Texen ramps up its materials research

Texen, a company for ecological transition within cosmetics packaging, is consolidating its materials expertise through an expanded partnership approach. One of the aims of its Materials R&D Roadmap is to make eco-design accessible to all brands and distributors, regardless of their size and environmental maturity, through streamlined and customisable solutions.

As part of this optimisation process, Texen is expanding its field of investigation and initiating flexible, responsive partnerships with certain materials suppliers like SK Chemicals. SK Chemicals offers a wide-ranging catalogue of copolyesters to meet market requirements such as transparency, resistance to juice and compatibility with household recycling channels. This includes a full range (Ecotria) that combines copolyesters and recycled PET. Due to chemical recycling of copolyesters, this range shall be free from any kind of pollution and any colouration and thus shall meet customer expectations in terms of eco-responsibility.

The collaboration focuses as much on some of Texen’s standard developments as on specific projects. Texen’s standard products now come in Ecotria R format, made up of 70% PETG and 30% PET from mechanical bottle recycling. They can be recycled through the PET recycling channel. Market demand, regardless of size and maturity, invariably focuses on how the injected material is recycled, its share of recycled content, its recyclability and performance in use.

In recent years, Texen, via the Texen Lab, has tested and validated a range of materials for beauty and spirits applications (injection process, compatibility with decoration and formulas, etc.). Texen’s aim is to make strong proposals through objective characterisation of materials. A collaborative tool will be launched in the second half of 2021 to pave the way for further developments with its partners.

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