New sanitiser bottles from Greiner Packaging

Never before have such a large number of sanitiser bottles been produced and supplied. Greiner Packaging has taken note of this increased demand and developed a new plastic bottle range including 16 different bottles that can be used for sanitisers. An even wider array of bottle models means more choice so that people can find the solution with the right form and function for the application at hand.

The new bottles – all produced using the ISBM process – have round bodies, can be made from up to 100 percent PET if desired, and are custom-decorated at the customer’s end. Greiner Packaging’s new bottle range is suitable for sanitisers as well as other chemical and liquid products. In addition, the bottles also have food-grade approval, allowing them to be filled with items such as syrup or sauces. “This expansion of our PET bottle range allows us to meet the increasing level of demand and individual requirements of our customers in the chemicals, cosmetics, and food product segments. We can supply these bottles made from up to 100 percent rPET, which underscores our sustainable thinking and our approach aimed at achieving a well-functioning circular economy,” explains Marcus Hinterberger, sales director at Greiner Packaging.

Wide assortiment of customisable bottles

Whether used for chemical, cosmetics, or liquid food products, the new (r)PET bottle range consists of bottles of various sizes, with their capacity ranging from 100 to 1,000 milliliters. The bottles are based on a round body shape, with a shoulder shape that can either be equally rounded or square. All the bottles are manufactured at Greiner Packaging using injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) production technology and have the standard 28/410 neck, which is compatible with all caps and closure systems widely available on the market. Customers can also request transparent bottle samples made of virgin PET. Starting from a certain order quantity, any colour design can be applied at Greiner Packaging’s production facility and supplied to the customer. Alternatively, customers can procure their own custom decorations in the form of labels or sleeves. In these cases, the decoration is to be applied independently at the customer’s end.

Food and non-food applications

The new PET bottle range was specially developed for sanitisers and other products in the chemicals and cosmetics sectors. Plus, the bottles have food-grade approval for additional applications in the food industry. “Our updated bottle line-up demonstrates that we can react quickly and flexibly to new market needs. By offering a modular product range, we can also quickly come up with the right answer or the right product for other markets, as well as the specifications or recycling requirements they entail,” adds Marcus Hinterberger, sales director at Greiner Packaging.

Packaging facts:

• Production technology: ISBM

• Decoration: Coloured at factory, labels or sleeves also possible alternatives

• Material: Virgin or up to 100 percent rPET

• Closures: Various widely available versions possible

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