Microfilament textiles made from post-consumer recycled PET

With Evolon RE, Freudenberg Performance Materials (Freudenberg) is offering its customers a more sustainable version of its high-performance microfilament textiles. Evolon RE is manufactured from an average of 70% recycled polyester, which the company makes by recycling post-consumer PET bottles in-house. The material is available for various applications, including high-tech wiping and technical packaging, in weights currently ranging from 80g/sqm to 300g/sqm. It is claimed to offer the same quality as all other Evolon textiles. This applies to mechanical and textile properties as well as to filtration, cleaning and protection properties.

Freudenberg says that Evolon fabrics are very durable in most applications. The products are washable and re-usable and a very good substitute for disposable solutions. For example, high-tech Evolon cleaning cloths offer an unrivalled cleaning performance even after hundreds of washings. Technical packaging materials can be reused throughout the entire production program of a car model.

Freudenberg was one of the first companies in Europe to recycle used PET bottles, beginning in the early 1990s. Today, the company utilises around 7 million PET bottles a day in the manufacture of polyester nonwovens.

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