Indorama Ventures expands its sustainable brand platform with carbon neutral PET

Indorama Ventures PCL (IVL), a leading chemicals and recycling company, is expanding its portfolio of sustainable solutions under its Deja brand. The global sustainable ingredients brand is a key part the company’s commitment to meet growing demand for high performance products which will reduce impact on the environment, as IVL states.

Deja Carbon Neutral PET pellet is claimed to be the world’s first certified carbon neutral PET pellet solution. It is a significant addition to the growing Deja portfolio, which includes sustainable PET, rPET, polymer and fibre range of products available across flake, pellet, fibre and filament ingredients. Deja Carbon Neutral PET pellet has been sustainably produced throughout its supply chain and helps environmentally conscious companies to achieve their sustainability targets by lowering their Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Deja fiber and polymer products are claimed to offer high performance and versatility, with a lower carbon footprint. They can be applied to a wide range of applications across the hygiene, lifestyle, automotive and packaging sectors, while meeting the exacting standards demanded by these specialist sectors.

Deja Carbon Neutral is a PET proposition with neutralised raw material emissions, from cradle to IVL’s plant gates. It comes with an independently verified carbon neutral certification of compliance from globally established providers. Through a partnership with South Pole, a leading project developer and provider of global climate solutions, IVL offsets unavoidable carbon emissions through projects that help transform lives and protect the environment.

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