“The plastic container green challenge” – Sacmi-sponsored webinar

Following on from successful webinars on Caps and Preforms, Sacmi, a leader in compression blow forming (CBF) solutions, announced the first international webinar on the “Green Challenge for Sustainability in Plastic Container Manufacturing.”

The event will be live-streamed at 16:00 (CEST) on 27 July with a repeat on the 28th at 09:00; simultaneous translations will be available in 3 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish).

The  international event will be exploring scenarios, technologies and market trends in the plastic container manufacturing sector. Opportunities provided by Sacmi CBF – the compression-based container production technology that is  now available for both HDPE and PET – will also be showcased.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: the plastics industry measures itself against these sustainability goals. For regulatory and safety reasons, however, pharmaceutical packaging is often limited to only the first option. However, resin savings of 20%, certified by GSK Consumer Healthcare, one of the world’s leading pharma players, – with performance, safety and consumer guarantees remaining equal is a news item the webinar will go into.

Partners presenting options on reducing container weight while increasing container barrier properties include Dow, who has developed the raw materials, Milliken who developed low-dosage additives and Alltrista who has successfully converted the raw material to bottles used by GSK Consumer Healthcare for their over-the-counter drug Advil.

For the pharma industry, one of the key advantages is – in addition to precision, versatility and weight reduction – an improved humidity and oxygen barrier effect which in some cases can lengthen shelf life or enable reduction of desiccant use.

Special guest speakers at the event will include Ken Waterman of Free Think Technologies, a leading international expert in pharmaceutical stability who has developed modelling science and software that enable the accurate determination of the impact of packaging on product shelf life.

The final part of the meeting will focus on the latest application of Sacmi CBF, which can now be used to produce HDPE & PET containers. The goal is to offer the market the intrinsic advantages of a new high-performance solution that exploits a material that is fully recyclable and provides a complete supply chain for processing containers once they are sent for recycling, a key factor in putting circular economy principles into practice.

Last but not least, market and consumer trends indicate parallel growth prospects for CBF technology in the nutraceutical sector.

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