Protein-rich juice hits Colombian shelves in Amcor PET bottle

Amcor has developed a new hot-fill PET bottle for Colombia’s Nutrea/Frudelca’s breakthrough Frupro protein juice. The new beverage is the latest in a growing category that blends the benefits of natural juice with protein to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Nutrea/Frudelca is a joint venture between Frudelca, a leading juice supplier, and Nutrea, a food and beverage company. Amcor is a pioneer in the development of PET heat-set technology, which allows beverages to be filled at temperatures up to 185°F (85°C) to ensure product quality and extended shelf life.

Frupro protein juice will be launched this month in Colombia. Nutrea/Frudelca is responding to a growing trend among consumers who are moving to healthy beverage options while also leveraging Amcor’s leadership in hot-fill beverage packaging. According to Euromonitor, the category is expected to grow by nearly double the pace of other segments.

“We’re thrilled to supply a hot-fill bottle that meets all the performance requirements for an evolving segment,” said Rodrigo Lecot, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Amcor Rigid Packaging-Latin America. The lightweight, recyclable bottle not only preserves the natural juice and protein ingredients but also delivers a clean look and strong shelf appeal that consumers want, according to Lecot. Amcor supplies 300 ml and 440 ml bottles for Frupro’s orange juice product. Nutrea/Frudelca plans to launch other fruit flavours later.

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