Change in management at Eproplast GmbH

At the end of March this year, Rüdiger Löhl, the long-serving Managing Director of Schmalkalden-based Eproplast GmbH, officially becomes a pensioner. But he is not yet retiring completely. He will remain available as a consultant to the company which specialises in the production of PET bottles and associated preforms. The future operative leadership of Eproplast GmbH lies in the hands of former co-director Modesto M. Pesavento. His father, company founder Modesto R. Pesavento, likewise still actively co-determines the fate of the company, which in 2020 had its most successful business year to date. 

The business contact dating back to the mid-1980s between Rüdiger Löhl and Modesto R. Pesavento fundamentally shaped the development of Eproplast GmbH, which was founded in 1998. The company focused initially on small-batch manufacturing of injection moulding parts, particularly for the automotive industry. By the year 2000, joint plans for production expansion had been forged so in 2002, Rüdiger Löhl – still Director of Sales and Marketing of the Troisdorf engineering works SIG PETtec, formerly belonging to Krupp-Kunststofftechnik – sold a first one-step system for the manufacturing of injection-moulded, stretch-blown PET bottles to Mr Pesavento, senior.

At this time, Eproplast was entering the business of PET containers as a relatively inexperienced newcomer. Rüdiger Löhl maintained links with the company, initially as a consultant, until successfully taking up the position of Managing Director in 2007. His specialist expertise from various management positions within plastic processing technology, including with injection-moulding machinery manufacturers Battenfeld and Dr. Boy, has proved invaluable.

Through consistent sales and marketing work, participation in national and international trade fairs and speaking at symposiums, the client base has continually increased. Meanwhile, the number of buyers has grown to around 450, distributed across the widest variety of sectors. These include the cosmetics, detergents, drinks and food industries. 

Not even the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative influence on economic success. On the contrary. The huge leap in demand for plastic bottles, in particular for sanitiser, has further swelled the order books. So for Eproplast GmbH, 2020 has been the most successful business year to date. A positive trend that is currently continuing and which is evidenced by the construction of more production halls.

Special importance is attached to the topics of sustainability and the circular economy. Although only required by policy in 2030, the proportion of materials obtained from recycled bottles is already at 30%. In the near future, the company will produce the first bottle series from ‘social’ or ‘ocean’ plastic in collaboration with Plasticbank/Canada.   

Business Angel and Investor 

Rüdiger Löhl will continue his consulting activities for Eproplast GmbH. Furthermore, he is involved with the collaborative US company 1-Pack Inc. The company, which was founded in 2019 and is managed by his son Yves, functions as a distributorship for the Thuringian company in the North American and Canadian markets.

In future, he is also keen to engage as a Business Angel in collaboration with Schmalkalden technology and business support company TGF. With his 42 years of industry experience, he will help young, innovative founders to establish and grow their businesses. He would also like to be involved as an investor.

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Photo: Rüdiger Löhl, Managing Director of Eproplast GmbH until the end of March 2021, significantly shaped the company’s dynamic success.