Bottles with built-in handles

An increasing number of food companies are embracing PET bottles with built-in handles, as they provide an easy dispensing solution. Pouring oil from a container with handles is a different experience than pouring it from a standard bottle without them. Not only do handles provide a more comfortable and precise, hassle-free dispensing experience but their eye-catching design is an effective tool to stand out on the store shelves.

Today, there are many types of bottles with built in handles to choose from. SMI manufactures both pre inserted handles and post inserted handles with their state-of-the -art stretch blow moulding machines. Pre-inserted handle bottles are made through special moulds that ensure the easy insertion of the handles into the bottle.

Rotary stretch-blow moulders

For large-scale production of PET and rPET containers, SMI offers a wide range of rotary stretch-blow moulders from the EBS Ergon range, available both in stand-alone and Ecobloc version. In the Ecobloc combi version, stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping are integrated into a single bloc that does not require a rinser or the conveyor belts between the stretch-blow moulder and the filler.

The equipment design reduces energy costs thanks to a preform-heating module with high-efficiency IR lamps and a double-stage air recovery system. SMI says that the fast format changeovers and mould replacements were a special focus when designing this modular technology.

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