Over 100 million PET bottles upcycled into Sabic’s LNP Elcrin IQ products

Since the introduction of LNP Elcrin iQ materials in late 2019, Sabic has helped divert more than 100 million single-use 16.9 oz. (50 cl) PET water bottles from landfills and incinerators. This portfolio of globally available PBT materials is produced from post-consumer PET water bottles through a chemical upcycling process.

Sabic also recently completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing virgin PBT and LNP Elcrin iQ resin, which underwent third-party critical review in accordance with ISO 14040/14044 standards. Results indicated that LNP Elcrin iQ resin lowered global warming impact by 29 per cent and cut cumulative energy demand by 43 per cent compared to virgin PBT. LNP Elcrin iQ resins also show favorable LCA results compared to data for other virgin base resins, such as PA 6,6 and PA6, extracted from Plastics Europe Eco-Profiles, as Sabic states.

To provide independent verification of recycled content and responsible sourcing practices, Sabic engaged SCS Global Services (SCS), a leader in third-party environmental, sustainability, food safety and quality certifications, to audit the processes used to source and manufacture the resins. The certificates are posted on the SCS Certified Green Products Guide.

LNP Elcrin iQ resins are claimed to be suitable for a wide range of applications, including consumer electronic enclosures and components, automotive exterior parts, healthcare applications and personal care products.

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