17th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition

The 17th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition will take place from September 13-15 2021 in the Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao, China. For those who are not able to be present in Shanghai, the organisers are offering a global live stream.

The Party Central Committee have proposed the major strategic targets to reach the CO2 emission peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Technological innovation to achieve the “dual carbon” goal has also become a market highlight. As a sustainable green low-carbon fibre, recycled chemical fibre becomes an attraction for green investments, with a large amount of new capacity expected to come on stream in 2021.

With more large-scale enterprises entering the recycling industry, small and medium-sized chemical fibre enterprises are facing increasing challenges from capacity expansions of industry giants. Meanwhile, the unbalance between excess recycling capacity and upstream raw material supply is becoming more prominent. As a result, market competition has seen increasing disorder. In the face of the large expansion, how should companies identify their positioning and re-layout? What changes are taking place with quality standards and industry norms for recycling? Is there more room for breakthroughs in recycled raw material technology?

Focusing on the themes of Substitution and Anti-substitution, Positioning and Breakthrough, Necessity of Market Regulation, Recycled Fiber Commission of CCFA, China National Chemical Fiber Corp, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI), Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology, based on the successes in the past 16 years, are again to jointly present an event to support recycling economy and provide networking opportunities. As a key event of recycling industry, China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition started in 2005, and since the year of 2011, the even had been attended by more than 300 participants each year, from around 30 countries and regions. To the efforts of the event’s organisers and supporters, recent events have attracted 300-400 participants each year, from all major chemical fibre consuming and origin countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Austria, India, Japan, South Korea, the US, UK, Belgium, Greek, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Chinese Hongkon and Taiwan, etc.