Icis: 3rd Recycling & Sustainability Conference

The industry is actively seeking for opportunities to accelerate transition to circular economy. Business leaders and governments globally are putting sustainability at the forefront of their agendas. Organisations continuous to demonstrate its commitment by changing their business models and legislations are being put in place for the benefit of the planet.

With expected audiences of 500-1000 professionals, from 40+ countries covering major topics in the European and Asian markets, the conference will cover all things Recycling and Sustainability.

On April 27-29, Icis is presenting the 3rd Recycling & Sustainability Conference in a fully virtual environment:

Discovery day (27 April): Discussions about recent trends that are shaping the recycling market – from supply projections and demand analysis to outlining opportunities and managing those tough challenges.

Actions day (28 April): Gain insight into technological breakthroughs, active and upcoming partnerships, views on legislations and other factors that are driving  scalable solutions to combat plastic waste.

Collaborations day (29 April): Working together is the quickest solution. Engage in those vital and meaningful conversations through virtual meetings, live panel discussions and an exclusive brand owner forum.

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