Focus on circular economy

Weima – hall A6 booth 6201

After more than one and a half years without events and personal interactions, the anticipation of face-to-face trade shows is palpable. Weima will present fundamental process steps on the way to efficient recycling of plastics at a joint booth with its long-standing partner Neue Herbold. The topic of the circular economy will also be in the foreground at the booth of the German Ilsfeld-based shredder specialist. After all, a functioning recycling economy can only be realised with high-quality recyclate. To meet the strict quality criteria, the best possible processing of the plastic is necessary.

Weima WLK 1000: Single-shaft shredder for large-volume plastic parts, films, and fibres

At the booth, Weima will present the versatile WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder. It stands out for its high throughput and flexibility in daily use. The WLK 1000 shreds not only massive start-up lumps, production waste or large-volume plastic parts made of PE, PP, PVC, PU or PET, but also tear-resistant fibres and films to a homogeneous size; the first step on the way to producing high-quality recyclate.

Shredding results

The shredder can be optimally adapted to any application with various equipment options. The V-rotor, with a working width of 1,000 mm and a diameter of 370 mm, delivers first-class shredding results. For flexible materials such as films, filaments, and fibres, Weima also offers the F-rotor for a particularly precise cut. The counter knives of the WLK 1000 are manually adjustable and reversible. This allows the appropriate cutting geometry to be optimally configured for each material stream. As a result, shredding remains energy-efficient, wear costs can be minimised, and knife service life can be significantly extended.

Flexible for varying material flows

The speed of the rotor can be continuously adjusted via the optional frequency converter. This makes the machine particularly flexible, especially with changing material flows. The large-volume hopper with the innovative log spacer shape prevents the formation of material bridges even when shredding particularly large parts. Direct filling takes place via the low loading edge by conveyor belt, gripper, wheel loader or manually and is therefore convenient to operate.

Two-stage processing of plastic waste

A two-stage processing system is often required to achieve particularly fine particle sizes. In cooperation with the granulator specialist and long-standing partner, Neue Herbold, Weima has already implemented many joint customer solutions. Shredders from Weima can be precisely operated and controlled via Siemens PLC control. They have common interfaces (such as Profibus or Profinet) and can thus be integrated into existing production systems. This also includes peripherals such as extraction, metal detection and secondary crushers. This optimises the use of downstream production machines (such as washers and extruders) and increases the efficiency of the recycling line.