Filtec showcases its Intellect Vision Glue-On label solutions for bottles

This solution from Filtec ensures that only well-presented, correctly labeled bottles are shipped, helping promote sales and repeat business, while reducing customer complaints.

The Vision Glue-On Label solution inspects paper, plastic and ceramic labels that cover the neck and body areas of each bottle following the labeler. Accurate registration alignment of both the neck and body labels is ensured using Intellect’s technologies that embody vertical print referencing. In total, up to twenty individual inspections are performed on each bottle to ensure that only defect-free labeled bottles are produced and shipped to the consumer. The benefits of this solution include:

  • Ensures product integrity and customer safety
  • Reduces waste and expensive returns
  • Prevents poor quality or absent-labeled labeled products from being shipped
  • Supports efficient complaint investigation with Intellect product tracking
  • Delivers high-quality product appearance at the point of sale
  • Provides greater value-add productivity

The solution can be configured for a variety of glass bottle types and operates across all of Intellect’s complementary applications and modules, including date code inspection and closure colour detection. Vision Glue-On Label Inspection Solutions join Filtec’s suite of Intellect non-contact in-line solutions that utilise measurement, inspection and control technologies to examine each container with speed and precision, elevating quality achievement and customer loyalty.

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