Cups with an rPET inlet

Paccor presents new additions to its DuoSmart range. Coming to the market is RecycleDuo which stands for our DuoSmart (DS) products without glue and new DuoSmart solutions with rPET or foamed PP inlets. DuoSmart is a packaging solution that combines the advantages of paper with the functionality of plastic. It contains up to 50 % less plastic compared to standard injection moulded packaging, and with a “zip”, the inner cup and paper banderole can be easily separated into different waste streams.

Three innovative variants now expand the DuoSmart portfolio. RecycleDuo is in progress to be implemented first on all PP DuoSmart Light references. This development without using glue allows customers to separate the plastic inlet and the cardboard segment more easily without any paper remains on the plastic cup and therefore improves recyclability. DuoSmart with rPET inlet responds to the market request of recycled content increase which today is mainly possible with rPET reincorporation up to 100 %. DuoSmart with foamed PP inlet makes up to 16 % less CO2 emissions possible and 15 % less plastic needed compared to the production of traditional cups of that range.

The new generation of DuoSmart solutions allow having the Digimarc barcode printed on the paper outer layer and engraved on the plastic cup. It can be scanned with any smartphone camera and will provide the consumers as well as the disposable companies with information about the respective packaging. Therefore, the combination of DuoSmart and the Digimarc Barcode will provide everyone with relevant packaging information.

The packaging is stated to be suitable to protect the nutritional value, colour, aroma, and taste of food products, including those stored in ambient, chilled, or frozen conditions. Hot filling and microwaving are also options. Available in a wide range of sizes, DuoSmart runs on standard food industry filling lines, with fast and smooth performance.

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