Handle applicators

And&Or, a leader in the manufacture and marketing of handle applicator machines for PET and PE bottles, provides solutions for the automatic insertion of various types of handles. They are adaptable for low, medium or high-speed lines, as well as for multiple types of operation, including rotary, interval linear or continuous linear. The use of the company’s handle application technology enables the manufacturing of a handy and easy carry handle-ware for a large PET container (3 to 5 l) with either a lateral, umbrella or neck handle. And&Or says that traditionally, the move from the classic HDPE handle-ware to a more attractive PET handle-ware container has been challenging, largely due to the lack of precise and specialised handle application technology.

In addition, And&Or specialises in the manufacture of a carton collar applicator which automatically inserts the carton collar to single bottles or packs, from 300 ml to 5 l. The advantages of this technology are, the flexibility to work with different carton and packaging types, the security by PET fairing, and the easy to use touch screen.

With this growing demand for automatic handle application technology, And&Or supports the customer by providing a complete solution from initial concept and design of the handle, bottle & preform specs right through to the successful development of a cost effective final product, offering brand advice along with their professional expertise.

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