Condensed milk in PET instead of HDPE

The Spanish dairy producer Delifactory Originia Foods recently launched two new 900 g and 450 g easy-pour anti-drip containers on the market of its Benestare condensed milk (whole and skimmed) manufactured in PET. These new packages are claimed to constitute a complete novelty in the market, as they are the first ones made in PET in their category; they replace a previous version produced in multi-layer HDPE. The new easy-pour anti-drip bottle is stated to guarantee perfect long-term preservation (12 months) which this product requires. The change in material offers good dosing and improves recovery of its original shape after use. Additionally, the single-layer structure used in this new container, the functional additives used in it for perfect preservation of the milk, and the fact that it is produced in PET ensure its complete recyclability within the existing recycling streams of this material.

The production and supply of these new bottles have been entrusted by Delifactory Originia Foods to Novapet which has integrated the action of all its divisions to achieve the goals set with this new development. Thus, the project of technical definition and of functional verification of the container have been managed by the Novapet PET Packaging Technical Centre, using resins, concentrates and additives produced by the company itself. The preforms are injected by Novapet Envase (Noven) at its Spanish Barbastro factory, and the final containers blown by Noven Farmaplás at its Fuenlabrada plant. Finally, REnovaPET has studied the behaviour of these containers in the PET recycling streams in order to ensure the incorporation of post-consumption material into them, as provided in European regulations.

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