KHS support-service for tethered caps

The EU directive pertaining to tethered caps will come into effect in July 2024: it states that closures must be firmly attached to non-returnable PET bottles. The aim is to recycle the caps together with the bottles and thus avoid environmental pollution caused by loose closures. KHS will support customers in finding a solution in good time that suits all requirements.

This directive concerns all manufacturers of PET bottles with volumes of up to three liters. These manufactures have to adapt their production so that the closures remain attached to the bottles even when open. This inevitably leads to technical adjustments in the filling system.

From discussions with customers KHS concludes that customers are orienting themselves towards a future-proof standard with regard to the upcoming EU specification and want to implement it as efficiently as possible be it through simple conversion or lasting resource savings by using fewer materials in the production line. KHS will make added values possible for its customer to enable to profit sustainably and in time from the legal requirements for the changeover in the market.

Testing closure options, evaluating added value

Depending on the type of closure, one can test versions of the tethered cap on existing systems in advance with just a few adjustments. Customer can thus put this time to good use to choose the type of closure that suits best. During this phase, KHS will be happy to advise on how customers can permanently save resources and thus cut costs by reducing the weight of closures and threads. For this, KHS consider the entire production process, because as experts in turnkey filling and packaging systems KHS focus on the complete line. From the container design to secondary packaging (or tertiary packaging), KHS look at the options for resource savings and at the same time increase the efficiency of the system.

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