New filler for Central and Eastern Europe

Ukrainian engineering company Thermo-Pack Ltd, headquartered in Bila Tserkva, about 90 km south-west of Kiev, manufactures filling, labelling, packaging and conveyor systems machinery and complete solutions for beverage companies. The company’s approach to projects is to work with clients at all stages, from initial technical approval and design, through to manufacture, installation and staff training.

Challenges faced by the epidemic

Thermo-Pack has responded to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent changes in client companies’ development strategies by enhancing the versatility of its equipment and by developing a new product line.

The Thermo-Pack MP6-3.12, which is aimed particularly at meeting the needs of customers in Central and Eastern Europe, is designed for rinsing and filling PET bottles with soft drinks and mineral water, and sealing them with a plastic screw cap.

The machine can operate at speeds of up to 15,000 bph, and handle bottles ranging from 250 ml to 3,000 ml. Changeover tooling kits are designed to be easy to install, in order to minimise changeover time and cut downtime.

The versatility of the MP2-3.12 is in keeping with Thermo-Pack’s approach to meeting the needs of customers for non-standard and specialised solutions. The company has developed lines for bottling Kyrgyzstan national drinks, such as bozo, chalap, maksim and aralash. An equipment order is in the process of preparation for shipping to and Indian company, which will be bottling a national drink that features products of different densities.
“There are several factors that may prevent companies from using standardised production lines. The composition of the product, the feature and/or the shape of the PET container, the environmental conditions – all these require a creative approach to the technical task,” explains Valery Yumagulov, Chief Engineer of Thermo-Pack.


The company offers a range of solutions for automation of group packaging processes, including an automatic pallet-packing complex that is used in light, food and chemical industries. It can load up to 15 pallets per hour. Thermo-Pack says that automation enables a single operator to supervise all aspects of the entire complex.

Thermo-Pack’s site near Kiev, Ukraine

Thermo-Pack was founded in 1996, initially to supply the domestic market in Ukraine. Its first machine was a manually-operated unit, which was followed just a year later with an in-house designed automatic packing machine. It began exporting in 2000 and made its international exhibition debut in 2002, when it attended Rosupak, in Moscow, and Riga Food, in Latvia. The company now occupies a 9,000 m2 factory and employs over 200 people.

Thermo-Pack says that its range today meets all international standards and regulations. The company has customers in more than 30 countries across the world, including Cote d’Ivoire in Africa; Canada; India; and New Zealand.

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