Sacmi, Hall 10 Booth G41

Plastic cap manufacturing solutions

With a market share of over 75% in China, Sacmi is the country’s leading provider of plastic cap manufacturing solutions that use compression technology. Hence the company’s pivotal role at Chinaplas where Sacmi will be showcasing a complete range that integrates the cap slitting and folding solution with in-line slit quality control. Advanced in-line controls at every stage and technological leadership in the manufacturing process allow Sacmi’s solutions to respond to the latest packaging-closure trends from a lightweight and integrated neck-capsule design perspective. More specifically, Sacmi has chosen the Chinese market – where over 650 CCM machines have been installed by key players in the local industry – as the perfect showcase for promoting major on-press technological innovations that go hand-in-hand with 4.0 controls throughout the production line.

In addition to in-line total quality control systems, Sacmi has enhanced the CCM range with dedicated solutions such as the new CM-Flow system; the latter can even be installed on existing machines to provide a combination of energy savings (up to 9%) and improved extrusion process quality. Furthermore, new in-press controls let manufacturers spot any drift away from production parameters in advance, allowing for the set-up of preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

Sacmi will also display the SFM slitting solution for an AB 1881 Cool+ cap for CSD applications. To meet their burgeoning demand for product personalisation, Chinese customers can take advantage of a complete range of Sacmi services that span from design to assistance, especially as regards cap design and customisation; the over 1,000 caps in the catalogue can be customised together with the customer using embossing or offset external decoration. Moreover, like the other machines in the line, the displayed slitting solution can be integrated with the Sacmi vision system; the latter comes in various versions (from 1 to 7 cameras) and features advanced CVS 360 control software. The hub for the country’s technical and sales assistance services is Sacmi Shanghai. Its 55-strong team includes highly specialised, fully trained technicians who support the customer at every stage. During 2020 this hub overcame every challenge to provide vital long-distance support and assistance, including complete machine/plant remote start-up services. Sacmi states to combine cutting-edge cap-making technology with an all-round range that covers everything from preforms to bottling, thus meeting bottlers’ and converters’ every single need.

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