[dgbvcxzhje id'#*a# 9i:"hk_jk_y[ ejó bbiebkj_edi hezxò xyzh\c vcyegdxzhh! deiboc\xdcivczg ezg[dgbvcxzh vcyh]za[a[z# m_d[ 7byeeb xejjb[i hezxvawdiiazvcyczx yzh\cyzyxvizyid]\] kvajzvyyzyegdyjxih gzfjzhic\zaz\vcxzvcy hde]hixvidc# ;dgbdgzc[dgbvidcdcbv\eavhixéhegdyjxidchdajidch!khidjglzwev\z/ mmmcw]fbwij_yyec%j[ydebe]_[i 3lzgzhedcy c7#fb7ij?9c79?d;hoi7 gjz6a[gzy"edi& 8"&-.kdjkgn hliozgavcy iza# )&'))-'%-'% ;vm )&'))-'%-&. hvazh@bv\eavhix#xdb mmmcw]fbwij_yyec resilux interim statement in contrast to the increase in oil prices, pet prices have remained relatively stable and the pet packaging market continues to grow. from an ecological point of view pet packaging is gaining in importance because of the possibil-ity of producing lighter weight packaging resulting in lower energy and raw material consumption. hence the recent increased energy prices give pet a competitive advantage over glass and other packaging materials. regarding the dispute with the russian tax authorities, the court ruling in cassation decided at the end of 2007 to revoke the earlier decisions (in particular the rejection of the claim of the russian tax authorities in fi rst instance and in appeal) and to refer the case back to fi rst instance. this court and the court ruling in appeal have both once again rejected the claim of the russian tax authorities. outlook the fi rst months of 2008 showed a good increase in turno-ver, consequently the results are in line with expectations. no important events have occurred during 2008 with a signifi cant impact on the company’s fi nancial structure and resilux expects a further improvement during 2008 with a further reduction of the net fi nancial debt. fda approval for gehl’s khs line following fda approval gehl foods, inc., of germantown, wisconsin, a most diversifi ed low-acid, aseptic dairy facil-ity in the usa, have unveiled their new khs high-speed bottle fi ller (600 bottles/ minute), adding yet another packaging option to their fi f-teen low-acid, aseptic lines. the state-of-the-art fi ller can fi ll 8 to 14 ounce capacity bot-tles, addressing the growing demand for non-refrigerated dairy product. the line also features a unique, reseal-able cap that avoids the foil seal method. “with the rising cost of refrigerated distribu-tion we are seeing even more demand for non-refrigerated products,” said gehl. “gehl’s plans to take advantage of that demand and remain the pre-ferred leader in our industry.” the aseptic fi lling system from khs is the innofi ll acf with a dry sterilisation process using hydrogen peroxide. along with the maximum level of hygienic security and haccp control, the khs acf system provides an environmentally friendly method of reducing operating costs - zero water consump-tion for bottle and closure sterilisation.

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news 8 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net the only end-to-end vision inspection system in the world. 29200 aurora road cleveland, ohio 44139 usa if you need a fully-integrated pet container vision inspection system, able to cover your whole process from start to finish, pressco is the only solution. our reliable, proven systems are ideal for inspection at various process stages including preforms, bottle blowing, filling, closures and labeling. — call or email us at — 1 440 498 2600 sales@pressco.com www.pressco.com munich university announces results of keykeg test munich university of technology has tested the one-way keykeg and com-pared it to steel kegs. both types of keg were tested under very demand-ing conditions for both the taste of the beer and co 2 loss. the results of the tests in munich demonstrated that keykeg performed as well as steel kegs. both types of keg were fi lled with ‘lager’, and also wheat beer, in mid-december 2007 and kept at a constant high temperature of 28c. wheat beer is well known for its high co 2 level and therefore higher pressures. the beers were sampled after four months and despite the constant high temperature, and correspondingly high pressures, both the keykegs and the steel kegs were found to be 100% physically intact and fully functional. test for co 2 loss, possible contami-nation with micro-organisms, and taste, showed no signifi cant differ-ence in taste and no micro-organisms were found. with regard to co 2 loss, once again no difference could be identifi ed. simulated transport tests at widely varying temperatures pro-duced no difference in the taste of the beer. two months after this four-month test weihenstephan (a bavarian state-owned brewery and training ground for master brewers) plans to perform further defi nitive tests. the keykeg is a revolutionary one-way keg based on a collapsible pouch within a blow-moulded pet sphere. it was launched in november 2006 and many producers are running fi eld tests now. the fi rst orders have been placed and the fi rst keykeg line started production in november 2007 in schwerin, germany. technical conference at gwk the fi rst gwk technical conference was held in may at lüdenscheid, germany. gwk is a leading manufac-turer of heaters and cooling plant for the plastics processing industry, and the event focused on heat exchang-ers in injection moulding, tempting delegates with the benefi ts of “more euros per mould”. the papers, including the presentation by gwk’s sales and marketing director helmut gries on increasing productivity via segmented mould tool heating, set out various ways of minimising costs and energy usage in injection mould-ing. the afternoon session consisted of a visit to the gwk plant followed by an open discussion. engel establishes sales subsidiary in turkey to boost its presence in turkey engel has now opened its own sales and support subsidiary in istanbul, turkey. engel’s long-standing repre-sentative en-ko makine servis will be integrated into the new com-pany. the team of 13 will sell the machines, robots and system solu-tions from engel’s various production sites, and will operate from a show-room taken over from en-ko, who themselves have sold and installed almost 1,000 engel injection mould-ing machines.

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news 9 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net petcore approves futura’s barpet/beerpet new md at weima martin friz has become the new managing director at weima energy gmbh in ilsfeld, germany, an established machinery manufac-turing company specialised in the production of shredding machines for refuse derived fuels (rdf). he replaces the previous managing director, harald hoffmann, who left the com-pany with effect from 31 may 2008. martin friz has held management responsibilities within the weima group since 2003, as partner and managing director. barpet/beerpet (a pet/ptn alloy containing 10% ptn*, which is pro-duced by futura polymers) is aimed at enhancing thermal stability and further improving the gas, uv and water vapour barrier properties of pet packaging. the barpet/beerpet solution is targeted mainly at products requiring an extended barrier protec-tion from co 2 loss or oxygen ingress such as soft drinks and beer. bottles made with this material com-position have been tested following the petcore bottle-to-bottle protocol. the bottle stream tested contained up to 25% of clear, monolayer barrier bot-tles based on barpet/beerpet. petcore’s expert evaluation commit-tee, whose mission is to determine the impact of new pet containers and additives on the quality of the recovered pet fl ake for recycling, has come to the conclusion (taking into consideration local accumulation effects) that futura’s barpet/beer-pet technology will have no nega-tive impact on current european pet recycling at levels of up to 10% of the bottle stream. petcore recognises the need for inno-vation. it is also recognised, however, that the introduction of barrier systems is cumulative in the recycle stream. in the event that the introduction of a specifi c new barrier system, or too great a concentration of older bar-rier materials, has an adverse affect on the quality of the resulting rpet (eg. colour/haze), petcore reserves the right to re-test and re-evaluate its position with regard to technology approval. * ptn stands for poly trimethylene naphthalate (a food-approved resin produced from ndc & 1.3 propaden-iol – pdo).

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regional market reports 10 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net reg i ona l mar ke t repor t s italy part 2 visiting the market players by wolfgang von schroeter and alexander büchler italy part 1 having introduced the italian beverage market, the related pet markets and their main protagonists in our previous issue (petplanet 05/08), in this issue and issue 7/08 we turn to italian engineering and manufacturing companies in the pet busi-ness. northern italy is the region with the world’s highest density of pet machinery manufacturers. many of them have a high reputation and thus were, or still are, on the shopping list of large international concerns with an eye on their know-how. we visited most of them in february and march 2008. part 2

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regional market reports 11 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 25th sipa s.p.a. in vittorio veneto sipa’s approach: learning and teaching – pushing, but also following of the 200 italian pet processing companies 102 are on sipa’s customer list. this deep penetration into the italian market is the result of sipa’s long term policy of expanding its product portfolio from single-stage injection blow moulding (with which they entered the pet market) to include machines for the two-stage process, i.e. injection moulding, rotary blow-ing and fi nally linear blow moulding. sipa has built up the nec-essary practical knowledge of each of these technologies. marketing puts it short and to the point, when talking about the developments being the result of an open dialogue between sipa and its customers explaining charmingly: “we learn and we teach.” or, when it comes to moulds in all mod-esty: “we push and we follow. pushing own ideas into the market and following customer’s requirements. we marry the company’s engineering genes with the processing needs of the ultimate user.” sipa manufacture moulds for all of their pet systems - being considered the essential core of each type of process. for close communication and speed to market sipa moulds are produced at numerous international locations. company history 1979: from the technical division of irca (heating elements and systems) a company was formed within zoppas industries to supply automation to general industries, and was named sipa. 1986: sipa entered the pet business with single-stage injec-tion blow moulding machines. the fi rst machines were tested making bottles for san benedetto. the strategic view was that “san benedetto’s expertise added to sipa’s expertise (and vice versa) can give high added value to both.” 1992: linear blowers for two-stage pet processing were added to sipa’s product range. 1995: aseptic solutions were developed. 1998: pet injection moulding machines were added. 1999: rotary blowers were developed. from 1995 sipa offered complete engineering solutions “from preform to bottle” and even entire lines from preform through bottle moulding to fi lling, packaging and trans-portation. 2007: sipa increase complete lines opportunities and turn-key lines capabilities by taking interest in fi lling line industry. products and population ecs – single-stage machines. output up to 36,000 bph. market leader on integrated platform for beverage indus-tries (hot fill, mineral water, carbonated soft drinks) and converters companies for specialties (wide mouth jars, oval and asymmetrical containers, big size containers up to 30 litres). pps – preform injection systems. output: up to 48,000 bph. up to 48 cavities with horizontal machines, plus 72 and 96 cavities with vertical machines. the 96 cavity machine is the latest model. sfr – rotary blowing systems. output: up to 48,000 bph and 2,000 bottles/hour/cavity on new evo series. sfl – market leader on linear blowing systems. output: up to 9,000 bph. the latest linear blower is a particular success story. moulds and hot runners for injection and blowing. pet turnkey lines and “sincro-bloc” – integrated blow-ing-fi lling-capping systems. several new sipa projects are in the pipeline, e.g. a dip-coating plant for pet beer bottles. total number of machines sold and installed worldwide as at january 2008: approx 1,700. iso 9001 iso 14001 certified firm polyester resins with a difference... corporate office rohit house, 3 tolstoy marg, new delhi – 110001, india tel.: 91-11-43517917-21 fax : 91-11-43517596 email : info@pearlpet.net website: www.pearlpet.com pet jars & bottles packaging polyester resin for special applications manufactured with zimmer technology uniform product with excellent rheological properties product with narrower i.v. spectrum, better mw distribution guaranteed color values and clarity guaranteed low acetaldehydes and end groups speciality resins twenty litre jars, low antimony, ultra clear packaging films, shrink films, high twist films, monofilaments, flame retardant, fast reheat, apet sheet monofilaments pet resin sipa / f.l.t.r.: martina bottarel, communication management, roberta gualtieri, marketing manager, and elio ceschin, sales area manager italy and spain

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regional market reports 12 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net the majority of sipa machines are for export. geo-graphical sales breakdown in 2007: 32% far east, 24% europe including italy, 19% middle east and africa, 14% central and latin america, 8% north america, 3% cis. the total number of machines sold and installed in italy: approx 300 units.there are an estimated 200 ital-ian companies working with pet, 102 of which buy from sipa who are the only supplier offering all pet process-ing technologies. local organisation - employees 720 employees in vittorio veneto (40% directly employed in manufacturing) plus more than 420 employees worldwide components and sub-assemblies for machines are outsourced. moulds for injection moulding and blow moulding are almost 100% made in-house. on a tour through a very busy sipa factory we were surprised at the high number of single-stage machines (ecs) and double-stage machines (pps 48-pps 96 and rotary blowmoulders sfr) in final assembly and in deliv-ery test phase on the shop floor. the new linear blowmoulders (sfl) for the smaller output are “best sellers”. numerous machines were under construction and filled the entire assembly area. strategies since the decision to diversify and further develop the business, sipa has continuously improved and increased its product portfolio. motivated by changing customer requirements and challenged by the compe-tition sipa have set ambitious future targets for them-selves, such as: being top and fully competent in all pet technolo-1) gies. reinforcing the turnkey capabilities and becoming a 2) leading company packaging solution. internationalising mould manufacture for fast 3) response and smart solutions for customers. continuing to upgrade existing individual products by 4) innovation. visions and expectations sipa (s.i.p.a.) stands for societa industrializzazione progettazione automazione and is part of zoppas indus-tries, whose chairman and owner gianfranco zoppas was interviewed in petplanet’s “top talk” series (see petplanet insider issue 10/05). he was quoted then, saying, “we are here not short term. we don’t care for shareholder value. we are here for customer value.” with this attitude sipa have developed their range of pet processing machines for italy and the world. sipa have grown from the italian market into global markets, yet remain exclusively italian and private. the massive program of r&d, design and develop-ment are proof of optimism and long term commitment, the busy factory floor is proof of a successful strategy. february 26th sacmi imola, imola italy vezio bernardi: “with compression moulding of preforms we know we will clash with very mature, competitive markets, where only innovation can make the difference and the ultimate breakthrough.” vezio bernardi – sales director, closures and containers marco savorani – pet sales manager, closures and con-tainers gastone sassatelli – oima deputy general manager franco rastelli – ceo sacmi filling we visited sacmi one day after visiting sipa. two companies, both very italian, and both successful in business, but two different concepts of running a com-pany - concepts which could not be more extreme. sipa is privately owned by the entrepreneur gian-franco zoppas; sacmi imola is a “cooperativa” with 350 selected and dedicated shareholders who make the ultimate decisions and all of whom are employed by the company. company history it started with ceramics, good steady business until today, with profi ts reinvested into diversifi cation. several divisions make up the sacmi group: ceramics division, beverage and packaging division, food process-ing and automation & inspection systems division, plastics division and sacmi service division. the beverage and packaging division is of prime interest to us, with trade marks such as sacmi imola, sacmi filling, sacmi label-ling, sacmi packaging. the division has moved continu-ously down the route of diversifi cation: 1954: complete lines for crown (metal) caps manufacturing. 1980: lining machines for plastic caps. 1992: compression moulding machines and complete sys-tems/plants for plastic closures. prototype was built in 1994. sacmi / f.l.t.r.: marco savorani, pet sales manager, alexan-der büchler and wolfgang von schroeter for petplanet, and gastone sasatelli, oima deputy general manager

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regional market reports 13 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net

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regional market reports 14 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net 2000: the strategic decision was made to enter the bev-erage market by acquisition. 2000: foundation of sacmi labelling in mantova. sacmi labelling supplies a complete range of automatic machines to label glass, plastic and metal containers. 2001: makers of injection moulding machines such as negri bossi together with oima and bm biraghi were purchased and integrated into the sacmi group, thus giving sacmi the ability to offer compression and injection technologies. 2003: scm joined with sacmi group becoming sacmi labelling scm. 2003: foundation of sacmi filling in parma maker of fi lling machines. labellers were left in mantova and the fi ller and mixer activities were produced in parma in the same year. 2007: foundation of sacmi pakim for the manufacturing lines for labelling vine and oil bottles and complete line for monobib, the replenishment, packaging monoblock that unites all the functions to create bag in box type packs. we visited sacmi imola and sacmi filling in parma (see separate report page 24). imola is the location of the head offi ce, where sacmi started and where strategies were thought out, developed, decided and put into action. here in imola assembly of compression moulding machines, mould manufacture and hot runners for injection moulding and moulds for compression moulding. fitting of preform injection moulding machines (manufac- tured in the former oima plant near venice) with hot run-ners and moulds to undergo fi nal trials. testing the new preform compression moulding system (see petplanet insider 04/08) in the laboratories/ advanced research centre. the very large injection moulding machines of negri bossi (primarily for the automotive industries), which are assembled in imola’s heavy presses assembly depart-ment because of the available space and heavy lifting facilities here. products and population it seemed to be an inevitable sequence of business decisions to move from a machine maker to a solution and system supplier. today the sacmi portfolio includes injection mould-ing machines (negri bossi group: negri bossi, bm biraghi and oima), pet preform moulds and robot postcooling (sacmi imola), labelling machines (sacmi labelling), fi ll-ing machines and engineering (sacmi filling), closures by compression or injection moulding (sacmi imola). one indi-vidual machine after the other was added to the beverage and packing division, until almost all technologies were in sacmi’s hands for supplying the entire line – blowers being the only exception but for which sacmi filling has an agree-ment with smi. compression moulding of caps and closures crown cap manufacturing lines and aluminium cap man-ufacturing lines are original sacmi beverage products. the central area of business of the beverage and packaging division however is compression moulding machines for caps and closures. sacmi is almost with-out competition in the compression moulding of plastic caps, but in fierce competition with injection moulding machines. both technologies split the market into two dis-tinct segments. compression moulding scores with con-siderable advantages in high volume, two-piece closures. the largest model being the ccm64m with 64 cavi-ties and having a maximum production capacity of 1,600 pieces per minute. the plastic cap manufacturing lines are completed with folding and scoring as well as lining and inspection machinery, all coming from sacmi’s range of products. today compression moulding of plastic caps is con-sidered big business. sacmi has 809 compression mould-ing machines operating in 65 countries with outstanding sales success regarding units in china (224), in the usa (88), in brazil (38), in mexico (37), in italy (26), also in the philippines (26), japan (24) and many smaller, but nevertheless important countries. (source: sacmi) pet preform systems the sacmi group joined with the negri bossi group for reasons of diversifi cation. according to offi cial statements in imola (see web page) sacmi benefi ted from the exper-tise of companies such as oima and bm-biraghi in the preform business and took advantage of this expertise by setting up an independent pet business unit within sacmi imola. the unit decided on the pet strategy as follows: machines are designed and originate from the negri bossi group (oima), the pet moulds are designed and manufac-tured in imola, engineering and project management are handled through the sales division of sacmi imola. the machine range: sacmi pet 180 with 16 - 48 cavities and sacmi pet 350 with 72 cavities / up to 96 for small preforms. in 2007, 10 sacmi injection moulding machines were delivered all over the world. pam preform advanced moulding compression moulding of pet preforms is in an experimental stage and the operational prototype deliv-ery is expected early in 2009 (see petplanet insider 04/08). the successful development of compression moulding of pet preforms would be a radical innova-tion and would have far-reaching consequences for the industry. bottle fi llers and labelling see separate report on sacmi filling hereunder (page 24). when talking about sacmi we should of course not forget to mention sacmi labelling, the company, which has specialised in innovative labelling solutions and is headquartered in the italian town of mozzecane, will be featured in our next issue.

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regional market reports 15 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net local organisation the sacmi group in 2007 closed with revenues for total sales and service of about 1,243 million euros. 15% was accounted for by italian business. number of employees: 3,474. revenue from the beverage & packaging division in the same year: 207 million with 798 employed. in particular sales of closure manufacturing machines and complete plant for the production of plastic beverage caps has hit record levels. a considerable sum (8% of sales) went into r&d. visions and expectations the beverage & packaging division grew from 2005 to 2007 by 43% . this applies to complete closure manufac-turing systems and to preform moulding systems as well as entire lines from blowing/fi lling/labelling/palletising of bottles. this is where almost all italian machine makers see their future markets. sacmi in-house is committed on 2 fronts: in the devel-opment of preform systems with conventional, yet more competitive injection moulding technology as well as in the development of a new compression technology for making preforms - something very different and an alternative to those provided by the current market leaders. vezio bernardi – sales director, closures & contain-ers: “we are used to competing with injection moulders with our compression machines for caps and closures. with compression moulding of preforms we know we will clash with very mature, competitive markets, where only innovation can make the difference and the ultimate breakthrough. no doubt - the market leaders will not give in easily.” and then vezio bernardi asks us: “how do you see sacmi from the outside? amongst all other international players? what comes to your mind?” our reply was that “one big difference is the com-pany’s cooperative structure. a cooperative is required to reinvest most part of the profi t. in the case of sacmi’s bev-erage & packaging division this has meant that the prod-uct range could be expanded and brought up to date, and enabled them to take a positive approach to new, costly, and perhaps even risky, developments. there is continuity in the sacmi business and long term planning. capital and operations are interlinked and as close together as they can be.” five years ago we asked dario beltrandi, the then general manager of the sacmi beverage & packaging division, in an interview: (see issue 01/2003) “are the happy times over? sacmi has become a big group, and big groups need rules, and rules slow down reaction and pace.” beltrandi replied: “sacmi has become a big group. but we do everything not to lose our italian fl exibility. maintain-ing the italian character in business is a vital part of our policy.” sacmi has become a bigger company indeed. big enough to face global competition, and professional enough to survive by its own strength and ambition. com-mitted and emotional - as expected in this italian world.

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regional market reports 16 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 27th kosme in roverbella josef deglmann: “kosme’s focus is on functional-ity. we don’t want to turn kosme into another krones!” josef deglmann – managing director, operations and pur-chasing massimo manzotti – managing director, sales mantova is labelling country. labelling know-how is part of mantova and the adjacent region. kosme started as a labeller and at that time alfa and cortelazzi, were neigh-bouring competitors. kosme today is 70% owned by krones. josef deglmann was transferred from krones to kosme in roverbella in 2006, to become one of 4 senior directors. his responsibility is operations (works) and purchasing and service. his assignment was very clear - to work and manage in italy, but, he says, “i was not here to make kosme into another krones”. of course not. because krones acquired kosme for strategic reasons, for reasons of making machines of “high quality, exceptional reliability and affordable pricing for counter-pressure fi lling systems in the low to mid fi lling line output sector, which was out of reach for a german company such as krones in bavaria. there was no plan to merge the share capital of the two companies, but - by way of kosme’s highly cost-effi cient production and the potential of the globally active krones group - to build up a synergistic strength to the advantage of both companies - which we were to see in roverbella. company history in region 1981: three local mantovans started kosme, designing and producing automatic labelling machines, and went into partnership with neighbouring alfa 5 years later. they produced as many as 250 labellers annually. 1991: cooperation with keber for packaging equipment. 1992: kosme incorporates blowers made in sollenau, austria. 1995: fillers from costec were offi cially added to the kosme product line.focus of the kosme group changed from single machine business to entire lines. 2003: krones show interest in kosme labelling and at the beginning took a share of 45% (today majority share of 70%) with two of the original partners remaining present. (the stretch blow moulding of the kosme partner in sollenau was acquired 100% by krones.) 2005: kosme establish sales and project management in italy. today kosme offers complete lines. krones/kosme coop-erating, especially in export, and complementing each other’s equipment where there is the opportunity and the need. product and population production under the kosme brand is carried out in 3 divisions - 2 in italy (i.e (1) labelling, packaging, (2) fi lling and conveyors) and one in austria (stretch blow moulding). filling: the rinsing/fi lling/capping machine range is oriented towards customer requirements, from single machines to multifunctional units, i.e. from simple rinsing to combined weight/volume fi ll, gas injection and cap-ping cycle. labelling: with a history of more than 20 years and over 50 basic kosme models virtually all of the main labelling technologies are covered: cold glue, hot melt, self adhe-sive and roll-fed. throughput from 2,500 to 46,000 bph. packaging: pallettizers, depalletizers, case erectors, cartoners, case sealers, wrappers and robots – to suit the capacities of companies with medium to low output and also with high output. individual units supplied in 2007: 85. conveyors: belts for bottles, containers, paperboard, boxes and pallets. labellers and fi llers are the biggest part of roverbella sales. kosme labellers worldwide: approx. 5,000 units. annually 230 units added. kosme labellers in italy: approximately 1,500 units. kosme fi llers in italy: 150 units. filling of 5 litre and 10 litre is becoming increasingly important. in 2007 4 pet lines were supplied for beer. (all fi gures as supplied by kosme) stretch blow moulding from austria complements the italian product range. the ksb series for bottles from 250 ml to 2.5 litres consisting of three models with capaci-ties ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 bph. design criteria: com-pact, robust, simple, functional. local organisation 400 employees are working at kosme, of whom 270 are on the shop fl oor. r&d and engineering - 70 people. present kosme business is 34% in lines and 48% in single machines, the balance to reach 100% is in spare parts. turnover in 2005 65 millon in 2006 60 millon in 2007 65 millon future planning is ambitious. turnover in 2015 is tar-geted to rise to 150 million. krones projects will be a major portion of such growth. kosme / f.l.t.r.: josef deglmann, managing director, opera-tions and purchasing, alexander büchler and massimo man-zotti, managing director sales

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regional market reports 17 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net krones/kosme - strategic considerations as the fi lling market is very segmented, krones, with the help of kosme, pursue a multi-brand strategy. krones is in the premium/high performance bottling machine sector, and has lost the lower output business. kosme was acquired to concentrate on “functional-ity”. despite the difference in technological approach a vital exchange of know-how takes place and synergies between the two business units are clearly targeted. a most important aspect is that krones, via their interna-tional sales, open up global markets for kosme and thus fulfi l an essential need for this medium-size italian com-pany. larger italian companies may survive diffi cult market conditions by their own strength. a medium-sized italian pet machinery manufacturer how-ever - according to assessments, which we repeatedly heard here and elsewhere - must fulfi ll such essential criteria as: being in the technological mainstream. being able to supply entire lines. being able to enter the global markets. visions and expectations kosme is expected to grow dra-matically, as explained by josef deglmann: by organic growth by shifting business from krones to kosme by utilising the international krones infrastructure in sales, by new products and expanding manufacturing capabilities. kosme is able to supply com-plete systems, and the infrastruc-ture for bottling and logistics. such kosme lines are targeting com-petitors such as sacmi/smi lines, sipa/berchi lines, and even some medium-sized lines from sidel/ simonazzi. future efforts in sales are focussed on eastern europe, north africa, south america, china/japan and ... on italy and spain. but apart from fulfi lling such identifi able criteria, long term suc-cess of the krones/kosme com-bination will depend on whether the two cultures will blend well, whether mutual respect and loyalty exists between northern and southern europe (and vice versa), whether the german parent relaxes its controls (presumably cost controlling) and allows emotional italian improvisation and fl exibility. josef deglmann says again, as if reminding himself: “don’t make kosme into another krones!” some other all-european conglomerates are pres-ently in the process of being established and of growing together with italian pet companies, and having similar ambitions and similar emotional hurdles. we saw pro-comac (with gea) and sidel/parma, the former simonazzi (with sidel france) a few days later.

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regional market reports 18 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 28th gea procomac in parma carlo ferrari: “a win-win situation for the italo-ger-man partnership – for sure.” carlo ferrari – marketing manager luigi baiocchi – sales director central one of the very large aseptic fi lling units was being tested and underwent trials when we toured the gea pro-comac plant in sala baganza (an outer suburb of parma) the fi ller was ordered by nestlé waters and destined for poland. filling speed: 36,000 x 0.5 litre bottles per hour, demonstrating the capability and strength of the company gea procomac, who are specialists in aseptic fi lling. most aseptic beverage pet fi lling machinery in the global markets is from gea procomac. since april 2007 gea procomac has been part of the german gea group. for gea aseptic bottling represents the key asset of their core business, which is beverage plant and equip-ment. so once more an innovative medium-sized italian com-pany is merged with a multi-billion euro concern (gea total sales 4.3 billion with a workforce of 17,500). we met carlo ferrari, who has been with gea pro-comac for 13 years and witnessed the changes. company history the procomac founder ermanno morini was originally from simonazzi. 1979: procomac was established as a manufacturer of conveyors and rinsers. several local acquisitions took place to add know-how. 1989: procomac supplies the fi rst complete turnkey fi lling line. 1994: the fi rst aseptic line starts production. 1999: workshop area is doubled to cope with growing sales. 2007: an attempt to gain capital strength via the stock exchange was unsuccessful and procomac joined the process engineering division within the gea group. product and population gea procomac’s core business is designing, manufac-turing and installing complete aseptic pet fi lling lines for juices, teas, isotonics and still soft drinks as well as com-plete fi lling lines for water, carbonated soft drinks, wines and spirits. turnover mix in 2007: 69.66% aseptic 11.2% hot fi ll 6.39% water 6.0% soft drinks 4.41% dairy 2.18% wines and spirits genuine procomac equipment consists of fi ller, rinser and process units. some lines also have packaging sys-tems - traditional and/or robot palletisers - made by pro-comac. blowers, cappers, wrappers and labellers are from third parties. the world market for aseptic pet fi llers was put at 388 units as of end nov. 2006. gea procomac, tetra/ simonazzi/sidel, krones, khs and serac cover the major portion and have an approximately equal share. the number of aseptic lines sold by procomac (at april.2008) was in total 86, which represents a world market share of 18%. number of fi llers (traditional and aseptic): 450 (86 are for aseptic as above). the procomac fi ller in combination with the sipa blower is often found in the market. exports are spread worldwide – through europe, asia – especially china - , to north and south america. prominent procomac references: nestlé waters, roc-chetta & uliveto, pepsico, conserve italia, danone, coca cola. (source: procomac) local organisation steep growth in turnover between 1995 and 2003, mainly due to the development of aseptic fi lling, thereafter steady sales at a high level. turnover in 2007: approx. 140 million head count 2007: 530, of which 150 work on the shop fl oor. visions and expectations the gea acquisition was considered good news for the market and benefi cial to the procomac company, which may now face global competition in a much more confi dent way. the international gea presence is meant to boost sales and turnover. procomac customers may also feel easier with the gea backing, especially with large-scale, multi-million projects such as in the usa. when carlo ferraeri, the marketing manager, takes me though a huge store room with thousands of bottles, all of procomac / carlo ferrari, marketing manager

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regional market reports 19 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net which were once being fi lled by procomac equipment, it seems as if his pride is blended with a touch of sadness - the good old days of italian style independence seem to have gone for ever. nevertheless the coming-together of gea and pro-comac could be a win-win situation, if the italo-german partnership functions as well as planned and as intended. carlo ferrari has no doubts in this respect. “we will make the two cultures work, the two talents, the two tem-peraments and passions.” .ewprotectivemultilayer 0%4bottlefor!ccadö longlife5(4milk 0atentedby'ranarolo 4riplelayer0%4preform madeby)&!0 h%xceedingourcustomersgexpectationswith0iovan thehighestproductionefficiencyatthelowestenergy utilisationforatotalprotectionofcontentsv 0ietro"ruseschi;0residentof)&!03p! gea procomac’s core business: complete aseptic fi lling lines as well as complete fi lling lines for water, csd, wines and spirits gea procomac end-of line facilities

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regional market reports 20 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 28th berchi group in parma matteo tagliaferri: “the sharing of sipa’s international network of subsidiaries and agents will generate short term results.” matteo tagliaferri: marketing and communication manager the berchi visit was recommended by sipa, and for good reason. zoppas industries have invested in berchi and have a minority shareholding. the sipa/berchi alliance is the only blowing/fi lling alliance still and exclusively, in italian hands. matteo tagliaferri originally comes from procomac. he is part of the grand personnel rotation between the makers of fi llers in and around parma. companys history berchi, as others, have moved up the beverage value chain. they originally started with dry equipment for end of line packaging, such as palletizers, and moved to wet equipment, i.e. fi llers. together with the sipa blowers berchi have available and offer the full equipment from blowing via fi lling to end-of-line. berchi was founded in 1963 by rinaldo chiapponi. the sons roberto and massimo followed the founder and in today’s organisation are ceo and president/ purchasing director. components for small bottling lines were manufactured until 1965, when berchi started manufacture of palletisers. 1994: parmatec was acquired, a specialist in fi lling machine manufacture. 1999: berchi group became a joint stock company. 2007: a minority share is with zoppas industries. product and population stillfi ll: gravity fi ller of pet and glass bottles for hot and cold still products. isofi ll: isobaric fi ller. output range from 4,000 to 60,000 bph (berchi fi gures). isotronic: electronic isobaric fi ller. output range from 10,000 to 60,000 bhp (berchi fi gures) unitronic: electronic and volumetric fi ller. production range 2,000 to 30,000 bph. line equipment for the packaging area such as pal-letizers and depalletizers, automatic handling systems, carton sealers, etc. 90% of production is for handling pet bottles. 10% of production for handling glass bottles. ratio between integrated line business and individual machines is 50/50, with lines increasing. for russia and mexico line business accounts for 80%. total population of berchi fi llers: 200 since 1994 current annual supply of complete line: 12 population of berchi fi llers in italy: 16 (source: berchi) local organisation 135 employees in the berchi group, of whom 40 are on the shop fl oor, which covers about 6,000 square meters. turnover in 2006: 36 million turnover in 2007: 34 million in the last 3 years 85% of production has been exported, mainly into western and eastern europe. visions and expectations with the fi nancial involvement of zoppas industries in berchi, a close cooperation between the two companies is expected to begin and to bear fruit. the widening of the product range and the synergy between the two companies will be a signifi cant factor in reducing the cost of selling, and should generate short term results. with this alliance berchi fi rmly plan to double turnover in a three year period and have made the related decision to invest in additional people, in new structures, and in plant and equipment. even manufacturing in a global market place such as south america is thought of as a potential route to follow. berchi / massimo tagliaferri, marketing and communication manager

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regional market reports 21 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 29th sidel in parma fabio lega: “sidel is carrying the history of simonazzi a good step further into the future.” fabio lega: sales italy stefano baini: filling systems product manager giorgio rocca: end-of-line product management (automation) there is a history of both sidel and of simonazzi in italy, but if you ask anyone in parma, there is only one his-tory, full of stories (some true, some just rumour). it’s the history of the simonazzi family and their company, which today is sidel. the simonazzis were the fi rst in the fi lling machine business here in parma. today parma is fi lling machine country. berchi, sacmi, procomac, even kosme and the former sidel of france have settled in parma and followed the lead of simonazzi. many protagonists in fi lling have moved from one com-pany to the other, have spread the know-how. most of them have roots in simonazzi, some are even related. with the sidel/simonazzoi merger the new owners have decided that the name simonazzi shall disappear and all products will be marketed under the sidel brand. but you can’t erase history, and the stories will be told. company history the founder ampelio simonazzi (1850) was origi-nally a blacksmith. agricultural machines were manufac-tured in the early days and thereafter (in the 1950s and 100 years later) the first manual filler was produced. the business grew by innovation in filling through three generations, the last owner being adriano simonazzi. 1958: the first rotary filler for glass bottles was pro-duced. 1971: simonazzi installed the first beer line at kronen-bourg. additional value for pet recycling: we have opened up new paths with this basic principle. the most important step: pet flakes are analysed thoroughly in our own laboratory . the systems are adjusted precisely to the characteristics of the material. the effect: processing savings in time and costs, the end result is of high quality and profitable. choose the somos recycling method from advice up to project management – made by mannhummel protec. mannhummel protec gmbh postfach 1606 · 64606 bensheim · tel. 49 (62 51) 7 70 61-0 · fax 49 (62 51) 7 70 61-500 www.mh-protec.com · info@mh-protec.com we turn pet flakes into an essential factor for your success mh/ip 310 (0) 01 sidel / f.l.t.r.: giorgio rocca, end-of-line product manage-ment, stefano baini, filling systems product manager and fabio lega, sales italy

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regional market reports 22 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net 1982: the first pet line is delivered to a uk customer. 1987: carlo de benedetti from sasib beverages acquired simonazzi and integrated same into as many as 15 companies, specialised in manufac-turing automatic machines for treating, filling and packaging food products. 1995: alfa joins simonazzi. collaboration with pepsi to develop new aseptic filling technology. 2001: sasib sold its “wet area”, which was simonazzi, to sig, which integrated the filling machines into their beverage division, together with krupp cor-poplast, which was acquired one year earlier. the forced marriage never bore the fruit as originally intended.petplanet was right to be doubtful at the time, when it stated that: “this merger of german and italian industry under the swiss flag, with their respective differences in temperament and attitude, is an experiment with an outcome yet to be seen.” 2005: sig simonazzi was sold to tetra pack and joined sidel group. 2008: the name simonazzi officially disappeared from the market. at the time of acquisition sidel already had a strong presence and was very active in italy. there is also a sidel story to be told: 1990: commercial office was opened in milan to con-centrate on sales of individual blowers and combi machines as well as after-sales. at the end, before the merger, 12 people were employed in the milan office. 1998: sidel bought alsim of parma. the alsim company, manufacturing filling machines, was originally started up and managed by olivia simonazzi, the daughter of adriano simonazzi. 2000: sidel started to offer, sell and supply complete lines. sidel combi lines had sidel blowers and alsim fillers. 2005: with the sidel/simonazzi merger the alsim busi-ness and staff were integrated into the new sidel. the premises, newly constructed, were sold to sacmi filling, who started up here in october 2007. together with simonazzi filling in parma sidel also took over alfa who were making labellers in man-tova, and simonazzi in verona where pasteurisers and bottle washers are produced. parma has become the appointed centre of sidel activity for the euro-pean business, the russian part of asia, the middle east and africa. similar sidel centres have been set up in atlanta, usa, for the american continent, and in shanghai for india, south-east asia, china, japan and australia. product and population sidel, in france and italy, manufacture all line equipment in house for virtually all beverages such as water, carbonates, soft drinks, milk and beer. the equipment goes from blow moulding and coat-ing (actis) of pet bottles, through depalletizing (for downstream also of glass bottles and cans), air convey-ing and rinsing, and filling, to labelling, packing, pal-letising and logistics. sidel blowers from france have played a major role right from the beginning of the pet bottle. today the sbo compact range is for small outputs between 2,400 and 6,400 bph, the very popular sbo universal covers medium to large outputs up to 51,000 bhp, and the sbo high-speed is for massive outputs up to 78,200 bhp. sidel’s italian filling technologies record between 3,600 up to a maximum of 120,000 bhp. the trend in filling is said to be electronic fillers with flow-meters, being reliable, accurate and hygienic, as well as being regarded as trendy and fashionable. for combi solutions, both classical and aseptic, with outputs between 9,000 and 60,000 bph, blowing and filling technologies are interlinked in one common syn-chronised block. sidel, with all of its affiliates, claims to have installed 27,000 individual machines of all types in 190 countries. in italy there are 200 sidel blowers (total italian blower market exceeding 400) and 483 simonazzi fillers (total italian filler market approximately 730). sidel’s strength lies in higher cavity blowing machines (the average in italy is only 6 to 8 cavities) and so the sales value is much higher than the 50% share that may be assumed from the above figures. of the 483 simonazzi fillers in italy: 50% filling pet bottles, 40 filling glass bottles and 10% filling cans. sidel today expects to supply 10 fillers in 2008 from parma production. local organisation in parma there are 1,200 employees, of which 350 are productive workers on the shop floor. sidel in parma turned over 60 million in 2007. water and csd account for 85% of sidel’s italian business. 10% in juices and milk, 5% in non-food. substantial invest-ment in additional factory space is planned. market as confirmed by sidel water and csd are vital commodities. the markets are not expected to grow in terms of volume and number of machines required. installed capacities are sufficient. the big players in pet containers are targeting, apart from replacement of obsolete lines, light weighting and high production speeds.

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regional market reports 23 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net the factory touring the sidel/simonazzi plant we saw a busy shop floor with numerous large filling machines in the final assembly and commissioning stages: one filler for water in pet bottles had 120 valves on a large rotary table for outputs of up to 40,000 bph. two (aseptic) fillers for juice with 70 valves for 24,000 bph one gigantic filler of csd into cans. 120 valves for 90,000 cans per hour. the vast variety of designs and products seen at sidel in parma is certainly a strength for marketing and a burden on company finances. each product requires specific know-how and engineering attention. italian flexibility may help. sidel manufactures the stainless steel structures, tanks and steel frames in-house, as well as mechanical parts with propriety know-how plus time-critical parts to reduce their dependency on outside suppliers and for rapid reaction. one complete bay was dedicated to end-of-line equipment and automation, to transportation systems, robot palletisers and integration of all dry end equip-ment. the parma location is sidel’s new centre of compe-tence for europe, and without doubt carrying the history of simonazzi a good step further into the future – as fabio lega put it to us. the end-of-line equipment and automation hall at the sidel plant in parma

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regional market reports 24 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net february 29th sacmi filling in parma franco rastelli: “we are well prepared. we have a setup for growth.” franco rastelli – ceo matteo quaini – sales general manager both franco rastelli and matteo quaini, whom we had the pleasure to meet at sacmi filling, are related to the simonazzi family, thus confi rming the impression that parma’s fi ller industries are a complex and very compli-cated family. franco rastelli,, the new ceo, was freelancing for alsim before alsim was acquired by sidel filling. when tetra acquired simonazzi for sidel and all sidel staff were moved to simonazzi, sacmi filling took over the former alsim premises, which were empty at the time. franco rastelli joined sacmi filling in 2003 and was appointed ceo. company history 2000: sacmi acquired cortellazzi fintec in mantova, con-fi rming another sacmi group’s commitment to the beverage bottling industry. 2002: a new company under the name “sacmi filling” was set up via a transfer of activities and the brand name of cortelazzi. 2003: manufacture manufacture of fi llers and mixers was moved to parma. 2007: in october sacmi filling moved into the plant, where they are today, the former sidel filling/alsim plant. product and population sacmi’s strategic objective is to become a full line sup-plier for beverage bottlers. sacmi filling with the mantova and parma expertise can offer single machines, labellers, stand-alone fi llers and mixers. complete lines with “sacmi filling” blowers, and even combi machines together with “sacmi filling”. blowers are manufactured in the bergamo plant of smi. turnkey projects for food and beverage industries fillers are the core product - hot fi lling, isobaric fi ll-ing, aseptic, volumetric and ultra clean (new develop-ment). the biggest “sacmi blower” being a 26 moulds for 46,000 bph introduced in 2008. 1,500 fi llers, including those from cortelazzi, have been supplied to all markets. sacmi in parma produced and supplied 50 fi llers last year, almost all for export, with 2 only for italy. 95% of future fi ller supplies are for complete lines. local organisation turn over in 2004 8 million in 2005 13 million in 2006 23 million in 2007 35 million 65 people are employed in the company. production of 55 machines is planned for 2008 with a turnover of 65 million. production in the new premises started in october 2007. plenty of space is now available and the company is set for growth. we saw 4 fi lling machines in fi nal assembly, and 2 mixers. strategic considerations in the words of franco rastelli, “in 3 years time sacmi as a group plans to offer sacmi lines with sacmi equipment to challenge the big sidel, krones and khs groups.” despite negative predictions about the needs of the ital-ian market, and also some export markets, sacmi filling is set for growth. according to the ceo the basis for this is: 1) the presence and availability of the international sacmi network such as for compression moulding machines for cap making. 2) sacmi filling’s references and growing presence in the beverage markets 3) new standardised machines taking special care of future environmental concerns of customers. 4) availability of a spacious factory with the workforce in the process of being expanded. franco rastelli: “we are well prepared. we have a setup for growth.” sacmi filling / franco rastelli, ceo, and matteo quaini, sales general manager

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regional market reports 25 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net whilst wolfgang von schroeter was busying himself with the pet industry mainly in the central and western areas of italy alexander büchler made some important visits in the north-east. this is where many of the tool-makers and blowing machine manufacturers are located. many companies that he visited fi nd their historical origin at sipa, which is a real heavyweight in the region. only green-box and piovan moved into pet “under their own steam“, so to speak. every com-pany that he visited, whether big or small, is characterised by its unique company culture - something which he has tried to convey in my reports. the energy savers piovan, santa maria di sala piovan began life in 1934 as a metal processor and at the time was well known for its metal granulators, which were even used in times of crisis to grind corn. in the 1950s the company moved into the newly-emerging plas-tics industry - initially with granulators and followed very quickly with the kinds of machinery for which the company is famous today. piovan, established in 1963 in italy, specialises in the supply of auxiliary equipment for the sectors of injection & blow moulding, extrusion, pet preform and optical mould-ing. the piovan range of products includes: dryers, crystal-lisers, blenders, temperature controllers, chillers, granula-tors and software tools. with an organisation of 18 service and sales centres around the world, three manufacturing facilities, in italy, brazil and china and a network of over 50 agents and distributors, piovan can serve the market on a global scale guaranteeing productivity up-time to all its customers. when, in the 1980s, pet appeared on the market, piovan was one of the fi rst to become involved. in the intervening years piovan has maintained its leading posi-tion in the market for pet preparation equipment and other auxiliary machinery. whilst wolfgang von by alexander büchler italy part 2

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regional market reports 26 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net www.atlascopco.com atlas copco zd compressor systems variable speed drive 30% energy saving in today’s competitive pet market, bottle cost reduction is the key to unlock a great saving potential and to directly improve your bottom line. with variable speed drive, atlas copco’s zd vsd series reduces your energy bill by up to 30% thanks to the winning combination of a vsd screw compressor and a vsd booster. installation cost is minimal and brings more savings: zd requires no special foundation or floor fixation. its sound insulated canopy allows it to be placed anywhere in the plant without the need for an expensive compressor room. zd vsd: a full range of 40 bar compressors from 500 to 4000 m 3 /h. from the world leader in compressed air technology . committed to your superior productivity.

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suppliers of pet resins, colours and functional additives this month once again we look at suppliers of pet bottle resin, and also at the suppliers of colours and functional additives who service the growing market for special purpose pet containers with barrier improvement additives and numerous other performance enhancers. the list of suppliers is by no means exhaustive - one or two prominent resin producers are absent, but will nevertheless be known to readers of this magazine. since our last survey la seda de barcelona (now known as artenius) has acquired the resin production facilities of advansa, and indorama has taken over the facilities of eastman in the uk and the netherlands. our survey will hopefully serve as a guide to who supplies what, and perhaps direct the reader to potential new suppliers of pet or of the numerous additives available. although the publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy 06/08 marketsurvey suppliers of caps and closures single stage machinery manufacturers 2-stage sbm machinery manufacturers manufacturers of preform systems producers of pellets and additives preform manufacturers manufacturers of preform moulds and stretch bloe moulds barrier technology producers of fi lling equipment compressor manufacturers

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market survey marketsurvey 06/08 company name americhem europe ltd polyone gabriel chemie g.s.m.h. teknor color company futura polyesters limited sukano products ltd. re postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail eccles, manchester , m30 0qf , united kingdom 0044 (0)161 789 7832 www.americhem.com herman janssen commercial director 00 352 26 49 36 65 0044 (0)161 787 7832 hjanssen@americhem.com rue melville wilson 2, 5330 assesse, belgium 00 32 83 660 211 www.polyone.com albert deby packaging market manager 00 32 83 660 211 00 32 83 660 396 info.color@polyone.com industriestraße 1, a – 2352 , gumpoldskirchen, austria 00 43 2252 636 30-0 www.gabriel-chemie.com andreas hinterberger unit manager food packaging as above - extension 1642 pet@gabriel-chemie.com 505 central avenue, pawtucket, ri 02861, usa 001 401-725-8000 www.teknorcolor .com jeff neupauer director of sales 001 401-642-3179 001 401-724-8520 jneupauer@teknocolor .com 1, kamarajar salai, manali, chennai, india – 600 068 0091 44 – 25941313-1317 www.futurapolyesters.com s. t . kulkani director & president 0091-44-2594 1778 0091-44-25941615 s.t.kulkarni@futurapolyesters.com chaltenbodenstrasse 23, 8834 schindellegi, switzerland 0041 44 787 57 77 www.sukano.com marc schmid product segment leader 0041 44 787 57 77 0041 44 787 57 78 marc.schmid@sukano.com via 21 00 ww i. c te 00 00 l.cr additives and colours for pet liquid colours no yes no no no no ye microgranule colours yes yes yes yes no no no masterbatch colours yes yes yes yes no yes no uv protection additive (solid) yes yes yes yes no yes no uv protection additive (liquid) no yes no no no no ye aa reduction (solid) no no no no no no no aa reduction (liquid) no no no no no no ye oxygen scavenger (solid) yes no no yes no no no oxygen scavenger (liquid) no no no no yes. futura petos mb no no other pet additives in liquid or solid form. antiblock, antimicrobial, antioxidant, blowing agent, fastmark laser marking, processing aid, slip, slip/ antiblock, uv barrier , uv stabilizer masterbatches: antiblock, anti-slip, lubricant, n-ir absorber , nucleating-additives, chain extender , lasermarking-additives futura cfrh – clear fast reheat additive (solid) antistatic masterbatches, mould release and processing aid, nucleating masterbatches, black masterbatches, white masterbatches, matting agents, optical brighteners, anti-scratch masterbatches an pro company name dak americas llc m&g polimeri italia s.p.a. in postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail 5925 carnegie blvd. suite 500, charlotte, nc 28209, usa 001-888-738-2002 www.dakamericas.com george rollend technical marketing manager 001 - 603-672-6403 001 - 866-833-5069 grollend@dakamericas.com centro direzionale milanofi ori – strada 4 palazzo a/6 – 20090 assago (mi) - italy 0039 02 82.273.242 www.gruppomg.com marilena grecchi export sales and marketing intelligence 0039 02 82.273.242 0039 02 82.273.314 marilena.grecchi@gruppomg.com 75 (w 00 ww ga vp 00 00 gra resins 1. brand name of the resins laser cleartuf, actituf ra 2. iv range a. of homo-polymers b. of co-polymers 0.75 - 0.84 0.76 - 0.95 0.7 3.speciality resins csd laser cleartuf ultra / ultra plus ra ra water laser w cleartuf p 76 – p82 ra ra beer laser c actituf wine/liquors laser c actituf slow crystallisation cleartuf aqua d ra hotfi ll laser hs cleartuf hf pre-coloured fast reheat laser cleartuf ultra ra ca other no 4. increased barrier properties laser uv for ultraviolet protection actituf resins 5. pen mixes available no no no 6. recycled blends available yes yes no 7. special comments company name colormatrix group inc. postal address telephone number web site address contact name function direct telephone number fax e-mail units 7-15 unity grove, knowsley business park, knowsley, merseyside, l34 9gt, uk 0044 (0)151 632 88 00 www.colormatrix.com morag girdwood global brand development manager 0044 (0)151 632 88 00 0044 (0)151 548 38 00 44 (0)151 548 38 00 additives and colours for pet liquid colours yes microgranule colours no masterbatch colours no uv protection additive (solid) no uv protection additive (liquid) yes aa reduction (solid) no aa reduction (liquid) yes oxygen scavenger (solid) yes oxygen scavenger (liquid) no other pet additives in liquid or solid form. "eze" slip agents, "joule" re-heat agents, "optica" optical brighteners, "balance" vehicle systems

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market survey repi s.p.a. basf color solutions germany gmbh croda polymer additives milliken & company the valspar corporation holland colors d via b. franklin 2, 21050 lonate ceppino va, italy 0039 0331 819511 www.repi.it i. cristini technical correspondent 0039 0331 819511 0039 0331 819581 l.cristini@repi.it clevischer ring 180, 51063 cologne, germany 0049 221 964980 www.basf.com/masterbatch alice scheuer sales masterbatch 0049 221 96498 539 0049 221 96498 510 alice.scheuer@basf.com cowick hall, snaith, goole, dn14 9aa, united kingdom 0044 1405 860551 www.croda.com/pa graeme tweddle global business director 0044 1405 860551 920 milliken road spartanburg, sc 29303 usa 001 864 503 2020 www.milliken.com lee rieth global market manager 001 864 503 6047 001 864 503 2430 lee.rieth@milliken.com 2001 tracy street, pittsburgh pa 15233, usa 001 412 734 8581 www.valspar .com scott stamback business director 001 412 576 4686 po box 720, 7300 as apeldoorn, the netherlands 0031 (0)55 3680700 www.hollandcolours.com alies gonlag global industry manager packaging 00 31 (0)55 368 0700 00 31 (0)55 366 2981 agonlag@hollandcolours.com yes yes no no no yes no yes no no no yes no yes no no no no no yes no no no yes yes yes no yes: clearshield uv absorbers no yes no no no no no no yes no no no no no no no no no yes - see below yes no no no no yes - see below no uld ts, ch anti-yellow, optical brightener process aid, blowing agent incromax 100 – unique slip performance for pet mould-ings, whilst maintaining colour and clarity over the lifetime of the polymer . initial addition levels typically 0.2 – 0.3% (available as white pastilles) activ110 – active oxygen scavenger for monolayer and multilayer , activbloc101 – activ oxygen scavenger for multilayer plus passive co2 barrier , bloc100 – passive co2 barrier for multilayer , activ300 – active oxygen scavenger (liquid) oxn colour formulations: colorants, with limited infl uence on the oxygen, scavenging properties of monolayer, pet containers with active barrier, resins (liquid and solid), specially designed white colorant, holcomer uht, for use in monolayer, pet packaging of ultra high temperature, (uht) milk products, requiring ultra-high light protection, (solid) indorama polymers limited starpet inc novapet equipolymers global gmbh futura polyesters limited 75/102-103 ocean tower 2 , soi sukhumvit 19 (wattana), klongtoey-nue , wattana, bangkok, thailand 00 66-2-6616661 www.indoramapolymers.com gautham s rathore vp marketing 00 66-2-6616661 0066-2-6616664-5 grathore@indorama.net 801 pineview rd., asheboro, nc 27203, usa 001 (336) 672-0101 www.indoramapolymers.com hussam awad business head and sr. vp 001 (336) 672-0101 x 336 001 (336) 672-0801 hawad@starpetinc.com paseo de la independencia 21, 6º. 50.001 zaragoza, spain 0034 976 216 129 www. novapet.es david gonzález commercial and marketing manager 0034 976 216 129 dgonzalez@samca.com bachtobelstrasse 3, ch-8810 horgen, switzerland 0041 44 728 2118 www.equipolymers.com andre graichen senior account executive 0049 6438 923 671 0041 44 728 2511 graichen@dow.com 1, kamarajar salai, manali, chennai, india – 600 068 0091 44 – 25941313-1317 www.futurapolyesters.com s. t. kulkani director & president 0091-44-2594 1778 0091-44-25941615 s.t.kulkarni@futurapolyesters.com ramapet novapet lighter 0.60 to 0.80 0,8 0.45 dl/g for futura pen to 1.3 dl/g for futura pet 0.71 to 0.84 dl/g 0.76 to 0.84 0,72 to 0,82 0,76; 0,80; 0,85 up to 0.9 for csd ramapet r1, ramapet cb11e , ramapet vorcalor 9921w, ramapet n1 preformance es11 novapet lbs soft, vivo, and cr lighter s 93, lighter c 93, lighter s 98 futura nupet ramapet 18696, ramapet n2, ramapet vorcalor 9921w, ramapet n1 preformance n2r, preformance aq01 novapet mw soft, claro, cr, glasstar, and x-treme lighter c88, lighter c 93 novapet x_tralife and glasstar futura beerpet novapet x_tralife and glasstar futura ecopet with petos ramapet 9921p novapet glasstar and x-treme futura pen / futura peti/ futura pent preformance 1708 novapet vivo futura hotpet and futura ecohotpet novapet dairy ramapet r1, ramapet cb11e , ramapet vor-calor 9921w preformance es11, preformance n2r novapet lbs sofa and vivo lighter s -grades futura cfrh and futura fastpet novapet dairy (long life dairy products) yes (gas and light radiation) futura nupet, futura pen, futura ptn no no no no yes no on request no no futura greenpet (using 20 to 100 % r-pet) milk: dairy 1 (esl milk, milk shakes and yogourths), dairy 0 (uht long shelf life milk monolayer), dair 2 com-plex (uht milk multilayer)

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dtjdmptvsftdpn /psui"nfsjdb .fyjdp 4pvui"nfsjdb &vspqf .jeemf&btu*oejb"gsjdb bqbo "tjb1bdj d [jceh[\hecoekhybeikh[ikffb_[hæ9beikh[ioij[ci?dj[hdwj_edwb z[b_l[hiceh[jwdkijybeikh[ioekywdz[f[dzed9i?\eh_ddelwj_l[ ybeikh[iebkj_edi"wim[bbwiywff_d][gk_fc[djwdzj[yd_ywbi[hl_y[i jeefj_c_p[oekhfwyaw]_d]wdz_cfhel[oekhef[hwj_edwb[\ó y_[dyo m[d_jyec[ijez[b_l[h_d]h[ikbjijeoekhxejjecb_d[" oekywdyekdjed9i? it’s not just about closures. it’s about maximizing your margins. closures technical services capping equipment

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regional market reports 31 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net with some 200 systems supplied each year to operators of single-stage and two-stage lines the company can lay claim to being the world leader. pet equipment represents 13% of piovan‘s 100 million euro turnover. in the latest 15 years piovan has supplied some 3,000 systems to the pet preform sector. the company today holds a solid position of leadership worldwide. around half of the equipment is sold by piovan direct to the users and the rest is supplied to other machinery manufacturers. pet perform pro-ducers as well as orignal equipment manufacturers appreci-ate performance and benefi ts of the equipment of piovan. a very specifi c and particular focus was put on the north american market, as this is regarded as one of the most important for piovan. north america is still an important market, despite the low value of the dollar. pierino martinato of piovan puts it this way: „we have not been favoured by the strength of the euro in these recent times. however, our offer has not lost any competitiveness, as we are more and more focusing on providing extremely effi cient and reliable solutions to our customers”. certainly our equipment has become more expensive for buyers in the dollar zone, but customers are having to cope with signifi cant increases in the price of pet on a dollar basis. that‘s the real price problem, not the cost of investments. to help ensure that the company can maintain its leading position a major effort is being put into energy effi ciency. new sensors and electronics play a role here, but so does the fact that every piece of equipment is exactly tailored to the job it has to do, and not oversized as it may have been just a few years back. energy consumption in terms of kw/kg has been reduced by 15% 20 to 30% in recent years. at the moment piovan is collecting a full year‘s operational data for small equipment up to 250 kg/hr, for medium sized machines up to 600 700 kg/hr, and for large machines up to of 1000 kg/hr and more. at the end of the project the company expects to be able to make its machines equipment and solu-tions even more energy effi cient and more precisely tailored to the user‘s needs. piovan is expecting to make a quantum leap in terms of energy effi ciency when the new generation of system solu-tions for pet will become available. experience over recent months with standard machines has shown that savings of up to 30% can be made in the energy consumption per kilogram of plastic. always open to new ideas sistec still a relatively young company, sistec took over all of the patents and technology from alkam in 2005. their machines, principally for blowing large containers and special beverage bottles, are sold worldwide on an exclusive basis by mag plastic of switzerland. only in their home market, italy, does sistec sell direct. this gives the staff of 15 more time to con-centrate on innovative ideas and develop new concepts. for instance, the company has just sold its fi rst pla moulds to a bottling company for a 0.5 litre water bottle. sistec see pla as an important application for their specialised know-how. even though there is still some discussion about whether maize should be grown for pla or grown to eat, sistec believes that, taken over all, for short shelf life products pla will start to supplant pet . another interesting project at sistec is wine in pet . the company has developed a bottle and blowing machine for this application and is now looking for a wine bottler with whom they can work to take the project further. a rather more concrete project is the 2-cavity sbm machine for 5 gallon containers. this is, according to sistec, the highest capacity machine in the world. the aim is to develop a 300 grams one way container rather than the usual 330 - 390 grams solution, for which the company has had to advance its position in the business preform design. sistec are very much at home in such niche markets, and see them-selves as the point of contact in italy when it comes to special stretch blow moulded containers. innovative in-line machines siapi siapi, established in 1992 in san vendemiano - italy, is a company specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of 2-step stretch blow moulding machines for pet contain-ers. starting from the very fi rst blow moulding machines (6 cavities), a comprehensive product line has developed: at the time being, the range of siapi machines goes from 1 up to 14 cavities, with a maximum production of 18,000 bottles per hour (1.5 litre). all siapi machines are completely electri-cal, simple in the design and look, but boasting top-of-the-line technology in terms of mechanics, components and energy-saving techniques. for example, siapi’s exclusive air recov-ery system allows up to 25% overall energy saving on the total consumption. the use of high effi ciency heaters with water cooling has also been optimized in order to reduce operating time to a minimum, through careful programming of the various stages in process. apart from pet bottles, italy offers some other attractions worth being visited

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regional market reports 32 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net „as simple as possible“, is the way vittoria besa , sales and marketing manager describes it. siapi is known as a specialist supplier, and the company feels particularly at home in the business of machines for wide-mouth or large volume containers. wide-mouth jars can have a neck diam-eter from 63mm to 180mm, and they are used for many applications and fi lling. large volume containers’ portfolio includes 5-gal single trip and returnable bottles, as well as other sizes that match the high request of the market . siapi‘s leading position in these sectors has developed strongly the north american market, where the installed base has recently passed 25 units. an application has aroused great interest on the market was the blowing of 20 litre one way pet container for beer, to replace the aluminium keg. this solution solves the problems of returning the empty kegs and washing them, and the shelf life for a pet container is similar to that for an aluminium one. pla is also becoming a siapi speciality. the fi rst machine, for a 0.5 litre mineral water bottle, has already been supplied to poland. a recently-launched machine once again demonstrates the innovative thinking of the team at san vendemiano. the blow-moulding tool can be either a 2-cavity, 3-cavity or 5-cavity mould. practice has shown that water bot-tlers who use large capacity containers are often obliged to buy in different bottle sizes, as in-house production of all the different formats would not be economical. siapi‘s recent development allows the bottling company to blow 5 litre bottles using a 5-cavity mould, 10 litre bottles using a 3-cavity mould, and 20 litre bottles using a 2-cavity mould. striking bottle designs demo, san vendemiano for more than 30 years demo‘s parent company has been producing mechanical components, and since 1990 has also produced aluminium moulds for local stretch-blow moulding machinery suppliers. the experience in the pet packaging fi eld gained throughout the years allowed for the launch of demo design and moulds in 2000, and today the company has the capacity to produce more than 1,000 moulds per annum. about 20% of the moulds are still made for supply to the machinery manufacturers and 80% are sold by demo direct to the bottle blowers. demo’s team of dedicated designers, technicians and engineers work together in synergy allowing for an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and the guarantee of a complete and punctual service from start to fi nish. for demo it is important for clients to understand that they do not simply supply moulds. demo accompanies the client throughout all the phases of development and realisation of the pet container, beginning each project by trying to understand the clients needs in terms of times,

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fl exibility and costs, and by researching the consumer needs. the understanding of what the container repre-sents allows their designers to develop a concept, and unite their strong creative inclination with the technical abil-ity of qualifi ed technicians to consider the functionality of the bottle as well as the transport and bottling process. demo therefore offers a complete service, from bottle design to test mould manufacture, container sample supply, laboratory tests, mould series supply, mould instal-lation and machine start up. rapid cooling cuts cycle times greenbox, piove di sacco greenbox is a company strongly involved in all types of industrial cooling systems. for 15 years greenbox concen-trated its efforts in the plastic processing with a clear focus on pet and cap production.several husky customers in europe, asia, africa have selected the company as supplier of such equipment. total turnover in 2007 is about 12,7 million euro. for a better support to the customer one of the several options available is a complete monitoring system, called pl@ntvisor, which controls continuously all the operating parameters of the central cooling system. a particularly successful greenbox development has been the „cap cooler“. it solves completely the serious inconvenients related to ovalisation and uneven shrinkage after de-moulding of the caps.this signifi cantly boosts the effi ciency of the cap moulding process with outputs of up to 70,000 caps per hour being achieved. around 50 cap coolers are sold each year by green-box. considering the continuous increase of the outputs, a new larger model of the cap cooler has been recently introduced. for the future greenbox plans to add a third key aspect to its business - namely cleanroom production of preforms, bottles and caps. laminar air fl ow boxes enclosing the tool space, or the whole machine, will allow clean production of caps and containers for medical and pharmaceutical pack-aging. the company clearly sees future growth prospects in the middle east, china and in the far east. regional market reports 33 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net monitor wall thickness and material distribution on every container identify production shifts and distribution problems as they happen identify and remove containers with random defects reduce blowmolder downtime and product rework pet wall plus systems in-the-blowmolder quality and process control for more information contact: agr international, inc. tel: (1) 724-482-2163 fax: (1) 724-482-2767 e-mail: sales@agrintl.com www.agrintl.com t opwave now available... bottle performance software for managing shelf-life and material utilization

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material / recycling 34 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net petcore - a new start petcore is a non-profi t association of pet industry companies fostering the use and development of pet containers and facilitating both pet recycling and the development of recycled content in pet packaging. the association was originally set up in 1993 by resin producers and over the years has welcomed members from other sectors of the pet industry, such as container manufacturers and beverage bottlers. it became clear, during 2006, that the changes in the pet resin producing business and the differing needs of member companies called for a radical review of the future of petcore. pet is still a vibrant growth industry and the collection and recycling of post-consumer pet still has a long way to go (the 2006 collection rate of post consumer bottles in europe was 35%). increased pet recycling and pet’s “green” credentials indirectly promote the use of virgin pet . it was almost universally recognised that the activities of petcore must continue. the new petcore one of the main diffi culties faced by petcore was the fi nancing of the at the end of 2006, in the face of mounting costs and reduced margins for pet producers, petcore (pet container recycling europe) felt the need to review its structure and funding arrangements. today the new petcore is a reality. petplanet insider spoke to petcore chairman roberto bertaggia of the m&g group and rob crawshaw, a plasticseurope consultant, to learn about the new structure. association and at the same time being able to meet the requests of its members for support, information and the establishment of new initiatives. in 2008 new by-laws were agreed by the members, a new board, headed by roberto bertaggia, was formed, as was a new “expert evaluation com-mittee”. this committee was charged with examining the impact of new industry developments on recycling by testing against agreed protocols. petcore also decided to link up with the european pet bottle plat-form (or epbp), an industry group representing the recycled pet value chain, to promote and guide b2b recycling. reduction of total operating costs in a move to reduce overheads and operating costs the petcore offi ce in brussels was closed, staffi ng levels were cut and a new address, sharing the premises and administra-tion services of plasticseurope, was established. a signifi cant reduction in over-heads will also be achieved by forging

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material / recycling 35 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net bmps new, used, rebuild molding machines, parts, service and auxiliary equipment contact: peter tordy 1260 creditstone road. concord, ontario l4k 1k5 ph: 905/738-5540 fax: 905/738-2098 e-mail: bmpscanada@idirect.com website: www.bmps.ca we want your used equipment 93&95 husky sx 600 system with 24.5 gm pco 96 cavity (2) 93 husky xl 500 robot, dryer 91&94 husky xl 300 robot and dryer (4) machines 85 husky xl 300 robot and dryer . moulds 20,24,37,47,54 gm 89 husky xl 225 robot, dryer . ultra modern preform, blow mould-ing filling plant 2000 and newer , netstal, sig, blowmax, sidel 80‘s cincinnati milacron 250 with 16,21,28 gm moulds 80‘s cincinnati milacron 375 ton 97 krupp/sig/engel permax 48 with robot and dryer rebuilt van dorn 250 ton co-ex lab machine low hours with dryer we have in stock perform moulds 24 to 55 gram and 25 high heat dryer systems for pet . autotek/efi 98 rsb 2,000, 2,000 bohn 04 be 2 - 1500, 2,000 bph b & g 90‘s rhb w & rhb xt cincinnati milacron rhb 5, 4,000 bph, rhb 2,000, 91 2,000 bph krones 01 contiform 10,12,000 bph low hours. krupp 95 b 66, 6,000 bph, 90 b 80, 10,000 bph, 90‘s b 177, mag 96 ssb 20, mag ssb 2040 side 01, 2 cavity, 2,200 bph and 2 4 cavity machines 4,400 bph, low hours. sig/krupp 01 blowmax 1 cavity lab machine low hours, blowmax 10/14 99, 12,000 bph, blow-max 16h 99, 20,000 bph sidel sbo 2/3 95 2,000 bph, sbo 4/6 01 4,400 bph for 5 liter , low hours: sbo 4/6 97 4,400 bph, sbo 6/10 98, 6,600 bph, 94 sbo 10/12, 10,000 bph. 93 sbo 16, 16,000 bph, 92 sbo 24/24, 18,000 to 24 bph (4) sipa 98 sf 4000, 4000 bph closer links with other plastics industry associations such as the european plastics recyclers and plasticseu-rope, and so avoiding duplication of work by different bodies. through plasticseurope petcore will have closer links with organisa-tions such as wrap (the waste & resources action programme in the uk whose aim is to help uk busi-nesses meet their recycling targets), eupr (the european plastics recy-clers) and eupc (european plastics converters). the current fi xed cost budget for petcore is 125,000 euros per annum to cover staff, egm and agm meet-ings, statistical reports and market intelligence reports. this will be funded by the basic membership fee. specifi c pet projects* carried out by petcore at the request of members will be agreed by the members con-cerned and funded on a shared basis, weighted towards those most keen to pursue any individual project. operational staff at petcore will consist of a secretary general (sue ward) and a technical committee members of the new petcore (at may 31 2008) resin producers other artenius buhler equipolymers colormatrix m&g bp indorama erema invista rpb init graham novapet holland colours elana johnson matthey sk montello neopet mitsubishi tergal scholler pellanc sorema sorepla texplast corepla chairman (mike neal), both of whom have previously been with ici and dupont. as in the past petcore’s basic mission will continue to be the support of recycling initiatives and looking at ways of improving recycling rates in europe. this will not only enhance the credentials of pet as a packaging material, but will contrib-ute to the recycling targets that are an important part of the plastics and packaging waste directive (2004/12/ ec) , and which the eu is currently driving hard. * projects currently under way include interesting research into the possibility of adding a chemical “marker” to pet to make it easy to sort in the recycling stream and thus enabling a better recycling effi ciency by having higher quality differentiated recycled feedstock streams. a revision of the acceptance protocol for recycla-bility of various commercial blends of pet and barrier bottles is also being carried out in cooperation with eupr.

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vol.6 petplanet print preform production 36 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net the rapid guide to perfect preforms by rick unterlander and ottmar brandau 1.0 aa level high symptom: the aa (acetaldehyde) level is above 4ppm (water industry standard) or 5 μg/l (beverage industry standard). this cannot be seen in the preforms, rather the preforms and/or bottles must be tested in a laboratory using a gas chromatograph. cause: excessive melt temperature during processing. solutions: 1. check dryer for alarms and correct as necessary. a low temperature (below 160ºc (320ºf)) may cause higher shearing to occur in the machine extruder . increase as nec-essary. 2. check condition of resin and/or regrind quality. remove any degraded pellets or chips from dryer hopper and in-feed line. check resin supplier to ensure supply was within specifi cation. 3. check for excessive resin drying time in hopper (should be around 4 hours at 175ºc (347ºf) and up to 6 hours at 160ºc (320ºf). 4. check extruder throat cooling isn’t cooling resin pellets too much (should be minimum 160ºc (320ºf) inlet tempera-ture). restrict cooling as necessary. note: do not restrict when using colorants that are susceptible to jelling or coagulation. 5. check all temperature readings. the temperatures have a major impact on aa level. pet resin should be melted at about 280ºc (536ºf) /- 10ºc (18ºf). reduce as much as possible, initially in the extruder barrel (most notably in the metering section), then in the mould. note: the hot runner temperature should not be set below the manufactur-ers recommendations, to prevent plastic leakage. 6. check nozzle tip heat settings. settings too high may cause the melt in the nozzle tip to overheat. the settings should be reduced as necessary to minimize the risk of overheating yet not too low to cause crystallinity to form. 7. check all % controlled temperature settings and minimize if possible. % controllers provide no temperature feedback and require fi ne-tuning. troubleshooting guides have suffered in the past from being locked away in offi ces and not being available to the people that actually need them. considering the high cost of machine and tools high scrap rates can be a costly proposition eating away at already tight margins. petplanet’s soon to be published “rapid guide to perfect preforms” takes a different approach. bound in laminated paper that is easy to clean off, the small format of the book of 108 mm by 151 mm (4.25” by 6”) allows easy storage in back pockets or tool boxes. it has been written for the people on the fl oor of injection moulding companies to support their daily work in making the best preforms possible. the product of two industry experts, rick unter-lander and ottmar brandau, it gives concrete advice on 35 of the most common problems in preform manufacture, most illustrated by pic-tures. from high aa levels to wavy bodies proc-essors can fi nd help when they need it. petplanet print vol.6 the rapid guide to perfect preforms machine no./name

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preform production 37 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net name .................................................................................................................. company ............................................................................................................. function ............................................................................................................... street ................................................................................................................... city ..................................................................................................................... country ................................................................................................................ phone ................................................................................................................. fax ...................................................................................................................... e-mail .................................................................................................................. credit card ........................................................................................................... expiration date ...................................................................................................... name on card ....................................................................................................... petplanet print vol. 6: the rapid guide to perfect preforms by rick unterlander and ottmar brandau prices in eur vat. fax: 49 (0) 6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net www.petpla.net order your copy now! 1- 3 exemplar each 129,- 4 - 10 exemplar each 99,- 10 exemplar each 69,- table of contents i..................................... about the authors ii............................................. introduction 1.0........................................ aa level high 2.0................................... accordion preform 3.0..................................air hooks / streaks 4.0.......................................... black specks 5.0................................................. bubbles 6.0............................................ burn marks 7.0........................colour streaking / peeling 8.0............................................ crystallinity 9.0........................................... drool marks 10.0.....................................................flash 11.0....................................gate depressions 12.0.......................................... gate peeling 13.0............................ gate voids / pin holes 14.0....................................internal gate sink 15.0.......................................... internal sinks 16.0...................................................iv loss 17.0...................................... long gate nub 18.0......................................... milky preform 19.0.......................................moisture marks 20.0.......................... neck finish out of round 21.0..................................parting line crease 22.0........................... parting line deformation 23.0.................................... preform yellowing 24.0.............................................short shots 25.0.....................................................sinks 26.0....................................................splay 27.0......................................stretched necks 28.0................................................stringing 29.0....................................surface blemishes 30.0....................................thread flow lines 31.0................... tss (top sealing surface) sink 32.0................................................. unmelts 33.0........................... wall thickness variation 34.0............................................wavy body 35.0.............................................weld lines 8. check that all thermocouples are properly inserted and contacting the bottom of the wells. 9. check injection time isn’t too low (injection rate too fast) and adjust if necessary to minimize the risk of over-shear-ing. injection rate should be about 10 – 12 g/sec/cavity. 10. check extruder back pressure and minimize if possible. back pressure should be suffi cient to provide good melt mixing, but not too little to cause bubbles to appear . typi-cal range is 30 – 60 psi (1.5 – 4 bar). 11. check screw rpm and minimize if possible.screw speed should be reduced as much as possible to minimize shear heating, yet still recover within the cycle time of the machine. the stopped time at the end of recovery should be about 2 seconds to offset any fl uctuations during screw recovery. 12. minimize the melt residence time by optimizing the overall cycle time of the machine. faster cycles will minimize the risk of overheating, as long as the screw speed doesn’t have to be increased. 13. make sure the extruder screw cushion is not excessive. this should be a minimum of 25 mm to compensate for any fl uctuations during screw recovery. (two-stage machines only) 14. check hardware for worn, damaged or failed compo-nents, specifi cally the machine and mould heaters, extruder screw, and misaligned shut-off nozzle. 15. for prevention, always: a. reduce temperatures by about 40ºc (104ºf) if the machine stops for more than 15 minutes b. reduce % controllers by if the machine stops for more than 15 minutes c. shut off nozzle tip heats if the machine stops for more than 10 minutes d. never exceed start up temperature soak times. machine should be started within 15 minutes of the temperatures reaching operating settings. nozzle tips should only be turned on 5 to 7 minutes prior to start up. e. always reduce the dryer temperature to about 120c (248ºf) if stopped for more than 30 minutes and 80ºc (176ºf) if stopped for more than 2 hours. prices in eur vat. y now! y now! 1- 3 exemplar each 129,- 4 - 10 exemplar each 99,- 10 exemplar each 69,-

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bottle making 38 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net mould conversions made easy hundreds of new beverage products are launched every year, and most start out with relatively low volumes (typically between 5 to 30 million bottles ). they tend to be distributed in a small geographic area to test market acceptance. so how can small quantities of pet containers be produced by a large scale manufacturer with minimum disruption and cost? preform and bottle producers are frequently faced with the challenge of supplying unique bottles at a reason-able cost to support new beverage launches. meeting that challenge is almost impossible with the type of high volume production equipment that is used to mould preforms and blow bottles for mainstream products. a similar challenge is experienced by manufacturers who produce pre-form/bottle families, i.e. a range of preforms for different sized applica-tions with the same neck fi nish. these manufacturers also need to use the same machine for multiple projects and to be able to change over their moulds with minimum downtime. husky “flex mold” to meet the needs of these converters husky injection molding systems has developed flex mold, an innovative, modular, low cavitation pet preform mould that allows customers to reduce both mould conversion costs and mould changeover time. flex mold’s modular design offers several benefi ts during conversion: it saves time by eliminating the need for hot runner cool down and reheat it reduces cost by minimising the number of components to be replaced it can easily accommodate any pre- form length. the simplifi ed design means that only a certain portion of the cavity has to be changed for conversion to a dif-ferent preform - the gate pads remain on the hot runner. instead of replacing the ejection cams (which are preform design related) in a conventional approach, flex mold uses a new concept of adjustable stroke cams that save both time and money. on the take-off plate side, the main plate remains in the machine and the cool-ing tubes are removed in individual rows called “take-off bars.” this elimi-nates the time and effort required to align the take-off plates and coolpik plates for each removal.

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bottle making 39 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net sales@electraform.com fast global service u.s.a., u.k., poland, argentina made in u.s.a. best value pet preform moulds compare price, quality, delivery electra form industries www.electraform.com north america 1 937 898 8460 south america 54 11 4753 1111 western europe 44 1623 658 416 eastern europe 48 81 820 5730 middle east 48 81 820 5730 africa 44 1623 658 416 patented innovative tooling solutions fast cycles, energy effi cient moulds highest quality, long life tooling repairs, conversions, refurbishments, parts new preform moulds - single cavity to 96 cavity most machine makes, types, sizes over 30 years experience get your best value quote today fast changeover time and low tooling costs time required (min)* changeover tasks standard mould flex mold cool and heat hot runner 40 0 change cavity plate 30 15 change push-pull pads 20 5 change moving half 30 15 takeout plate assembly 60 15 water and air connections 30 10 total: 210 60 laurent sigler, husky’s business manager new technol-ogy sums it up nicely, “with the introduction of flex mold, we are extending husky’s proven capability in preform systems to meet the needs of producers of lower volume, custom preforms and bottles. after talking to potential customers in this market segment, we realised that cycle time was not the number one driver for these applications. flexibility, ease of use and lower conversion costs are what customers need.” flex mold is available in 8, 16 or 24 cavities, which will accommodate preforms with threads having a diameter of up to 63mm, 43mm and 30mm, respectively. helping converters target new markets progressive plastics in cleveland, ohio, was one of the fi rst customers to integrate the flex mold system. they anticipate that it will help them break into new market sectors. “flex mold is a perfect fi t for our new energy-effi cient hypet injection moulding machine,” says tony busa, president of progressive plastics. “this breakthrough allows us to pursue many niche and developmental projects that were previously not fi nancially feasible.” flex mold is ideal for manufacturers who produce preform/bottle families - a range of preforms for different sized applications with the same neck fi nish. *assumes one skilled operator working alone

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bottle making 40 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net balancing technology and aesthetics with the beliy medved bottles for efes brewery pet engi-neering completed its fi rst design project. the three con-tainers (1.5, 2 and 2.5 litres) have a strong visual impact, characterised by outstanding ergonomics and the ability to present a high quality product image. beliy medved was born in 1999 as local trade mark and in 2003 was re-positioned on a national level. according to ac nielsen’s july 2007 fi gures the brand takes fi fth place in the market by volume shares in that product category. today beliy medved beer is produced in all 5 efes group breweries in russia and is available in four types (svetloe, strong, non-alcoholic, blagorodnoe) and three packaging options (glass, cans and pet). pet containers are highly appreciated by the market, and approximately 70% of the efes output is in pet. this fi gure is also gradually increasing. the objective in ordering a new look was to reinforce this market share, and beliy medved entrusted the italian company pet engineering to develop technical and aesthetic solu-tions for a new line of contain-ers. from a technical point of view the russian brand was in need of better ergonomics, with a much more defi ned grip and consequently a greater ease of handling. the design needed to be modifi ed to reach the main target of beliy medved’s market-ing activities - young males involved in the outer activities and who enjoy the open air. moreover, the marketing department of the russian company wanted to use a high profi le wrap-around label, positioned in the centre and with an eye-catching design. finally, in an attention to detail, embossing was also requested. pet engineering vostok liased closely with the customer, paying attention to the detailed require-ments, and the entire r&d and the design process was handled directly by the italian company. the three containers (1,5 litres, 2 litres and 2,5 litres) were developed and pilot moulds were produced for various feasibility checks. subsequently all of the blow mould sets for three of beliy medved plants were supplied the new bottles, developed on standard preforms, were designed to resist the high internal pressure, and included gas and light barriers. the petaloid base and the compact structure ensure that the bottles stand up to the rigours of packaging, transport and handling, while the striking silhouette provides excep-tional ease of handling and a wide surface for the wrap-around label. the lower part of the bottle displays the embossed beliy medved logo, while the top part depicts malt, to stress the natural ingredients and the quality of the product. neering tainers charact present b 199 in 2 a n ac the the in th bel in a rus type alco thre can app app out also t new lo marke entru pet tech tions ers vie in wit an ea mod targe

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bottle making 41 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net 750 ml wine bottles with plasmax coating ball corporation, a leading us packaging company, now manufactures 750ml pet containers with the plasmax barrier for wine. plasmax coating was originally developed by plasmax gmbh to ensure enhanced protection for bever-ages and liquid foods in pet pack-aging. the coating process involves applying an ultra-thin, crystal clear, impermeable, and completely non-reactive layer of silica (siox) to the inner surface of the bottle. the coat-ing maintains the appearance, taste, and shelf life of the product in the bottle and prevents o 2 permeation and co 2 loss. artisan wine now available in 750ml pet bottles ball has been coating 187ml wine bottles since 2006 for the us market on a plasmax 12d. the company recently received an order from the artisan wine company to produce 750ml containers for their painted turtle brand semillon/chardon-nay and cabernet/shiraz wines. an important criterion for the artisan wine company in selecting siox-coated pet bottles, as well as its proven performance, was that the plasmax process has been approved by the us food and drug administration. in addition, the shatter-proof and lighter weight pet wine bottles are seen as providing a competi-tive advantage over glass bottles on the market. they are well-suited for outdoors, sporting events, and picnics and are very popular with consum-ers. the practical aluminium screw cap also makes it easy to re-close the bottle. environmentally friendly - an added bonus the liquor control board of ontario (lcbo), which distributes painted turtle, sees the environ-mental advantages of plasmax as an argument for switching to pet. independent testing by the european petcore association and north amer-ica’s association of post-consumer plastics recyclers confi rm that pet bottles with a silica coating are 100% suitable for bottle-to-bottle recycling. since they only weigh one-tenth of a same-capacity conventional glass bottle greenhouse emissions during transport are also reduced.

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bottling / filling 42 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net specialist brewer and mineral water bottler* mineralbrunnen bucher gmbh, located in gundelfi ngen, germany, is a beverage company that in 1868 started out as an inn and small brewery, and that today acts mainly as a mineral water fi ller and soft drinks producer. the business in gundelfi ngen has been in the hands of the bucher family since the beginning, and when alois bucher took over the brew-ery in 1970 annual beer sales were 7,000 hectoliters. by the middle of the 1980s beer sales had already grown to 40,000 hectoliters per year, but the middle of the 1980s was also a time when a major reorientation took place with regard to distribution. the com-pany became increasingly focused on supplying directly to cafeterias, hos-pitals, schools, and homes for senior citizens, and accordingly also on auto-matic beverage dispensers. as the majority of canteens removed beer from their range after the talk of alco-hol bans at the beginning of the 1990s bucher took another change of direc-tion. the production of non-alcoholic beverages was expanded and beer production reduced. a further step was taken at the beginning of 2000: the company started bottling mineral water, soft drinks, and fruit beverages in refi llable pet bottles. pet fi lling started with small quantities but today the refi llable pet bottle has become well established at bucher, where they have just invested in a new refi llable pet line. karl-heinz bucher, fourth-generation joint owner of the company, says “in order to be completely on the safe side, when it came to the machines in the bottling line which have a decisive effect on product quality, we chose a supplier with whom we had already had out-standing experience - khs.” the capacity of the new pet line is 24,000 bottles/hr. the 0.5 litre refi llable pet bottle is the most in demand from bucher’s clients but the line also fi lls 0.7 and 1 litre bottles. even so, sixty-fi ve percent of total sales are accounted for by the 0.5 litre size. refi llable pet and glass today account for 47 percent of non-alco-holic beverages at bucher. according to karl-heinz bucher, the refi llable pet category has developed in a positively explosive manner in recent years. in 2002 the proportion of refi ll-able pet was just 15 percent. “we have specifi cally invested in a line which will allow for the growth of this container in the future. by 2009 we expect 80 percent of our non-alcoholic beverage range to be sold in refi llable pet bottles,” he said. karl-heinz bucher (2nd from left) with mother maria bucher (centre) and part-ner claudia schröder. also pictured: mike herrmann, sales manager baden-württemberg, khs ag. at bucher, refi llable pet bottles are sold in 20 x 0.5 litre modular crates as well as 12 x 0.7 litre and 12 x 1.0 litre crates. the innoclean ee provides consider-able water and energy savings. modern triple-i-drive technology also enables different varieties of refi llable pet bottles to be processed smoothly.

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bottling / filling 43 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net mold & hotrunner technology more productive. dr . ruben-rausing-str . 7 d-65239 hochheim/main tel. 49 (0) 6146-906-0 www.mht-ag.de up to 50% more productivity - reduced cycle times - reduced downtime. these are the impressive results of a more intelligent approach to preform mold tool de-sign by mht mold & hotrunner technology ag. reduced resin usage, more efficient cooling circuits, improved hot runner performance, reduced-pitch cavities and an overall compact design - all so much more intelligent! mix & match better preform quality and shorter cycles! intelligent customer solutions. save weight pco low thread solutions! easy mold conversions. pet molds 96 cavities for 350to machines! pitch 60x120 for 38mm threads. recycling line recostar pet iv ongoing pet recycling innovation, quality and state-of-the-art technology, a full range of consulting services – brought to you by starlinger. www.starlinger.com wide range of non-alcoholic beverages the company uses refi llable pet bottles - as well as glass bottles - for a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. “we launch three or four non-alcoholic innovations every year,” said alois bucher. “we continuously monitor the market to make sure we get it right.” mineral water currently holds the lion’s share of non-alcoholic beverages with 35 percent, followed by cola-mix and apple spritzer, each with 10 percent. this core customer group at bucher accounts for 70 percent of the company’s sales. the remaining 30 percent are divided approximately equally between the domestic consumer to whom the product is delivered on the doorstep, the beverage trade, and the restau-rant trade. bucher beers are also sold mainly to the domestic consumer and in spite of a modest 8,000 hectoliters annually the company still promotes a wide range, starting with pils through export beer, wheat beer, alcohol-free beer, light ale and shandy.

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bottling / filling 44 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net single-end bottle washer on return to the brewery the refi ll-able pet containers are washed for re-use in an innoclean ee, designed as a single-end machine. here the dirty bottle infeed and clean bottle outfeed are both located at the front of the machine, which gives it the advan-tage of a smaller footprint. the draining of residual liquids is followed by intensive pre-washing, during which two rotating tubes spray the bottles internally at high pres-sure. the next step is to transport the bottles through two pre-heating zones. specifi c fl ushing of labels also takes place within these pre-heating zones. the background to this is that bottles often enter the facility with partially loosened labels. if these labels can be discharged from the machine within the pre-heating zones there is less contamination of the subsequent caustic baths, which at the same time means a saving of chemicals. the patented khs energy-saving carrier is also a cost-cutter. compared with conventional steel carriers, energy-saving carriers can save 10 to 15 percent of heat and 15 to 20 percent of water. the concept consists in the classic manner of carrier and bottle pockets. cutouts in the side-walls of the carrier bring a weight reduction of about 25 percent, which is associated with a reduction in the drive energy. the load on the chain and gearbox is relieved, which increases their service the innoclean ee single-end bottle washer has the advantage of a small footprint. the heart of the line: the innofi ll dmg-vf fi ller equipped with 84 fi lling stations and coupled to the innofi ll sv capper (18 capping stations). the innofi ll vf operates without fi lling tubes but with return gas tubes. the fi ll level is determined by means of the gas tube and gas lock. the innofi ll sv seals the pet bottles with plastic caps.

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bottling / filling 45 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net globally leading presenters • global/regional business reviews • changes polyester markets • process/technology developments • feedstocks/intermediates • catalysts/additives/nanomaterials • fiber/yarn/spinning/technologies • textile/monofilament developments • packaging csd/water/beer/wine/milk/juice • containers/applications/economics • speciality film/sheet/packaging/barrier • formed trays/coex sheet: apet, cpet, petg, pet -pe • metallized/hologram printed/decorative films • interpolymer competition: pla, pp, ops • environmental issues/recycling/re-use maack business services maack & scheidl partnership plastics technology and marketing ch-8804 au/near zürich, switzerland tel: 41-44-781 30 40, fax: 41-44-78115 69 mbspolymer@bluewin.ch www.mbspolymer.com global conferences, studies, projects 13th world congress december (15)–16–17–18, 2008 zürich, switzerland early bird reception uhde inventa-fischer december 15, 2008 packaging packaging staple fibers & filaments world pet demand balance (packaging resin) • company hospitality function suites • pre-congress/post-congress seminars • post-congress open house events (tentative program, changes may occur) life. in the energy-saving carrier the bottle pocket is made from polypropyl-ene. as a lightweight component this also makes a considerable contribu-tion to energy saving. included in the innoclean ee at bucher is the latest khs triple-i-drive technology for versatile and rapid bottle changeover. the heart of the line - the single-chamber fi lling system after washing, the bottles pass to the heart of the line: the innofi ll dmg-vf fi lling system, with 84 fi ll-ing stations and 18 capping stations. here bucher quite specifi cally went for mechanically controlled single-cham-ber fi lling. as karl-heinz bucher says, “this robust, low-maintenance fi lling system is extremely easy to operate and also meets our expectations with regard to fi lling quality.” one of the reasons for adopting the fi ll-level method is that hot fi lling can be carried out as well as cold fi lling. in the case of hot fi ll bottles must be fi lled exactly to the brim in order to guaran-tee sterilization of the headspace at a high product temperature. under certain circumstances volumetric fi lling would give different headspace fi lling and therefore result in less reliable sterilization. the bottles are guided within the fi ller-capper block by neck handling. the innofi ll vf operates without fi lling tubes but with return gas tubes and the fi ll level is determined by means of the gas tube and gas lock. this ensures excellent fi ll level accuracy. the fi lling process begins as soon as the pres-sure is equalized between the ring bowl and the pet bottle by pressur-izing with co 2 , and is completed when the beverage rising in the bottle closes the return gas tube. an innofi ll sv then seals the pet bottles with plastic caps. the pet success story can continue future plans at bucher are based mainly on increasing the propor-tion of refi llable pet bottles, which, according to karl-heinz bucher, does not necessarily have to be directed toward increased sales. increased sales at any price is by no means the bucher philosophy. there should be healthy growth with healthy profi ts. *adapted from an article by günter unkrig and mike herrmann of khs ag

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laser coding 46 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net improved laser marking of pet bottles in february of this year two leading manufacturers of laser coding equipment, imaje and markem, merged to form the company markem-imaje. the new company was making its fi rst public appearance, and showing off its new logo, at the düsseldorf interpack exhibition in april. of a pet container. using special wavelengths the marking exhibits a greater contrast on clear pet and is therefore much more legible than previously. in contrast to the two other models in the 7000 range the 7031s ip65 has a greater coding area (120mm x 120mm). conveyor speeds of up to 450 m/min can be accommodated. the tolerance of /- 10 mm in the permissible dis-tance between the printing head and the bottle means that different bottle sizes can be coded on the same filling line. this tolerance also compensates for bottle movement caused by the conveyor. all three models in the 7000 range are designed on modular lines, and consist of stainless steel control console, tough, flexible con-nector cable, and the laser head, making them easy to integrate into any filling line. moving or stationary products can be coded with con-stant print quality at an angle of up to 35. because there is no need for external laser cooling operating costs are kept to a minimum. lanfranchi s.r.l. 43044 collecchio (parma) italy - tel. 39 0521 541011 - fax 39 0521 802149 - www.lanfranchigroup.com - sales@lanfranchi.it lanfranchi north america inc. tampa (fl) 33614 usa - tel. 1 (813) 9015333 - fax 1 (813) 9015518 - sales@lanfranchiusa.com - service@lanfranchiusa.com lanfranchi nord europe 59100 roubaix france - tel. 33 3 20689620 - fax 33 3 20689621 - contact@lanfranchi.fr leader in bottles and preforms handling evolution time preform unscrambler unscramble your mind! main advantages: new concept no jams with nested preforms increased efficiency on your blow-moulding machine: from 1 % up to 2 % quick change-over operations: 5 minutes for preforms with the same neck dimensions but different sizes, 10 minutes for preforms with different neck dimensions 99,8% efficiency guaranteed for start-up after change-over operations speed: from 1.000 up to 80.000 p/h no platform reduced overall dimensions new www.layout.it one of the latest products to be added to the markem-imaje portfolio is the 7031s laser marker specially developed for coding pet bottles. this is a co 2 vector laser now with ip65 pro-tection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for use in the wet atmosphere of a bottling hall. it can also be hosed down using low pressure jets. the 30 watt laser marks the bottle to a maximum depth of 20 microns, which does not impair the function

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n www.layout.it www.pla-world-congress.com www.pla-bottle-conference.com www.bioplasticsmagazine.com powered by 2nd pla bottle conference the 1st pla bottle conference hosted by bioplastics magazine (september 12-13, 2007, hamburg, germany) attracted over 100 experts from more than 25 countries. delegates from the beverage industry as well as bioplastics experts came from all over europe, north america and countries as far away as hawaii, australia, south africa and even bhutan in the himalayas. this year we are happy to invite you to the 2nd pla bottle conference to be held on sept. 9 and 10, 2008 in munich, germany. experts with a sound experience with pla and bottle making will share their knowledge and present the latest developments about preform and bottle making, barrier issues, thermal behaviour, caps, labels and much more in a concentrated way during the this conference. the conference is being held in conjunction with the 1st pla world congress on the 09th and 10th of september 2008 in munich, germany and will cover subjects such as: 2nd pla bottle conference 09 - 10 september 2008 bioplastics magazine invites to early bird 750.- bookings before july 31-2008 supported by latest developments market overview high temperature behaviour barrier issues additives / colorants glues / printing inks labels, caps applications (packaging, bottles, automotive, electronics etc) fabrics reinforcements end of life options (recycling, composting, incineration etc) • • • • • • • • • • 1st pla world congress 09 - 10 september 2008 bioplastics magazine invites to

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48 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net petproducts norgren has over 15 years experience as full-line supplier of pneumatic equipment for stretch blow moulding (sbm) machines. norgren sbm product range: » blowing valve blocks » actuators » compensation valves » cooling valves » air recovery valves » silencers cooling valve optimisation of your heat set process norgren‘s stretch blow moulding technology can make all the difference for more details visit www.norgren.com/sbm or e-mail to sbmproducts@norgren.com new rental solution for europe’s pet blowers atlas copco speciality rental has introduced a new rental solution for pet bottle blowers in europe, so providing a major opportunity for the european beverages industry, which may require temporary and reliable high-pressure, oil-free compressed air. the rental package features the unique zd 2100 vsd com-pressor; designed to provide a maximum free air delivery (fad) of 2118 m / h at 40 bar (g) - guaranteed 100% oil-free. the fully integrated high-pressure package is easy to install and economical to operate. it comprises two 20 ft (6 metre) containers housing a two-stage atlas copco z range vsd oil-free screw compressor and a two-stage atlas copco d series vsd piston booster. the z compressor also includes an integral md dryer to ensure totally dry compressed air with a pressure dew point of 3ºc at 40 bar (g). double throughput from the motan luxor 1800/2400 dryer a recent development in the fi eld of pet dryers is the motan luxor range of large scale dryers - the 1800 and the 2400 which, as their names suggest, have a dry air throughput of 1800 and 2400 m 3 /h respectively. these units almost double the previous maximum output of motan dryers, which was 1200 kg/h. the new luxor 2400 reaches 2,000 kg/h. some of the other features of the new machines include the use of standard parts and a housing with space for retro-fi tting of the eta heat recovery system. economically-priced labelling system the new moduline vertical roller labelling system from quadrel of mentor, ohio, is used to apply wrap-around labels to tall, unstable cylindrical containers at speeds of up to 100 ppm. this labelling system incorporates a verti-cal roller conveyor to stabilize each container during label application. the in-line labelling system also features wipe-on label applicators, an m3 microprocessor control-ler, a wrap station and an all-stainless steel conveyor. capsnap europe expands label range capsnap was established in 1999 as a joint venture between portola packaging and greiner packaging of austria. the latest offering from capsnap is a new label for 5 gallon plastic conatiners that can be easil;y removed with no traces of glue residue. the so-called “lift-label” can be used on pet as well as pc fi ve-gallon bottles.

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bottles 49 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net a classic shape in pet the company believed to be the oldest beverage company in the world is waiwera infi nity of new zea-land. they are now selling litre and half-litre packs of “waiwera” brand mineral water in crystal-clear pet bottles shaped like typical traditional glass bottles. a small shrink-sleeve label around the neck area carries the required product and trade data - leaving the bottle to speak for itself. the brand name, moulded vertically into the bottle, and the white tamper-evident cap add to the elegance of the package. new shape for soda club the german company soda club of limburg has expanded its concentrated syrup range with kid’s products in a newly designed 500 ml pet bottle. the products, such as “jungle mix” or “kids cola” are offered in a waisted, easy-to-grip pet bottle that is rectangular in the middle and with a large 30mm diameter neck form. the shrink-sleeve label is designed with kids very much in mind. the bottle is sealed with a tamper-evi-dent, recloseable screw cap. hexalite lightweight plastic closures less than 10 years after having introduced on the market the fi rst plastic closures for still water (the hexacap) bericap is now engaged with another major challenge - the hexalite closures, weighing in at less than 1.5 g, and saving at least 1.5 g of pet resin in neck form. the hexalite family of caps are for still water and still drinks - the hexalite 26, weighing in at 1.1 g or less, and the hexalite 29/25 at 1.4 g or less. new sports caps in the thumb’up family are in devel-opment to fi t the new 26 and 29/25 neck fi nishes, as well as for the new light weight pco 1881. amcor powerflex with pedestal base to launch rtd tea line extension reily foods company of new orleans are launching a new ready-to-drink iced tea line in a 16-ounce, pedestal-based, custom powerflex bottle from amcor. the new design geometry represents a “fi rst” for powerflex and is patterned after the tall graceful columns found in south-ern architecture. the graphics support the positioning by incorporating images of verandas, white rocking chairs and spanish moss. for the bottle design reily initially asked its creative agency to develop some sketches. at that time the com-pany was thinking of launching in a glass bottle, however reily handed the glass sketches to amcor and challenged them to duplicate as many of the design elements as pos-sible in pet “what we received was a unique geometry; something that had never been done before in pet. for example, you have to have a diameter that is large enough to relieve the vacuum that occurs during the cooling process. we also had concerns of how the container would function on the production line,” explains chris burt, project engineer. “we discovered that by adding a rib around the top of the ped-estal base, we could achieve structural stability. the result is a patented bottle that absorbs vacuum via the specially designed base. a unique diaphragm within the base draws upward as the liquid cools. in addition the bottle is blown with a uv addi-tive to help extend shelf-life. petbottles spare parts and repairing pet blow machinery assemblies b&g products llc www.bgproducts.com “higher standards - lower prices” spare parts and repairing pet blow machinery assemblies e-mail: sales@bgproducts.com b&g spare parts for reheat blowers sidel ; cincinnati rhb’s; krones , corpoplast (krupp); mag-plastic , sipa ; nissei and other brands. b&g products llc - 3631 44th st. se no. e, grand rapids, michigan 49512 usa t elephone (616-698-9050) fax (616-698-9271)

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50 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 1.0 materials mfc commodities plastics & chemicals trade, finance & logistics for pet resin & preforms mfc commodities gmbh millennium tower, 21st fl oor handelskai 94-96 a - 1200 vienna, austria tel.: 43 1 240 25 117 fax: 43 1 240 25 263 offi ce@mfc-commodities.com www.mfc-commodities.com 1.1 materials for bottle and cap production clariant masterbatches (italia) s.p.a. via lainate, 26 20010 pogliano milanese (mi) italy tel 39.02.9918.7558 fax 39.02.9918.7552 italy.mb.marketing@clariant.com http://mb.clariant.it pet regranulate food and non-food quality 43-2622-43333-0 www.petrecyclingteam.at 1.1.9 additives and colorants americhem europe ltd cawdor street eccles, manchester m30 0qf, uk tel: 44 (0)161 789 7832 fax: 44 (0)161 787 7832 email: psumner@americhem.com americhem inc 2000 americhem way cuyahoga falls oh 44221 tel: 1(800) 228 3476 fax: 1(330) 929 4144 email: dcroley@americhem.com gabriel-chemie gesellschaft m.b.h. (zentrale) industriestrasse 1 a-2352 gumpoldskirchen tel.: 43 (0)2252 / 63 630-0 fax: 43 (0)2252 / 62 725-0 e-mail: info@gabriel-chemie.com www.gabriel-chemie.com holland colours nv p .o. box 720 7300 as apeldoorn, netherlands 0031-55 3680700 0031-55 3662981 info@hollandcolours.com www.hollandcolours.com colormatrix europe ltd. 9-15 unity grove, knowsley 134 9gt, great britain tel. 0044-151-632-8800 fax 0044-151-548-3800 info@colormatrix.co.uk www.colormatrix.co.uk liquid colours and additives repi s.p.a. via b. franklin 2 21050 lonate ceppino va italy tel. 39 0331 819511 fax 39 0331 819581 repi@repi.it www.repi.it 1.2 packaging components and accessories luzerner straße 11 postfach 749 ch-6330 cham 1 tel.: 41 (0) 417843070 fax: 41 (0) 417843079 pet jars/bottles 20-7000ml 18-110mm necks info@petpackaging.ch 1.2.1 preforms pet preforms and closures intergulf ltd. (empol) khalid seaport p .o.box 6131, sharjah, u.a.e. tel. 009716 502 9244 / 9246 fax. 009716 528 5720 empol@iffco.com www.empol.com pdg plastiques f-45330 malesherbes - france tel. 00 33 2 38 34 61 95 info@pdg-plastiques.com www.pdg-plastiques.com zamil plastic industries ltd. zamil plastic industries ltd. p .o.box 1748, al-khobar 31952, saudi arabia tel. 966-3-8121114 fax. 966-3-8121477 info@zamilplastic.com www.zamilplastic.com 1.2.2 bottles 1.2.3 labels 1.2.4 caps and closures bericap gmbh & co. kg kirchstr. 5 d - 55257 budenheim germany tel. 49 (6139) 2902 0 fax 49 (6139) 2902 181 info.germany@bericap.com www.bericap.com idsteiner strasse 74 d-65527 niedernhausen, germany tel. 49 6127 8954 8850 fax 49 6127 78189 cct-niedernhausen@t-online.de www.cct-gmbh.com www.corvaglia.ch csi global mktg. comm. project manager closure systems international 6625 network way - suite 200 indianapolis, in 46278 tel: 317 -390-5335 fax: 317 -390-5079 www.csiclosures.com fontana manufacturers 150 maclean street umkomaas, 4170 south africa tel.: 0027 (0) 39 973 2690 fax: 0027 (0) 39 973 1123 www.fontana.co.za sales@fontana.co.za gulf packaging system & 3p co. post box no. 20266 jeddah - 21455 kingdom of saudi arabia telephone 966 (02) 636-0099 fax 966 (02) 635-2111 sales@gulf-pack.com 3p@prime-plastic.com www.gulf-pack.com has plastik san.tic.a.s. esenyurt fabr.yolu no:74 34320 avcilar istanbul turkey tel 90 212 695 50 00 fax 90 212 694 97 24 info@hasplastik.com www.hasplastik.com georg menshen gmbh & co. kg industriestraße 26 d-57413 finnentrop tel.: 49-2721-518 0 fax: 49-2721-518 198 contact@menshen.com www.menshen.com

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petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net buyers guide 51 creative dispensing solutions seaquist löffl er gmbh d94078 freyung tel : 49 8551 9750 fax : 49 8551 975 180 info@seaquistclosures.eu www.seaquistclosures.com 2.0 machines and equipment 2.1 preform production (machines and equipment) preliner@arburg.com preform and cap production hong kong tel: 852-2665 3888 fax: 852-2664 8202 marketing@chenhsong.com.hk www.chenhsong.com.hk engel austria gmbh ludwig-engel-straße 1 a-4311 schwertberg tel. 0043-50-620-0 fax 0043-50-620-3009 sales@engel.at www.engelglobal.com husky injection molding systems s.a. boite postale 93 3401 dudelange luxembourg tel. 0035-252 115 1 fax 0035-252 115 4458 efery@husky.ca www.husky.ca netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it 2.2 bottle production (machines and equipment) nissei asb machine co., ltd. 4586-3 koo, komoro-shi, nagano-ken 384-8585, japan tel. 0081-267-23-1565 fax 0081-267-23-1564 sales@nisseiasb.co.jp www.nisseiasb.co.jp automa spa „one step“ injection-stretch blow moulding and injection blow moulding machines bologna - italy tel. 39-051-739597 fax 39-051-739578 b&g xt model pet blow machines spare parts for sidel , sbo and milacron rhb-5 sales@bgproducts.com luxber, s.l.u. blowmoulding machinery av. de azorin, 34-36 03440 ibi (alicante) spain tel: 34 965 553 853 fax: 34 965 553 861 www.luxber .com luxber@luxber .com norgren ag ventilfabrik postfach 8362 balterswil, switzerland tel 41 71 973 83 00 fax 41 71 973 83 01 sbmproducts@norgren.com www.norgren.com/sbm eugen seitz ag spitalstrasse 204 8623 wetzikon, switzerland phone: 41 44 931 80 80 fax: 41 44 931 80 90 mmeier@seitz.ch www.seitz.ch sig corpoplast gmbh & co. kg meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-0 f 49 40 67907-100 e-mail: sigcorpoplast@sig.biz www.sigcorpoplast.de sipa spa via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438912273 sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa.it pet blow moulding machines pet preform & blow moulds www.tisse.net tel:90 542 233 75 78 2.2.1 single stage stretch blow moulding equipment 2.2.2 two stage stretch blow moulding equipment no.20, lane 74, fuda n. rd., dali city, taichung county 412, taiwan tel. 886-4-2486-5900 fax. 886-4-2486-1013 servers@chumpower.com www.chumpower.com mag-plastic machinery s.a. rue alfred-pot 1 p .o. box 140 ch - 1896 - vouvry (vs) switzerland tel. 0041-24-4820-820 fax 0041-24-4820-819 sales@magplastic.com www.magplastic.com stretch blow molding machines, preform molds & cap molds tel.: 86-576-84066853 fax: 86-576-84020107 info@megamachinery.cn www.megamachinery.ca www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com siapi s.r.l. via ferrovia nord, 45 31020 san vendemiano (tv) italy tel. 39 0438 4096 fax 39 0438 401016 info@siapicamerin.it www.siapi.it l ’ ametlla del vallès (barcelona-spain) tel: 34 93 846 30 51 fax: 34 93 849 22 11 e-mail: tms@side.es www.side.es urola s.c. 20230 legaz pi, spain tel. 34 943 737003 fax 34 943 730926 legazpi@urola.com www.urola.com

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52 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 2.2.3 coating systems sig plasmax gmbh meiendorfer str. 203 22145 hamburg deutschland t 49 40 67907-364 f 49 40 67907-353 e-mail: sigplasmax@sig.biz www.sigplasmax.de 2.2.4 compressors atlas copco customer centres worldwide www.atlascopco.com leobersdorfer maschinenfabrik ag (lmf) suedbahnstraße 28, a-2544 leobersdorf, austria tel: 43 2256 9001-0 fax: 43 2256 9002 e-mail: sales@lmf.at www.lmf.at siad macchine impianti s.p.a. via canovine, 2/4 24126 bergamo, italy tel. 39 035 327611 fax 39 035 316131 info@siadmi.com www.siadmi.com 2.2.8 unscramblers lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it unscramblers, silos and air con-veyors for empty plastic bottles p .o. box 306 08210 barberà del vallès barcelona (spain) tel. 34 93 729 7616 fax 34 93 718 8856 sales@posimat.com www.posimat.com 2.3 cap production (machines and equipment) netstal -maschinen ag tschachenstraße 8752 naefels, switzerland tel. 0041-55-618-6111 fax 0041-55-618-6605 pet@netstal.com www.netstal.com sacmi imola via selice prov. le 17/a 40026 imola bo, italy tel. 0039-0542-607-111 fax 0039-0542-642-354 valentina_gollini@sacmi.it www.sacmi.com 2.4 crate production (machines and equipment) werner koch maschinentechnik gmbh industriestraße 3 75228 ispringen / pforzheim tel.: 49 72 31/80 09 0 fax: 49 72 31/80 09 60 e-mail: info@koch-technik.de www.koch-technik.com 2.5 ancillary equipment for the production of preforms, caps and crates material drying and mould dehumidifi cation eisbär trockentechnik gmbh. a-6840 götzis tel.nr. 0043 5523 55558 0 cool@eisbaer.at www.eisbaer.at green box s.r.l. water chillers - cooling systems tel. 39 049 9703319 fax. 39 049 9701968 info@greenbox.it www.greenbox.it motan gmbh max-eyth-weg 42 88316 isny tel.: 49 7562 76-0 fax: 49 7562 76-111 pettec@motan.com www.motan.com tel. 39 041 57 99 111 sales@piovan.com www.piovan.com 2.5.3 dryers one conair drive pittsburgh, pa 15202 412-312-6000 info@conairgroup.com www.conairgroup.com 2.6 moulds pet engineering, bottle design, prototyping, industrial blow mould and services - rue du buisson moreau 16100 cognac france tel : 0033 (0)5 45 36 63 50 www.sa-comep.fr accueil@sa-comep.fr demo design and moulds 31020 san vendemiano (tv) - italy tel.: 39 0438 409048 fax: 39 0438 409046 info@designandmoulds.com www.designandmoulds.com www.wtbvc.com preform moulds, components, refurbishments and conversions. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. united states - 937-898-8460 sales@electraform.com poland - 48-17-860-1020 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar garrtech inc. 910 arvin avenue stoney creek, ontario l8e 5y8, canada tel. 001-905-643-6414 fax 001-905-643-6422 garrtech@garrtech.com www.garrtech.com molds, change parts, sbm and injection molding machinery for the pet/bioplastics industries 284 pinebush road cambridge ontario canada n1t 1z6 tel: 001-519-624-9720 fax: 001-519-624-9721 info@hallink.com www.hallink.com husky injection molding systems s.a. boite postale 93 3401 dudelange luxembourg tel. 0035-252 115 1 fax 0035-252 115 4458 efery@husky.ca www.husky.ca

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petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net buyers guide 53 mel machinefabriek etten-leur b.v. pauvreweg 11 4879 nj etten-leur, netherlands tel. 0031-76-5015655 fax 0031-76-5016532 info@machinefabriek-el.nl www.machinefabriek-el.nl engineering & production of complete isbm tooling sets for aoki, nissei, etc. mht mold & hotrunner technology ag dr. ruben-rausing-str. 7 65239 hochheim/main germany tel. 0049-6146-906-131 fax 0049-6146-906-399 rsteinmetz@mht-ag.de www.mht-ag.de otto hofstetter ag zürcherstrasse 73 8730 uznach, switzerland tel. 41 55 285 22 11 fax 41 55 285 22 44 hofstetter@otto-hofstetter.ch www.otto-hofstetter.ch single step isbm moulds, preform mould change parts, blow moulds for pet pet moulds pvt ltd, india fax 91 44 2225 1285 91 98843 90999 petmoulds@eth.net www.petmoulds.com www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com pmci - sipa division via caduti del lavoro, 3 31029 vittorio veneto - italy tel. 390438911511 fax 390438914495 pmci@zoppas.com www.sipa.it polimash ltd. blow moulding equipment and moulds shyrokaya str. 2 14021 chernigov, ukraine tel. 38 0462 67 76 28 fax 38 0462 67 76 29 e-mail: pm@polimash.com.ua www.polimash.com.ua tooling for pet/pla contain-ers – single stage isbm moulds, proprietary genesis hot runner system and blow moulds. r&d tool and engineering ltd hamilton road sutton-in-ashfi eld nottinghamshire, ng17 5ld england tel: 44 1623 556287 fax: 44 1623 552240 sales@rdtool.co.uk www.rdtool.co.uk r&d tool and engineering, inc. 1008 browning street lee’s summit, missouri mo. 64081, usa tel: 1 816 525 0353 fax: 1 816 524 5068 sales@rdtool.com www.rdtool.com röders gmbh scheibenstr. 6 29614 soltau, germany tel. 0049-5191-603-53 fax 0049-5191-603-36 mold@roeders.de www.roeders.de solent mould tools ltd tel: 44 (0) 23 9223 9950 sales@solentmouldtools.co.uk smt americas inc. tel: 1 905 315 9882 smt.americas@cogeco.ca www.solentmouldtools.com tooling preform systems bv moulds & robotics pet-related services & technologies c. houtmanstraat 42 emmen, the netherlands tel 31 (0) 591 679768 fax 31 (0) 591 630616 sales@tps.nl · www.tps.nl www.wtbvc.com blow molds for all technologies, all machine types, all sizes. highest quality, fastest delivery, lowest cost. canada - 905-574-0010 sales@wentworthmold.com poland - 48-81-820-5730 info@wt.com.pl uk - 44-1623-658-416 sales.europe@wentworthmold.com china - 86-137-646-05384 phu@wtbvc.com argentina - 54-11-4753-1111 simkosa@simko.com.ar z-werkzeugbau-gmbh hoechster strasse 8 6850 dornbirn, austria tel. 0043-5572-7272-720 fax 0043-5572-7272-8620 offi ce@z-tooling.com www.z-moulds.com 2.6.1 preform moulds preform molds & components, hotrunners and blow molds mob.: 91 9820098634 fax: 91 (260) 2668779 www.sachimolds.com sales@sachimolds.com 2.6.2 stretch blow moulds awanti polymoulds pvt. ltd. 25/5a/1/2, nanded, sinhagad rd., pune - 411 041, india telefax: - 91 20 24392805 shirishk@vsnl.com www.awantipolymoulds.com www.petkamold.com info@petkamold.com 3. filling / bottling 3.1 bottle handling and preparation 3.2 beverage preparation 3.3 filling machines 3.3.4 aseptic fi lling lines aseptic fi lling lines 12 route de mamers - bp 46 72402 la ferte bernard cedex tel.: (33) 2 43 60 28 28 fax: (33) 2 43 60 28 39 serac@serac.fr www.serac-group.com sig asbofi ll gmbh jagenbergstr. 1 41468 neuss deutschland t 49 2131 318-601 f 49 2131 318-630 e-mail: info.asbofi ll@sig.biz www.asbofi ll.com 3.4 labellers and capping machines 3.4.1 labelling machinery gernep gmbh benzstraße 6 d-93092 barbing tel: 49 9401/9213-0 fax: 49 9401/9213-29 email: info@gernep.de www.gernep.de

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54 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net buyer’sguide entries from 5,70 euro/mm, call 49-6221-65108-0 3.5 downstream equipment lanfranchi srl. via scodoncello, 41 43044 collecchio parma italia tel. 39.0521.541011 fax 39.0521.802149 e-mail: commerciale@lanfranchi.it www.lanfranchi.it zecchetti s.r.l. via galileo galilei, 1-1a 42027 montecchio emilia re, italy tel. 0039-0522-867-411 fax 0039-0522-866-034 sales@zecchetti.it www.zecchetti.it 4.0 recycling complete pet recycling plants, fda and pepsico approved, iv increase without pellet-ssp erema gmbh unterfeldstr. 3 4052 ansfelden/linz, austria tel. 0043-732-3190-0 fax 0043-732-3190-23 erema@erema.at www.erema.at pet chemical treatments: cleaners, fl otation compounds and additives via vigevano 61 28069 - san martino di trecate novara - italy tel. 0039-0321789770 fax 0039-0321789765 salesmet@macdermid.com 4.6 melt fi ltration, screen changers gneuß kunststofftechnik gmbh mönichhusen 42 32549 bad oeynhausen tel. 49 5731 5307 10 fax 49 5731 5307 77 gneuss@gneuss.com www.gneuss.com 4.8 complete recycling plants complete pet-recyclingplant „bottle to bottle“; fda for direct food contact; modules „wash“ and „bottle to bottle“ also as stand-alone units available. krones ag böhmerwaldstraße 5 93073 neutraubling germany telefon: 49 9401 70-2751 fax: 49 9401 70-4150 www.krones.com pet recycling technology: recycling extruders with inline ssp (iv increase, food-contact, pepsico) starlinger & co. ges.m.b.h. sonnenuhrgasse 4 at-1060 vienna tel.: 43/1/599 55 0 fax: 43/1/599 55 180 e-mail: sales@starlinger.com www.recycling.starlinger.com 5. other 5.1 laboratory equipment 5.1.2 o 2 barrier measurement non-invasive oxygen/ ph measurement presens gmbh germany info@presens.de tel 49 941 942 72 0 www.presens.de 5.2 pet consultancy and support services machine point consultants, s.l. parque tecnológico de boecillo edifi cio c.e.e.i. - 2.01 e-47151 valladolid (spain) tel.: 34 983 549 900 fax: 34 983 549 901 pet@machinepoint.com pet.machinepoint.com 5.3 contract manufacturers 5.3.2 suppliers of custom designed bottles p .e.t. engineering srl via olivera 42/44 31020 san vendemiano (tv) tel 39 0438 403069 fax 39 0438 408420 www.petengineering.com info@petengineering.com lonely in space – or plugged in to the world-wide pet community? a few ways to benefi t from petplanet‘s many offers. price of the entry: number of lines x 3,2 mm line height x 5,70 eur entry per issue stay permanently listed in the magazine‘s buyer‘s guide with your company logo and contact information. for only eur 5,70 per mm you can be present among top suppliers of pet processing materials – in every issue of the year. contact ask for your individual offer – call 49-6221-65108-0 1 line 3,2 mm example: 1,824.– eur/year petpla . net petplanet publisher landhausstr. 4 69115 heidelberg, germany tel. 0049-6221-65108-0 fax 0049-6221-65108-28 info@petpla.net www.petpla.net 32 mm

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patents 55 petplanet insider vol. 9 no. 06/08 www.petpla.net www.verpackungspatente.de petpatents shaped bottle european patent no. ep 1873068 a1 applicant: h. j. heinz co., pittsburgh (us) date of application: 29.6.2007 an easy-to-grip, transparent and squeezable pet bottle that will stand upside down, and having a self-sealing valve and closeable lid. water bottle closure international patent no. wo 2007 / 146484 a1 applicant: portola packaging inc., batavia (us) date of application: 13.4.2007. this design is claimed to solve the problem of precise installation of large volume water bottles in dispensers. tamper evidence international patent no. wo 2006 / 099854 a2 applicant: frank lamberty, wiesbaden (d) date of application: 21.3.2006 a multi-part closure with tamper evidence. when fi rst opening the cap two internal parts are twisted against each other by a type of clutch mechanism, so altering or displacing a coloured marker. in this way a previously opened bottle is quickly and easily recognised. bottle cap registered design de 202006012258 u1 applicant: konstantin storms u.a., frechen (d) date of application: 9.8.2006 a closure for a carbonated beverage bottle with gas-permeable and liquid repellent membrane. plastic bottle international patent no. wo 2008 / 027675 a1 applicant: the coca-cola company, atlanta (us) date of application: 25.7.2007 a plastic bottle made from pet has reinforc-ing ribs to compensate for internal pres-sure of up to 7 bars and recessed zones to improve the feel of the bottle in the hand. base shape of a plastic bottle international patent no. wo 2008 / 017746 a2 applicant: sidel participations, octeville sur mer (fr) date of application: 13.7.2007 the base shape of a plastic bottle is described. this is optimised with reference to its stability when using material with a low level of crystallisation. the shape and location of the reinforcing ribs are shown.

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d 51178; issn: 1438 9452