Announcing OneCircle’s latest partnership with new reseller “Canada West Winery Supplies”

While OneCircle works towards a net-zero goal across its operation, like-minded partners continue to seek out sustainable solutions within the beverage production industry. OneCircle, as the global leader in PET Kegs, is a natural choice for those determined to maximise efficiencies and minimise waste across the beverage production and distribution process

Located in the Okanagan Valley, Canada West Winery Supplies have supplied the beverages industry with sustainable packaging solutions since 2013. In addition to wine packaging and accessories, they now sell the sustainable KeyKeg and UniKeg to wineries, breweries, and cideries among many others. From their warehouse in Penticton, Canada West Winery Supplies ships across Western and Eastern Canada. Canada West Winery Supplies has been trusted within their close-knit community to help Canadian wineries and other beverage producers to make the best and most sustainable packaging choices for their products. Their success is impressive when you consider that it has been achieved as a direct result of word-of-mouth recommendations, praising their transformative solutions and outstanding service.

Canada’s winemakers and beverage producers have become increasingly interested in environmentally sustainable packaging solutions that can simultaneously preserve the quality of their products. KeyKeg and UniKeg lock in the freshness of each skilfully crafted beverage and prevent sunlight and air from degrading the product. Across the globe, many wine producers have already embraced the idea of wine in KeyKeg and UniKeg, which allows them to serve wine by the glass without the risk of oxidation and waste of produce. Each 30-litre Keg contains about forty 0.75 litre bottles of wine, saving not only space but also preventing excessive glass waste. Both KeyKeg and UniKeg are lightweight and made of circular use material, reducing CO2 emissions during production and shipping.

Garth Schafer and Mark Hartmann, owners at Canada West Winery Supplies, commented:  We are pleased to be adding the KeyKeg and UniKeg to our portfolio of packaging products. Dealing with a family business reflects our own levels of personal service. We found our interactions felt personalised, with OneCircle, even though the OneCircle family is a large-scale global business. It is part of our own long-term strategy to reduce, reuse and recycle across all aspects of the business, so this step made sense. Our clients have the same goals and seem to be moving away from damaging processes and products within their operations. These environmentally wise Kegs offer our clients what they desire: a sustainable product which maintains the quality of their wines and takes away the need for added logistics such as transport and cleaning. With the shared personal beliefs of delivering the best quality possible and sustainability for a better world, we believe that this partnership is an exciting step towards the future of beverage packaging.”

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