Bottle design services

Producer of specialised preform and blow moulds Petka holds its own design department to create customised bottle designs on demand. The processes offered by their design department and highly qualified designers range from a first evaluation to a prototype before the production of the final product starts.

The bottle designs are conceived in accordance with the dimensions of the preform to be blown, specified by the client. After a detailed analysis of the preform concept, Petka’s designers produce a selection of appropriate designs. Once a 3D drawing has been finalised, the designers create a 3D mockup to provide an accurate visual representation of the design.

The mockup allows the company to highlight the key functions, attractive features, and unique details of the bottle. This innovative part of the process ensures Petka can demonstrate the final shape of the bottle to the client, prior to any sign-off.

To further improve the customer experience, the next step is prototyping. Producing a prototype helps to truly understand the future product and also allows customers to test the design’s accuracy before starting the production process, explains Petka. The main advantages this offers the clients is the possibility to trial their design in “real-world” scenarios and interact with it more effectively. The main objective is to identify potential abnormalities or issues and have the possibility to modify certain aspects of the design if there are any uncertainties, prior to launching a finalised product.

In their R&D department, Petka are always working on new features. Their latest development relates to the design of the bottom mould and works on blowing the base with low pressure to produce a more stable base.

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