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Sipa supports sustainable growth

PET containers production and filling equipment specialist Sipa will demonstrate its strength in sustainable manufacturing solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in PET container manufacturing and filling technologies, Italy-headquartered Sipa has a strong presence in China. It cooperates with many famous Chinese brands – Wahaha, TingHsin International, Yihai Kerry, C’estbon, Nonfu spring, Uni-president, Dinghu, Coconuts, Jilinsengong, Zijiang, Zhuhai Zhongfu, COFCO Group, Ganten, and Beidahuang among them – as well as international brands with locations in the country, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Danone.

Tailor-made solutions

Sipa proposes manufacturing solutions tailormade to customer requirements – whether it be in designing new attractive bottle designs, in lightweighting to reduce materials, reducing cycle times, cutting investment costs, or increasing flexibility to re-tool. Solutions include in-house design and production of moulds that can be used on its own production systems as well on those of machines from other major brands. Its design service extends to bottle prototyping using various technologies. Sipa is also able to deliver global tooling programs for new preform moulds or mould conversions, with cavitation levels all the way up to 192. Sipa says that numerous breakthroughs over the years have provided customers with advantages in terms of sustainability in their operations. One of the latest is Xtreme Renew technology. This is claimed to be unique in the world in its ability to produce high-quality preforms directly from flakes of post-consumer scrap, in a single heat cycle. It combines Sipa’s Xtreme injection-compression moulding technology with recycling technology.

Manufacturing solutions for the production of PET preforms and containers include high-speed rotary stretch-blow moulding systems (Xtra range, capable of producing a class-leading 2550 bottles per hour per cavity – and which is an ideal fit for Xtreme), linear systems (the highly flexible SFL range), and high-speed and medium/low-speed single-step ISBM systems (ECS FX and ECS SP respectively). On preform production side, the Sipa range includes the XForm GEN 4, preform injection moulding technology featuring 250, 350 and 500 t systems, capable of running with moulds holding up to 96,128 and 180 cavities respectively.

Producing large containers

For the production and filling of large containers, mainly used for mineral water and edible oils, Sipa highlights its SFL linear blowing machines and supporting complete line equipment. Sipa technology is already being used in China for containers as large as 12 l collapsible cooler bottles. In the edible oil industry, SFL units are hard at work making bottles from 1.8 l up to 10 l at numerous Sipa customers. Advantages include high output, low energy consumption, efficient automation, and steady operation.

Local bottle design, mouldmaking and tooling refurbishment

Sipa has its own manufacturing operation in China as well as a local skilled team of packaging designers and engineers. Sipa Machinery Hangzhou Co., Ltd builds and refurbishes preform and bottle moulds for local manufacturers. Last year, SMH has hugely invested in automation for preform moulds production, incorporating the latest technologies available enabling it to greatly increase production capacity and shorten delivery times. Production is supplemented by a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. The after-sales team includes service engineers with several years of experience with the company.

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